A Babe or Two

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“But you can’t do that,” I explained, “This isn’t our holiday place. You can’t just throw a party – you know how your uncle is. You’re being terribly selfish.”

When you’re not expecting it, a slap in the face comes as quite a shock. I was speechless as I watched my step daughter storm out of the door, get into the car and drive off, the screech of the tires fighting with the sound of the revving engine.

The funny thing was that I was probably less surprised than her two friends who were standing at the kitchen counter unpacking the drinks and food into the fridge.

Mona, who has always shown a dry sense of humour muttered, “Well that was unexpected.” After a moment she added, “Are you okay Mr K?”

I nodded, still unable to mouth any response and then went outside to try to gather my thoughts. The two girls followed me both still trying to consol me, both well aware how embarrassed I might be. Their words were diplomatic and both assured me that I had been reasonable. I thanked them and then went for a walk around the small resort trying to clear my mind.

Kirsty indicated to my mobile phone when I got back. “You’ve missed two calls Mr K.”

My wife was a dangerous calm on the other end of the phone and I was extremely gladdened that she wasn’t angry with me. It seemed that one of the girls had phoned her and explained the situation and she was ready to spit fire. Her daughter had apparently whimsically decided to drive all the way back home and despite the 90 minute drive could not be persuaded to turn around – the two girls and I were stranded. Would I mind, she asked, if we could stay the night and she would come pick us up the following day?

“No problem, darling. I’ll speak to you tomorrow then. Love you.”

I went back into the house to explain the situation and it was then that night to come began to come into existence.

“Uh, girls – Brenda has decided to go straight home by the looks of things. We’ll be staying the night and then going home in the morning.”

“But we hadn’t taken our clothes out the car yet.” moaned Kirsty. She gestured at herself, “This is all I have.”

The small orange shirt covered a bright yellow bikini top that left a bare midriff that was being caressed by a very short skirt. She had come to catch some sun with as much of her skin as was decently possible. Her standards of decency fortunately were pretty loose.

The clothing problem was one that I had not thought of – I was suddenly aware that I was grimy from the drive down to the resort and if I decided to shower, I too would have nothing to put on. Mona and her beautiful body would also have to come up with a plan B. Her light brown shorts were complimented by a large buckled belt and a relatively tight tank top that left much of her shoulders naked. She had her long blond hair tied in a neat ponytail. It occurred to me that there were many worse things to have to do than spend time with two delightfully gorgeous eighteen year old girls.

“We’ll have to make a plan,” I said, ‘but we have food, something to drink and an evening to kill. – I am going to go put on the Jacuzzi and relax”

I had just settled into the warmth of the water and the soothing pummel of the bubbles when Mona came into the Jacuzzi area and asked if I minded if the two of them joined me. The tub was relatively large and there was enough space so I agreed happily, not having expected to see them till much later.

The two girls weren’t particularly conscious of how pretty they were. Mona had a strong muscled dancer’s body with lovely definition. The bikini bottom she had worn under her shorts was a deep red and covered her tight ass very closely. She laughed apologetically at the strapless bra that she was wearing though I had to keep my reaction to the large expanse of flesh to myself. She was beautiful and had a way of crinkling her nose when she laughed that I thought was terribly attractive. I’d always thought that she was the sexiest of the friends that Brenda brought home. She had a tendency to wear long flowing feminine dresses and on her body they were delightfully arousing…

Kirsty was, in a sense, prettier with a model’s physique so she was not quite as athletic as Mona though she was in extremely good shape. The bright bikini top was very small and her larger breasts were enticingly on show. It matched the bikini brief she was wearing and I was taken by the size of it – two palm sized triangles of cloth kept together by pieces of string. I was beginning to think some very wrong thoughts.

We spoke about inconsequentials and I settled into the water telling them some stories of my varsity days and some of the things that I had gotten izmit escort up to as a younger man. I was able to put their sexiness on the periphery of my conscious mind and was able not to ogle them too obviously though Mona’s bra had immediately soaked as she sat in the tub leaving a distinct though vague darker patch of nipple to glimpse before she slid under the water further. I was conscious that our legs were constantly touching – a pleasant inevitability of three people and the size of the tub.

