A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 06

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Note: This story contains scenes of role-play incest or incest content.

The A Baby Girl Is Born series is dedicated to my daddy…the man who knows me best, whose words make my hips wiggle, and who this baby girl was created for. For him I think and plan.

A Baby Girl Is Born: Lunch With Daddy

He was a local author and business owner, powerful, intelligent, and looking for a young woman to share his life and his bed. He had met hundreds of women and none of them were the right fit. He had a taste for the taboo daddy/daughter type relationship, but the modern emancipated women he’d met were not willing to play that role. They didn’t want to give over any power in a relationship. Until one day…

Previously at daddy’s office…

He grinned and had her lay back with her legs wide open so he could gently wipe away the evidence of his feeding, and once he was done she cleaned her juices from his face, ending with a soft kiss that warmed them both. It was her turn to taste herself on his tongue and the erotic thought made her deepen the kiss. He was fast becoming hard and hungry again and decided to stop the kiss before he was incapable of stopping. “Mmmmm…you keep that up and we’ll never get out of here for lunch. Who knew I had a minx for a daughter. I might just have to take you over my lap for another good old fashioned spanking for teasing your daddy like that. And just remember that your daddy doesn’t care who can see me bare your chubby little bottom and spank you till you’re rosy red and dripping wet!” the lust and hunger in his eyes never faltered.

Her mind absorbed that erotic threat imagining him taking her over his lap in a public café where anyone could see…anyone could see my naked bottom and him spanking me till I’m dripping wet! The feel of his strong hands helping adjust her clothing brought her out of that delicious daydream and prompted her to do the same for him. She loved how they helped each other dress and bathe…just the intimate contact, the act of a loving daddy and daughter made her heart melt. “I love you daddy” she mewed as he pulled her against his hard chest.

“Mmmm…I love you too munchkin.” His heart swelled with love and pride as he kissed the tip of her nose and then her lips gently. “Now let’s go grab some lunch…I know a private little café just down the road that has great food.”

They arrived at the café and were seated in a semi-private table on an outside patio surrounded by a quaint woodsy area. The waiter brought them water and menus. The table was small and covered with a crisp linen tablecloth that reached far enough to cover just below their knees and he was going to take full advantage of that fact. First he requested two mimosas then made sure she was sitting next to him so he could sit with his arm around her. He had quickly become addicted to touching his baby girl whenever and wherever he could. She grabbed up a menu, holding it up so they could looked it over together when she felt his large strong hand slip under her arm as he began to fondle her breast. He pulled the dress aside exposing her plump breast so he could tug and pull on her sensitive nipple.

The waiter approached with the drinks in hand and asked if they were ready to order. The menu was the only shield that covered his large hand tugging and pulling on her bare nipple and she blushed wildly as the waiter stared at her. “We’re not quite ready yet. Could you please give us a few more minutes to explore all the delicacies offered?” he dismissed the waiter as he continued to tease her nipple, enjoying the sight of her flushed face.

“Daddy!” she quietly gasped as she watched the waiter leave while the menu was removed and replaced with her daddy’s face as he tasted her sweet erect nipple. He sucked and nipped for what seemed like an eternity until he felt edirne seks hikayeleri her fingers in his hair then he released the swollen nub and pulled her dress back into place.

As he lifted his head up she saw the waiter with a smirk on his face approach their table and ask if they found anything to their liking. “Yes, we’ll both have the shrimp with the tropical fruit salad on the side. Baby girl do want anything else?”

“Well I really do have a craving right now for something but it’s not on the menu so the shrimp sounds fine daddy.” she playfully offered. Her daddy gave her a hungry look as the waiter left with the order.

“I would give anything to plow into you right now and make your little pussy pay for such talk young lady.” he growled into her ear. The words in his deep sexy voice made her melt, making not only her cheeks blush but her kitty purr. “But this will have to do for now,” he pulled her leg over his under the table cloth and slid his hand between her thighs.

“Daddy!” she let out a little gasp and she felt his thick fingers squeeze inside her wet little pussy and begin assaulting her sweet spot as his thumb circled her clit. His eyes were fixed on her pink pouted lips as she held them open gasping and mewing. Just as she came on his fingers he covered her mouth with his, devouring her orgasmic cry. She had squirted a little so he pulled his fingers from her quivering pussy and brought them up between their mouths.

