A Broken Heart Gets Mended

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It was early morning as I strolled along the beach, sandals carried in my hand. Lazily, I kicked at the sand, it was the finest and softest sand I had ever seen.

The sun had already begun to warm.

There was not another soul in sight, except one fishing boat, way off the shore.

This is Mauritius, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I should be feeling ecstatic to be in a place like this.

The tears rolled down my cheeks, as I sniffled. It wasn’t fair, why had she dumped me? What had I done wrong? The thoughts tumbled through my mind.

I came to a fallen coconut tree, collapsed down onto it, and wept. My body shook, my grief was overwhelming me. The deep feeling of loss and loneliness.

The girl I loved was gone. She’d only left a note, she hadn’t even faced me.

“Sorry babe, I’m outta here, gotta move on,” was all it said.

No explanations, nothing, it was cruel, and it hurt. I didn’t even know where she’d gone.

Vaguely, I saw a crab, climbing a coconut tree. It only got about five feet, then it fell, to land on its back. It wriggled, a claw pushed, and it was over. The it was scuttling, up the tree once more. This time, to disappear into the foliage up above.

Stupid, I know, but it brought a glimmer of a smile to my face.

“Fuck it!” I called out loud, but I wiped my tears, getting up, to go back for breakfast.

My brother Dave was on the veranda, I giant wedge of a bacon sandwich in his mitt, “Hi sis, you okay?” He cheerily said, as he waved at me with his free hand.

“Yeah, fine,” I mumbled.

He shrugged his shoulders, as I went inside. Women, he thought, strange lot!

Mum glanced at me, as I entered the kitchen. She saw my puffed, red eyes, but she didn’t ask. Only a woman had that intuition of when it was better to say nothing.

“Bacon, or egg sandwich, Liz?”

“No, just a coffee will be fine, thanks.”

Dad had flashed up the barbecue, and was busy with chicken pieces, sausages, burgers and steaks. Mum was frying up onions, heating baked beans, making a salad, and whatever.

The neighbours, were coming round. They seemed okay, although, I’d only met them briefly.

Not much later, the music was playing, the beer and wine were flowing, the atmosphere was good. Just not for me!

The neighbours had three children, all middle to late teens, or there about.

The boy, Stu was probably the oldest at around nineteen or twenty, I guessed. The other boy was the youngest, by quite a bit. Becks, they called the girl, she was eighteen to nineteen, pretty, but not in a flashy way, I barely noticed her, but I had caught her looking at me a couple of times, quickly, turning her eyes away, when I saw her.

Stu seemed to take every opportunity to get talking to me, oblivious to the fact, that I quite clearly made it plain that I didn’t want to talk to him. Nor, did I want, to talk to anyone.

Three, four, maybe five glasses of wine later, with a bottle in my hand, I sort of, weaved my way to find my coconut tree. I’d had enough of their joviality, and anyway, I didn’t want to spoil their fun. I saw dad, rise to follow after me, but my wise mum, shoved him back in his seat. “Leave her love, she just wants to be alone.”

Half a bottle later, I wondered, what was the matter with the beach, it was moving, I could see the sands shifting. My head began to spin, I felt hot, my forehead was sweating.

I rose unsteadily, I found myself staggering towards the sea.

The water was warm, although I didn’t notice it. A wave nearly took me off my feet, but somehow I kept going. It wasn’t anything conscious, I was on auto pilot.

I waved washed right over my head, tumbling me. Floundering, my brain telling me to find the surface. I realised, I didn’t care, I couldn’t be bothered, I’d had enough.

Blackness engulfed me, I knew I was drowning. My bodies reflexes took over, whether, I wanted or not. A foot touched the bottom, and I pushed.

My hair was hurting, being pulled hard, I struck out with my hand, and connected with something, “Shit! That hurt.”

A hand came beneath my arm, and I could feel someone was pulling me up. I gasped for air, at the same time, choking on the water I had swallowed.

Two hands now gripped me, pulling me, I tried to help, with my feet pushing at the shifting sand below.

Then, I was lying, face down on the sand, a weight on my back, as hands pressed down hard. I choked, a gush of water flowing from my mouth, then I was breathing deep lung-fulls of air.

The weight eased from my back, strong hands helped me stand, to stagger back up the beach, to the fringe of grass beneath the coconut trees.

A hand raked the hair stuck to my face, another round my shoulder, holding me, as I began to tremble. The flood-gates opened, and I cried.