It was Mona who moved the conversation around to sex when she asked me about my girlfriends when I was younger. We discussed some of my dating history but stopped when she put her hand on my arm and looked at me earnestly.

“Mr K,” she said, “Kirsty and I have a question that we want to ask you – but it’s very personal and we don’t want to offend you. With Brenda gone, I don’t think we would get a better chance but …” she trailed off.

I was suddenly more alert – there was some tension in the air and I couldn’t place it. “Go ahead Mona – I promise I won’t be silly.”

This was a very naïve promise given some of the things I did later but at the time it made sense.

“We want to ask you about your sex life with Mrs K. Uhm…” Her nose crinkled beautifully. “Do you ever, uhm, go down on Mrs K?”

I went with the flow, too aroused to be shocked. “Yes, it’s something I particularly like doing actually.”

“And does she ever come when you are licking her?” This was from Kirsty who was looking at me very directly.

“Sometimes, but not always. I like to get her very excited before I …” I wasn’t sure how to finish the sentence and I had noticed that Kirsty’s nipples were stretching at fabric of her bikini top. There was a short silence which I salvaged by asking “Why do you want to know?”

“It’s our boyfriends,” said Mona, “They don’t really want to do that with us and we want to know how to get them to make us cum. You’re the only older man we can ask about it.”

“Have you done it often?” I asked her, my mind imagining the beautiful pussy behind the black fabric below the water.

“No, only twice, but I really liked it – it made me feels special, like really sexy”

Kirsty nodded, “If you could tell us how we could persuade them to suck our…” she rushed on bravely, “clits, then we would be very happy. What do you do to Mrs K?”

“Well, I like her to be comfortable and to lie on her back naked, with her legs spread apart. I like to kiss around her lips before I lick her. She likes me to start slowly with long slow licks that stop on her clit. Then I push with my tongue gently until she lifts her hips inviting me to do more. The thing is that is something we’ve worked out together though – you may be different.”

Mona bit her lip and nodded, slightly pensive.

I was now very aware of the way our lower legs were touching and wasn’t sure where to go with the conversation but I couldn’t help but keep it on the sexual track it was on. “I like to lick her pussy in little bursts – I lick with long strokes and then stick my tongue into her. When she is hot, she really likes that.” Of course, I wasn’t thinking of being between my wife’s thighs as I said this. It was Mona’s cunt that was taunting me. The water was strangely hot and uncomfortable and part of me was relieved when Kirsty stood up and climbed out the tub. I had to admire her arse as she walked away from us but I admit to being a little disappointed when she called over her shoulder to Mona who obligingly also left. I caught a small glimpse of her shapely breasts through the fabric of her bra but was suddenly alone thinking I had probably overplayed my hand and possibly offended them.

All in all I was somewhat relieved that the sexual tension had reduced somewhat – all I needed was the girls telling anyone how much of a pervert I was. I relaxed back into the now soothing water and had delicious day dreams for 10 minutes until I decided to get up and out of the tub. I dropped my now wet jocks and pulled on the pair of shorts from the day and headed into the house. The girls were in the kitchen wrapped in white towels preparing some food.

I got myself a drink and went through to the open plan sitting room and sat on the sofa. I grabbed the TV remote and flicked my way through the channels in a reasonably comfortable silence. I was stalling though – I wanted to apologise before I got myself into trouble – I could pass it off as having been an innocent answer since they had brought up the subject. I was about to speak when Mona came into that part of the room and started to apologise herself.

“I’m so sorry I put you on the spot like that, Mr K, please don’t yahya kaptan escort think less of me, of us.” She gestured vaguely behind her where Kirsty was fastidiously chopping carrots.

“Of course, not – don’t think about it.”

“Can we make it up to you?” she asked. “We have a salad ready and the food has been heated. Please come join us in the kitchen.

