1000 Words – The Notebook Pickup

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Author’s note. I usually write longer stories, so with this little series, I am hoping to get started in little ditties. This story is exactly one thousand words in length. Look out for more. Thank you and please leave feedback!

I had to admit it. I was stumped. This machine had seen better days and was not in the betting slips for a longer run. The power jack looked like it had been mauled, and if there is anything worse for a DELL laptop, then I still have to find out what it was.

I didn’t have a similar supply, so I just installed a software which overrode the BIOS settings, and it proved half decent.

Following the previous week’s happy ending with Natasha, I had peeked through their photos in their documents, something I usually avoided.

Couldn’t help it though. She had given me a stellar blowjob and she had left while expecting repayment. Some of the photos really caught my eye. Nothing erotic in them. But her lithe, athletic body in a red bikini had excited me. I made a copy of the whole folder, for a further perusal.

I removed the usb drive, closed up the computer and called John with the news. The clicks and ticks seemed to take too long and I realized they might be abroad. John got the phone and told me he was in England alone, and would only be back in a week’s time. He asked me to get Nat to pick up the machine. My reply was a happy “no problem”.

I called Natasha but Elazığ Escort she was at medical school and would only make it late.

“No problem. I live alone, and it’s Friday. I don’t usually sleep early in the weekend.”

“I can come in around ten. Pick up, and go home to cook something.”

“Well, it just happens I am cooking some chicken and pasta if you’re interested.” I hope I didn’t sound too desperate.

“If you’re inviting me for dinner, then I’m in.” She sounded happy for it.

“Cool. Come over when you’re ready.”

I didn’t really have anything cooking, so it was a quick trip to the supermarket and a kitchen job. Pasta was easy to do, and the last to cook. The chicken breast I cut into strips, then cubes, before being dropped into a pan on a slow burn. It was always better if chicken was cooked low and slow. It would keep the moisture present and cook it thoroughly at the same time.

With the main meat done, I opened the ‘chicken tonight’ mushroom sauce and emptied the jar into the pan. Further mixing ensued and it smelled heavenly.
Knowing she would be off shift at ten, I opted for a shave and a shower around half-eight. I depilated myself from the nose downwards. I love the clean look, and my admittedly generous cock looked bigger. I wonder what I had done in life to deserve it.

Just ten minutes after ten the buzzer downstairs signaled her arrival. Elazığ Escort Bayan This time I made sure it was really her. Again, my old bathrobe went on me, although I did not bother tying it too tightly.

The lift pinged open and there she was. Sky blue garbs under which I knew there was just underwear. She smiled and uncharacteristically, we hugged. So much promise under that hospital uniform.

“I need a shower. Is that ok? I bought a change of clothes with me.”

She held up a small valise. Was she staying the night?

“Yeah, sure.”

I showed her to the bathroom, still warm after I had washed myself.

Natasha just pulled the top over her head, revealing those smallish breasts I had seen from the photos I nicked in a small sports bra. I gawked at her as she shucked her pants, bringing down her underwear with them, showing a well-trimmed pussy.

She looked me in the eye as she pulled her bra off, her breasts bouncing free… they stood unfettered and trim, standing up proudly. Two beautifully pink nipples stared at me from decently sized areolas.

She was breathtaking.

I cleared my throat “Uh, I’ll leave you to clean up.”

Her sharp eye look nearly killed me.

I left, and hearing the water start up, I set the table for two.

A quick pea soup, then the main course. A bottle of Merlot and a candle completed the setting.

I’d barely Escort Elazığ opened the wine to let it breathe.

She came into the kitchen and grabbing me by the hand, turned the gas off, and led me to the bedroom, which she could see through an open door.

Kissing me, she slipped my robe off, trailing kisses down my freshly anointed body, stopping just to pull my cock into her mouth. I groaned as she sucked me.

After a few minutes, she pulled the shirt off her body, lay back, and pulled me to her. I bent to lick her super clean pussy, marveling at the sweet taste of her, but she was having nothing of it.

“You’ll have the whole weekend to do that. Fuck me. Get me pregnant.”

I could hardly believe my ears, but there it was. She was staying the night. All thoughts of the food I had prepared went out of my head as my cock slipped in between her legs, and into her welcoming pussy.

Our first orgasm of the night happened very quickly. She clenched me as I pumped into her, spurting my seed deep into her willing womb. I stayed sheathed in her as we broke every rule in the book. She wanted this badly, and although I was the unwilling partner, could hardly refuse it.

I pushed Natasha on her side,, spooning and boning her as she wailed with passion, orgasm after orgasm wracking her body. I came again, albeit with less force.

At around half eleven we came out to eat, comfortable in our nudity. An hour later we were back in the bedroom as I gorged on her pussy and her fat clit, making her gasp in pleasure. Cutting her impending orgasm short, I crawled up her body and inserted my cock, reveling in the warm sheath.

This weekend was going to be awesome!

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