A Bath and a Bed

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notes: this is part of a series of stories, published out of order. Zenika, Tony and Amelie have been lovers for a little while but they’re still learning their way


Amelie hardly knew when they’d gotten home from the airport. It was the cut of the car’s engine and Tony’s smooth voice that stirred her from the dull haze that seemed to swallow her up every time she stopped moving. “How are you doing back there?” Tony asked, gently.

“I’m just tired,” she said. It wasn’t true, but it was the closest she knew to say for the weight that was crushing her. Her eyes burned and her head ached and it was easier to just call it … tired.

Her door opened with Tony blocking the light. She glanced up at him to see the sympathy on his face just before she felt him slide an arm around her shoulders. Then, unexpectedly, her knees. “Ton-yy!”

He lifted her out of the car, a draft of cold night air blew up her skirt as Amelie clutched at his shoulders frantically. “I can walk!”

“I know you can,” he said as Zenika shut up the car behind them. She could feel the tension in his arms but he didn’t sound strained. “Shh, Amelie, just let us take care of you, okay?”

There was something so comforting about the grip of his arms around her, pinning her knees together, warm across her back. She didn’t feel so leaden in Tony’s arms. It was silly, but it made her feel safe. Instead of complaining, Amelie pressed her cheek against the wool of his coat and closed her eyes.

Tony carried her all the way up to their apartment, talking one or twice to Zenika but Amelie didn’t pay attention. She just let herself drift, let Tony set her down on the vanity in Zenika and Tony’s big bathroom and let Zenika unbutton her blouse.

“A bath seems like just the thing after a long trip, honey,” she said, tugging her shirt off and unhooking her bra. Amelie just nodded, head hanging as she listened to Zenika and Tony bustle around the bathroom, running the big tub, undressing her with few words beyond ‘stand up’, or ‘lift your feet,’

There was a subdued splash as Tony stepped into the water, then Zenika guided Amelie over with steady hands and eased her down.

Amelie groaned as she sank into the hot water, wisps of steam rising around Tony’s arms as he held them out to her. Choking back a cry, she leaned into him. Zenika got into the tub behind her, making the water surge around the three of them. Tony rubbed her back, encouraging her to stretch out against his body.

“Relax, my girl,” he murmured, voice rumbling against her ear where it rested on his broad, smooth chest. “We’ve got you.”

Amelie was proud of the fact she hadn’t cried. Her throat ached, her eyes burned and she could hardly breathe, but she hadn’t cried. Not during the funerals, not staring at her family’s home, burned to the ground, not when her daddy’s lawyer read out the sad little will. Zenika poured hot water across her back and Amelie whimpered.

“Too much, honey?”

“No,” Amelie gasped. “No, it’s okay. I’m — I’m fine.”

“You’re anything but fine,” Tony said, stroking her hair back from her face. His big hand was hot from the water, familiar and strong. When he rubbed his finger tips against her temple, Amelie groaned, going lax in his arms. “But that’s okay, baby. We’ve got you.”

Zenika began to wash her, soapy hands stroking Amelie’s legs and arms, rubbing down her neck, massaging her back. Tony was hot under her, and as Amelie was lay against him she felt his cock hardening against her thigh. She tucked her face against his neck, comforted by the feeling. This felt like home.

“Roll that way,” Zenika told her softly, “and spread your legs wide for me, honey.”

Amelie did what she was told, ending up lying on top of Tony, feeling light and warm and pliant in the water. Tony’s cock nudged against her belly and she could feel his heart beating under his skin. Zenika’s hands rubbed up her thighs, then slid between her legs, massaging her pussy with tender fingers. Amelie arched her back sighing. The warm water, the warm touch, Tony’s hard cock, Zenika’s fingers were a world away from paperwork and funeral bills and stinking ashy lots that used to be home.

“There’s my kitten,” Zenika said her voice languid. Her fingertips teased apart the folds of Amelie’s pussy, not penetrating, just parting her. The sensation of the water was intense and Amelie’s thighs twitched as her pussy throbbed against Zenika’s fingers. “That’s right.”

Amelie’s breath hitched, though, as tears welled in her eyes. She pressed her face to Tony’s chest and tightened her grip around him.

“Hey, my girl,” Tony tugged her hair, making her look up at his dark, worried face. “Too much?”

“No,” she squeezed her eyes shut but a tear slithered down her damp face anyway. “No … I …. everyone called me Ms. Frey or maybe Am-el-y and I h-h-hated it!”

