Was It Revenge or Not? Ch. 02

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******Chapter Two

Las Vegas arrival

I had already been in Vegas a few days before Angie’s arrival on Friday night. I picked up groceries, bottled water, wine and liquor.

I was sitting on a bench in the baggage claim area, when I spotted her, no missing her red flowing hair. She looked absolutely beautiful, alluring and sexy, almost the same as when we had our affair. She was wearing a light green, stretchy, low cut blouse, skin tight jeans and tennis shoes. She had not spotted me sitting on the bench. But I took my time to gawk and ogle her curvy figure.

I got up and walked over and touched her shoulder. She turned and we hugged. We told each other how nice it was to see each other again, how the flight was and other small talk, waiting for her small suitcase.

When her suitcase arrived, I grabbed it off the turnstile and we headed out to the parking lot, holding hands.

We arrived at the car and she said in a surprised voice, “I don’t believe it, you still have your convertible.”

I replied, “I never got rid of it.”

“Oh yes, I remember getting driven and ridden by you in this car, and oh, those reclining bucket seats. I hope it wasn’t difficult getting the stains off the seats”, she said with a giggle.

I opened her door and she jumped in. I put her suitcase in the backseat and got in the driver’s side. Before I started the car, I leaned over and kissed Angie softly on the lips.

After the kiss I said, “I’m really happy you decided to come. Would you like me to put the top down?”.

Laughing she said. “I haven’t come yet, but I’m hoping I will many times this weekend”. Then added. “Should I put my top down too?”

“I see you still have your sense of humor, and use of innuendo.” I said with a chuckle, leaving the airport. “Would you like to get a bite to eat, or a drink?”.

“By the way, thanks for the airline ticket, and first class to boot, nice surprise. I had a nice dinner and a few drinks on the plane. I worked all day, the excitement of the trip, and time change, has made me tired. Could we just go to the timeshare, we can catch up there, and I can get some rest before the weekend really begins, hope you’re not disappointed”, she told me.

“Not at all, totally understand. I’ll drive the strip on the way to the timeshare, so you can see the night life and lights of Vegas.” I said.

Arriving at the timeshare, she went to unpack, plus let her daughter and Maggie know she had arrived safely. I opened a bottle of wine, we sat on the coach, and caught up on all aspects of our lives. Again, I reiterated that the weekend was to have fun, and nothing else, and I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize her present relationship.

Which brought me to the obvious question, “What did your boyfriend think about you coming to Vegas?”

“Oh yea that! To be honest, I seem to miscalculate and make unsound decisions related to all the men in my life. First, there was my husband, then you came along, and now my boyfriend which I really don’t want to discuss. I gave my heart to each one of you and it always ends up getting broke, EVERY DAMN TIME. Further more, now you come prancing along, and parachute back into my life”, she said in a sad, depressed tone. After a few awkward, silent moments she added. “I’m sorry, I digress, this is not supposed to be a pity party, but a fun weekend.”

I was taken back at her comments about the men in her life men, especially comments about me. I began to think maybe this reunion was a bad idea.

Finally, with a smile on her face she said, “Well you know what they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I believe I’ll head off to bed and see you in the morning. Thanks again for the invite. Oh by the way, Maggie wants pictures.”

“I’m sure its been a long day for you. Sleep in as long as you like. Just so you know, I get up early, I’m kind of an early riser. I’ll try no to distribute you”, I told her.

She leaned over gave me a good night kiss then giggled and asked. “Does this get up early too?” As she ran a finger slowly over my crotch. “I know how cocks like to crow early, informing everyone their UP.”

She got up and went to her bedroom, and I went to mine. A short time later, my phone buzzed, checking I received a text from Maggie.

She texted: “Just heard from Angie…..Fuck! you two are sleeping in separate rooms? Next time invite me, I would have already sucked you dry, and now we be fucking our brains out. Good night daddy…lol”.


Vegas first full day

I was up early and quietly made coffee, trying not to distribute Angie. I took my coffee on the verandah and was checking email and reading on my tablet. About 8:30, Angie came out on the verandah with a cup of coffee. She was wearing an oversized Minnesota Viking football jersey.

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said. “Wow, I slept like a rock. Looks like you do get up early.” Standing next to me, she ran her finger slowly along the crotch of my gym shorts, bonus veren siteler just like she did the night before and asked. “Was Willie up early also, did I miss your cock standing tall and crowing?”

