A Cabin in the Woods Ch. 01

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All characters are over 18+


Alice stumbled into the rear door of her mother’s home, high on Molly and drunk on cheap beer. Her dyed pitch black hair matched the midnight mascara that ran down her cheeks, along with the purposely torn and tattered identical black clothes that matched everything about the teenager. She didn’t care if a group of guys ran a train on her just a few minutes ago, she didn’t care about the threats her mother told her, every time she came home to their multi million dollar home when she was either drunk, stoned, or both. To her, they knew nothing about her, only that she didn’t fit into the mold they had set out for her. Was she proud of the fact she let five strangers fuck her? No, she wasn’t, yet that just wasn’t something a proper lady did so her mother would have told her.

“What am I going to do with you, Alice?” the icy cold monotone voice of her mother startled the intoxicated teenager. “How many times have I told you not to come home when you’re like this? How many times have I asked you not to be out until wee hours of dawn? How many times must I have to repeat myself before you get it through your head that your actions not only affect you but also us as well, hmm?” Dorothy said crossing her arms across her chest. Her once warm brown eyes burnt holes into her rebellious daughter. Her ginger hair fell down her back rustling against the silk nightgown she wore almost every night.

Being the wife of a investment banker had it’s perks or so she had thought. It gave her time to keep her forty-year-old body in shape, as well as to keep an eye on the up keeping of her family, namely her daughter. Her son took after his father, how he was her pride and joy as he took after his father; and he always was well behaved, always kept his nose clean, never caused their family problems, unlike his sister. Well, Dorothy was tired of it, tired of worrying if her daughter would be escorted home by the police or the call from jail telling her Alice had been arrested or worse.

“And I’ve never asked you to wait up,” Alice said slurring her words as she wobbled on her feet.

“You know what? I’m done trying to make you change,” Dorothy said throwing her hands up in frustration. “I’ll show you what happens when you don’t do the proper thing!”

“Oh, are you going to spank my naughty bottom?” Alice asked in between hiccups.

“No, you insolent child, I’m going to take you to see your uncle, where you’ll spend the summer while your father, grandparents, brother, and I tour Europe,” Dorothy said smiling cruelly thinking that her daughter cared about such things. “Now, march your butt to your room and pack, you’re leaving this house before the sun raises. I don’t want your father to see you in this sorry state,” Dorothy said in disgust wondering how her daughter could have turned out like she did.

“Fine, whatever,” Alice said shrugging her shoulders, she didn’t really want to travel across strange countries. Eat strange food, constantly hop around hotels just to stay on the schedule her mother would ultimately make.

Six hours of silence filled their car as, Harold their driver, drove through mountain passes, through dark twisting tunnels, she lost count how many mountainous peaks they had crossed. Alice peered over at her mother as she flipped through the file that sat on her lap. Watching as her mother pulled out her smart phone dialing the number as her manicured nail moved across the page.

“Hello William,” Dorothy said her fingers drummed along her thigh as his phone went to voicemail. “Okay, apparently you’re busy or your phone is off,” she said as they rounded the curve that overlooked the lush green valley below. She had no idea why he would want to live in such a remote place, then again she hadn’t seen her brother in fifteen years. Not since Alice was three, when her parents gave him an ultimatum that forced him to chose or to be cut off from the trust fund they had set up for her and William when they were children. It was thanks to a health scare with their mother that they had learned of what had became of him, however limited as it was. “Listen, we’re pulling into the valley as I speak, we should be at your place here soon.”

Alice grew apprehensive as they drove through the medium size town showing no signs of stopping. Her heart throbbed in her throat as the road grew dark as the forest that surrounded the road swayed over head. Wondering just how far they were going to go, in the back of her mind knowing this was how horror movies begin.

“Keep the car running, Harold,” Dorothy said scowling at the rustic cabin. Her eyes running over the whitewashed siding, the gray asphalt shingles, the steel gutters, the rustic furniture that dotted the front porch of his home. Asking herself why he just didn’t live like a civilized person? That was when she heard the cocking of the hammer of a gun.

“Who the hell are you? Why are you on my property?” William asked as engelli seks hikayeleri he exited the woods behind them carrying his chainsaw in left hand. He had already fell the old lightning struck tree, cutting it into the splitting size that would fit into his stove; along with the lengths he needed for his woodworking hobby that he had taken up in recent years. Not that he would use the gun, it was namely for self-defense against bears.

