3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 09

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All characters are 18+

“Wake up, sleepy head!” The bright light from my parent’s eastern facing windows set my brain on fire. “Get up, Jack,” Julia continued, “it’s your birthday!” She was being her obnoxious, overly exuberant self. I can see why she made such a great cheerleader.

“Rise and shine, birthday boy!” My sister was bouncing on the bed next to me. I opened my eyes, and the sight of her bouncing boobs took the sting out of the sunlight. Her tits are huge and so perky that you might think that she has implants; but they are one hundred percent real. The sunlight lent her pale skin an almost iridescent hue, and highlighted the sprinkling of freckles across her chest. I smiled, which elicited smiles from the two girls. Goddamn they were hot! I was one lucky bastard.

“So, ladies,” they stopped bouncing, and gave me their undivided attention. “What are we doing for my birthday?” They looked at each other slyly, and their grins changed from amused to wolfish.

“Well,” Julia said, “We are going to get dressed up, and we are all going to Brentwood’s for dinner, and then we are going to come back here for some dessert.” My sister laughed, and Julia joined in. I’m pretty sure that I got the not-so-cleverly-veiled reference.

“Ummm,” I said with a bit of hesitation. Both girls focused in on me, like a hunter sighting in his prey. “I really didn’t bring anything dressy to wear. I have some khaki slacks, and a polo shirt. That is about as dressed up as I am prepared to be.” All four eyes narrowed to slits as their brains whirred in thought.

“What kind of shoes did you bring, hotshot?” Julia smirked at me as she said this.

“I can answer that question for you,” my sister interjected smugly. “He brought Jordans. That is all he wears.”

“Don’t you own some dress shoes, dumbass?” Julia’s smirk spread into a wry smile.

“Yeah, I do own dress shoes, and even a pair of casual shoes, but I didn’t bring any of them. I never thought we would go anywhere fancy. Mom and dad never go to places like that; and I sure as hell knew that we weren’t going to church up here.” I saw a playful light dance in my sister’s jade colored eyes.

“So how many pairs of Jordans did you bring? I mean, I know that you had to pack conservatively for the trip.” Katie looked at Julia as if she already knew the answer. Julia’s gaze landed once again on me.

“Four, if you include the sandals.” Katie fell over on the bed in a fit of giggles, and Julia just sighed.

“You are such a fucking sneakerhead.” Julia said this playfully, which made my sister laugh even harder. I had no reply; mainly because it was true. Air Jordans were the only thing that I really collected. I have exactly thirty one pairs, including an unworn vintage pair of red and black Jordan 1’s signed by Michael Jordan himself. They were the prize of my collection.

“Let me see what you have to work with. This might call for a shopping trip.” I stood up, as instructed by Katie, and was swatted on my ass by Julia. “Nice butt, bro!” My sister said this straight faced, and after a couple of seconds both of them collapsed into giggles. Women.

I returned a couple of minutes later with a pair of khaki chinos, a light blue polo shirt, and a pair of white and light blue Air Jordan 12’s. I held the ensemble up for their inspection.

“Yeah,” Julia said, “It will do. It’s not like anybody will be looking at you after they catch an eye full of us in our hot new outfits.” We sat around watching DVD’s until it was time to get ready for the evening.

I got dressed, and sat down in the living room to wait for the girls. It was a long wait, but well worth it. They did an impromptu runway show for me. Katie wore a deep green dress with a plunging neckline, and a tight, clingy skirt. The color of the dress emphasized her pale skin and red hair. The cut of the dress showed the ample amount of cleavage available to a girl with double D cup breasts. Julia’s dress was made of some sparkly gold fabric that was semi-transparent. It was very short, and easily displayed the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The fabric was so thin that it was almost possible to see the texture of the skin on her nipples. It exposed enough of her back that I could see the top of her ass crack. The girls finished modeling their outfits for me.

“So what do you think, cowboy?” Julia’s smirk was in full evidence as she said this.

“Just look at the way his mouth is hanging open,” my sister said. “That is exactly the look we were going for.” Both the girls giggled, and I forced my gaping mouth shut. I followed them out to the big white SUV and I drove into town. The girls sat in back, per usual. They have yet to give me a decent explanation as to why they both insist on riding in the back seat. My theory is that they just like having a chauffeur. At least I wasn’t driving around an old lady.

