Tuesday Morning Fix

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“Good morning sir!” said young James as he passed me in the corridor, I greeted him back and added, “You’re in exceptionally early young man!”

“Yes Sir, I need to get on a computer before they all go.”

He rushed off and I span back around to continue on my original path, to be honest, I was a bit lost. A new school for me and I was still trying to find my way. On turning around after seeing young James off, a door opened into the corridor, nearly knocked me off my feet.

“Oh, sorry!” the man said after he closed the door. I noticed it was the head, Mr. Winters.

I said, “No problem, sorry, wasn’t looking where I was going.”

He coughed and walked on, he seemed a bit flushed and embarrassed for some reason. As I took another step, I just glanced at the door and it had a plaque on it which read ‘Cleaners only.’

I thought it strange the head should be in there! I walked on. I eventually got to my classroom and started to prepare for the lesson which was in twenty minutes.

My name is Sid; I’m a Geography teacher at a local secondary school. I’m fifty-four and medium build, not great looking but never mind. I play racket sports and cycle, I cycle lots. I always cycle to school, it keeps me reasonably fit and healthy.

About a week later I had a very similar experience in the corridor, I was walking along, and ahead of me the very same door opened and out popped Mr. Winters, I sidestepped behind some lockers and hoped he did not see me. After he had gone I walked on and passed the door.

And just before I turned into another corridor, I heard a noise and turned to look. It was the cleaner’s door, it opened slowly and I took another couple of steps and stood still; out of sight of that corridor. I heard the door close so I turned around and pretended to be walking into that corridor.

I saw a few students but they were too far past the door, there was one person that could have come out of that door, the other person was another teacher; Mary-Anne. She’s someone I had come to know in the new school and had only spoken to on a professional level.

We passed and her eyes averted mine, she looked shy, perplexed, and very rosy-cheeked. I started to wonder! Was I putting two and two together and getting an odd number? I thought ‘Nah.’

Mary-Anne looks like your very typical schoolmistress; late forties, she is medium build and fairly buxom. She has long auburn hair usually tied into a ponytail. She does have very piercing blue eyes, always makes you want to keep looking at them.

She always wares a typical ladies grey pin-striped two-piece suit, jacket and skirt; and always with a cream coloured blouse. I’ve never seen her in tights, she has very broad hips and her tight skirt enveloped and eccentuates her thick thighs. Of the legs she had exposed, they’re very shapely; her calves look very toned and taut.

I wondered how they came to get so close. Mr. Winters is not much of a looker; I was better looking than him! I thought to myself. Whereas Mary-Anne, well she’s no beauty queen, but had a very clear complexion and her face quite pretty looking, especially with those piercing eyes.

I took a few steps back, looked left and right to check for anyone, and I opened the door, it was dark in there, the only light that lit up any features was the light from the corridor. The room itself seemed to go deep and was full of cleaners stuff, what else!

I stepped in and closed the door, I looked for a light switch and there was one, but just before I flicked it, my eyes had adjusted to the dimness of the room. I noticed a bench faintly in the distance. I left the light off, I walked up to the bench and looked up to the right, a small window; a skylight, with flaky paint on it, sunlight came through but the dust on the window blocked out the full glare.

The bench was high enough to sit on and about six feet long, three wooden slats made the top. It was up against the wall. I noticed lines on the floor like the bench had been dragged a couple of feet away.

Although everything looked dusty, the bench was clean, spotless; like someone had cleaned it recently. I looked around further as my eyes adjusted more. I noticed all the cupboards had curtains in front, I pulled one back and it had shelves with cleaning stuff on them.

I went to another, it was further, pulled back the curtain and it was virtually empty, a few shelves with minimal stuff on it. I closed the curtain and I turned around to leave, I closed the door and went to my next class.

The following day, at the staff meeting I happened to be sat next to Mary-Anne, she again spoke but seemed very coy. Her eyes never really kept any meaningful contact with mine. We listened to Mr. Winters giving his talk, usual boring stuff, and one new item was the building of a new computer room. He was telling us that there would be some disruption as the workmen go about the construction work.

The bell rang and we all went to our classrooms.

A few days passed and I made it my mission casino siteleri to catch them, I wanted to know which days they did whatever they were doing on, and I was sure I had a pretty good idea what that was!