I was pleasantly impressed – Kirsty had laid a lovely table and we sat down at the little four seater table quite comfortably to enjoy a lovely little meal. We washed the dishes and returned to the sofa to relax.

Mona sat across the small coffee table and folded her legs underneath her quite unselfconsciously. Kirsty settled herself on the other side of the two seater while I found some bland romantic comedy on the TV which we watched in companionable silence. The girls seemed to enjoy the film but I found myself looking at their bodies hoping that the tightly wrapped towels would slip.

After some time Kirsty tapped my knee and said demurely, “Mr K, if you weren’t offended earlier can we ask you a question again?’ Her request was polite and ignored the stifled gasp from Mona across the room.

“Do you think we’re attractive? Seriously?”

I assured them that I thought they were both very pretty and that any guy would be lucky to have them. Then, why, interrupted Mona, did they have such trouble getting guys to look after their needs?

I was at a loss – I couldn’t imagine being so self-centered that I wouldn’t want to look after the sexual needs of either of these gorgeous creatures. I didn’t know what to say so I kept my answer vague. “Maybe you need to communicate what you want more effectively?”

“I don’t understand.” Mona’s eyes crinkled in confusion.

“Let’s say Kirsty was your boyfriend. How would she know what you like? How would it feel if you were in her shoes? Okay stand up, both of you. Let’s say your boyfriend comes up to hug you – what do you say?”

Surprisingly the two girls hugged.

“Where do you like to be kissed Mona?”

“Just below my ear to the base of my throat.”

Kirsty was doing an excellent imitation of Mona’s boyfriend – she tilted her head slightly and kissed Mona’s earlobe and then nuzzled her neck. I’m not sure why but Mona didn’t seem to be disturbed. She lifted her face to allow Kirsty better access.

“Tell your boyfriend what you want, Mona.” I planned to ride this pony until it dropped under me.

“Lower,” whispered Mona, “Put your arms around me.”

KIisty sat down slowly pulling an unresisting Mona with her. As Mona settled, Kirsty continued to kiss her neck and I had been forgotten. Another whispered “Lower” had Kirsty kissing Mona’s breastbone. Eventually Kirsty was on the edge of the tightly tucked towel. Mona lifted her hand to Kirsty’s shoulder and pushed gently downward and I watched entranced as Mona’s towel was loosened from her body. Her breasts were small but pert with small nipples. I heard her whisper “Nipples” and Kirsty moved obligingly downwards taking one into her mouth. She was gentle – tugging at it with her lips and then licking it and then transferring her attention to the other breast.

Mona looked at me and smiled. Her eyes were dark and her nose crinkled in that lovely way of hers. Kirsty had slid sideways to Mona was on the sofa next to her still ardently sucking on her breast her other hand lightly tracing circles around the nipple. Again Mona smiled at me in a way that my cock could never ignore. By now she had slipped down on the sofa and Kirsty had fallen to her knees. Mona caught my eye a third time and then she deliberately reached down and loosened Kirsty’s towel which fell to the floor.

I barely breathed my next words, “Tell her what you want, Mona”

Mona’s hands went to Kirsty’s shoulders pushing her downwards. “Lick my cunt, please just lick my cunt.”

Kirsty moved her head lower and her body backwards revealing her beautiful lips to my starving gaze. Mona had trimmed her blond hair short and created just a small patch above her slit. Her pussy lips were already quite open. Kirsty pushed her backwards and then moved between her legs. She kissed Mona’s left knee and then left a trail of soft pecks towards Mona’s pussy. Just before reaching the entrance to her cunt she moved to the other knee and licked and kissed her way back to Mona’s core. Mona settled back in the couch and draped her legs over the sides spreading herself wider. Her voice was full of earthy desire as she looked at me.

“Can you show her how, Mr K? My pussy is waiting just for you.”

I couldn’t stop myself from moving forward. Her leg muscles flexed as gebze escort she lifted her hips towards me. I plunged at her – sticking my tongue as far as I could into her gaping cunt. I lapped at it like a water starved man at an ice-cream before I could regain some composure. Kirsty had her hands next to mine on Mona’s thighs and she whispered into my ear as I licked, “When is it my turn Mr K?”

