90% True Ch. 03

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Chapter 03 — A Farewell Orgy

– – –

I was doing the dishes as my wife came in from her friend’s house. It was nice that we lived walking distance from her best friend, as it allowed my wife, Ann, to do some drinking and socializing without having to take her car. As she came in I recognized that gleam in her eye though. She was in the mood, she was going to want some sex.

I leaned over to kiss her as she pressed against me and asked if she had a good time at her friend’s house. She nodded that she did, and asked if I was going to be ready for bed soon. I knew that was coming, and just told her I wanted to finish the dishes first.

Much later, as we both lay in the bed, sweaty and very satisfied she rolled over on one side and asked me, “So you were telling me about the time you went to Nina’s house and filmed yourself having sex with her.”

“Really?” I said as I ran a hand across my face, “You want me to keep telling that old story? We just had sex and you know how you get all worked up whenever I go into my stories.”

She bit her lip and pouted, “But I want to know what happened. Is that when you hooked up with Katie? Did Rich and Jen ever make it over? What about Rich, did he ever get his video tape?”

I sighed, “Baby, I’m kind of tired. I’m not 18 anymore and we both have to get up in the morning.”

She made a puppy dog face and batted her eyes at me, poorly. “Come on,” she said, “A little more of the story then I’ll go right to sleep. We don’t have to have any more sex tonight.”

I knew that was a lie, but it was obvious I wasn’t going to hear the end of this. So I flipped an extra pillow under my head and made myself comfortable. Ann settled up into my chest and made herself comfortable as I started, “First off, that day only Nina and I had sex. The weather got a lot worse and Jen and Rich never made it to Nina’s. Also other than the one look at me while Nina was blowing me, I didn’t see her the rest of that day. I guess she did go to sleep, but I don’t know how she slept through the racket Nina made as we had sex. I spoke with my parents that afternoon and told them I went to a friend’s house. Ended up spending almost the whole weekend with Nina. We fucked like rabbits, and by Sunday around noon, the weather was finally nice enough that I had no excuse not to go home. It looked like the weather was under control and I thought I’d have school again on Monday. So I went home that …”

Ann interrupted me, “What about Rich and your girlfriend? Didn’t he stay with her? Did they end up fucking each other?”

I looked down at my wife and raised an eyebrow, “What’s the rule about interrupting my story?”

She apologized and I continued, “Well, when I spoke with Jen later, she told me that she blew rich a few times, but he ended up leaving Saturday despite the driving ban that was in place. Apparently his car wasn’t in too bad shape, and he had to get home to take care of his dog. Jen’s parents were home that weekend too, so with her small house, it wasn’t like they really had a chance to get any privacy like Nina and I had.”

“So,” I said, starting to settle into my story, “It’s Sunday just after noon and I ski home. First thing I do is call Jen. I want to talk to my girlfriend about the fact that I just spent two and a half days fucking a friend of ours. I felt guilty like I’d gone beyond what I probably should have.”

– – –

“Well,” Jen said quietly over the phone, “I can’t talk about this really loud, my parents are in the living room and I don’t want them to hear.”

I looked at the closed door to the TV room that I was standing in on the second floor of my parents house. “Yeah, no problem, My dad’s out shoveling again and my mom ran to the store to get more groceries. The roads here are finally in decent shape.” The blizzard had shut buffalo down for most of Friday and Saturday, but the road crews had been working tirelessly and by Sunday morning, the driving ban had been lifted and things were clearing up. “So,” I finished, “I’ll have to go when I hear one of them come back in from outside.”

My siblings were outside also, playing in the massive mountains of snow in our front yard. I could see through the windows that my baby brother, only seven, was jumping up and down on a massive hill of snow. The mountain was part from the snow plows and part from our shoveling, and easily six feet high.

Jen spoke up as I watched out the window, “So, I guess I can’t be mad. I mean, if anything I started this going, right? I helped Nina trick you into a threesome.”

“Yeah, gee,” I interrupted with a heavy dose of sarcasm, “God I’m so mad at you about that… ooooh how dare you make me have sex with you and another hottie.”