A soft girl’s voice, “Shush, you’re safe now.”

She gently rocked me, a finger wiping at my tears.

Slowly, I calmed, the trembling went, as the evening air warmed me.

For tecavüz porno the first time, I looked up at my saviour. I was surprised to find, it was the girl from the barbecue, Becks, the neighbour.

I flinched when she touched my cheek. And went rigid, when she kissed my forehead.

I pushed her away from me, I didn’t want to be touched, not by anyone.

She didn’t complain, made no comment, as she helped me to my feet. In silence, we walked back to the bungalow. At the back door, I briefly touched a finger to her hand, I just said, “Thanks,” and went inside.

A hot shower later, I felt a little recovered, although my head was pounding from the wine I had guzzled down. In my bed, I fell straight into a deep sleep.

The sun was blazing through my bedroom window when I woke. Mum was there, picking up my clothes. “Whatever happened to these, they’re wet and covered in sand?”

“I tripped, and fell in the sea, too much wine probably,”

She stood looking at me, “If you want to talk, I’m here. I know you’re hurting, but sometimes it helps to talk it out.”

Somehow, I managed a smile, “I’ll be fine mum, but thank you.”

That afternoon, I returned to the grass patch, where I had sat recovering the evening before, I wanted to think about what had happened. Was it something I had intentionally done? Had it perhaps, just been an accident? I knew it had scared me, I was shaking again, with just thinking through it.

My thoughts were interrupted.

“Hi there, Liz, I wondered if I might find you here.”

Becks took a step back, perhaps, shaken by the withering look I gave her.

She stammered, “I…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude, I’ll just go.”

I felt disgusted with myself, what was I thinking. This girl had saved my life last night.

I stood, “No, it’s me that should apologise, I didn’t mean to be rude just now, it’s just that, well, I was wrapped up with my problems. You startled me.”

I held out a hand, “Come and sit with me.”

She smiled back, if I had been in the mood, I might have realised how beautiful the smile was.

“I want to thank you for last night, you know you saved my life, I would have drowned.”

“Can I ask? Was it an accident? It didn’t look like it. Or maybe you should just tell me to mind my own business.”

For a minute a kept my eyes to the sand, then, looked at her, “I honestly don’t know, that’s what I’ve been sitting here pondering over.”

“But if it was not an accident, then that would mean you tried to kill yourself, why would someone as beautiful as you want to do that?” She turned bright red. “I’m doing it again, aren’t I, being too personal I mean, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Its okay, but I’m afraid I can’t talk about it, it hurts too much.”

She reached her hand out, and laid it on my arm, “You’ve been let down, some guy I suppose?” She coloured again, “You see, there I go again, with the questions.”

My eyes were locked to her hand, it felt as though my flesh burned. I glared with venom at her, she jumped up in fright, turned and ran.

God! What are you doing, bitch. You just scared this lovely girl, half to death.

I ran after her, calling her name, “Liz, where are you? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything against you.”

I could hear her now, she was close by, then, the other side of a tree, and there she stood, crying softly.

I put my arms around, and quietly, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. It’s not you, I’m just angry with the whole world at the moment.”

She stood close to me, as she calmed. I took her hand, “Come on, let’s go back and sit.”

She shook her head, “No, perhaps I should go home, and leave you in peace, I can tell you need to be alone.”

All of a sudden, I didn’t want to be alone, that’s exactly where I had been, just feeling hurt and scared.

So, I pulled her hand, “Come with me, please. I need some company,”

We sat again, Liz asked, “Only if you want to, but do you want to tell me about this guy.”

“Liz, it wasn’t a guy, it was my girlfriend.”

She looked startled, but slowly I began to tell her, until it just seemed to pour out of me. I told her how we’d met, fell in love, and moved into our own place.

By now, I was crying, not hard, the odd tear trickling down my face.

I told of how happy we had been together, how everything seemed perfect.

Until one day, my world fell apart. The note. A bloody note, not even a letter. No explanations, nothing.

I rolled to the ground, curled in a ball and cried. I cried, like never before in my life. The sobs racked my body, my fists pummelled the ground.

I hadn’t heard her speak, not at first, but then her words broke through, inane nonsense mostly, but kind and comforting, as she held me in her arms, with her face pressed to me, her hand caressing my hair.

The sobbing stopped, a few tears still ran. With shock, I felt her lips kiss them away.

One of her hands stroked my hair, the other gently stroking my arm.

