1000 Words – The Notebook Dropoff

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Author’s note. I usually write longer stories, so with this little series, I am hoping to get started in little ditties. This story is exactly one thousand words in length. Look out for more. Thank you and please leave feedback!

The message just had to come in while I was stepping into the shower. I shrugged and let it go. It was scary how much we had come to depend on these little dings and bells in life. It seems as if they had been with us for ages.

Whatever, it was a holiday, I was off work, and whoever it was, just had to wait. The pleasure of hot water spraying onto your body in needles was not going to be denied.

Ten minutes later I was waterlogged and the bathroom had been steamed enough to resemble a sauna. I’d foolishly forgotten to crack open the window. Opening the bathroom door had the added effect of introducing a slight draft, or at the very least, an air movement which dispelled away the steam. I don’t know why I closed the door seeing that I lived alone.

Grabbing the phone, I opened the message.

“Is there a time I can drop you my notebook today bud? I know I promised it for next Monday, but Natasha is in a tiff about her thesis. John”

“Sure, just got out of the shower, give me ten minutes.” Send.

I always swore by Dell notebooks, especially the Latitude series, but John had gone for the cheaper Inspiron which did not really live up to its name, especially Ankara Rus Escort the new models. Not very inspiring to be honest. They creaked horribly, and every time a touch typist worked on it, the keyboard threatened to fall apart. Spinning drives and a heavy chassis completed what I thought was poor bang for buck. I don’t blame him really. Latitudes were very high in price.

His wife Natasha was in her last semester in graduating in nursing studies, and a series of mishaps was threatening to unhinge her as she prepared to finalize her thesis.

She was around forty eight years old now. Slim, athletic, long black hair always straightened out to perfection, and still a desirable example of a female.

I’d had the hots for her ever since John had met her on a cruise holiday. We were very good friends, and Nat had joined us in this little fraternity of ours, although I naturally always kept my distance from her. A quick grope during a drunken party or other, but we always stayed on the straight and level. They’d never had any kids. Some problem with him, I understood.

I had hardly dried myself when the intercom buzzed. I just shucked a bathrobe on me and clicked open the outside door of the multi-apartment block I resided in.

Opening the front door to greet my old friend, hair tousled and still wet, wearing an old robe, the lift door Yenimahalle Escort opened and I literally froze as Natasha sauntered out of the little cubicle.

A simple white t-shirt, under which a frilly bra could be seen, was topping a pair of hip hugging blue jeans.

“Oh, hi Nat” I greeted her. “Apologies for the dress code. Was expecting John.”

She smiled, disarming me as usual.

“I’m off to my mum’s and he handed this job to me.”

“Well” I replied, “you ARE on the way there and I am on that way. So it makes sense. And it’s yours, of course.”

“Yeah, yeah, spring to your buddy’s rescue.” She held no malice in her voice though.

Too late, I realized I was sporting a chubby which I hoped was not being outlined through the robe. I bade her in, and she swept to my kitchen table, where she opened the offending machine and outlined her problems.

I looked down on her sitting on the chair, from over her shoulder, and I had to move closer as I wasn’t wearing specs.

“My my, you DO smell nice.” Natasha breathed.

I was flustered, my penis growing heavier every second. “I, uh, I did just get out of the shower.”

She turned and fumbled at my robe belt, trying to undo it.

“No. Nat. No. I can’t. I mean, we shouldn’t.”

“We can, and we will” she said. “Now just be quiet and leave it to me.”

I tried to resist but she just reached under the robe, and grabbed my cock, now standing at full attention. I let my hands down by my side again and she opened the only piece of clothing I had on.

“Jesus fucking Christ. That’s huge.” Her tiny hands encompassed my girth alright, but just about.

Without any preamble, Natasha just bent down very slightly, and engulfed my dick in her mouth. I actually nearly fainted with pleasure as she bobbed up and down my uncurcimcised penis, hissing with pleasure as she pulled my foreskin back, revealing the thick, pink glans.

I held on to her head as she continued sucking me off. I wondered what had brought this on, and even more importantly, what this would mean for my friendship with John. And of course, with herself.

To be honest, I was a bit lacking in the sex department lately, and this not inconsiderable fact was consigned to some seldom opened box in the back of my cluttered mind.

It was thus no surprise that I soon felt myself coming. I tried to warn the girl of my impending swimmers, but she just grabbed my by the ass and pulled me towards her as she deep throated me, humming in the process.

That was all it needed to tip me over as I came inside her mouth, and she held on as my sperm went straight into her stomach.

I looked down into her green eyes as she slowly backed up from my cock, cleaning it as she unplugged herself from me. Standing, up, she gathered a little cum from the side of her mouth, popped it into her mouth and said, “I expect repayment from you when I pick up the computer.”

And with that short sentence, she walked back into the still open lift outside my front door, and pinged it closed.

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