0258223 , the Purity Laws Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – in a tight spot

On returning to the police station I was ushered into a small room that looked like a cell.

“Did you enjoy your time in town?” asked Josie. “Did you see lots of nice looking girls? I gather one of them wanted to show you her tits – but you were too tied up to do anything about it. Now, you know that you are in here because you were caught beating your meat. Obviously we don’t want you getting back into your old ways too soon.”

She produced what appeared to be a pair of pliers with about a five-inch nose to them. She removed my board and the electronic device and that made my balls sting again – they were still sore from the twisting they’d had and from the kneeing they’d taken from the shop girl.

She picked up a white tube that had a picture of an erect penis along the side (a little smaller than life-size). With the long nose pliers she grasped my foreskin and pulled it through the tube. It wasn’t uncomfortable, which rather surprised me, and I couldn’t really see the point of it – Josie enlightened me.

“This is the Purity Tube, it’ll cause no discomfort whilst your prick remains flaccid. An erection will constrict its movement considerably. You would be advised to think only pure thoughts!”

With that she left the room and I found myself alone for the first time since I’d been arrested. I had my hands tied behind my back and this tube was dangling and resting on my balls but causing no discomfort.

The room was bare – there was nowhere to sit – just a pot in one corner (I guessed its purpose) and a television screen in the top corner. I squatted in the corner and waited – something was bound to happened, and it did.

The tv screen came to life and showed footage of the evening news. “The first man to be arrested under the new Purity Laws,” read the pretty brunette newscaster, “was found guilty today of masturbating in front of a computer. The court took very little time in finding him guilty and he began the punishments immediately. Part of the court order is that these punishments be made public – therefore we show the first three elements of his sentence.”

The scene cut from her to a close up of the ball twister I had been subjected to.

“Prisoner 0258223 underwent the testicle twist in the police cells this afternoon. His testicles were place through an aperture and then clipped and turned.” The accompanying pictures showed the white box with my pink, hairy and floppy ball sac. A hand attached the clip and I winced as I watched them change ısparta escort colour through fiery red to purple as the clip was twisted. I heard my own yells as they were played back on the television and felt the burning pain all over again.

“Part two of his punishment was to walk to the city centre,” again footage was shown, “where he was tied for a couple of hours and some young girls amused themselves by attempting to set fire to his privates.”

As this was being shown my prick began to swell within the confines of the Tube. I glanced and saw that it was squeezing out of the end of the Tube and was beginning to ache. It was also making me feel randy – I could see the tip glistening with pre-cum. The pictures of the girls on screen playing with my prick were just too much. I grasped my dick, in its protective collar, and, in a few strokes felt myself about to cum. The Tube was tight enough to make the effort very easy.

“Prisoner 0258223 is currently being held in a cell and his next penalties will depend on his reaction to his programme.” Suddenly the picture changed to one that must have been coming from a number of different cameras hidden in the cell. One was a close up of the shiny knob of my dick in the process of being wanked.

“As we can all see – he has not learned his lesson – he is masturbating even as this programme is being shown. Has this man got no self-control? He will certainly wish that he had as his is introduced to this device.” I stopped tossing myself off and hardly noticed the stream of spunk running over my hand as I looked at the bizarre contraption about six inches long with ugly wires running from one end to the other – they joined at one end and were vaguely in the shape of a penis. “This is the Cage – and he is about to be introduced to it. More on this story later. Other news…” The tv screen went blank.

At the same moment the door opened and Josie entered carrying the contraption they had called the Cage and Carver holding a two pound weight and a table about the size of a hall-stand. “Stand up!” Carver ordered. “Hands behind your back.”

I got to my feet and reluctantly did as she had said. Reluctantly because it meant that my erect prick was standing out in front of me trapped in its white Tube the end dripping with cum.

“You are disgusting,” Josie hissed. “Look at you – wanking yourself off at the drop of a hat. Well the Cage will stop that game. But first you must be punished for wanking. Hands behind on this table.”

My hands kars escort were pinioned in place one either side of the table and then a tape was passed round my middle holding my prick up against my stomach – I felt the wet stickiness of my spunk as it pressed against my belly. The height of the table was such that my balls sat on the table.