She üvey anne porno saw my eyes open wide, but not glaring at her this time. A smile crossed her face,” That’s better,” she said, her stroking didn’t stop.

“Becks, your hands, please stop.”

Her hands paused but didn’t leave me. “Why? Was all she said.

I simply stared at her, a thousand emotions tormenting me.

“Becks, I can’t, I don’t want to, you’ve been kind and it has helped me, and for that I thank you, can we just go now, as friends?”

Becks looked down at me, lying on the ground, a puzzled look on her face. I could see that she was trying to work something through her mind.

I saw her nod to herself, then she was pushing me flat onto my back. I resisted, but she was strong, and in any case, I didn’t have the energy to fight, as her lips descended to mine. She held my wrists, flat to the ground alongside my head. Her body moved over me, lying on top. I rocked my head from side to side, as her lips followed mine. Then, I just lay still, and let her kiss, I didn’t respond, I didn’t want to.

I could see her eyes, urging me to return the kiss, but I didn’t

Suddenly she threw herself off me, stood and looked at me for a few seconds, then with a shake of the head, she walked away. She got a short distance, before turning to look back, “Liz, if you want to talk or something, you know where to find me,”

The next couple of days, just seemed to drag by, I couldn’t get into the holiday swing.

At the breakfast table, my mum said, “Why don’t you get the bus into town and have a browse round the shops. You’ll like Curepipe, it’s a lovely town. Anyway, it’ll get you out for a bit.”

So, a couple of hours later, I found myself wandering aimlessly. In and out of a few shops, nothing grabbed me. Then, I found the market. I was immediately struck by all the brilliant colours of the Indian clothes and material stalls.

I picked out blouse, even though I knew it was too brightly coloured for my taste, I was always a little on the sombre side.

I held it up to me, looking in the long mirror, “It does look nice.” Without realising, I had spoken aloud.

“That looks totally gorgeous on you.” It was Becks stood behind me.

“Oh, hello there, do you really think so? Its not too bright?”

“Believe me, it suits you just perfectly, you’ll be stunning in it, a real lady killer.”

What did she just say? I thought. ‘Lady Killer’.

On an impulse, I decided to buy it. After I had paid, Becks asked me, “Fancy a coffee or maybe something stronger? I know just the place.”

“Why not.” I found myself saying.

It was a lovely bar, really old fashioned, in a French colonial style, but spotlessly clean and tastefully decorated.

We chose an alcove seat that had a window overlooking the gardens.

Becks didn’t sit opposite, as I would have expected, but instead, pushed in next to me.

“Is it coffee, or do you fancy rocking the boat?” She laughed, it was an infectious laugh, suddenly I felt at ease in her company.

We had local white rum and coke, branded mind you, not some of the rough spirit, sold in the back streets.

It became easy to chat, nothing serious, just where she came from, that kind of trivial stuff.

By the third round, I had completely relaxed. I’m just a little tiddly, I thought, as I giggled at something she said.

Her hand was on my arm, strange that I hadn’t noticed it there, I think had actually been there quite a while.

I looked down at her hand, when I glanced back up, she was looking at me, straight into my eyes.

A momentary frown, then I shook my head and smiled. “Another round?” I asked her.

“Maybe just one more, then I think we’ve had quite enough for one day,”

My bag fell to the floor, on my left, I reached down for it, as I leaned, her hand fell from my arm and landed on my thigh. She didn’t move it away.

Feeling flustered, I grabbed my glass and swallowed half in one go.

Did her fingers just squeeze my leg? Maybe I imaged it, my sozzled brain said.

This time, I definitely felt it, the slightest squeeze, her hand inched just a tiny bit lower, toward the inside of my thigh.

I looked at it, puzzled, where’d that come from? I wondered, and giggled again.

I raised my glass to my lips, and as I tilted my head back, I felt a nudge against my crotch.

The hand was still there when I looked, but now it was pressing my skirt between my thighs, a slight pressure at my front.

My gaze followed the arm up, “Becks, you’re touching me.” I accused.

“I know I am, I’ve been trying to ever since I first saw you. You don’t mind, do you?”

I tried to think, nothing seemed to make any sense, except the fact that the hand felt good. I lowered my own hand, covering the other, then pressed it into me. It did feel good.

I saw Becks look around the bar, before reaching for my skirt, she didn’t pull it up, just raised the side by my thigh, üvey erkek kardeş porno and her hand disappeared.

I thought, now where did that go? Then, I jumped, fingers were at the front of my panties, rubbing into my pussy. I took a deep breath. Oh, Wow, that’s nice.

