1976 A Summer of Loving My Mother Pt. 29

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I couldn’t help but feast my eyes on my sister’s naked body; her pert tits with their hard, elongated nipples; the smooth skin of her legs and the delightful crease as they formed into her rounded bottom; the chestnut pubis of her vagina so wet and wanton.

Moving off the stool, I encouraged Caroline’s desire, “Here, Caz. Lay across the stool like mum did.”

Without hesitation, she did as I suggested, laying on her back and letting her legs splay either side of the stool.

“Is this how you saw mum that night, Mikey?” she asked, pulling her labia open wide and exhibiting her juicy wet sex hole. “Was her pussy gaping like this, like my pussy is open now?”

“Yes, Caz, that’s just how it looked before she took Alan’s cock inside it.” I replied seductively.

I continued to watch as my sister pushed two fingers inside herself and gasped, “Imagine you’re watching them again, Mikey……imagine my vagina is mum’s and my fingers are her lover’s penis……wank yourself while you watch it go in and out, you naughty boy.”

The eroticism of the moment was overwhelming to me and I couldn’t help but ask, “How much do you want to be fucked like mum, Caz?”

“God yes, Mikey, I want her lover inside me now…….deep inside me……I want his balls slamming against my arsehole as he pounds my fanny,” she squealed.

Staring at her finger fucking her fabulous pink opening was more than I could endure. By now I was desperate to plunge my erection inside my sister’s vagina in the hope that she’d finally lose her incest inhibition, I continued to feed her desire.

While she writhed under her own stimulation, groaning with the pleasure, I took my erection to her face. With a look of delight, Caroline reached out and held the throbbing shaft, bringing her tongue to the tip and licking off the oozing pre-cum.

I pushed it gently forward in the hope her lips would envelop the glans. Instead, still holding my cock, she encouraged me to rub it against her body, groaning erotically as it traced over her right nipple and down to her navel.

Eventually, I reached her vagina and as I gently rubbed my throbbing glans against the wetness of Caroline’s slit, she immediately replaced my hand with hers again, eagerly wrapping her fingers around my stiff shaft to prevent it entering her.

“Oh Mikey!” she exclaimed. “I’m so horny but we can’t fuck, we can’t risk it……Let’s role play mum and you though. Call me mum while I rub your prick over my clitty…..let’s cum Mikey.”

I revelled in the attention being lavished on my cock, the touch of my sister’s fingers on my shaft, the warm wet feel of her sex slit tantalising my glans, her heavy breathing note as wave after wave of sexual expectation brought us both closer to climax.

“My god Mikey, mummy wants you inside her…..she knows you want it too,” Caroline spluttered. “Tell mummy how much you want to fuck her, tell her how much you want unprotected sex, Mikey……. incest sex……forbidden taboo sex…….tell mummy, Mikey.”

Up to now I’d resisted spilling the beans about how much I wanted to fuck my mother, let alone disclose I had actually done it, but I was so worked up I was going to throw caution to the wind. I was going to tell my sister what she wanted to hear.

As I opened my mouth to speak though, my intentions were curtailed by the sound of wheels on gravel – mum was home!

Like greased lightning I regained my composure, reached for my clothes and shouted at my sister to do the same. With all due urgency, we ran naked to our rooms as we heard the car door close.

By the time mum was inside the house, we were both dressed and doing our best to act normal.

While mum made dinner, Caroline came into my room and whispered, “Mikey, that was too close for comfort, we can’t do anything like that when mum’s around.”

“I know,” I whispered back. “I’m so frustrated at being so close to cumming – so near yet so far!”

“Me too, Mikey, me too, I’m so desperate to cum,” Caroline said in an exasperated tone. “Cum in my knickers while I bring myself off, do it quick, while mum’s busy downstairs!”

With that, she pulled down her leggings, leaving her panties half way down her thighs. I glanced down at the glistening gusset of her black panties and felt my cock harden at the glorious sight of her sex mucus.

“Get your cock out and wank into them, Mikey,” Caroline whispered as her fingers worked through her pubis. “I can’t wait any longer, I need to cum and I need it now!”

Loosening my joggers, I pulled out my cock and positioned it over her panties. As I started to pull back my foreskin, Caroline pushed her fingers into my mouth, wiping her sex nectar over my lips. It tasted heavenly and I knew I had to taste it in the flesh.

Pushing her up against the wall, I dropped to my knees, grabbed the cheeks of her bottom and buried my face in her pubis. Without leaving her time to protest, my tongue was immediately on her sex bud.