I laughed at her comment and asked. “Where did you get that football jersey? You may not remember, but I’m not a big fan of the Minnesota Vikings.”

“Maggie, gave it to me. She dated a football player a couple of years back and he gave her a bunch of football stuff. They dated for about a year, he is now playing for some other team. I don’t know what position he played, but I know Maggie saw every position”, Angie said laughing.

Angie continued, “You know Maggie! She tried to hook me up with some of his black friends, but the ones I met, only wanted sex. Maggie fit their lifestyle much better, lots of big parties and strip clubs, I’m too old for that. You will need to have Maggie tell you about it, they did some crazy shit”.

“If you don’t like me wearing the jersey, I can always take it off”, she said laughing. “I’m sure the other guests wouldn’t mind, as I’m naked underneath.”

Changing the subject I asked. “What would you like for breakfast? I can whip something up or there is a restaurant down the street?”

She took me by the hand and pulled me into the living room. She stripped off the football jersey and just as she had said, was totally naked. I was once again overwhelmed by her beauty. She was every bit as gorgeous as I remember. Her white, alabaster skin accented her red hair, the cute little red patch above her pussy, her pink areolas, nipples, and the pink lips of her mouth and pussy.

I stood ogling her body. Blood rapidly rushing to my cock, making it stiff and ready for action. I slipped off my tee shirt and gym shorts, making me as naked as her.

“Oh, look at you, all big and hard”, as she did a pirouette and a curtsy “Did I cause that, or is it just morning wood, maybe you took a little blue pill?” She asked.

“No, you caused it” as I slowly stroked my cock. “You are even more beautiful, gorgeous and sexy, then I remember.”

“Thank you”, she replied with a smile. “Your cock is just the way I remember it, that slight bend to the right, big, thick and hard. “If you wouldn’t mind, could you stroke it for me? I want to take a short video of you doing it, so I can send it to Maggie?”

“I have no problem doing that, as long as it is just for Maggie’s viewing pleasure.” I replied, as Angie used her phone to take a short video of me stroking my cock.

“She is going to love seeing the cock I enjoyed so many times.” She continued. “I know we are both turned on and very horny at the moment, but I have to be honest, I’m not ready to fuck you. I just cannot allow you to enter my life and think we can pick up where we left off. Do you understand that, sweetie?”

I replied, “Of course, no problem, I told you no obligations, only a fun weekend.”

“Thanks for understanding, baby. I know we are both horny and need to get off, so lets masturbated in front of each other. Come over here”.

She sat down in one of the living room chairs, draped her legs over the arms, spreading herself wide. I took the foot stool and sat on it in front of her. Her hands went to her pussy and she spread her lips wide, exposing the deep pink, corral color within. She diddled her clit and moaned, as I watched and stroked my hard cock slowly. Soon she had two fingers pumping her pussy while the other hand tickled her clit.

I was so tempted to either put my face between her spread thighs or stick my cock into her hot hole. I was so hard and leaking pre-cum.

“I love how your foreskin rolls smoothly over your swollen cock head, it’s very erotic. Do you love seeing me drill my fingers in my moist twat? Look baby, I’m adding another finger to stretch my pussy walls, the same way that piece of meat you’re stroking did. I’m sure you remember how tight, wet and warm my pussy was? Remember how you pumped that fuck stick relentlessly into me, every chance you could. How much you loved eating my fuck hole, lapping up copious amounts of my tart, tangy, girly juice”, she verbalized.

Her head went back, and she moaned, as she increased her self inflicted finger fucking. The hand that was playing with her clit, went to her breast, squeezing, rolling, and pinching her hard nipple.

“FUCK, its building, I need to cum”, she yelled. How are you doing baby? Are you getting close? I want you to cum with me, you old bastard. You seduced me and took advantage of my innocent youth, knowing you were fucking a married woman, and mother. Jack your cock off you motherfucker, shoot on my tits and face. Faster, beat it faster, listen to the squishy sounds I’m making as I finger fuck my wet cunt?”

“Angie your so fucking sexy, I’m so close to cumming.”, I screamed, pumping my throbbing cock.