I could feel a finger, edging the crotch of my panties aside, so I spread my legs wider, to make it easier.

My panties eased over, for fingers to dance along my pussy slit. I could now feel the familiar tingle between my legs. I felt naughty, my pussy aroused in a public place.

Then, a jolt, that hit the spot, my clit responded to the sudden contact. I gave a moan.

“Shush.” I heard.

I looked for the voice, it was Becks, “Is that you, playing with my pussy Becks?”

“You got it,” She replied, “You like?”

Pure lust erupted in me, “Yes I do fucking like, finger me babe, inside, I want to feel you inside.” I lifted my hand to my breast.

“Here, let me.” As she reached her other hand over and moved mine aside. Her fingers squeezed me, through my blouse and very thin, skimpy bra. She twirled round my nipples, they were already like soldiers, stood to attention. The sensations were driving me wild.

Her fingers, more than one, maybe even three, were now groping inside, between my lips. A thumb worked my clit,

“Shit! Becks, I’m gonna cum any moment, quick put your hand over my mouth to keep me quiet.”

My ass writhed on the seat, my own hands pressing hers into me, as I thrust my pussy onto her. The orgasm was intense, a release of all the pent up tension I had been feeling. I tried to scream, but somehow Becks covered it.

I came down from my cloud, I was still holding her fingers inside me.

I looked at her face, “Becks, you dirty bastard, you just wanked me off in a bar, for christ’s sake.” I leaned and gave her a small kiss.

“Aw, is that all I get?” She asked, with an impish grin.

“Tell you what, let’s get the fuck out of here, go find somewhere better,”

We got the bus, I wanted to touch her, as she had me, but the bus was way too crowded. I made do with just rubbing the side of her thigh.

We went two stops passed our normal stop for home, I knew it wasn’t far from a very rocky area, no beach, so no people.

I was feeling a bit better by now, not quite as pissed as before. I took hold of Becks’ hand, telling her, “Come on, it’s not far, this way.” The undergrowth was a bit thicker than I expected, but with only a little worry, there was the sea, right in front. Mountains of boulders were everywhere, I could see why no one ever came here.

We found a lovely little secluded spot, still with a view of the sea, a patch of grass, ready and inviting.

I stood, admiring the waves crashing on the rocks, Becks’ arms came round me from behind.

She cupped my breasts and gently rolled them in her hands. I leaned my head back into her neck. She bent, a little awkwardly, and kissed me. It was a light, kind of, exploratory kiss. But I savoured it. My tongue teased against her lips, until she opened to me, our tongues danced against each other.

Now I had sobered somewhat, I was once again wondering at my feelings. I didn’t know this girl, in fact I knew almost nothing about her. I knew that there was still a feeling of devastation in my heart. There was still love there, for the person I had lost. But I also knew that this girl had breathed a little fresh air into me, a bit of hope for release from the pain I felt. For a moment, I felt guilty at my betrayal, then anger surged through me. How dare she have done this to me, and then I realised, she couldn’t have loved me as I had believed. Had she done so, then she would never have ditched me aside, the way she did.

I felt a release, a realisation that I owed that person nothing, we’d had our time, and it was over.

I turned to look at Becks, I held her at arms length, just looking into her eyes. She herself, looked a little apprehensive. “Becks, have you ever been with another woman?”

She lowered her eyes, the confidence from earlier now gone. “No, I haven’t, but then I haven’t ever been with a boy either. I have no idea what it was, but when I first saw you, I recognised the pain you were in, and my heart went out to you. It was the first time that I have ever felt anything for another girl, my feelings frightened me at first, but I was drawn to you, that’s why I followed you the other day, when I saw you go in the water. What happened in the bar, would never have occurred without those rums, I found I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to touch you, I never thought for one minute, that I could ever have gone as far as I did. When I saw you getting excited and responding to my touch, then there was no stopping, I just wanted to please you in any way I could.”

“Oh Becks, you’re just fabulous, and I tell you what, you found me just at the right time because I was drowning in self-pity. You’ve somehow, forced me to face it. I feel alive again, come here my beauty.”

She fell into my arms, her smile brighter than the sun. I kissed her, perhaps more tenderly than I’ve ever kissed before.

She gazed into my eyes, the desperation clear to see, “Liz, will you love me, teach me to be your lover.”

I felt the tears brimming in my eyes, how did I deserve this sweet young girl. For the moment, I loved her.

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