A Breath of Forever Ch. 4

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After the front door is locked Rebecca and Stacy stumble to the couch. Stacy instructs Rebecca to move to the edge of the couch and lift her skirt. Rebecca does so and Stacy smiles when she sees the protruding vibrator.

“You don’t really need this now that I’m here.” Stacy smiled and stood up unbuttoning her jacket and sliding her skirt down her legs. Rebecca smiled as she watched Stacy’s naked body in front of her.

Rebecca stood up and walked over to the windows and pulled the shades. By the time she turned around Stacy was facing her with a smile and holding a strap on in her hands. A smile danced across Rebecca’s face as she walked over to Stacy and let her hand fall on Stacy’s jaw line. She pulled Stacy into her body as Stacy dropped the strap on and embraced Rebecca.

It felt like forever as they stood there kissing while Stacy unbuttoned the white sweater and reached underneath Rebecca’s crop top to feel her wanton breasts. Rebecca took a step back and broke the kiss. She left her sweater drop to the floor and then let her skirt fall to her ankles. Stacy smiled and bent over picking up the strap on but licked her way back up Rebecca’s body.

When Stacy stood straight up Rebecca crossed her arms and pulled her crop top over her head.

“Mmm…Rebecca you look so delicious. Can you help me put this on?” She asked as she held the strap on in the air. Rebecca nodded and said,

“Turn around.” Once Stacy had her back to Rebecca, Rebecca began to trail her hand down Stacy’s back. Her hand paused on Stacy’s ass and said, “Bend over.” As Stacy did Rebecca squatted and began to open her pussy lips and see the glistening.

Rebecca began to trace the outer lips with her fingers and paying close attention to Stacy’s quickly swelling clit. Rebecca gave Stacy a quick lick tasting her sweet juices before standing up to fasten the strap on.

Once the strap on was in working order Stacy turned around and unsnapped Rebecca’s front hook of her white lace bra. Their lips met once again and when Stacy broke it her kisses trailed down Rebecca’s neck to her right breast.

She pushed aside Rebecca’s bra that was covered her ample pale breast and began to kiss it tenderly. Stacy stood back up and pushed both sides of the bra away and began to tease Rebecca’s nipples with her thumbs in a slow https://www.cfimi.com circular motion.

Rebecca smiled and leaned in to kiss Stacy and Stacy complied but moved her left hand to feel Rebecca’s drenched cunt.

“Becca, you are soaking. Do you want me that badly?” All Rebecca had to do was smile and Stacy grabbed her hand.

Stacy led her to the back bedroom and removed her bra for her. Then the two of them stood together and Stacy’s strap on was pressing against Rebecca’s clit.

“Stacy, don’t tease me with it – just fuck me with it.” A smirk came upon Stacy’s face and she pushed Rebecca back on the bed. Rebecca leaned on her elbows and Stacy climbed on top of her and began to kiss her lips.

Rebecca loved Stacy’s taste and loved feeling Stacy’s breasts pressed against her body. She wrapped her right arm around Stacy laying flat on the bed and rolled Stacy on her back.

There was silence as Rebecca stared at Stacy from above and when their lips met again briefly she felt Stacy’s heart thudding beneath her. As soon as Rebecca broke their kiss she moved her lips to Stacy’s wrinkled and erect nipples. Stacy’s nipples were so pink and perfect.

Rebecca began nibbling on them as Stacy wiggled underneath her body. A chuckle escaped out of Rebecca and she moved down to the dildo in the strap on and began to give Stacy a blow job.

“Mmm, Rebecca. Do you like the feel of my cock?”

“Yes, Stacy. I would rather taste you, but there’s always tomorrow.” Rebecca smirked and climbed on top of Stacy and bent to meet Stacy’s lips. Stacy grabbed Rebecca by her hips and rolled her over again.

As Stacy slide the dildo in all the way Rebecca sighed as well as Stacy. The strap on pressed right up against her clit and she was already so close to cumming. Stacy felt Rebecca’s cunt grabbing onto her strap on and she laid on top of Rebecca sucking on her left nipple as she fucked her pussy. Rebecca’s hips were pounding fiercely into Stacy’s and she started moaning as she gasped,

“I’m gonna cum all over that cock. Mmm, Stacy….Stacy…..fuck me harder and faster. Don’t stop – please don’t stop.” Stacy stopped playing with Rebecca’s nipple and fucked Rebecca trying to meet her own orgasm.