“God almighty, Mikey, we can’t do this……it’s Diyarbakır Escort incest!” She protested, pushing her hand between her vagina and my tongue. “Just wank with me, Mikey, please.”

Having had a taste of Caroline’s sex and sniffed its heavenly, unwashed, musk, I couldn’t stop myself.

Keeping my kneeling position and using my tongue, I gently teased the inside of her thighs while my hands caressed the crack of her bottom. Hearing my sister quietly whimper, I sensed her reluctance was melting. As my face reached the hand covering her vagina, I had no difficulty in pushing it away to expose her sex slit.

By now, Caroline had abandoned any incest discomfort and was using her hands to massage the back of my head as she pulled it into her vagina.

Almost silently, she whimpered in uncontrolled glee as my eager tongue lapped at her wetness. To enhance her pleasure, she guided one of my hands to her cunt, encouraging my index finger inside. The feel of her hole was a delight – wet, warm and sticky with her milky sex mucus. I was in incest heaven, as I eagerly feasted on my sister’s vagina.

Through her whimpering, Caroline was fast losing her incest inhibitions. “Oh my god, Mikey, I want this so badly,” she gasped in a whispered tone. “I can’t believe I’m doing this with my own brother……I can’t stop myself……I don’t want to stop myself……..I just want to cum, Mikey.”

“How do you want to cum?” I asked teasingly, momentarily breaking away from the fannyfest I was enjoying.

“With you licking me…….do it slowly……pleasure your sister better than ever before,” she gasped.

Greedily, I returned my tongue to Caroline’s vagina. As she pushed the pink, wet slit to my face, her sex juice dribbled from her hole. It tasted sweet as I caught it on my tongue and swallowed hard.

“Lick it, Mikey, tongue me to Nirvana……imagine it’s mummy’s pussy in your face……I fantasise about you doing this to her all the time,” she confided.

For a moment, I wondered whether she was alluding to something she’d seen mum and I actually doing. Coming to my senses though, I realised she’d been away and it was just her fantasy.

As I tongued at the nubile flesh of my sister’s vagina, she took one of my hands and pushed it under her T shirt. Having already loosened her bra strap, Caroline had made the route to her nipples an easy one.

Keeping hold of my hand, she squeezed my fingers hard against her engorged teats, gasping with pain as I pinched the skin.

“God almighty, Mikey, this is the horniest I’ve ever been……tongue my schoolgirl slit just like you’d do to mum,” she groaned in a whispered tone. “I know you want to…..imagine you’re making her cum with your tongue, Mikey, imagine it.”

The smell of my sister’s pubis and the taste of her dripping labia were ever more intoxicating and I wasted no time in greedily eating the forbidden fruit. Listening to her fantasy diatribe was music to my ears as I knelt on the floor, one hand alternating between her nipples, the other rubbing my erect cock.

“Oh Mikey, I know this is so wrong but I’m past caring……all I can think about is mum fucking on the piano stool,” she whimpered.

Joining in with Caroline’s deepening fantasy, I whispered back seductively, “Fucking with who, who’s fucking mum?”

Immediately replacing my tongue against my sister’s fleshy labia, I delighted in her reply, “You are Mikey, your hard penis is inside mummy……you’re fucking her bareback!”

Continuing her salacious diatribe while I chewed on her Clitoris, I could feel my sister begin to tremble. As she pulled my head tight into her nether regions, she let out a muffled squeal as her orgasm hit. I sensed she wanted to scream her pleasure out loud as she thrusted her pelvis with each wave of ecstasy.

Meanwhile, I slowed down my own manual stimulation so as not to peak too early. I wanted to deliver my load as close to my sister’s womb as I could. If it couldn’t be inside her, it was certainly going to be close.

As Caroline trembled the last of her orgasm, I rose from my knees, pulled her panties back up over her pubis and tucked my cock around the side of them. She rocked towards me as I did towards her, dry fucking as we did so. Our lips met for the first time and our gyrations became more vigorous as our tongues danced together.

Already on the edge and with the head of my cock sliding against her wet slit, it didn’t take long for me to cum. And cum I did, suppressing my audible pleasure as I squirted a stream of spunk over her pubis, onto her labia and coating the inside of her panties.

Caroline was quick to push her hand into her panties, whispering to me as she did so, “That was the best cum I’ve ever had……you don’t know how close I came to demanding your penis inside me, Mikey!”

“And you don’t know how close I came to pushing it inside you!” I replied. “I was desperate for incestuous copulation with my sister.”