“Open your mouth,” Carver ordered. In surprise I did and a chain was placed between my teeth. “Now bite this like your life depends on it.” I wondered what what going on. Suddenly I felt the chain in mouth becoming very heavy.

“You are holding a two pound weight between your teeth,” Josie explained. “it is poised directly in line with your balls, so when you let go it will land on them.”

“She says “when” because there is no “if” about it, as you will stay there until it has been dropped,” Carver explained.

I looked down and saw the two pound weight dangling about four inches above my bollocks – there was no way I could move them and I could lean down no further. I broke out into a sweat and my jaw began to tremble which made holding the weight even more difficult.

“Your best bet,” said Josie in her most seductive voice, “Is to let go as soon as possible and get it over and done with. On the other hand you could stand there all night and the fear would increase with every minute.”

There was nothing I could do. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. A millisecond later the world exploded and I screamed.

I looked down, expecting to see a mess of blood – there was nothing to see except the weight sitting on my throbbing testicles. Clearly this was a punishment that was more to do with psychology than real harm.

“Did you enjoy that?” Carver asked Josie.

“You bet I did. Can we do it again?”

“Only if he decides to wank himself off again.” Carver undid my hands as Josie removed the weight. Not for the first time my hands went to my privates. “Stand against the wall.”

I stood with my back to the wall as Carver left the room with her little table and weight.

The shock had been enough for my sticky prick to shrink back inside the Tube like a snail retreating into its shell.

Josie knelt in front of my, her face only inches from me. From this angle I could see into her open blouse and had a full view of her round pink tits nestling in her white lacy bra. I could also see that her nipples were standing out and causing the fabric of her shirt to stretch. In spite of my pain this was enough to start me rising again.

She kastamonu escort had plastic gloves on and grasped the Tube and both pulled and twisted at the same time. Luckily I had not swollen to my full stature and the cum helped to lubricate it – nonetheless the removal of the Tube was like having a Chinese burn on my cock.

“Oh don’t be such a wimp.” She ran one finger from the top to the tip of my prick. “I bet you like that, don’t you? I said don’t you?”

“Er, yes.” I didn’t know what to say. I realised that I could not trust Josie. Even as her finger ran round the end of my knob and chucked me under the freman I began to worry even more.

“Open your legs.” As I did she put her hand under my balls, as if she was weighing them. After the pain of the weight even touching them was painful.

“Aaargghh!” I screamed. I as so taken by the pain that I hardly noticed what she was doing next until she stepped back. I looked down and saw that my dick was encased in a kind of cage – short enough whilst I was flaccid (the ball-squeezing had seen to that) – anchored into place by a red strap fastened around the stem of my prick and the top of my ball sac – it was locked in place by a small padlock.

“Right, try wanking with that on! I’ve got to test it for size and tightness – so don’t misunderstand what I’m about to do.” With that she started to unbutton her blouse. Her breasts came into view looking like two large eggs in egg cups. In one deft movement she had her tits out over the top and I saw the dark brown nipples standing tall. With her left hand she caressed her left nipple whilst her right hand dived below her belt and it did not take a genius to work out that she was fingering her herself.

“Would you like to put your prick into my soft wet cunt?” she asked.

Stupid question – it reacted like a race had been started. Then I found out what it was all about. The inside of the Cage wasn’t smooth (like the Tube) – it was made of strong wires which dug into the shaft of my penis as it tried to grow. The head hit against the end wiring and dug into the skin as my erection could move no further.

If the Tube ached the Cage was painful. My hands shot down to pull it off – but the restraining strap prevented even a millimetre of movement as it pulled against my badly bruised balls.

“Does it hurt?” Josie was fully dressed again, she’d done her job. “Good. Well think on this – in about half an hour someone will come in through that door and lead you to the gallows where you will be attached to a noose…by the balls. And that may be enough to pull them off. So enjoy, while you can.”

With that she whirled round and left the room. I was alone with my thoughts, a painful erection that wouldn’t go away, and a terror of what was yet to come.

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