“Really William, you would shot your own sister?” Dorothy said turning to look at her brother. Noticing the light sheen of sweat that glistened on his forehead as her eyes lowered noting how his sweat soaked his dark blue t-shirt that clung to his hard earned muscles. She had forgotten when her husband had that kind of physique, now all she saw was the round belly that over hanged his belt. Her marriage was never one about love, it was more focused on the monetarily side of things. She even forgotten when the last time her husband had seen her naked, much less alone had him between her legs. Dorothy allowed his girlfriends that he thought he kept hidden to do that unspeakable task for her.

“Perhaps…” William said narrowing his eyes at his sister. He never forgotten what she said about his deceased wife before he decided to propose to Sally. Nor could he forgive his parents for not helping her, when he knew his father could have gotten her into the clinical trails, that might have saved her life. As much as he disliked his family he would’ve swallowed it all if it meant that she could live another day. Yet no, his father simply ignored his pleas to Sally’s plight.

“William, I need you to watch Alice while we’re in Europe this summer,” Dorothy said as her eyes remained on his drawn weapon. “Please, will you put that away?”

“Why? All I see are trespassers on my land,” William said in a cold monotone voice. “Why the hell should I look after your daughter? She is eighteen she’s old enough to fend for herself,” he said holstering his pistol as he walked to his home. Alice never felt so much indifference in her life as her uncle spoke about her as if she wasn’t even there.

“Please William? It’s only for two months here I’ll even pay for her room and board,” Dorothy said reaching into her purse for her checkbook.

“Does it appear I need your damn money?!” William growled as he placed the chainsaw on the porch.

“Yes, it does to me,” Dorothy said eyeing his home once again pulling out her checkbook. Writing her brother a check for five thousand to cover the cost for her daughter’s stay, only to watch as her brother ripped it up in front of her. “All right, so you don’t want my money, how about this I’ll get Dad to help with Sally I know she is ill….” Dorothy said taking a step back as she saw the anger flare in his green eyes.

“Too little, too late,” William said casting the fragments of the check to the wind. “Now leave,” he said through clenched teeth as the sun highlighted his two day old stubble, “And take your daughter with you, I’m not your damn nanny,” William said reaching inside his home for his ATV keys. That was until he saw his niece step out of the car covered all in black. An amused smirk graced his lips knowing how it probably irked his parents and his sister that she didn’t dress in the proper high class way. “She can stay you, however, can not,” William said eager to be rid of his sister. “I expect you here August first no later or she’s on the street though, I doubt you would care.”

“Fine,” Dorothy said nodding in agreement. Glad she didn’t have to shell out any of her savings to put her daughter up. Giving her brother one last look as his arms crossed his chest causing his biceps to flex, causing his shirt sleeve to become taut as it contoured to his well defined muscles. “Please, let me pay for her lodgings it doesn’t feel right asking you to do this without being paid for it,” Dorothy said reaching back into her purse, she didn’t know why she just couldn’t take her eyes off her brother’s body.

“Fine,” William said sighing as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “You realize there is more to this world then what your money can buy right?” he asked shaking his head when his sister gave him a strange confused look.

“Thank you William,” Dorothy said handing him another check. He wasn’t going to cash it, he would never take their money not now, not ever. Not after the way they treated his wife, William just thought this was the quickest way to get his sister off his property. “Come on Alice, you shouldn’t keep your uncle waiting,” Dorothy said waving at her sluggish daughter. If she knew any better then she could assume her daughter had a hangover. “Come on let’s go,” she said clapping her hands loudly. A small sinister smirk graced the corner of her lips as her daughter winced in pain.

“Jesus Christ Mom, I’m coming,” Alice groaned as her head throbbed painful underneath the noon sun only to feel the slap across her cheek.

“You don’t speak to me like that,” Dorothy said her anger flaring wagging her index finger in her daughter’s face.

“Chill out Mom sheesh, why don’t you have one of those European guys fuck you? Maybe then that stick up your ass might loosen,” Alice spat at her mother, only to feel the sting of yet another slap across her face. She would have thought her uncle would have taken her mother’s side, however, she was met with an amused smirk at her comment.