Before we could continue Diyarbakır Escort Bayan sharing our desires, mum called us down to dinner. Caroline straightened her clothes and delighted at the feel of my warm seed in her knickers, pressed hard against her sex.

During dinner, mum sensed something different in our demeanour and asked what we were up to. We both brushed it off as just a joke but, behind the facade, we were fantasising. Me, about fucking my sister for real and Caroline, about me fucking mum. Sexual hedonism oozed from our pores and I wondered what mum was thinking – could she also be fantasising about me fucking Caroline?

Mum reminded us that dad would be home the next day and we chatted through how much we were all looking forward to seeing him. Of course, my mind went immediately to them fucking behind their locked bedroom door, on the bed she’d been fucked on by both her son and her lover.

With a mixture of jealousy and excitement, I felt my cock hardening as I imagined mum’s beautiful vagina being impaled by the third cock in a week, the third tongue in a week and the third load of different sperm coating her insides.

After dinner, I excused myself and headed off to my room, picking up a pair of mum’s dirty panties on the way. Closing my door, I was quick to release my turgid penis for some much needed manual relief. With mum’s sweet smelling gusset pressed to my tongue and my mind imagining her riding dad’s rampant erection, it wasn’t long before I was cumming over my belly.

As I lay on my bed recovering from the self-pleasuring session, I heard footsteps on the stairs. Anticipating a visit, I pulled the duvet over me as a knock came on the door and mum walked in.

Smiling a wry smile as she walked towards me, she asked, “I hope they’re my panties I can see there?”

Realising they were visible at the edge of the hastily pulled over duvet, I laughed back, “Of course they’re yours, mum!”

“Glad to hear it baby boy, did you have fun with them?” Came her inquisitive reply. “Would you like the one’s I’m wearing darling…….they’re the ones I was wearing when we masturbated with Alan on the phone?”

Without saying any more, mum left the room, returning a few seconds later saying that Caroline was on the phone to a boy she’d met at the swimming school. “I think they’re having telephone sex,” she laughed.

I was curious and, perhaps, a little jealous, asking, “Are you bothered then, mum?”

Not at all darling, I’m glad she’s otherwise engaged downstairs.” She said with a wink of her eye.

With that, she hitched up her dress, revealing her black panties, pushing the gusset hard against her vagina.

“I’m horny for you baby, I want to cum and I want my son to do it for me,” she whispered in an authoritative tone. “I don’t care how you do it, just be quick.”

This was an unexpected treat and one which I relished. I motioned mum to pull her panties aside and taking a moment to admire the wetness of her pink slit, I pushed my face into its warmth.

Despite her period, Mum’s cunt opened like a flower in bloom as I feasted on the taste of our earlier sexploits. Inserting a finger inside her womb, I pushed on her tampon, I licked vigorously against the hard bud of her clitoris, she gasped, gyrating her pelvis in a seductive manner and pulling my head closer in.

“Oh baby boy, this is good…….this is so so good,” mum purred. “Let mummy see you play with yourself while you lick her private place.”

My cock was already hard again as I tugged at the shaft. I too was horny as hell, I loved that my mother was encouraging me to masturbate while my tongue pleasured her most intimate place in an extravaganza of incestouous hedonism. Her earlier period inhibition had seemingly disappeared as she offered me her menstruating vagina.

I could hear my mother’s wanton tone and I was now in full tease mode to exploit it. Moving my tongue from her clitty to her tampon plugged hole, I was intent on delaying her orgasm as long as I could.

“Oh baby boy, you’ve all made mummy jealous today……you’ve made her so horny with it though,” she murmured.

“How so, mum?” I whispered, briefly releasing my mouth from her cunt.

“You baby, licking your sister’s panties…..your sister having telephone sex……and Alan back inside his wife……it’s all made me jealous and excited in equal measures,” she replied. “Make me cum baby, make mummy cum while you wank yourself……do it baby, do it for your hot wife mother.”

The words ‘hot wife’ were my trigger and I broke away from my vaginal ministrations to ask, “who’s Ron, mum……who’s the Ron that’s been inside you?”

Grabbing my head and forcing my face back against her cunt, mum gasped, “Not now Mikey, I can’t tell you now……it was too naughty…….Oh baby, I’m going to cum……Oh Mikey, Mikey darling, mummy’s cumming, she’s cumming……aaaaaaah, aaaaaah, baby, aaaaaaaahhhhh.”

As mum pulled away from my face and slid her panties Escort Diyarbakır back over her vagina, she knelt in front of me. I continued to rub my cock with her help and as I felt my sap rising, she pulled her panties down far enough to guide my ejaculation into them. I grunted quietly as my sperm streamed into her underwear, happy in the knowledge that she’d be sleeping with my seed pressed tightly against her cunt.