He placed his creamy wet fingers between her lips and joined her suckling the sweet honey cream from them only to finish by pulling his fingers from her mouth and gently suckling her tongue into his own hungry mouth. “Good girl. You’re such a good girl to cum for daddy in public. Daddy loves it when my baby girl’s pussy squirts on his fingers (even when it’s baby-sized squirts)…it makes daddy very happy and I know you want daddy to be happy.”

Just then the waiter cleared his throat as the food was brought before them. She was beautifully flushed as she wiped her mouth with the napkin from the table. Her daddy winked at her saying to the waiter, “You’ll have to excuse us. We’re having a special daddy daughter date today.” The shocked look on the waiters face made her blush all the more.

“Daddy!” she giggled. “Did you see the look on his face?”

He grinned at his blushing baby girl, “Yes and I’ll bet he’ll be thinking about his own daughter later wondering how sweet her little girl juices taste. All daddies want to be the first to taste their baby girl’s sweet honey cream and later mark them as their own. Even old daddies and some grandpas lust after their sweet young daughters and granddaughters, just aching to feel them wet their hungry daddy cocks. Now eat your lunch because all this conversation is making me hungry to feel your tight little pussy squirt all over me and I don’t think our waiter could handle walking in on you bouncing on my lap like a good baby girl should.”

He had a way of taking her breath away just with his words and how he looked at her. She almost always felt devoured by him. They finished their lunch and just before leaving he took his napkin from his lap and gently gathered some of the sweet nectar that dripped from her very wet pussy and placed it on the table. “Here’s a tip that he’ll never forget!”

After they left, the waiter spotted the napkin and brought it up to his nose breathing deeply the scent of his customer’s sweet juices. The scent went through his nose and straight to his cock. He carefully folded the napkin and slid it inside his waistcoat. He cleared the table fantasizing about the man holding his daughter’s thighs wide open so he could taste her sweet juice right from the source and then plow balls deep into her pretty little pussy to fill her with his own frothing daddy seed. He finished bussing the table then walked away making plans of his own concerning his beautifully plump virginal daughter.

They drove down the road heading for home, “Did you get enough to eat munchkin?”

“Yes daddy, it was very good. Where are we going now?”

“We’re headed for home because I have a serious matter to attend to before we do anything else.”

“OK. Is there anything I can do to help daddy?”

“Oh yes.” he pulled into the private wooded drive that led to his home but gave her a wolfish glance before returning his eyes to the road.

He did didn’t say another word until she asked, “Well, what daddy?”

“You’ll see once we get home.”

They pulled up to the house and parked next to the front walkway. He opened her door and held her hand to escort her over to a wooden bench near the path entrance into the woods. He sat on the bench and held her standing in front of him then suddenly grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head leaving her naked in front of him. The action shocked her and she tried to cover her nakedness since they out in the open. He grabbed her arms at the elbows and wouldn’t allow her to cover what he craved. “The serious matter that I need to take care of is this…your sassy comment at the restaurant and the fact that you didn’t thank me for the lunch. Manners young lady!” he declared as he pulled her naked form over his lap. “You need to learn how to show me the proper respect, and now your daddy is going to teach you by spanking that sassy little ass of yours.”

Her natural instincts kicked in and she struggled to get free but he held her firm with a strong arm while he warned her to sit still. “The mailman will be showing up soon to deliver today’s mail and I don’t think you want him to see you naked over my lap getting a good hard spanking now do you,” it was a statement more than a question. With that her struggling lessened and he began stroking her plump cheeks quieting her even more until…SMACK! She let out a squeal. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! He continued to swat her bottom switching from side to side until a rosy hue appeared.

“Daddy! Please…no!” she cried. “I promise to be more respectful! Please daddy! Please!” she was almost sobbing as her tender cheeks were beginning to get sore. “I’m sorry daddy and I am grateful for all you do for me! Really I am!”

He changed his attack to gently stroking her abused backside then slid his middle finger up between her plump pussy lips finding her creamy wet. “Well, well, well…my little baby girl kind of likes this kind of attention. Look at how wet you are baby.” he used two more fingers to open up her creamy wet peach searching for her swollen clit making her gasp and arch her hips up to feel more. “Do you want daddy to touch your princess parts baby? Does my naughty little baby girl need daddy to make it better?”

