11:11am A Flasher Bares All

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When a male exhibitionist is “at work” he gets hot and horny causing the pre-cum to start flowing, so it is best to wear black. Pre-cum is too obvious when wearing light colored jeans. I bought a pair of black, lightweight jeans. Which I took to a local cleaning and tailoring shop to be cut down to a 4-inch inseam.

(My cock is about six inches when flaccid, so if you do this, test first. You may want a shorter or longer inseam.)

It was near closing time when I picked up the altered jeans, there were no other customers in the store. The tailor and her assistant were standing around smoking and talking. I asked if I could try them on. I was directed to the dressing room. One wall of the store was all mirrors. When I stepped into the dressing room I noticed the two women could see me in the mirror if I left the door open. So, I “absentmindedly” left the door open.

I removed my jeans and slowly put on the shorts. I could here the women whispering and giggling. I removed kayseri escort the shorts and took my time putting my jeans back on. When I returned to the counter to pay for the work, both women were standing there with big smiles on their faces. They didn’t make any comments as I paid and left.

At the time I owned an old pick up truck that rode high off the street. Wearing my black shorts with the 4 inches inseam, I would park on a busy street near a State College. Because of the crosswalks and traffic lights the traffic was heavy but slow at certain times of the day. I’d pull up the inseam so my cock and balls were hanging out of the left leg hole leaving me completely exposed and I’d wait. Checking the side view mirror I’d watch for a woman, with or without a female passenger, to approach. When she/they were almost to me I would open the truck door and slide down to the street facing oncoming traffic. By keeping my left leg straight and landing on my left kıbrıs escort foot and keeping my right leg bent I would stay completely exposed.

They couldn’t help but see my cock and balls hanging out in full view. It would look like an accident. “OOPS”. They couldn’t stop in traffic. Mostly they just stared. Some would yell something and laugh as I was “trying to cover up”. As soon as they passed I would jump back into the truck and drive away. I would do this about once a month. I would think about it afterwards at home and jack off.

I often visited a thrift store in a nearby town. The changing rooms had old shower curtains across the front for privacy. Anyone using these rooms had to be careful not to expose him or herself.

I would pick out four or five pairs of jeans and go into one of the changing rooms. I would leave the curtain open about four inches at one side. There was a table full of scarves right outside this changing room. I’d remove konya escort my black shorts and wait.

Every time I went into that changing room one of the women who worked there or a woman customer or both would approach the table full of scarves to browse. As I tried on each pair of jeans, one of the women would move into position so she could see me while fondling the scarves, then another would take her turn. Several times two women would carry on a conversation while pretending to look only at the scarves. I’d be on display about fifteen to twenty minutes. After I brought the show to an end, I’d buy a pair of jeans and a shirt or two and leave. I didn’t need the jeans or the shirts.

I donated them to a different thrift store I visited now and then. At this store the changing rooms were in the back and well covered. There was no way to expose myself from within the changing rooms. I would browse the used book section. I did manage to expose myself to a few women there by squatting down and making sure my cock dangled out of the leg opening. The few I exposed myself to would look for a while and wander off. There was no way to put on a good show. I’d buy some books and donate them to the first store.

More to follow.

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