“That was just what mummy needed, baby boy,” mum whispered as she got up. “Much as I wish you could share my bed tonight, I’ll sleep well with my bunny soaked in your cream.”

Before she left the room, I asked, “Are you going to tell me about the Ron episode at some point?”

Bending down to kiss me goodnight, she teasingly whispered, “One day, baby, one day…….I’m going to bed to pleasure myself at the thought.”

After half an hour or so, Caroline appeared in my doorway, “Have you got a minute, Mikey?” She asked.

“Ok, what’s up?” I replied inquisitively.

“Nothing’s up, I just wanted to share something naughty with you, that’s all,” she said defensively. “Do you want to hear it?”

I was concerned mum would hear such conversation and asked, “Of course I do but before you say anything, where’s mum?”

“Oh don’t worry about her, she’s gone to bed and shut the door……I heard her toy buzzing as I came up the stairs…….I don’t think we need to worry,” she quipped, pushing two wet fingers against my nose.

“Breathe deeply….. taste them,” Caroline commanded seductively. “Smell my cummy fanny on them, taste my sex.”

I did as she asked, both the aroma and the taste were making me hard and I was all ears for what she had to say.

“Do you like that, Mikey, you filthy pervert?” She giggled, sitting down on the corner of my bed.

“Of course I like it….I love it Caz,” I enthused. “But what have you got to tell me?”

“I met a boy called Alex on my swim camp……he’s just made me cum over the phone,” she giggled. “It’s the first time I’ve had telephone sex and I loved it.”

In my own voyeuristic way, I wanted to know more about Alex. I wanted to know if he’d fucked my sister at the swim camp and, if he had, I wanted to hear the details…..all of them.

“So how come you didn’t mention this Alex guy before?” I asked. “Has he had his hand in your panties…..has he fingered your pussy…..has he tasted it….have you tasted him……has he had his cock inside you?

Caz’s reply was quick and direct, “And if he has, if we’ve done more than cum over the phone, would you be jealous?”

I could feel my cock stiffening as I replied, “Sort of, I guess…….and excited at the same time. So tell me, Caz, is there more to share than just the telephone sex?”

“Yes, I think there is. I was a naughty girl at swimming camp,” she confessed confidently.

Caroline’s words were music to my ears and I pushed for more details, “How naughty is naughty”?

With a wry smile, she whispered, “How naughty do you want me to have been…..how much to you want to know?”

With my curiosity at boiling point and my cock now rock hard, I snapped back at her, “for Christ’s sake, Caz, all of it, I want to hear all of it!”

“Is the idea making you hard, Mikey?” she quipped. “Show me your cock first”.

I was rampant and in no mood to play games, pulling my covers back and my shorts down to reveal my erection. “There you go, now tell me about Alex!” I barked in whispered tones.

As I rubbed my cock in anticipation, I listened intently to what my sister had to say.

“It’s not what you might think, Mikey,” she whispered. “Alex is a physio’ who works at the swim centre…..he’s older than me.”

“How much older,” I quizzed?

“I think he’s in his fifties…..early fifties, I think,” she replied, unconvincingly. “I’m not exactly sure but I know he’s married with older kids.”

“What!?” I exclaimed as quietly as I could. “You’re messing about with and older, married man?”

In a defensive tone, Caroline replied, “So what if he’s older and so what if he’s married, Mikey…..what does it matter?”

In an equally defensive tone, I barked back, “I’m not moralising, Caz……I just don’t want to see you in a sticky situation, that’s why it matters.”

Caroline made light of my comment, my double entendre, giggling back, “It’s too late for that Mikey, I’ve already been in a sticky situation……in his treatment room.”

I was eager to know more and quizzed further, “What happened in his treatment room, tell me Caz?”

Taking control of the conversation, she whispered back, “Show me your prick first, Mikey…….I want to know if you’re angry or aroused.”

Tugging at the top of my shorts, I showed her the head of my fully erect cock, whispering, “There you go, does that answer your question!?”

“God almighty, Mikey, you’re so bad,” Caroline giggled. “You’re such a pervert.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I know I am but you know that already…….just tell me what went on with Alex,” I stuttered through bated excitement.

“I can’t tell you here and now, Mikey,” she answered in a serious tone. “I want us to play while I tell you and I can’t settle to it with mum in the house.”

“Christ almighty, Caz!” I exclaimed, “You can’t leave it like this, I’m too fired up to leave it here!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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