I parked in the lot behind Brentwood’s, and saw that the restaurant was far busier than I had expected. There were only two parking spots open in the entire lot. düzce seks hikayeleri I opened the Cadillac’s back door, and let the girls out; trying to be chivalrous. One put her arm through my right arm, and one put her arm through my left. It left no doubt that I was the one who was escorting the two most beautiful women in a hundred-mile-radius.

This place had a long history. It had started out as a simple restaurant that catered to the hordes of lumberjacks, and wood mill workers around the end of the 19th century. When the lumber harvesting operations moved on, it was converted into a family style restaurant that served the community that had grown up around the lumber industry; and still thrived after it left. In the 1950s, ski resorts, and golf courses began to emerge, making this a haven for wealthy tourists. The result was that Brentwood’s was re-christened as a fine dining establishment; the only one that was independent of the resorts themselves.

We walked inside, and was met by the maître’d. He was a short, thin fellow in a tuxedo. There was a huge group of people sitting in the waiting area. The girls got the reaction that they hoped for from their attire. The short guy’s eyes goggled at the two beauties on my arms. We all walked up to his station. Julia leaned in close, and put her hand on his arm.

“We have an eight o’clock reservation under the name of King.” I give the guy credit for trying really hard not to stare at Julia, but in the end his eyes moved from her face, and took in the rest of her breathtaking body.

“It will be but a moment, Miss. Your table is being made ready.” His eyes dropped again, again admiring Julia’s see through dress. “Let me check on it.” He hurried away, and seemed to be adjusting something in his pocket. I couldn’t blame the guy a bit. I looked around at the standing room only waiting area. I saw two kinds of people; the men who were trying to look at the girls inconspicuously, and the women who sneered openly at the girls, as if they were common street whores. I gave the crowd a big shit-eating grin, and turned back just in time to see the maître’d returning.

“Right this way,” he said; this time ogling my sister’s curvy figure. He led us to a dark corner of the restaurant where there was a corner booth that was only lit by candlelight. Katie slid in first, pulling me by the hand to urge me to get in after her. Julia discreetly pressed a bill into the departing man’s palm, and slid into the booth beside me. She did it with such grace. I’ve never met anyone as graceful as my cousin Julia. No matter what mundane movement she is doing, it always looks to me as if she were dancing. I reminded myself how lucky that I was for the millionth time this week. I was just thinking about how good that the girls’ perfume smelled when a pretty blonde waitress appeared at the table with menus, and a tray with ice water for us.

“Hi, my name is Kelly, and I will be your server tonight.” She was more than pretty. Even wearing her uniform of black slacks, and a white blouse; she looked fantastic. She smiled in a way where it seemed like you could see all of her perfect white teeth. I looked at the girls, seeing if I had been busted for looking; but they were more enamored by her than I was. “I’ll give you ladies and the gentlemen a few minutes to look over what we have to offer.” She smiled again, and walked away. Her ass was a pleasant middle ground between Julia’s tight, toned ass; and my sister’s big bubble butt. I again looked at the girls, and saw that they too were transfixed by the sway of the waitress’ ass.

“If she’s on the menu, I just might order seconds,” Julia said with a predatory grin.

“Definitely,” my sister added. She turned to me. “Order anything that you want, Jack, this dinner is on us. Please don’t embarrass us by ordering just an appetizer, because we have the cash to pay for the meal.” I had a hard time paying attention to what she was saying. Her eyes seemed huge in the dim candlelight. I must have stared into her eyes for an inordinate amount of time, because I heard Julia giggle. This broke the spell.

“Sorry,” I said apologetically. “You both look so beautiful tonight that it is hard to concentrate sometimes.” They both smiled beatifically, and I knew that I had been forgiven for my lack of attention. “I promise that I will order something appropriate for the occasion.” I opened up my menu, and I saw why they kept it so dim in here. Everything was ridiculously overpriced. They had a salad on the menu for thirty five dollars: a fucking salad! One of the things that this place was famous for was its fine dining take on locally caught fish. I planned to have the walleye, which is a very mild fish.

Kelly came back to the table carrying a bottle of wine, and three glasses. She sat a glass in front of each of us, even though we clearly didn’t order any wine. She made a little show of uncorking the wine. I think that this girl could have made a show out of sharpening a pencil. I looked over at my two companions, and they seemed to feel the same way. Julia still had that predatory gleam in her eye.