Suddenly, she jammed her fingers deep in her pussy and held them there. I saw she had pinched her nipple hard. Her head was back, bedava bahis eyes close, mouth open and her thighs began to twitch. Her orgasm was flowing through her body. It was very erotic to watch. I stood up in front of her. Stroking my cock with one hand and the other touching and rolling my bloated, full balls. She opened her eyes, took her fingers out of pussy and watched as I stroked my cock in front of her.

“That’s it baby, stroke your cock for me. Shoot your spooge on me. I’m such a slut, I enjoy cum washing my womb, shooting on me, and down my throat. I’ve sucked and fucked so many different cocks, I’m just a wanton bitch. Faster, make it spit”, she explicitly told me.

She took her legs off the arms of the chair and sat on the edge of the chair. I shot my load hitting her neck and face. She had cum dripping off her chin and down over her heavy, full breasts. She took a finger, wiped a big glob on it and put it in her mouth. Then she took two fingers, the same ones that she had used to finger fuck herself, got another glob of sperm and held it out to me.

“Taste it! Eat what you used to pump into my pussy”, she sternly said.

I licked and sucked the combined juices off her fingers. I believe we both were satisfied, but I was curious about her mentioning not wanting to fuck me, plus the humiliating overtones of my age and our affair. I guess she will tell me when she is ready, I was not going to push the subject. We both went to our separate bedrooms and cleaned up. I was making eggs and bacon when she returned.

I asked, “Is there anything special you would like to see or do while in Vegas?”

“Not really, you’ve been here many times before, I’ll leave myself in your capable hands”, she replied, then asked. “You got anything on your mind?”

I mentioned that I had made dinner reservations at a very nice restaurant in the Venetian Casino. I could cancel the reservation if she wanted to do something else. She agreed that it would be lovely, kind of like a date.

Next I suggested a shopping spree at a mall directly across from the Wynn Casino and then grab lunch at the Maggiano’s Italian restaurant.

Puzzled she asked, “Why do we need to go shopping, I packed a few nice dresses?”

“Two reasons”, I replied. “First, a very selfish one, I have always wanted to take you dress shopping. Second, this is Vegas, let’s really do it right, let’s dress to the nines. I plan on shopping for a new outfit, and would love your input and approval on my selections. I want to make you proud, as I escort the most beautiful creature in Vegas.”

Smiling widely she said, “That’s so sweet.” Then she kissed me, this kiss was not the soft kisses we shared so far, but a full tongue, passionate kiss. After our kiss, she said laughing, “Sounds like you thought and planned this well in advance. You want to take me dress shopping? Does that have anything to do with the company Christmas Party years back and the dress I wore that night?”

“Well, I must admit that dress did cause me a lot of discomfort that night”, I said laughing.

Angie started to reiterated my fascination with that dress. How she went dress shopping, for just the right dress, one she knew would drive me crazy with desire. It was a black, tight fitting, sequin dress, that showed off her legs, plump butt and plenty of cleavage. How pleased she was knowing my eyes followed her everywhere that evening, but I couldn’t have her. How I was somewhat jealous, because of the attention she attracted from other men, all while I sat, chatted and danced occasionally with my wife. We both laughed as she reconstructed the evening.

“You remember what happened when we had our first rendezvous after the Christmas Party?” She asked.

“Yes of course how could I forget”, I said.

Angie continued, “I was in the hotel room well before your arrival. I put the dress on and waited until you unlocked and entered the room. The look on your face was astonishing, you just stood their like a statue, speechless”, she said giggling. “I walked up to you and we kissed passionately, and you mauled my ass. Then pushed me to the bed, turned me around, told me to put my hands on the bed, hiked the dress up to my waste, pulled down my panties, you dropped to your knees and licked my pussy and ass from behind.”

“You then dropped your trousers and underwear, and pushed your stiff cock in my dripping fuck hole. I remember how hard, fast, brutal and ruthless you fucked me. I’ve never forgotten, that after you came, pulled out, how much cum dripped out of my freshly fucked pussy and down my inner thighs. I’ve never seen you so turned on, and it was one of the best fucks you ever gave me.” Laughing, she added, “You have no idea how much it cost and how embarrassed I was to have the cum stains removed from that dress.”

“So, is that the type of dress we are shopping for today?” She said with a smile on her face.

“Well that dress certainly looked sexy on you. You teased me the deneme bonus entire night, knowing I couldn’t do a damn thing about it, with my wife present. So I guess when I did get the chance to see you in it again, I was overwhelmed with lust”, I replied. “I believe anything you pick out today, will make you look even more beautiful, alluring, hot and of course sexy.”