Jen chuckled but continued, “And I did fuck Nina at school without telling you.” I could not have cared less about that. Well, I kind of wish I had been there to see it or participate, but I really wasn’t upset about it. “Plus, I did give you permission xhamster porno to fuck her on Thursday. I just guess I didn’t think it was going to go all weekend. But it’s ok.”

I felt a sense of weight lift off my shoulders as my girlfriend absolved me of my guilt, and then she added, “I did blow Rich a few times just so you know.” I didn’t really care. If I was going to skate for fucking Rich’s fiancee for two days straight, I could let go him getting head from my girlfriend. I let Jen know about that.

But then I got a little serious, “Jen, listen, Nina was talking to me. We need to discuss something. You know that Rich leaves this Thursday. Well the night before, Wednesday he has to check into a hotel or something. It’s something that the Marines make you do before shipping you out. Spend a night alone, where they know you’ll be, that way they can come get you first thing in the morning I guess?” My sentence went up at the end as I turned it into a question. The fact of the matter is I wasn’t really clear on the whole thing. I just knew that on Wednesday afternoon he had to check into a hotel and that’d be the last we would see of him for months.

“Now, Nina confided in me that there’s no way she can go without sex for that long. There’s no way she can go celibate for six months.” I took a deep breath before plunging into my next statement, unable to believe I was about to say what I was about to say, “And she asked me if you and I would be willing to serve as her ‘pressure release’ from time to time till Rich gets back.”

There was silence on the other end and I quickly added, “Actually she said both of us. She said she really liked having sex with you too… but I got the impression that she really feels the need to get some dick in her from time to time. I told here there was no way that I woul….”

Jen cut me off, “I told Rich that you would do it.”

My jaw dropped open. “What?” I asked Jen over the phone, “I’d do what?”

The line was quiet for a few moments and I got the feeling that Jen was listening to something outside of her bedroom because she whispered very quietly when she answered. “Rich asked me if I would be ok with you and I fucking Nina while he was gone. He said that if she cheats on him with anyone else, he’s afraid she will just leave him for the new guy. But that if the three of us just have fun together while he’s gone, then she’ll stay loyal otherwise.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, “So you’re ok with uh… with…”

Jen answered, “I told Rich already that we would.” I was stunned. My girlfriend had just turned our relationship into a three way for the next few months. The thing was that I had imagined that this phone call might end with us breaking up. I was afraid Jen would be mad at me for fucking Nina, that she’d think it was cheating since she wasn’t there. I never would have expected this. I don’t know how long I stood there holding the phone but Jen finally spoke again, “is… um… is it ok that I said that?”

“Yes,” I announced, far too loudly and far too quickly into the phone. My response illiceted a girlish giggle from Jen and I added quickly, “But what’s the rules here? I mean, I don’t mind if you and she have fun, but what about me, do you want me to only be with her when you’re around or what?”

Jen was quiet for a moment and then finally said, “As long as we still see each other on the weekends, as long as I still get my sex when I want it, and as long as you still love me, then I don’t care. You and she can get together alone.” She paused and then added, “but you know it’s more fun when it’s the three of us.”

I laughed and admitted she was right and then she dropped another bomb on me. “But we’re going to try to get Rich his girl girl threesome before he leaves. I assume you’re ok with that?” I really had no room to argue, but didn’t really mind anyways. I had offered to hold the camera after all.

“But if he’s going away Wednesday afternoon,” I said before Jen cut me off.

“He and I talked about it. He’s going to get a room at the hotel the night before. He’s going to tell his family that he has to go in a day earlier than expected. Then Tuesday afternoon, you pick Nina and I up at school.” It was trying sometimes being one of the group with a car. Neither Jen nor Nina had a car. “From school, we’re going to meet him at the hotel, then we spend the next few hours fucking his brains out. I already told my parents that I’m going to a going away party for Rich that afternoon and they agreed to let me stay out till midnight. I tried to get longer, but it is a school night, and you know my dad.”

She and I both mimicked her father and said at the same time one of his favorite sayings, “My house, my rules young lady.”

She laughed and then continued, “So I figure if you don’t mind, we get to hang out as late as like… 11:30 and then you take me home, then Nina, since she lives right by you anyways.”