“That’s not me!” she sobbed, hating herself for it. She thrashed in the water, legs kicking, then subsided as Tony tightened rize escort his grip, keeping her secure. “I’m not that — all that — back home and I hated it there and now it’s gone. Everyt-thing! And I hurt all over and I didn’t know anyone back there anymore and my favorite tree is burned up and — and –“

Her voice rose and she wanted to hit something or scream and she didn’t want to do either, not when Tony and Zenkia were being so nice to her. They didn’t deserve that. She didn’t deserve them.

“I’m sorry,” she cried. “I’m sorry — I didn’t mean — I don’t –“

Tony kissed her forehead and her eyes and her mouth, quieting her stumbling apologies. “Nothing to be sorry for,” he told her. “You’re exactly where you should be.”

He nudged his hips up, cock bumping her. “Exactly where you want to be, hm?”

“Y-yeah,” Amelie looked up at him, Zenika’s husband, as handsome as she was beautiful, both of them wealthy and strong and confident. They were everything Amelie wasn’t. She shifted up to kiss him softly, lips parting on a little surprised cry as she felt Zenika’s fingers at her ass.

“You’re not Ms. Frey to me,” Zenika said, fingers circling her anus, slick with bath oil. “Not Ah-ma-ly, either. You’re my kitten –” a finger pushed, gently.

“Oh,” Amelie shivered as she felt the side of Zenika’s finger into her ass. It worked deeper, then out, and she could only shiver again as the finger pushed back into her.

“My kitten,” Zenika purred, twisting her hand, teasing Amelie tenderly. “My lovely honey.” A second finger pressed in, beside the first, stretching Amelie open.

“You want me to call you kitten all the time?”

“Y-yes … ohh,” Amelie’s eyes fluttered shut, the push of Zenika’s fingers inside her were insistent, gentle, and steadily fucking her. “Ohhh, yes.”

“Open wider, my kitten,” Zenika said, and Amelie spread her legs wider, striving to obey. A third finger stretched her, filling her up. “That’s it, open up for me.”

Zenika rocked her hand, the water surging in time around Amelie, the pressure inside her driving tears from her eyes. But it wasn’t the horrible misery of before, instead it was release. Amelie had to give into it — to Zenika’s thrusts, to the aching that was slowly easing up inside her. Her sobs felt good, freeing, and she clung to Tony and lifted her ass and cried.

Finally, Zenika pulled free and Amelie sagged down, spent. She felt washed clean in a way that had nothing to do with the bath and so relaxed. Her ass throbbed gently, her pussy felt flushed and full but she was too lazy to do anything but let Tony and Zenkia help her out of the tub and rub her with towels.

“Zenika,” Amelie said softly, turning to the other woman.

“Hmm?” Zenika had her hands full of towels. Amelie leaned over and kissed her — as sweetly and thankfully as she knew how.

Tony and Zenika bundled her to bed, tucking her among long legs and strong arms; the rest of the world shut away. Zenika was stroking her hair and humming to her and Tony was brushing kisses along her neck and shoulders. She nestled to Zenika’s breasts, breathing in the warm smell of her skin and curling close to her body. She couldn’t resist pressing small kisses to Zenika’s dark skin, the softness tempting her lips and her tongue.

“Ahh, little kitten,” Zenika murmured, scratching pleasantly along Amelie’s scalp. “That’s nice, hm?”

“Yeah,” Amelie breathed, kissing more boldly now, with Zenika’s approval. She could feel Tony’s appreciation too, pressing hard to her ass. She gave a little wiggle to hear him chuckle and thrust. Zenika’s stroking fingers shifted and she reached down to lift a breast to Amelie, teasing a dark nipple across her lips.

“Suck on it, honey,” she murmured. Amelie whimpered, opening her mouth greedily. She felt like she could do anything, right now, under Tony’s hands, against Zenika’s body. She could have kisses and little words just for her — soaking them all up after a lifetime of stiff reserve. Her past was gone, floating ashes and graves, Amelie whimpered, squeezing her eyes shut then nuzzling eagerly to Zenika. She didn’t have to think of that.

Zenika’s breasts were big, full, dark mahogany like something exotic and priceless. Her nipples were large too; Amelie loved Zenika’s breasts. She circled her tongue around the dark areole, feeling it pull tight and the nipple rise in her mouth. It encouraged her to suck, quick, wet pulls, closing her eyes and murmuring against the flesh in her mouth as she drew the nipple deeper. Zenika liked strong suction and a good work with a tongue and Amelie loved to do that for her. She pulled back just enough to trap the now hard nipple in her teeth and flick her tongue sharply over it.

