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I open my eyes, and look at the clock. 6:00 AM. Aw, man, I think. It’s late!

The bathroom light is on, and you’re getting ready for work. You’re only in your camisole, bra and panties, and I can tell you had eaten breakfast because you’re already brushing your teeth. I lay on the bed, gazing at you as you bent towards the mirror, your bottom sticking out slightly. I know you think you look kind of frumpy like this, but I think you look cute.

Nature is calling, so dressed only in my boxers, I get out of bed to pee. The bathroom is narrow, and I have to slip between you and the shower behind me. As I scoot past you, you gently press your bottom against my crotch. I see a coy look on your face in the mirror. I smile.

Once I’m finished, I slip behind you to leave, but then you do it again, this time rubbing back and forth a little bit. I stop. You continue with your gentle rub, and I feel myself getting aroused. I place my hands on your hips. You don’t stop rubbing. It’s nice. There’s definitely some interest now.

You spit out your toothpaste, and rinse your brush. bahis şirketleri As your raise your head back up, I bend over and kiss the nape of your neck. You inhale deeply. I kiss again. “Mmmm…” I hear you say. You have not stopped rubbing this whole time. I’m definitely aroused now. I’m sure you can feel my erection through my boxers. You place your hands on the sink.

I bend over again to plant a few more soft kisses on your neck, and as I do so, I start to slip my hands up under your camisole.

“Wait…what are you doing?” you say a little breathlessly.

“Hey, you started this,” I whisper. I apply another gentle, sucking kiss on your neck and begin to caress your breasts. Your breath is a little ragged now.

“Come on…I’m going to be late for work…” you pant. I feel your nipples harden slightly.

“I’ll be quick,” I say after another kiss.

Even in your aroused state, you manage to turn and shoot me a withering look. “Oh, geez, that’s a turn-on!” you says with a crooked smile.

“Sssshhh,” I whisper. “Trust me.”

As I continue to slip my hands bahis firmaları over your breasts, I can feel your heart pounding, your breathing heavy. I slide my hands down and, hooking a finger on each side, slide your panties off and let them fall to the floor. You reach around and return the favor, pulling my boxers down. You press backwards into me again, and I love the feel of your soft skin against my cock. You slip a foot out of your panties on floor and part your thighs a little more. I reach down and lace my fingers with yours, and you let out a shudder when I enter you.

I slowly and gently slide in and out, enjoying your soft, warm wetness surrounding me. Your body feels amazing. A moan escapes your lips. My pace quickens slightly. You moan some more. You begin to push backwards into me with every thrust. Now I’m the one moaning and panting. The feeling is incredible.

Absentmindedly, I glance over at the clock. It’s almost 6:45. Oh, shit, I think. I really am going to make her late!

As much as I love this, I know we need to finish up. I begin thrusting much kaçak bahis siteleri harder, and you begin to moan a little louder with each thrust. I can feel the buildup from the base of my cock, but unfortunately, now is not the time to prolong the ecstasy. After a few more quick sharp thrusts, my body is wracked with spasms, and I let go. You feel the warm blast against your cervix as I climax, and that sends you over the edge, crying out as a powerful orgasm washes over your body.

We both stand there, gasping for breath for a moment. I pull up your camisole and softly kiss your back, now salty with sweat. I’m soft now, and I slip out of you with quiet “thup.” I turn around and flip on the shower, as I know you’ll need one now. You’re running late, but you can’t go to work smelling like sex. What would your co-workers say?

I turn back to face you, and you have pulled off your camisole and bra. You pull me close, pressing your beautiful naked body against mine as we plant soft kisses on each others’ lips. I slide one hand down and trace a circle around your belly button.

“There,” I say. “Now you can take a little bit of me with you today.”

You smile, kiss me again, and then jump in the shower. You’ll be dressed soon, and heading into the office. Perhaps with a little more spring in your step today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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