I yaşlı porno was quiet for a few minutes as I thought I heard someone downstairs, but I hadn’t heard the front door. Then again I don’t know if I would have heard a bomb going off outside at this point I was so keyed up. Finally I asked her, “Jen, what does this mean for our relationship? Are we in an open relationship now that we’re fucking other people? I mean, a month ago I would have never thought you would have been bisexual.”

She laughed, “Neither would I!” We were quiet again for a little bit and she said something that both excited and scared me. “I guess we’re both going to college in a few months, and you’ve been accepted to local schools as well as ones that are out of state, I wanted to see if we could survive having a strain on our relationship.”

I read between the lines… she was already thinking about breaking up with me. Or at least she was thinking that if I went out of town for college, we’d be fucking other people. I was trying to think of something to say when I heard the front door slam downstairs and I said, “Ok baby, I gotta go, we will talk more later ok?”

She said, “I love you too, and don’t worry about it so much Pete, we’re just teenagers having fun. Don’t over think things.”

We said a few more things and then said goodbye and hung up the phone. My mind wandered to all of the girls at school that flirted with me. I wondered if Jen’s taste in women would allow…. I shook my head dismissing the thought before it would even start. I decided that I should probably go up to my two room apartment in the attic of my parents house and get some school work done. Having that previous Friday off meant that the teachers were going to be expecting extra work to be done. I could promise that my history teacher was going to give a pop quiz on reading that we would have had to do for Friday as well as over the weekend.

I sighed and tromped up to my apartment, trying to shake the idea of an orgy, threesomes, and sex with new women out of my head. I was very unsuccessful.

The next day I could barely keep my eyes open. Go figure I’d spent most of the three day weekend having sex with a pretty blonde who I was beginning to suspect suffered from a mild case of nymphomania.

A friend leaned over and elbowed me as I started to get the head nods in my typing class. The typing class was a total joke and a complete blow off. As a senior in high school, my year was full of only a few important classes. I had taken summer classes to get ahead all three years of high school so far. That left me, in my senior year, able to take four different advanced placement level courses offered at my high school, which counted for college credit. But I had to ‘fill the time’ of the rest of my day with other classes. So I had two study hall periods, an art classes, and a keyboarding class in addition to my four ‘real’ classes. Since I’d spent hours playing touch typing games on my parents computer over the last few years, I was already a touch typist. The keyboarding class was a total joke for me. With permission from the instructor, I usually spent it listening to my discman, typing out the lyrics to my favorite songs. I think he knew that I was taking the class as a blow off course, but I think it also helped the other students to hear me banging out 50-60 words per minute.

Regardless, I had been half falling asleep while listening to my music, and apparently I had stopped typing. My friend, Keri, leaned over and elbowed me awake and I looked over at her. The only other senior in the class, she and I sat in the back and mostly kept to ourselves. Her last name was very similar to the word ‘lion’, so I always called her Lioness, Lions, or sometimes just ‘rawwr.’ That last nickname fit her especially well as she was a real animal. She had shoulder length dirty blonde hair that somehow always seemed like she always just came inside from a windy day no matter when you saw her. If she was five feet tall, she was probably wearing thick soled sneakers, but despite her short frame, it was packed and stacked in all the right places. She was skinny, but in a lean sort of energetic way. She had small B cup breasts, but she always wore a push up bra and shirts that accentuated what she had. Her legs were out of sight too, she had great legs, which was a shame that you only saw them when the weather was nice enough to wear shorts. A cute pug nose and devilish grey blue eyes, and her smile, well, her smile looked like she always knew something that she wasn’t telling you.

I drew in a breath and looked at her. She nodded her head at her computer screen.

‘WHATS THE MATTER PUMKIN? NOT ENOUGH SLEEP LAST NIGHT?’ Was displayed on her screen right below the typing assignment she should have been working on. I was mildly annoyed with the fact that it was all in caps.

I turned to my screen and typed out to her, ‘Not last night, not enough sleep all weekend long. aldatma porno Also, turn off caps loc, you know I hate that.’