“Would someone like to taste this? It is compliments of the house.” She muttered off a French winery, and said that it was a 1982 vintage. Holy shit! This wine was older than me.

“We’ll let Jack taste it,” my sister said. “Today is his birthday.” Her coppery hair looked aflame in the wavering light of the single candle. Kelly smiled an even bigger smile at me; a feat that I didn’t think was even possible. She had such a captivating smile. She poured a little wine in my glass, and presented it to me. I sipped the tiny bit, and nodded my approval. I was not ordinarily a wine guy, but this wine was excellent.

“Happy birthday, Jack,” Kelly said. “It looks like you are going to have a very good birthday, indeed. Do you have anything special planned, other than dinner?”

“Nothing written in stone,” Julia said without missing a beat. “We are always looking for interesting things to do.” There was no doubt in my mind that Julia was blatantly flirting with our waitress. I know that none of us ordered any wine, and I doubted that this place gave thirty year old wine out on the house habitually. Shit, none of us were even over the legal drinking age.

“There’s really only one fun thing to do around here, unless you are a golfer; and it looks like you girls have that covered.” Kelly seemed to have a predatory gleam in her eye too, but she was a bit older, and came out a little smoother than it did with Julia. I couldn’t believe that I was actually sitting in a fancy restaurant watching women flirt with each other. The world seemed to have become stranger, and stranger to me as each day of this vacation passed. I wonder if Alice felt the same way when she went down the rabbit hole. I was drawn back to the present by my sister’s voice. I must have missed something.

“…With things like that, there is always room for one more.” The waitress looked my sister up and down, appraising her.

“You are a fiery little thing,” she paused and smiled. “I will consider it.” Then without missing a beat, she went back to being a professional. “Are you ready to order, birthday boy?”

“Yes, I’ll have the fresh walleye and wild mushrooms.” Kelly smiled at my choice. The girls ordered appetizers, and then Katie ordered chicken, and Julia ordered steak.

“Enjoy the wine,” Kelly said, “I will be back with your food in a bit.” She turned, and there was no doubt in my mind this time that both of the girls were undressing her with their eyes. I waited until she retreated before I turned to my two companions.

“Did what I think happened really just happen?” After I said it, I realized how stupid that I sounded. Julia looked at my sister, and they both smiled; I think at my expense.

“Jack,” Julia said, “You aren’t quite a genius, but you are no dummy, either. I think that you might actually be getting wise to the ways of women.”

“I seriously doubt it,” I said. My sister laughed, but not in an unkind way.

“If what you think is that Julia invited Kelly back to our house to have sex with us, then you have the right idea.” Katie said this is a matter-of-fact way, like it was an everyday occurrence. Maybe it was for some people.

“That is what I thought.” I said this in a confused kind of way, almost not believing it myself.

“I apologize, Jack,” Julia said with a smirk, “Maybe you are a fucking genius after all. I might have to re-think calling you a dumbass.”

“So you are going to give up on calling him a dumbass after all of these years?” Katie barely got it out before giggling.

“Nope,” Julia said coolly. “I reserve the right, even if he gets a doctorate in particle physics.” I even had to laugh at that. That is actually one of the things that I have thought about majoring in. Math has always made sense to me. There are no shades of grey; the answer is either right, or wrong. Physics is the same way, at least at the basic levels.

Kelly came back about ten minutes later with our food. She again made a show of placing our meals in front of us. She was a damn good waitress. I studied her in depth for the first time. She was fairly tall for a woman, and had a really nice body. She was maybe in the twenty two to twenty four year old range. The food’s presentation was amazing. Each plate looked like a work of art, and the food was delicious.

We talked, and joked, and had a genuinely good time. It was liberating to be out with these two incredible women. Each one was beautiful and perfect in her own way. Kelly came back to check on us a few times during the meal. We needed nothing extra. She came back when we were done, and took away our plates.

“So would you like to order dessert?” Kelly’s smile never lost its appeal, even after seeing it half a dozen times.

“I’m thinking that we would like an order of Kelly to go.” It surprised me to hear this come out of my sister’s mouth. I knew that she and Julia had been together like that for a while; but hearing her actually hit on a woman was still bizarre to me.

“Would this be a single order, or would you three be sharing it?” This was probably not the first time that Kelly had been to the rodeo.