I made notes and a pattern emerged, it seemed to be around twice a week, every Tuesday and sometimes a Friday’s, as far as I was aware the action would be early in the mornings. Movement started around eight. Mary-Anne would go in five minutes before Mr. Winters. Twenty minutes later Mr. Winters would come back out first, followed by Marry-Anne a minute or two after he left, which seemed to be their routine.

One Monday evening as everyone left, I went to the cleaner’s door. I turned on the light and made my way to the far cupboard. I took off the few items on them and placed them into another cupboard; the shelves were not fixed so I was able to remove them and placed them onto the floor of the tall cupboard. I got in and closed the curtain; I crouched down low and I cut a small peep-hole with scissors I found there. I got out and made sure all looked as it should and left.

Then on Tuesday, I made my way in early, half-past seven as I got in. After I put my bags in the staffroom, I made my way to the cleaners door. It was quarter to eight as I hid in the cupboard. I crouched down and could see the bench clearly as the faint light from the window shone straight onto it.

Time seemed to pass so slowly as I waited, those few minutes seemed like hours. Then all of a sudden, there was Mary-Anne, I heard no noise of the door or anything, she just appeared from nowhere into view of my peep-hole.

She drew back the curtain on one of the cupboards and reached in, she went to the bench and pulled it away from the wall; she wiped the top of the bench and replaced the cloth, she also got out a small box, seemed quite light in weight and placed it at the end of the bench.

She sat on the bench and removed her shoes; she placed them next to the box on the floor. Then she reached under her pin-striped skirt and removed her knickers, she placed them onto her shoes.

She sat on the bench and looked at her watch; just then Mr. Winters appeared into the aperture I was peering through. Mary-Anne stood; they embraced and kissed for a minute. Mary-Anne looked at her watch and said, “We’ll have to hurry, I’ve got a lot on today. Need to make an early start.”

Seemed like Mary-Anne was the more dominant one in that relationship! She lifted her skirt and sat back down while Mr. Winters took his jacket off and hung it on a hook that was on the side of a cupboard. He dropped his trousers and rolled up his shirt and I could see his cock as it dangled under his pot-belly. He grabbed hold of it and gave it a few yanks.

Mary-Anne threw a leg over the bench and it was right in front of me, I saw her pussy as her legs hung over either side. And the most fabulous sight was of her amazing thick thighs. They seemed so strong like if you had your head in there, she could squeeze the life out of it. I’d love to have my head in there!

She tried to be quiet as possible, but in quite a forceful manner she said, “Come on get over here.”

As he stepped over to Mary-Anne’s head, his hand went to her pussy, she said, “Wet them first I’m not ready.”

He stuck them in his mouth and wetted them up; he then dribbled a bit of spit onto them and then went back to her pussy. Mary-Anne took hold of his cock and put it into her mouth, while he stroked her clit and inserted a couple of fingers into her pussy he stood motionless.

She let go of his cock and it seemed to be hard enough for her to just move her head along the short length of his dick. Her hips started to rhythmically move up and down on the bench, then in short bursts, her hips rose high and she grabbed his hand to make him stop his fingering. She must have had an orgasm.

She spat his cock out and said, “Come on get it in, I told you I haven’t got long today.”

He got onto the bench between her open thighs, ‘lucky bastard,’ he lay on top of her and began to prod his dick at her pussy. He was in and immediately started to fuck her. Her arms wrapped around his back, as he thumped away.

The meeting of their flesh echoed around the room as she whined and encouraged him on, “Oh yeah, fuck that pussy, fuck that pussy hard.”

He made no noise apart from the odd occasional grunt. But her demands carried on, “Fuck it harder, come on you old git, fuck it, fuck that pussy!”

If I hadn’t heard her with my own ears, I would never have thought Mary-Anne was a dirty talking woman.

He seemed to nearly be there as he lost his rhythmical bounce. He stopped, took his cock out, and grunted, a muffled grunt. And then he continued, back in her as she said, “You’re trying to make it last aren’t you. You and I both know you’re a three minute boy. And as I said, today that’ll do.”

He slipped back in, and that time her hips moved to meet him in mid-air. Only another two minutes and he was there, güvenilir casino he pushed in deep and stayed still. He must have been blowing his load. He pulled out and then back in, stayed about three seconds, and back out. He did that three or four times.

