A Better Understanding Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: Photos And A True Threesome

As the car swept into the distance, I turned and slowly walked to the College buildings. I had a spring in my step and felt good. In the space of a week, I had experienced something very special and it wasn’t over yet.

Strangely, I slept well that evening and the next day was spent with hard study. After classes that day a group of us went to the Gym for a workout. I did so many exercises that I just fell into bed afterwards and slept soundly.

Friday was only a half day and I carefully packed a small bag for the weekend and took a long shower.

I made my way to the College gates and I didn’t have to wait long before Alice drew up in her car. I got in and threw my bag onto the back seat. As we dove off I looked carefully at her. She was wearing a summer dress with a wide skirt which she had gathered up to give her more control over the car. I placed my hand on her naked thigh. She laughed as she spoke “Don’t finger the goods young man unless you know what you want to do with them.”

I smiled, squeezed the thigh for a moment as a reply and leant back in my seat to enjoy the drive.

Alice drove directly into the garage and I noticed that Jim’s car was already there. We entered the house where we found him in the kitchen making coffee. I went to him as Alice went to the lounge. “Hello Jim” I said as I stood behind him.

“Hi, George, help me with this will you” He replied, as he handed me the tray.

The sofa and the floor of the lounge was covered in papers and Alice sat on the floor amongst them with her knees raised, showing a glimpse of her panties as I sat down on the floor opposite her. Jim sat next to me touching shoulders.

Alice said “We need two male volunteers for this job, you two will do ” grinning as she passed a sheaf of papers to me.

They were sketch drawings of men fighting in Roman times. They were all different poses and looked good. I was game, it sounded exciting to me to be a model in a set of Ads as Alice went through the programme she had planned.

After we finished our coffee Jim took me upstairs while Alice got her camera and gear together.

Jim and I stripped off and it was nice to be alone with him again. We were now both naked and I admired the body I knew so well. He threw me a minute thong to wear. “Well, into battle we go” he said as we dressed and went down.

Alice was waiting at a door next to the kitchen. As she saw us she smiled “Wow, that’s really nice” she exclaimed and as we stood in front of her she reached out and placed her bayrampasa escort hands over the front of our thongs. “Mmm, this is going to be good”

Jim opened the door and led the way down a set of steps. The large room opened out at the bottom and I noticed the overwhelming heat. The walls had wooden panels and the floor covering was a sort of plastic cloth with rubber underneath.

Jim explained “It was once a drying room but ideal for this kind of photography.” Alice bumped into me and I turned.

She had taken the dress off and was wearing only her panties. I asked her “Do you get to fight too?”

“Maybe” she replied.

She handed us a bottle each and turned to get her Camera. Jim pointed his bottle at me and squeezed. I became covered in a fine, wet spray and on touching myself I found it to be a light perfumed oil. I did the same to him and we chased each other around the room spraying each other and laughing. Alice called, laughing too “Come on you two, lets get started.”

Over the next hour we took up many poses and fell down and wrestled a lot because it was so slippery. Alice was busy taking the shots and loading new film. Suddenly Alice was behind me and drew my thong down to my knees, I tripped and fell to the floor. Jim laughed and freeing myself I jumped on him and took his thong off, wrestling him to the floor.

We were rolling around and Alice kept taking Photos and shouting instructions to stop when she saw a good pose.

During all of this I gripped Jim around the waist and my hand touched his cock. It was hard. He got behind me and taking my cock in his hand worked at me till I also became hard. I could feel his cock poking my buttocks and opened my legs thinking he wanted to enter me, but he didn’t and I rolled away.

He stood up and taking the camera from Alice, put it on the table and pulled her to the floor. I found a bottle of oil and started to spray it on her whilst he took her panties off. All three of us rolled around laughing like children and our hands were everywhere. Hands slid along my hard cock and I had either a cock, a breast or both in my hands. Alice, while trying to crawl away on her knees was caught by Jim and opening her legs from behind with his knees, moved closer and entered her.

I moved to them and taking her breast into my hand I kissed her. Her eyes rolled as her orgasm approached and he worked with her until they both fell to the floor in the throes of ecstasy. Alice put out a hand, gripped my cock and smiled.

We lay around until they got their breath merter escort back, stood up and went upstairs for a hot shower.

Once again the hands were all over each other and it was a relief to leave the shower and go downstairs.