We visited several nice dress shops, with Angie trying on many dresses, each modeled for my approval. Finally, she found one she absolutely loved, as did I. It was an off the shoulder, black dress. The hem made this dress so sexy, instead of a straight hemline this one was at an angle. The hemline on her left leg came down mid-thigh, then it cut upward to her right hip, almost to her waist. It was outstanding and so sexy on her, it actuated her thick thighs, plump ass and plenty of cleavage. She also purchased some high heels.

Next, we hit the men’s shops. We agreed on a nice pair of jeans, white linen shirt, blue sports coat and a pair of brown shoes.

Carrying our packages, we headed to Maggiano’s for lunch. As we were leaving the restaurant, she grabbed my hand and we headed back to the mall. She informed me, she would need some nylons and panties to go with her dress. Into a Victoria Secrets we went. The saleslady asked Angie what she needed, she opened the garment bag, and showed her the dress. The saleslady smiled and told her to follow. I felt awkward being in a lingerie store, especially with a woman 18 years younger then me. I walked around browsing at all the wonderful intimate apparel. I was looking at a large table full of panties, which had every style, color and fabric. I picked up a pair of white, cotton panties, with little pink polka dots on them and my mind went back to Maggie, telling me about hers.

“Nice aren’t they?” A different saleslady asked me. “They’re very popular “, as she picked up several pairs to show me. “See how cute these are, got little cupit characters shooting arrows, and these say, LICK ME, we have pairs with that written on the front or back”, she said laughing. “This pair has little, black kitties all over them”, holding them up for me to view. “This pair just says Meow and I’m sure you get the connotation. These two are our best little girl, cotton panties sellers, as she held them up. “This one says DADDIES LITTLE GIRL and these just say DADDY.”

I must say I was taken back at how bold she was in explaining the panty line. She showed no embarrassment, unlike me, blushing red. I felt like everyone in the store was looking at me and thinking I’m some kind of pervert. I thanked her and moved to another table.

Finally, Angie returned. She showed me two pair of nylons she was considering and wanted my opinion. She mentioned that only thigh high nylons will work with this dress, pantyhose would be obvious and a garter belt would also show. Both pairs were a smoky grey, one pair, the elastic top was striped and had a back seam, the other was fishnet and the elastic top was a sheer lacy material.

“I’m glad you’re looking at panties, I will need either a G-String, or a high thigh thong”, she said.

Taking Angie by the arm the saleslady pulled her towards another table. “Oh, I’ve got just what you need. With the dress cut high on the one side, showing a bit of panty would be very sexy, ” the saleslady said.

They sorted through all types of styles and colors. Every so often holding them up for my opinion or approval.

The saleslady mentioned, “You might want a totally different color then your dress. A bold color like pink, red, white, or even a nice purple, so people know what’s under that dress. That could be very hot and sexy”, she said.

Angie looking at me, asked. “Sweetheart, which panties do you like? Should I show a little panty material or just a g-string? How bold do you want me to be? I could always go commando.”

The saleslady laughed and said. “Yes that is an option of course, remember you can always take your panties off… later. I know how thongs and g-stings can become uncomfortable with material getting wedged into all those tight crevices.

“Honey, I think I should wear something, you know how sweaty and moist I can get. I wouldn’t want to stain the dress so quickly”, Angie said with a giggle. “So which ones baby?”

Feeling small beads of sweat on my brow I told her, “I cannot decide, get all of them.”

Angie and the saleslady both laughed. Suddenly the the saleslady that showed me the cotton panties walked up. She wanted to know if I wanted any of the cotton panties I had looked at. I told her I was not interested, however Angie picked up on her statement.

“Cotton panties? You were looking at cotton panties?” Angie asked in a surprised voice.

Before I could answer, the saleslady interjected and said, “I showed him most of the line.” Off we went, to that table of panties. The saleslady began showing Angie the same styles she showed me. When they got to the panties that said, DADDIES LITTLE GIRL and DADDY, Angie laughed.

Looking at me Angie said, “I’ve got to get a Vegas gift for Maggie, sweetheart. These are prefect for that little bitch”. Telling the saleslady, “I’ll take this pair in this size, and this pair I’d like in my size.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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