Trick or Treat

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Three days ago, I decided to do something different in my life. My boyfriend, Justin, loves Halloween for some reason, must be the dressing up or endless supply of candy. He had his costume all ready, so when the day came, he could sit outside and tease all the children as they asked those words, “Trick or Treat.”

I told Justin that I would be busy most of the night and he would have to fend off all the children as they raced from door to door, loading up on as much sugar as possible during this once a year candy-fest. I made up some story about how one of my girl friends wanted to see a movie, and since our men had the holiday under control, we could get away for a rare girls night out. What he didn’t know was that while he was out getting last minute treats for the little monsters, I took my costume and put in the back of my car. Now I had to time my fun just right.

I drove around for a while. When it was finally dark and most of the kids had gone home, I put my plan in motion. I parked my car down the street from our house. Hurriedly I slipped off my clothes and threw on my outfit. Before I left the car, I made sure my hair and make up were perfect.

I slowly walked down towards my house, looking around to make sure that no one was paying too much attention to me. Justin was still outside, turning off the eerie music and picking up the excess candy. He wasn’t being very attentive; I made a mental note to take care of that later.

“Trick or Treat,” I said quietly.

The look he gave me as he turned around was well worth my anticipation and nervousness. I had picked out my costumed from his fantasies. I was wearing red five-inch stiletto heels that you only see on strippers, no decent woman would be seen outside wearing them, black stockings, which were attached to a very visible, red, garter belt strap. My london escorts tight, short, black skirt that just barely covered my ass, and to top off this incredible combination, I had on a filmy, almost sheer, red silk, fitted blouse that was tied in a knot right under my large tits, obviously not enclosed in a bra with none of the buttons buttoned. All cleavage, and with no bra, my nipples were visible and hard, just from bouncing while I was walking to the house.

I should take this time to describe my figure. I’m 5’7″ and 135lbs. Slim and curvy, not much muscle to me, but lots of curves where I need them. Long legs that go up into a well curved hip and ass, to a flat stomach and ‘C’ cup tits. It’s very hard not to notice what I chose to show off.

With a smile on his face, Justin said, “Trick me baby.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. Taking Justin by his pinky finger, I lead him to a less conspicuous place, our foyer. Shutting the door behind him, Justin asked me what I had in store for him. Keeping silent with a little grin on my face, I just let him wonder.

I traced my fingernail from the point in his chin down his neck and told him that he needed to come upstairs with me. Taking the lead, I went directly to our bedroom. Every once in a while, I love taking control and making him do what I want…this was one of those times. I told Justin to strip all his clothes off and lay in bed, while I went to grab a few things I knew we would need. Disappearing for a few moments longer then necessary just to tease him, I returned with my finds, a large towel and a medium sized vibrator.

“So, you want to be tricked?” I asked Justin, “Kiss me first.”

Taking his lower lip between mine, I moved my hands behind his neck, pushing him to kiss me harder. Breaking our kiss almost violently, I shoved Escort Girl Dubai him down on the bed and began my work. Grabbing four ties from the closet, I started the task of tying him down, spread eagle on the bed. Finally at my mercy, I pulled one last tie from the closet and gagged him with it. Justin looked at me with excitement, hoping I’d do more, wondering what that ‘more’ would entail. Justin was a good boy; he always listened to what I said. He had stripped down hastily and now was naked, bound, and gagged.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I lightly traced my fingers along Justin’s thigh, grazing his balls just enough for him to feel it, and definitely not enough for his liking. His cock had already gotten hard and was twitching at my attention. At this time, I got up and walked to the foot of the bed. Standing there looking at him for a moment, I decided to take off the blouse and skirt. Clothed in only the garter belt, stockings, a thong, and heels, I kneeled between Justin’s legs and ran my tongue from his knee all the way to his nuts. Opening my mouth, I stuck my tongue out and flicked it over this engorged dick, making him gasp against his gag. Justin was getting so excited, moaning, trying to move against his bindings, when I let his cock head enter my mouth. For a few moments I gave him the blowjob I know he loves, sucking, licking, fucking his cock with my mouth.

Justin moaned his disappointment as I got up. He was so close to cumming. Pulling of my thongs, I came to sit on his chest. He could see my dripping wet pussy, he could smell it, and if only he wasn’t gagged he could almost taste with the tip of his tongue.

I smiled at Justin as he moaned, almost whined. He thought I would suck him off. I know I can’t resist cock most of the time, but that would have to wait for now, I had work to do. independent escort dubai Taking the vibe in my hand, I ran it over his gagged mouth and then moved it to my waiting pussy, letting it just rub me from my clit, down over my cunt, towards my ass. I was getting wetter and wetter feeling the vibrations spread all through my pussy. I started to push it deeper in my slit each time I ran over it, until I was fucking myself into an intense orgasmic frenzy on Justin’s chest. My ass was riding my fake cock all over Justin’s chest. I couldn’t sit still. After I finally exhausted myself on his chest, I rolled of my hot and horny boyfriend, sliding my toy out of my overworked pussy, I curled into his side, still holding the vibrator.

All of a sudden, Justin jumped and lets out a stifled yell. Somehow my nice, slippery vibrator had found a new hole to fuck. I had to giggle evilly; sometimes I’m just too bad for me. Justin’s cock began to deflate rapidly, never before had I done anything like this to him. Oh well, there is a first for everything. I had to do something about that cock though. I just was not going to let it end like that. I finally went back to the job I started, sucking that magnificent cock of his. Flicking my tongue over his head, down the shaft, I gently massaged his balls. I knew he was hurting, but he was fucking horny as well. That cock of his was hard in no time at all. Sliding that wet vibrator in and out of his ass cheeks and blowing his cock was just too much for him I guess. Justin didn’t last long at all. His dick starting leaking, I could taste his cum in my mouth. Still fucking his asshole with the vibrator, I took my other hand and began to jerk his cock off into my mouth. Justin exploded in my mouth. He was jerking against his restraints so hard I’m surprised he didn’t rip the ties. He finally relaxed and I knew he enjoyed this Halloween experience.

After cleaning up the mess we had made, I crawled into bed with my spent boyfriend. Holding him close, I asked, “How was that trick for you?”

Sleepily Justin replied, “It was the best treat I’ve had yet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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