“Oh,” Julia said smoothly, “We share everything.”

“That sounds delightful.” Her smiled turned into an impish grin. “My shift is over at ten-thirty. Would that fit into your plans?”

“Very nicely,” my sister interjected. “Maybe some rum would help soothe the birthday boy’s nerves.” Kelly’s impish grin turned predacious, and focused directly in on me.

“I can arrange that. Just leave me the address and a cell number with the tip. I will see you guys later.” With a final smile, she was back to work.

“Close your mouth Jack,” Julia said smugly, “somebody might mistake it for a wishing well and throw a quarter in it.”

Katie laid a hundred dollar bill on the table, and pulled a sticky note out of her purse. She wrote the address of the vacation house, and her cell number, and stuck it to the bill. Julia counted out a bunch of bills, and stuck them in the leather binder that held the check. We got up, and headed back to the big, white SUV. I doubted that my chinos did much to hide my erection; but considering how smoking hot the two girls were that accompanied me out of the restaurant, who could blame me for having a hard on?


“So what are we going to do until eleven o’clock?” I asked. Julia stretched languorously on the sofa, confirming my suspicion that she wore no panties.

“Why don’t we change into something more comfortable,” said Julia, “and we will watch a movie.”

“I need to get this makeup off too,” said my sister. They went into their room to do whatever it is they do behind closed doors. I grabbed a pair of shorts, a pair of boxer briefs, and a tank top, and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. I didn’t need anything long, but I wanted to freshen up the boys, and to brush my teeth. This done, I headed into the living room to find that I was still alone. I flicked the TV onto one of the three stations that we could pick up here.

Ten minutes later the girls came out of their room. When the girls said something more comfortable, they had something totally different in mind than what I had on. Katie had on a transparent green teddy, and a matching pair of see through panties. That outfit didn’t cover a goddamn thing, but it was sexy as hell. Julia wore the same outfit, but in a pale, shimmery blue color. They walked out, and stood in front of me.

“Yeah,” my sister said as she looked at my expression, “that was the look that I was hoping for.” Julia laughed, then pushed a button on the DVD player, and put in a disc. The TV went blank, and then the triple X rated warning popped up on the screen. This looked promising. The girls sat on either side of me. They looked gorgeous, smelled heavenly, and their semi-nude flesh pressing against me felt divine. The title of the movie was “Three is Never a Crowd.” From the very first scene I figured out that the movie was about female-female-male threesomes. The first scene had a brunette with enormous tits, a blonde with enormous tits, and a black guy with a huge schlong. They got very creative in their sex, and I even spotted a couple of the moves that I might be able to use later on. My soldier was standing at attention way before the scene was halfway through.

“One of us has on entirely too many clothes.” Julia looked pointedly at me when she said this. I stood up, and decided to try and make a sexy show of it for the girls’ enjoyment. I slid my shirt up slow, while moving my hips. I have a fairly good body. I don’t work out regularly, but I play a lot of basketball. I pulled the shirt over my head, and swung it around like a lasso, before throwing it across the room. The girls hooted their appreciation. I knew that I wasn’t a great dancer, but I think they appreciated my attempt. Next I turned my back to them, bent over, and slowly slid my shorts to my ankles. I kicked them across the room, and received applause for my efforts.

“C’mon!” my sister yelled. “We want to see some cock!” Julia took up the cry, and in seconds both girls were chanting.

“Cock, Cock, Cock, Cock!” Honestly I had run out of ideas, so I just stood in front of them, and pulled my boxers down. My dick was rock hard, and it sprang back mightily after my shorts were off.

“Holy shit, Jewels!” My sister seemed to have lost all modesty as soon as she put on that transparent outfit. “Jack’s cock is bigger than the guy on the porno.” Julia looked at my package, and then at the dude on the screen and nodded.

“If I had a brother with a cock like that, I’d never leave the house.” Julia smiled mischievously. “You are so lucky, Kay.” Katie nodded, and slid off the couch, and onto her knees in front of me. She grasped my dick with her tiny hand, and began to stroke it slowly. “Not too much, Katie-bear. We have to just keep him excited until Kelly gets here. It will be no fun if Jack is too worn out to play.” Julia smirked crookedly. “Of course that would leave more Kelly for us.” Katie stood up, and pulled me back to the couch by my throbbing member.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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