Once downstairs, Jim made fresh coffee and we sat around discussing the session. Alice was pleased “I think I got some good shots, especially when you were both naked, what do you think?.” Jim was thoughtful for a moment, and was hesitant in his answer. “Hmm, I think it was OK but some shots were a bit near the edge.” Alice hit him playfully over the head with a small cushion. “They are for us, you dum dum. I only wish I had some of you having sex. What do you think George?” she said, laughing. I laughed too “Do you mean having sex with him or the photos?” The cushion came fast but I caught it.

“Now that is a good point Jim, I would like to see you and George together” she replied as she placed her hand on Jim’s leg and slowly moved it up under his bathrobe.

The bathrobe fell away, showing he had a rigid cock and Alice didn’t hesitate to work it until he placed his hand on top of hers.

I am not sure if it was to stop her or to show us that he was enjoying it, but it was certainly erotic and I felt myself getting hard.

She spoke quietly, “We could play a game like strip poker but we have only one item to lose.” She said this as she opened her bathrobe, showing her nakedness to us both. As she parted her legs slightly I went across to her and knelt between her knees.

I placed my hands on her thighs, pulled her to the edge of the sofa and opened her legs wide. Leaning forward I kissed my way from the inner thigh to her pussy. Parting the labia I flicked my tongue on the clitoris before kissing around the lips.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Alice had slipped down and had Jim’s cock in her hand whilst licking the tip.

He was laying back with his eyes closed, thoroughly enjoying the experience. Alice trembled and sat up.

“I think it’s time we went upstairs, don’t you think” speaking to us both. We both nodded our assent and we stood up.

Taking hold of Alice’s hands we pulled her up. She threw her arms around us both and whispered “I love you both.”

Grabbing her robe she led the way upstairs. Jim had his arm around my shoulder as we followed her up.

Alice lay on her side across the bed and I discarded my robe and lay next to her. Jim lay behind me and looked on as I took a breast in my hand and caressed the nipple with my thumb. As I leaned down besiktas escort to take the nipple in my mouth I felt her reach down to take my stiff cock into her hand. I did the same and running my hand down her body, parted her legs and started to stroke her pussy. She whispered ” I want suck you.” and moved around to take me into her warm moist mouth as she took my sac into her hand. I leaned nearer to reach between her legs and started to lick her clitoris.

Her hand moved from my sac to my rosette and she ran her fingers around it, sending a nice feeling through my body.

After a short while she started to tremble and taking her mouth off my cock, slid up the bed, “Jim, please” was all she said, before her tongue entered my mouth and we started to kiss.

He seemed to know what she wanted and moved to lie with his head on my stomach. Her hand gripped my cock and she masturbated me as I felt his tongue on me, running around the head, making me rigid before he took all of me in his mouth.

The movement of his mouth made my body tingle and Alice quickly moved to the side table and came back with a condom and some gel. Jim let go of my cock and rolled on to his side. Alice directed me to lie behind him. She rolled the condom onto my hard cock and spread gel onto it. She parted his buttocks and stroked around the rosette with the gel. |She was smiling as she said “Ready for you, my lover” and I moved the tip of my cock to the rosette.

The head of my cock pushed against him and he opened up to me. I watched as my cock slowly entered him and I felt the sphincter gripping me as the head passed through it. I paused for a moment, partly in amazement at the situation and to give him time to settle to the feeling of me in him.

Alice laid her head onto his buttock and watched with interest as I pushed and more of my cock disappeared from view.

I was as far as I wanted and started to withdraw until only the head was in him. I took up a slow steady pace as I pushed in and then withdrew again. The movement, the tight passage and sphincter made my cock expand and I eventually felt my balls knotting up and I groaned. Alice heard this and bent to take Jim’s cock into her mouth. I heard him say ” Oh God, yes” just before I started to fill my juice into the condom. Jim was not far behind me as I felt him shudder and he filled her mouth with his cum.

As my cock got soft I rolled onto my back and was joined by Alice. She leant down, kissed me and I got the taste of him.

Jim finally moved and lay behind Alice with his head on her shoulder and his hand across her to touch me we were as one and it was a good feeling. We slept for a while and when we awoke realised that we were all hungry. We showered, got dressed and drove for a meal. It was the perfect end to a day and we still had tomorrow and Sunday!

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