“Oh, oh, you little tease,” Zenika gasped, arching to push herself closer. She tugged sharply on Amelie’s hair but she ignored that, except for the little rush of pleasure it gave her. Zenika writhed and gasped, her hips and belly rubbing against Amelie, bostnews.com legs tangling with hers, and it was so good to feel Zenika let go a little — and it was all because of her. Amelie moaned and couldn’t resist a moment longer, lapping at Zenika’s nipple in apology. Mouth wide, Amelie sucked as much full flesh as she could into her mouth, as if she could swallow Zenika down. Zenika’s throaty moan was everything she wanted, a thrilling reward.

One of Zenika’s thighs pushed between Amelie’s legs, up against her pussy and she whined, muffled, and thrust against the welcome pressure. Tony’s cock bumped against her and Amelie arched and wiggled, caught between Zenika and Tony — wanting them both and having them both. She felt hot, hidden between them like a secret.

“You’re our wicked girl,” Tony said huskily, hands roaming. They slid down Amelie’s side, around to her belly and shifted to touch Zenika. Amelie felt her jerk and cry out, hips thrusting as Tony stroked his fingers along his wife’s pussy. Tony’s chest pressed tighter and tighter to her back, Zenika’s breast filled her mouth, a strong thigh pushed against her pussy, a cock pinned her ass.

She moaned obscenely around the warmth in her mouth, pushing and working her tongue, pushing and working her pussy, Tony working Zenika. Tony shoving his cock against her ass, sliding hot and smooth along her skin. She throbbed with the memory of Zenika’s fingers opening her, wanting more in that moment, Tony’s cock in her, and squirmed urgently at the thought. He was so big, she couldn’t possibly take him, but she wanted to. She began to whimper, hot and sweat slick and needy.

A hand in her hair pulled her unwillingly away from Zenika’s breast, bouncing free of her mouth, shiny wet, nipple straining. “No — ” Amelie complained, straining forward.

“Oh, look at you,” Zenika groaned, pressing a finger to Amelie’s open mouth, giving her something to suck on. She did so without thinking, without caring, just wanting.

“Why don’t you slide on down,” Tony’s whisper was harsh and breathless in her ear. “And kiss Zeni’s pussy like I know you want.”

“Yeah, yeah …” Amelie said, shuddering as a clench of lust tightened her pussy. She wiggled, Tony giving her room, Zenika moving her thigh away leaving Amelie frustrated but she slithered down obediently. She nestled between Zenika’s thighs, eager to suck on something. Zenika’s pussy was right there, slick and wet and hot.

Amelie pressed a slow kiss to her soft mons, trimmed back hair crisp against her mouth. Looking up she could see Tony and Zenika, their faces matched in hunger as they watched her. Without looking away, flushing pink with embarrassment — and pleasure — at her own actions, Amelie licked slowly down, watching Zenika’s eyelids flutter and her mouth soften with moans. Tony’s gaze was intent and the hand on Amelie’s head was heavy and approving.

Zenika was wet and Amelie’s mouth watered as she lapped at the folds of hot flesh, tongue tickling its way between labia to lick against the hidden opening of Zenika’s pussy. She licked and teased, attention drifting from the watching faces above to focus on the heat and the wet slide against her mouth and the way Zenika’s hips shivered and jumped. She was trying to get Amelie to fuck her pussy but she took her time, she teased around the edge, promising but not delivering.

“Kitten, Kitten, come on, honey,” Hands tugged at her hair, Zenika pushed her pussy hard to Amelie’s face and Amelie finally stroked her tongue deep into her. A moan resonated through the room, Zenika’s thighs relaxed, spreading to give Amelie all the room she wanted. The hand stroking her hair was Tony’s as Amelie contentedly licked and thrust and fucked her tongue into his wife’s gorgeous pussy.

Breasts and pussy rubbing the sheets, Amelie couldn’t get enough friction for herself, the pleasure filling her was just from Zenika — her pleased moans and murmurs, her hand cupping Amelie’s cheek, her pussy rocking eagerly to Amelie’s face. She felt the demanding clench deep inside and Zenika’s cries were urgent so she licked up to the swollen clit, lonely and ignored until now. Amelie kissed and licked it, promising silently she’d do anything to make Zenika feel good.

Zenika’s dark thighs tensed around Amelie’s shoulders, hips jerking. Amelie sucked on her clit with the same eagerness she had her nipple, lapping wetly with her tongue. She could feel Zenika getting close, more and more excited, pussy quivering, meltingly wet, belly tensing. Amelie made a pleading, urging noise, hardly knowing it, sucking obscenely, eyes tight shut, mouth working eagerly. She wanted Zenika to come, could feel the ache in her like an echo in her own pussy, throbbing and wet and lonely.

“Oh, god, oh, god, oh, oh … god!” Zenika screamed, hips rising and falling in hot, hard rhythm and Amelie clung to her, riding her, feeling the pulsing clench of her pussy as she came, yelling until she was breathless and collapsing back onto the bed. Amelie licked tenderly at the shivers she could still feel, unable to resist.