I generously moved back a little and watched Kirsty’s tongue descend on the open cunt. Kirsty was more delicate than I had been – her tongue lightly touched the folds. Her licks were delicate and teasing and Mona lifted her hips inviting further touch. Kirsty lifted her hand and slowly pushed her index finger into her friend’s pussy. It was almost poetic, done neatly like a spoon into honey. Then she withdrew slightly before sliding it in again. I looked beyond this heavenly massage and watched Mona whose eyes were closed. She opened them and smiled that smile again that invited me forward this time. I pulled my shorts down and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She winked at me and I pushed myself into her.

I felt Kirsty’s hand touching my shaft as I moved and broke eye contact with Mona to look at her. Kirsty leaned forward and kissed me, lightly. My mouth opened but her tongue was feathery – touching my lips and tongue briefly. Then she leaned over and kissed Mona more fully – mouth wide open and tongue lavishly generous. Her hand reached down between Mona and I and I felt her fingers encircle me as I thrust slowly into Mona. The silence was pregnant with our intensity. I leaned slightly forward and Kirsty came to my mouth more aggressively, pushing her tongue between my lips seemingly hungry for me. She pulled back slowly leaving light kisses on my chin.

Mona pulled herself up and kissed me. It was hard and demanding but brief. Then her lips followed the line of my jaw and her tongue traced a lazy circle round my ear. The words she whispered were faint and she translated them more clearly by pulling me into her and wrapping her legs around my back. By this time she was almost completely horizontal and this was an angle that presented a lovely challenge to Kirsty who now positioned her pussy above Mona’s face and slowly lowered herself downward. I saw Mona’s tongue dart out and lick at Kirsty’s cunt and then last sight of it as the angle became impossible. Her effect on Kirsty was electric –Kirsty started a tiny little screeching sound that rose in temp o every so often. Her pussy rode forward and backward on Mona’s face relentlessly. With a shriek she came, stiffening and then collapsing forward into me. I kissed her again and this time she was more generous accepting my tongue with vigour.

The angle must have been too much for her because she pushed herself up and stepped around to kneel behind me. Mona loosened her grip on my body as I felt Kirsty’s compliant form hug me from behind, the tactile reality of her hardened nipples against my back. I resumed my gentle thrusting and was rewarded by a shuddering moan from Mona and a line of kisses along my shoulder from Kirsty who whispered a hazardous “My turn” into my ear.

Mona wasn’t quite as keen to let me go though – she slid off the sofa onto her knees and encouraged me to sit on the sofa. I loved watching her small mouth open and accept the top of my cock. Her kisses were soft and moist and I felt her tongue caress the underside. She teased me – moving away until it was just her lower lip that was lightly touching me. Then she took more of me into her mouth while jerking me off with her hand. Kirsty pouted for a moment and then too kneeled before my hardon. Her mouth was able take more of me. My cock was passed between them until Kirsty said forcefully to me, “I want you now.”

Mona nodded languorously and swapped places with me and then started sliding her fingers up and down her slit occasionally sliding her finger into her pussy. Kirsty placed herself between Mona and me. She faced Mona and then leant down on all fours, presenting her gaping pussy to my eager cock. She looked back at me her face framed by Mona’s inner thighs and pussy. With one finger she slowly slid into Mona while I entered her from behind. I pushed hard only encouraged by her “Harder Mr K, push that cock in harder” Then she was silent as she descended on Mona’s cunt again. This time she was vigorous and desperate with my motions thrusting her face into her friend who had slid her hands between her legs and had spread her pussy for Kirsty to have better access.

I pushed hard into her and developed a steady rhythm pounding into her and pushing her face into her friend’s cunt. I could feel myself getting ready to burst and she must have senses something because as I was about to explode she turned to look at me. I came loudly – beyond anything I had done for some years and collapsed forward pulling them into a tangle of legs and pussy.

End of Part One

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