Rebecca reached up for Stacy’s neck and pulled her down holding their bodies together as she started to cum. Her legs tightly entwined around Stacy’s back and holding her close.

Stacy’s climax was building more and more as she fucked Rebecca. She felt Rebecca’s cunt clawing at her dildo and Rebecca’s thrusts were bringing on Stacy’s climax as well. Rebecca started moaning louder and louder and Stacy knew she was cumming so she began to fuck harder bringing her climax on faster, but Rebecca stopped her.

“Wait!” Stacy looked down at her. Her hair was clinging to her face and Rebecca was running her palm down to the dildo removing it from her cunt. All her juices were covering the plastic like a tasty layer. “I wanna go down on you. I wanna clean this cock and then I wanna remove this from your cunt and I want you.”

“Are you sure? I mean are you really sure?” Rebecca laughed and said,

“I’m sorry. I should’ve let you finish, but I was hoping to finish you myself.” Stacy smiled and crawled to the head board and laid down as Rebecca slowly joined her.

Rebecca lowered her head onto the dildo and beagn to clean herself as she heard Stacy moaning above her. She rolled her tongue around the head of the strap on. Her creamy cum was sweet to the taste and she wanted to share it with Stacy so she climbed up to share a kiss. Stacy pulled the back of Rebecca’s head closer to hers. When Rebecca broke the kiss Stacy whispered,

“I need to cum. If you don’t hurry you’ll miss it.” Rebecca smirked and said,

“Help me remove the strap on and I’ll finish you off.”

Stacy and Rebecca quickly removed the strap on and it was thrown to the side of the bed. As soon as the strap on revealed the soaked Stacy’s cunt Rebecca dove in – so to speak and with that first taste of Stacy she became aroused all over again.

Her mouth explored Stacy’s cunt and when she began to tease Stacy’s clit – Stacy lost all control and grabbed ahold of Rebecca’s hair screaming at the top of her lungs and she came quickly all over Rebecca. Rebecca laid there cleaning Stacy’s cunt and teasing her clit as she was coming down from her orgasm until Stacy pulled her up and kissed her lips.

“Thank you so much.” There was a sigh and she said, “I don’t want to leave but Jim is going to be home and I shouldn’t be here when he is.”

“True. I was wondering after earlier this evening if we should tell him. What do you think? I mean we are – well I am cheating on him. Shouldn’t I tell him?”

“Becca,” Stacy said as she climbed off the bed. “Jim wanted us to be together – that’s why he introduced us. Personally, I think Jim wants to watch us together so you know what? This was a practice run to see how good we’ll be.”

“Well I think we did pretty damned good. What are your thoughts?” Stacy smiled as she picked up the strap on.

“I think we were orgasmic.” She walked into the front room and began to dress and put her strap on away. “You know, Becca, maybe I’ll possibly move in one day and we’ll be one big happy family.” Rebecca grabbed her clothes and walked to the bathroom and put her robe on. When she walked back into the living room Stacy was fully dressed including a smile.

“I had fun tonight.” Stacy leaned in and kissed Rebecca’s lips.

“Me too, but I’m worried about Jim. I love him and I don’t want to ruin it.”

“Babe, if he was all worried about you leaving him for me he would’ve thought about it. If you want…tell him. I don’t mind him knowing.”

As soon as Stacy said that there were keys in the door and Rebecca began picking up wine glasses and kissed him as she walked past. He smiled and walked over to Stacy to give her a kiss on the cheek.

“So were you ladies having a bit of fun without me?” Rebecca looked at Stacy and smiled.

“Actually you’ve created a monster here.” Rebecca said. Stacy chuckled and said,

“I’m outta here. Jim, we’ll plan another evening with you invited. We had to practice our moves.” Jim laughed and Stacy walked out shutting the door behind her. Jim locked the door and walked over to Rebecca and smiled.

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yes, Jim.” She hesitated. “You’re not angry about this are you?”

“Hon, I love you. That’s all that matters. I’m not angry as long as next time I get to watch and you don’t pussy foot around lying to me about it. I’d rather you be honest with me.”

“I understand.” She kissed him and said, “I’m not sure if I’ll be doing it that often. It’s just something I wanted to try tonight.” Jim touched her chin and tilted it toward him as he kissed her lips.

“Next time she can stay the night.” He smirked and said, “I’m gonna hop in the shower.” Rebecca smiled and shut the kitchen light off.

“Let me clean up in the bedroom a little and I’ll join you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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