Words with Friends

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This is a true encounter, or as true as I remember. It was my first time to have sex at work with another coworker. All those other times of stroking my cock in my office or the restroom do not count. This story has no real foreplay because it was an at work office adventure.

It was 2011 and I was just months into being divorced, and coming home late was nothing new. But each day and evening I had games open with several friends on the app Words With Friends (WWF). No matter where I was through the day I would take my turn and wait for their counter play. Well each night (late) my female married coworker would still be playing and of course we could chat. The chatting started out with me saying things like “what are you doing up so late?” and she would reply that she couldn’t sleep. So one time I told her she should get up on her husband and ride him to get off so she could go to sleep, and with that she replied they rarely do anything. So…. I of course told her what I could do for her and one thing led to another and a dick pic was sent her way. She replied with a comment of something like “OMG! NICE! And you took that pic in your office at work!”.

Now I do believe this was a Friday night and I told her I was working for a few hours on Saturday morning. If she could find a reason to be at work, then she was definitely going to feel my dick inside of her. Well Saturday morning comes bonus veren siteler around and guess who pokes their head around my office door. There she is, she has the most nervous of smiles and her face is flushed red. Now my office is merely 3′ from the women’s restroom and their is a couch in there. And on Saturday’s, the females that work at our facility are off. I tell her if she goes in that restroom that she is going to get fucked and fucked hard.

She turned toward the door and walked in, but just as soon as she walked in, she turned to playfully walk out. What she did not know, was that as soon as she walked in, I jumped up from my desk and ran toward her, so just as she turned around I was right on her and pushing her back inside the restroom. She laughed and told me how I startled her, but then my tongue was in her mouth before she could finish her sentence. She responded back with her tongue which was followed by me pulling her hair back causing her to tilt her head back as I softly kissed and bit at her neck and shoulders.

Her breathing slowed and was heavy so I knew she liked what was happening. I took my left hand and slid it under her pants and panties, and upon doing so I could feel the warmth or heat of her wet pussy. I started with two fingers and she was so wet that they slid right in with no resistance, then a 3rd finger slid inside. She laid her bedava bahis head on my shoulder as I fingered her pussy and it wasn’t long before her clothes started coming off.

She signaled she wanted my cock by unfastening my belt and I finished the rest. Once my pants were down I remember her warm hand grasping the girth of my cock and stroking it. I knew what she wanted, and she knew what I wanted as she turned around and braced herself against the arm of the couch. I grabbed my cock and guided it between her lips and rubbed it the length of her pussy. She moaned as the head pushed through and inside of her. We both knew I wasn’t wearing a condom and that before she left she would have my warm cum deep inside of her. She was so wet that once I was in it had no trouble pushing deep. I had both hands on her hips and worked my dick in and out of her and thinking how her husband had no idea I was now marking my territory. I knew I wouldn’t last long on this first episode, the buildup was too strong, the passion was flowing, and soon my cum would be as well.

I pulled my cock out and told her to sit on the couch. She obeyed and I sat with my knees at the edge of the couch and placed the head of my cock just between her lips, her pussy was so hot that I could feel the warmth radiating off of her as she wanted to be fucked so bad. Once the head was in, I stabbed forward with deneme bonus all the force I had until our bodies slapped together. Once I was all the way in I kept pushing forward and could feel the head of my cock pushing against her cervix. Once the pressure was there I held it. Her gasp from me penetrating her so fast paused as she sounded like she held her breathe from the pressure on her cervix.

This became a repeated pattern, three hard and fast thrusts, then hold it, pushing against her cervix. This resulted in a gasp for air, to moaning through the thrusting, to her holding her breathe. It was intense and it was working as I could feel the warmth of her fluids dripping down the base of my cock and down my balls. I couldn’t hold out much longer as I put her ankles up on one shoulder and fucked her fast and hard, her pussy was dripping wet, my balls are slapping against her ass and then I feel it. I pin her legs against her chest with my body, my tongue darts in her mouth as my cock THROBS so intensely inside of her. Her legs are pinned against her, the head of my cock is pulsating as it pushes against her cervix and she is trying to breathe. I hold it here for about 20 seconds before I relieve her of pressure and feel her fluids and my cum together.

We both know this is our first of many experiences together. Most of them at work, some away from work, and once in her bed. Her body is now mine to do with whatever I want. Here it is 2021 and I still get to dominate her body and send her home happy from time to time.

This is my story of the first time I fucked my coworker at work. Hands down the absolute best sex I’ve ever had is with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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