5hr Ago and Still Can’t Believe It

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My older sister just gave me a handjob 5 hours ago. I’ve wanted this since I knew what a handjob was. There was more, too. The joy and excitement were unrivaled, the most erotic moment of my whole life. It was amazing and I was welcome to do whatever I felt like, so I’m writing this fast because I have to tell someone, anyone, about this. But I know when I’m done with this story I can get back into that bed with her and suck those tits again while she holds my head.

I’m Roman. I’m 42, fit, good looking, charming as fuck, and have a dick almost 8 inches hard. Used to be closer to 9″ when i was like, 26. Still great though. My older sister Janie is 47, shorter, curvy, has huge tits, and a pretty face, because we look alike.

I used to jerk off to her tits every day as a teenager. When I found out that my dick was actually something special, like in 8th grade, I started dressing loose when she was around the house. She was in college by then, so when she was home my parents were away in summer.

I would change with the door open, or wear basketball shorts with no underwear so my dick would swing. A few years later I started jerking off with the door open. I know she saw it. I know she looked for years… But never said anything about it good or bad. Which was perfect. She kept not always looking away, but still nothing overt. She would stand outside my door and Ataköy Escort have a conversation with me while I was jerking off. But nothing ever happened. No way.

But now its early February and we are driving up I-95 Miami to Maine route. I was visiting my wife and 2 year old at the country club where they winter with my in-laws a few months. Janie was with her husband and 17 year old son in Florida visiting his family and she had to leave early and start a new job Tuesday rather than next Monday because pregnant lady vacating the position went in to labor early so that was that. Its Sunday morning now. I picked her up after 9 Saturday night and we hit the highway in my Mercedes.

Janie grabbed a few bottles of wine for the ride, and was drinking a $40 Cabernet from the bottle with a straw. We drove and drove, she drank and drank. A bottle and a half in 8 hours really isn’t that much, but it was steady. We listened to music and comedy and had fun, almost flirting.

We stopped at a Days Inn around 4am. The dude asked me 2 queens or 1 king? Easy. One king. I told her its all they had for this level and the next one was $100 more to start. She didn’t care, just wanted to pee. I gave her the key to go pee and carried all the shit up.

By the time I got there she was in the shower brushing her teeth. Ataşehir Escort I unpacked everything we needed. I told her to keep it running. She came out in a towel and I went in the bathroom, stripped naked with the door open and she could see me in the hall mirror. Quick shower… A quick aside, I can see her tits out 5 feet away and I am so hard again because I just want to cum on them so badly. I will. Anyway, we shower. I dress in the open, shes wearing a button up pajama shirt and like, hipster-shape boy shorts. We get in bed and its cold. I get out and turn up the heat.

Then I snuggle up to her and she rolled away from me to be spooned. So I spooned her on our left sides. As I pushed against her, she pushed back. She pushed back against my obviously very hard cock along her crack. My right hand rubbed up and down her leg, quickly to make friction and heat and a laugh. But I slowed it down and went up and down her bum and thigh and knee and shin and calf…deep, sensually massaging strokes. I rubbed up her sides and her arms. The light was off, we were committed to sleep time now. Nowhere to go.

I started to rub the side of her right tit. She didn’t stop me. She backed against me more. I rubbed it more. After maybe 2-3 minutes of that I used my whole hand and grabbed her whole tit and rubbed it, my Avcılar Escort fingertips touching her nipple. I slid my hand under her shirt to feel her bare tits and hard nipples. I stopped for a second to take her right hand and move it behind her to my super hard cock, and return to rubbing her huge tits.

She slid her hand under my waistband and grabbed my cock. She gasped a little bit, and squeezed.

I slid out from the spoon and threw her right leg across my body and knelt between her legs. I started to unbutton her shirt, which she finished and pulled open. I immediately started sucking them. It was loving and erotic and she held my head. As I continued to suck, she reached to my waist, tugged the knot loose, and dropped the basketball shorts I was wearing down to my knees, and she pulled me towards her with my cock, stroking it hard. I laid next to her and had the best handjob ever.

I was on her right, grabbing at her tits, all along in the dark, buck naked. She was stroking my cock expertly and knew when I squeezed her tit that I was cumming.

“Oh my God!” is all I could say.

“Yeah…Yeah…thats good…yeah…” is what I heard in the dark when she felt my cum start hitting her hand and arm. She jerked me all the way through my orgasm. I wanted to lay on top of her and kiss her passionately, but we hadn’t actually kissed at all, so i started sucking those tits again, kissing them gently, licking her nipples.

She got up to pee and wash her hands. Then I came in the bathroom to smoke juul and write this. Holy shit. Im so hard. I just want to get back in that bed and cum in her pussy more than anything. Shy of that I MUST cum on those tits. Ok, going to do that now. Thanks+

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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