He pulled his fingers from her wet snatch and quickly spanked her plump pussy lips a few times making her gasp loudly, “Answer me baby girl! Tell daddy what he needs to hear!”

“Yes daddy! I need you to touch my princess parts! I need my daddy to make my kitty feel all better! Make my kitty purr daddy! Ooooooo…yes daddy, just like that! You’re making my clitty throb! Will you tease my rosebud asshole? It needs attention too!” she mewed and pushed her hips up to display her sweet private parts for her daddy to attend as all good daddies should. She needed to feel him stretch her wide open…to feel his strength, his lust as he pounded into to her.

“Oh my sweet baby girl…you know just how to please your daddy don’t you. Let me just see how warm you are.” He wet his finger in her slippery juices and began to tease open her tight rosebud ass, “Oh (he sighed) there we go. Let daddy take your temperature.” His thick finger slid deep inside her hot little forbidden fuck hole and he growled, “You are soooo tight and hot baby girl. Daddy’s gonna have to make sure you don’t have a fever. Your cheeks are flushed and you just can’t hold still for me so let’s bend you over this bench so daddy can properly check your temperature.”

He helped her over the bench and pulled his throbbing daddy cock from his pants. Next she felt his swollen cock head wetting itself with her juices just before pressing against her sweet puckered hole. “Oooooo….daaaaaddy!” she cooed as he pushed harder and deeper until he popped inside and was balls deep in her tight hot ass.

“Fuck munchkin! You feel sooooo good! OH! Daddy needs to fuck you hard right now so hold on sweety!” He grabbed her hips so tight he knew he was probably going to leave a mark but he didn’t care. The only thing that mattered at that moment was watching his fat cock disappear into her tiny rosebud asshole. Her tightness made him grow thicker as he forced his way in and out of her velvety grip. He kept thinking, “I claim her as mine…all mine!”

“Harder daddy…harder!” she started meeting his thrusts into her making a loud wet slapping sound that pleased them both. “OOOOOOOOOO DAAAAAAAAADDYYYY! You’re gonna make me squirrrrrrrrrrrrrt!” as he continued to pound her sweet spot from inside her tight ass. She suddenly shook and arched her back hard and he held himself deep inside her as her cute little rosebud ass squeezed his throbbing cock with a vice grip while her pussy was shooting a fountain of sweet baby girl juice over them both.

He couldn’t stand it any longer as her hot cum bath covered his swollen nuts pushing him over the edge. He blasted the entire contents of his churning balls spilling his love juice deep into her bowels. “Take it baby…take all that hot daddy seed deep baby! Oh yes…right in your ass baby girl! That’s where it needs to go!” he panted and growled into her ear. “Take all of daddy’s special medicine just like a good girl…mmmmmmmmm….oooooo…does that feel good baby? Did daddy make you feel better?”

“Oh fuck daddy, “she panted, “yes it feels sooo good! I love you daddy.”

He lay over her naked body, both panting and reveling in their taboo pleasure. “I love you munchkin.” he nuzzled her neck, taking in her sexy sweet scent…his baby girl.

Just as they felt their bodies melt into each other they heard a car coming up the road. He quickly ushered her naked form into the woods to hide from the intruder’s eyes. The mail man slowly made his way up the road and stopped next to the front walk. He got out and placed several pieces of mail in the box and a few packages on the front porch then glanced over at the entrance to the woods where the lovers where hiding behind a larger tree. He stood covering her luscious, naked, curvy body from any prying eyes and was struck with a wonderfully naughty idea. “Seeing you here like this makes me want to see you frolicking naked throughout the woods. I can watch you secretively then chase you down like the big bad wolf I am and have my wicked way with my little wood nymph. Would you like playing this fun little game with daddy baby girl?”

“Yes daddy, but naked outside in the woods? I can’t even wear panties?” she blushed.

“Mmmmm…nope (he grinned). I want you deliciously naked so I can see every inch of this sweet luscious body (he bent down to capture a sensitive nipple between his lips).”

Her breath caught in the throat and she could feel the hot daddy seed begin to drip out of her rosebud ass. Reality struck her, “This man who calls himself my daddy marked me as his and like a wolf he will continue to mark me with his seed so everyone will know this fact.” Then the thought of her wandering around the forest naked being stalked by a hungry daddy wolf who would most certainly pin her to a tree or fallen log to devour her sweet flesh made her a little scared, but it also made her kitty purr. “I am yours daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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