She giggled quietly and typed out on her screen, ‘Awwww poor baby, did you have to have sex with your girlfriend again all weekend long?’ See, I had the strangest feeling that Lions was totally into me. She flirted with me constantly and always talked about what she would do to me if I ever broke up with Jen. But I always took it as harmless flirting. Anyways, Lions was one of the few people I talked too about my sex life. Lions was a bit loose according to most of the kids in our school. That was because she’d already had sex with a whopping three different guys. In a predominantly white, suburban high school, this was a lot for an eighteen year old girl apparently. It never bothered me personally and she liked hanging out with me because I didn’t judge her on it. In fact we often swapped stories. I knew for example that guy number three went to a different high school and was a bit of a stoner, though apparently he had a big dick, and Lions was really into the way he fucked her.

Now, I hadn’t told Lions about Jen and my threesome from the previous weekend on new years day. I’d seen her the previous Wednesday and Thursday, but I wasn’t sure what was going on with Jen and I yet, and didn’t really want to tell Lions about it. I had of course forgotten this point as I just woke up and typed out a response to her, “No, not Jen, Nina. That girl is a freak, she used me from Friday till I left her house on Sunday morning.”

Lion’s eyes gaped open wide and she blurted out loud, “You and Jen broke up!?” The entire room full of quiet typing suddenly got instantly silent as thirty teenagers stopped pecking away at their keys and turned to the back of the room to look at Lions and I. The teacher, who was sitting at his desk reading a magazine, looked at us annoyed.

I made the shushing noise at her and then uttered a weak apology to the class who slowly turned back forwards and began banging away on their computers. With a glare at Lions, whose mouth was still open I typed, “No, long story. Nina is” I paused there, not exactly sure what to say. What was Nina to me now? I shrugged and typed the only thing I could think of. Picking back up where I left off, I finished my thought. The green and black monitor read, “No, long story. Nina is Jen and my new girlfriend.”

Lion’s eyes looked like they were going to burst out of her pretty little face. Finally she started typing again, “Wait a second, are you telling me that you and Jen are still together?”

I nodded and she kept typing, “and that you’re both fucking some other girl?”

I nodded and she typed, “So Jen’s gay?”

I paused and shook my head, but then typed out a response, “I guess you could say she’s half and half?”

Lion’s made a fake ‘fanning’ motion in front of her face, as if to say she was hot. But then she typed out, “Like, how far did Jen and this other girl go?”

“As far as you can imagine two women going I guess.” I responded with my apple II e.

“Fuck,” she typed out, then after a moment licked her lips and typed, “Room for a fourth?”

Now it was my turn to draw the classes attention as I laughed out loud. The teacher gave me a stern glare and said, “Peter, I can give you another assignment if you need one.” A subtle reminder that he was basically letting me do nothing in his class other then take the tests. But if I couldn’t’ control myself, he could always make me do the dumbed down routine assignments that the other students were working at. I apologized and looked back at Lion’s screen, but she had deleted all of her comments to me and was going back to work on her assignment. Still I couldn’t help but glance down the green polo shirt she was wearing, all of the buttons unbuttoned, exposing her slight cleavage. I wonder what Lions would have been like in bed. I wondered how serious she was about her comment. I wondered what Jen would do if I suggested we bring another woman into bed with us. That thought sobered me up and I turned my headphones on and started typing to try to distract myself until the class ended.

The next two days seemed to absolutely crawl by. Monday night Nina called and asked me to please not masturbate for a few days. She wanted me fully ready when Tuesday hit. She needn’t have worried about that, I was still sore from our weekend even as tuesday rolled around. I had told my parents I was going straight from school to a goodbye bash for Rich, but they seemed unconcerned. Apparently they figured that now that I was eighteen, I could make my own decisions. I tried to make sure they were good ones, and as I was packing for school that morning, I went into my sex drawer.

It was empty. Oh right, I took the few toys I had along with all my condoms and lube over to Nina’s house. When I had left Sunday morning, I was so exhausted I had completely forgotten to take that bag with me. Well, I wasn’t going to call her house at 7am on a Tuesday morning and run the risk of her mother or siblings answering. I could only imagine how that conversation would go, “Hi Mrs. Nina’s mom, could you please remind Nona to bring my sex toys to the orgy tonight? Thanks, bye!” I’d just have to hope she thought of it herself.

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