Hands in her hair tugged her away, guided her — Tony’s cock, dark and purple flushed and massive bobbed into view. The pre-come slicking the broad crown made Amelie shift forward, eager all over again. The taste of Zenika was rich in her mouth and the thought of tasting Tony in there too, of having both of them … it was all she could think about.

“Lemme suck you cock,” Amelie breathed. “Tony …”

A rough, lustful laugh made her glance up and smile to see his face, sweat beading his forehead, heat in his snapping black eyes. “Don’t worry, girl, you’re going to get everything you want.”

She had to open wide to fit Tony’s cockhead into her mouth. Warm brown and hard as lumber, Tony was big; nearing the double-digits in length and thick enough that Amelie couldn’t quite closer her fingers around the base. Cheeks hollowing, Amelie sucked, tongue dipping delicately into the slit, licking up the welling pre-come. Her hands drifted down to her pussy, but Zenika gripped her wrist, stopping her from easing the building ache.

“No, honey,” she said, kissing Amelie’s fingers. “Just wait for it. We’ll take care of you, I promise.”

Amelie whimpered, spit slipping from the corners of her mouth to slide down the length of Tony’s cock. Zenika held one hand and Tony drew her other up to his cock, wrapping it around the base. Panting with frustration, hair tumbling across her face, Amelie struggled with Tony’s cock.

It was so big and she was still learning, but even with the frustration building in her, she felt different today. Open and relaxed, longing for the affection and praise Tony and Zenika gave so easily. Amelie worked hand and mouth in tandem, slurping softly, bobbing her head as she took the first few inches in. She was greedy for more, the hunger fed by the needy throb of her untouched pussy. Tony’s cock felt so good, stretching her wide, pressing on her tongue — she thrust it against the underside, feeling the big vein throb, flesh twitching in her mouth. Sinking down lower, Amelie swallowed around his fat cockhead, eyes closing, mouth stretched obscenely wide. She felt the deeper press of him, the crown at the back of her mouth, and didn’t pull back like usual. She swallowed, swallowed again and trembled as she felt Tony’s cock push into her throat for the first time.

“That’s it, oh, yeah, pretty girl,” Tony was groaning, trembling under her hands, all of him reduced to pleasure and lust because of her. “That’s it. Take it in.”

But even with his praise and his breathless sounds of pleasure, Amelie could only mange for a brief moment, pulling back with a choke. But she was willing to try again, discovering she kind of liked the overwhelming, unbearable feel. She pressed down, struggling to open, to swallow him in. Each effort went a little smoother, lasted a little longer. In the end, when Tony couldn’t hold back anymore, Amelie was barely taking the head of his cock in but she was doing it eagerly, over and over.

?Tony twitched, the only warning, and the first spurt of come went right down Amelie’s throat. She coughed, swallowing, overwhelmed by the pulsing heat flooding her, pumping into her mouth, streaking her chin when she pulled back, gasping. The last pulse of come streaked his belly, creamy pale on his dark skin.

“Messy girl,” Tony murmured, drawing her up to kiss her, biting her throat in a way that made Amelie half crazy with need.

“It’s my turn,” she said, not caring what she sounded like; sluttish, whiny — anything if they’d just let her come. “Please, Tony. I — I feel so good, I want to come so much, now.”

?Zenika had slipped off the bed sometime when she’d been busy with Tony’s cock. Amelie could hear her in the bathroom. Tony squeezed her ass, fingers kneading but not close enough to where she wanted them. She arched her back, trying to get him to put his hands on her pussy, to touch her, maybe lick her open, make her come.

“Turn around,” he said instead, and Amelie did so, sitting astride his lap with her back to his chest. His hands were warm as he played with her breasts, fingers massaging and kneading, working down to squeeze her nipples. She relaxed with a groan, clutching fistfuls of the sheets, feeling the promise in her hands. “Do you want to show Zenika how eager you are?”

Amelie just hummed agreeably. She was happy to do anything, skin tingling, rushes of sensation zipping from her stimulated nipples down to her pussy. Tony’s hands stroked down her body and she groaned, knees spreading in anticipation. But he didn’t touch between her legs, instead he slid his hands under her knees, lifting them.

?”What are you doing?” Amelie tried to keep her balance, heels kicking.

“Relax,” Tony soothed, his deep voice rumbled against her back, resonant in his chest. “Just relax for us, baby. Let me open you up, hm?”

“I don’t know ….” But Amelie leaned back against him tentatively, discovering that if she didn’t struggle, it was easier. Tony lifted again, hiking her knees up, then — she bit her lip in a rush of shame — spreading her legs wider.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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