Mary-Anne patted his back and sarcastically said, “Well done old man you lasted at least three seconds longer than usual!”

He slowly withdrew and got off the bench; Mary-Anne flicked her leg back over and stood. She walked over to the end of the bench and grabbed the box she had put down there. Must have been tissues, she grabbed a few and threw the box over to him. She reached under her skirt and wiped herself.

She said, “Good thing you don’t cum more than a thimble full.”

He took out a couple of tissues and wiped his dick, they both put the tissues onto the bench, and then finished dressing. Mr. Winters pushed back the bench as Mary-Anne grabbed the soiled tissues and poked them into Mr. Winters’s jacket pocket.

He did not seem to complain or say anything; it must be part of their routine. He turned and kissed her on the lips and said, “See you later then,” he walked off.

Mary-Anne combed back her hair with her fingers and tightened her ponytail. Flattened down her dress and looked at her watch. She looked around the place and then all of a sudden she looked in my direction. Holy shit I almost had a heart attack… as well as shitting myself!

I tried not to move, tried not to make the curtain move or twitch; a great relief as she turned her head and walked away. I gave it another two minutes before I left.

That day when I went home I jerked off twice with the sight of Mary-Anne’s thighs in my head. I could not wait for Friday!

Both Wednesday and Thursday went so slowly and boringly. Again I jerked off both nights, again with the vivid images of Mary-Anne’s thighs flashing in my head.

And so came Friday morning and I was excited, I had a hard-on from the moment I woke up. And although I knew they didn’t always fuck on a Friday, I was really hoping they were going to.

I made my way to my viewing position and waited. And to my delight Mary-Anne entered and began her usual sequence of preparations.

Before she sat down she glanced around the room, in a slow full circle and then sat down. As she sat and waited, she opened her legs and began to finger herself, she continually looked around the room. She must have caught Mr. Winters coming in as she whipped her fingers out and stood abruptly. She said, “Go turn the light on.”

He must have wondered why as he asked, “What! Why? We never have the light on.”

She began to lift her skirt, looked vehemently at him, and said, “Cause I want them on, fuckin turn them on.”

He went back and the lights went on; on his return he took his jacket off and continued with the same routine, they kissed, she lay down, and she gobbled on his dick to harden him up while she got fingered by him. That time she did not seem to have an orgasm by his fingering, they went straight in for the fuck.

Oh god those thighs again, so thick, so strong, so fantastic! His same thrusting and her same demands, then all came to a halt after he ejaculated into her.

She said, “Even at your age you’ve not built up any sexual stamina. I don’t mind you not Cumming much, but would be nice if you managed at least five minutes… shit!”

Again like a well-rehearsed play, to the last detail of the tissues in his pocket, and him pushing the bench back, they left.

The whole of that weekend I jerked off so many times to her thighs wrapped around my head. I saw her on Monday after Mr. Winters’s usual chat with the staff.

We spoke briefly about some students and other work-related stuff. The only image in my head as we talked was her thick thighs.

I looked forward to Tuesday so much!

So there I was Tuesday morning back in the cupboard; that time the lights went on before I saw her at the bench. Again I had a bit of a shock as I thought it may have been someone else who came in for some items.

But then as I controlled my breathing and tried to calm my heartbeat, I saw her at the bench, my body calmed. As she came and did her usual routine, bench out, wipe, a box of tissues in their place, shoes and knickers off and placed at the end of the bench on the floor.

She stood and strangely she went to the far end and pushed the bench a couple of feet, closer to where I was. She came back and unzipped her skirt, she took it right off. She hung it on the hook where Mr. Winters usually hangs his jacket.

I would have thought ‘Odd,’ but my only thought was of those thighs, oh god, just look at them. Even more of them without her skirt on; her pussy in clear well light view, and my cock as hard as granite.

She strolled back to the bench and straddled over it; she lay down and started to finger herself with one hand. She licked a couple of fingers of her other hand and flicked across her clit with them.

I canlı casino was even closer to the action and saw in much more detail the work she carried out on herself, made my granite cock want to burst.

Her hips started to thrust up in time with her fingers slipping into her pussy. Then her cries started in sexual delight as her hips rose high off the bench, “Oh god, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yeah, ohh.”

An obvious orgasm; her arse slowly returned to meet the bench slats. She laid panting, legs to either side of the bench; her arms had fallen away and dangled down to the floor.

Then a thought entered my head, “Where’s Mr. Winters?” I was sure it was past his entrance time. My cock was in pain and wanted release, but I daren’t do anything in the cupboard.

She lay there for another two minutes; I just looked at those glorious thighs. Then she rose and sat astride the bench. She placed her hands in front of her, just a few inches from her pussy.

Her head went up and she shook it, her ponytail flew from side to side. She stopped and looked straight in my direction.

She said, “I hope you enjoyed that, I fuckin’ did. Come out, come out, whoever you are, he’s not coming today, he’s not in today.”

I literally had a seizure, my heart stopped and my breathing continued no more. An instant red heat took over my face and body. I started to perspire and my hands started to shake.

She spoke again, “Come out, let’s see you, you’ve seen me, quite a bit of me!”

I was not going out! She may have just been fishing. If she knew she would have come here and drawn the curtain, not just across, but on my life. I could see her piercing eyes, fixed in my direction. She had her clothes on, but she grabbed her boobs and pushed them together, she blew a kiss in my direction.

Her hands went back down and she said, “If I have to drag you out, then you don’t get a ride.”

I swallowed deeply; my eyes closed and thought she knows, but how? Should I get out? Does she really know?

Again she spoke and my eyes opened, “If you don’t come out then you’ll never see me like this ever again.”

I wanted to see her, I wanted to see her get fucked and above all, I wanted to see those thick fleshy thighs. I still waited another half a minute or so then swallowed again as I stood up behind the curtain. She must have seen the curtain move and said, “Ah good, I knew you would see sense.”

I raised my hand to the rail and said to myself ‘Fuck,’ as I drew the curtain back ever so slowly. My eyes were closed and I heard her say, “Well, well, well, Sid how lovely!”

I slowly opened my eyes and stepped down off the stacked shelves.

I stood still, I had my head bowed and looked to the floor and could only think to say, “Sorry, I’m so sorry, please don’t report me.”

She said, “Report you! Now why would I want to do that?”

As I looked up she was beckoning me over with a finger, and said, “Come here, sit down,” she patted the bench in front of her.

I took slow steps towards her and asked just before I sat down, “How did you know? How did you know it was me?”

She sniggered; she looked so sexy, she said, “How did I know? Well, only he and I come in here… this far. But neither one of us go to that cupboard, take a look there.”

She pointed to the floor; I could see footprints, new footprints on the dusty floor. I scratched my head and said to myself, “Stupid or what?”

She placed a hand on my head and said, “And as for knowing it was you, I didn’t, not till you came out just now. Could have been female, I had no clue apart from I knew it was someone.”

I still looked at the floor and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to spy.”

She laughed and said, “You’re a naughty man, and I knew there was someone there last time, I just wanted you to have a good gawk at me being fucked, not that he can provid a lasting show.”

My gaze drifted from the dusty floor along her shapely calves and stopped at her amazing thighs. She noticed as I stared at them, she asked, “You like… Sid?” As she dragged her fingers up each thigh from her knees to her hips.

I had my hands clasped together in my lap; I looked up at those sparkling eyes and said, “I love your legs, their fantastic.”

She smiled dirtily and said as she pointed to her pussy with both index fingers, “If my thighs do that to your eyes, you should see what this does to a cock.”

She rubbed her hands down her thighs and said, “Speaking of cocks.”

She reached over and placed a hand over my crotch, she enclosed my cock in her fist and said, “I see I don’t need to harden this one up, feels ready to go.”

She looked at her watch and said, “We shouldn’t be in here much longer, it’s nearly time for the cleaners, and they’ll need some stuff from here.”

I looked at her hand on my cock and she squeezed it and asked, “But we do have time if you’re game?”

My eyes closed and I said, “I think you can tell I’d like more than a quickie.”

She took her hand away and I thought she was going to put her clothes back on. But she said, “Look, I’m married, he’s married, we just have quickies in here, but… I know you’re single, so if you’d like to invite me over sometime… and I hope you’re capable of a session rather than a quickie!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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