“You best go put pants on,” William said eyeing her mini skirt. “There’s a pair of old work boots in my bedroom you can wear.”

“What? Why?!” Alice asked in bewilderment.

“Because you’re going to work for your keep in my house, don’t like it, I don’t care there’s, the road,” William said pointing behind her. “Choose quickly, you’re burning daylight,” he said his finger tapping his left bicep. Alice knew her mother wouldn’t take her with her, she had no money to pay for the trip back to her home, her mother saw to that; nor was she about to be stranded in a strange remote town.

“Fine,” Alice said in annoyance stomping off to his front door.

“Oh, and lose the attitude, this isn’t your house remember that,” William said over his shoulder. “Why are you still here?” he asked cocking an eyebrow at his sister as he shooed her away.

“All right, I’m going,” Dorothy said walking back to her car wondering why he was so cold to her. Unaware of the events that occurred between their parents and William.

“Here, you might need these,” William said as he held his worn brown leather work gloves as he heard the clunking of his old boots on the wooden stairs.

“All right, what am I supposed to be doing?” Alice asked keeping her sigh to herself, hoping it wasn’t to laborious and dirty. She didn’t think her hangover would allow anything more then standing upright.

“Hauling wood,” William said spinning the key ring around his finger as he walked towards his barn. Alice waited out underneath the glare of the sun as the engine of the four-wheeler roared to life. Following after him as William pointed towards the trailer that he normally used to haul wood that fed his wood stove during the winter. “Hop on, it’s a long walk,” William said pointing behind him. Yelping in surprise as William shot towards the hidden trail that she couldn’t see. Instinctively, reaching around his waist thinking that he meant to kill them both.

“Never been on one of these before have you?” William asked chuckling as she held onto him for dear life.

“No!” Alice screamed over the roar of the engine. Wishing she had worn panties as the vibration of the engine stimulated her moistening labia. Pressing her body closer to her uncle’s back, feeling the hard muscles underneath her hands, feeling her nipples slowly hardening. Biting her lip as the ATV hit a bump in the trail jostling her body, igniting her womb as the waves rushed up her canal. Softly, moaning her hips moving on their own hoping her uncle couldn’t hear her. “Yes, almost there,” Alice whispered pressing her forehead against his shoulder wishing he’d slow down some so she could enjoy the ride.

“Something wrong?” William asked slowing the four-wheeler to a crawl unaware that was exactly what his niece wanted.

“No, it’s I’ve never been on one before you kind of startled me taking off like that,” Alice said trying to keep her voice steady hoping he hadn’t felt her focused movements.

“All right then,” William said starting off again knowing it would take about an hour to transport the logs back to his drying shed.

“Yes, fuck… cumming,” Alice moaned quietly into her hand.

“So what’s up with all the logs uncle?” Alice asked as they finished unloading the trailer. Hoping that her uncle hadn’t noticed the wet spot in the crotch of her jeans. The foot long logs she helped carry inside the the drying shed, however, the four foot, two hundred pound logs William carried in by himself. Alice wasn’t proud of it yet she found herself eyeing her uncle’s body as his muscle’s rippled as he hoisted each log to his shoulder.

“The small ones are for firewood, that I’ll split here on my next day off, the larger ones are for my hobby…” William said stopping himself she didn’t need to know why he had taken up woodworking. It was his therapist idea for him to have something to take his mind off of the death of his wife, and to give his mind a way to work through his grief. To him it was a foolish notion that a simple task could ever drive the memory of his wife from his mind. However, William did find the work enjoyable, he had even sold quite a few of his pieces to the local residents within town. “Okay, now that is out of the way we can talk about the ground rules.”

“But uncle I’m eighteen!” Alice said in a huff.

“I don’t care if you are or aren’t,” William said taking a strong stance against his niece. He could tell she had gotten away with far too much at his sister’s home given her attitude. “You don’t like it, as you have stated your eighteen, I’m under no obligation of providing for you. So you can buckle down and do the work and get fed or you could always leave,” William said shrugging his shoulders.

“Okay, what do I have to do?” Alice asked in a defeated sigh.

“Simple, when you are not working for me down at the bakery, you’ll do chores around the house, if they aren’t done by dinner… well you get the idea. Curfew is at 10 pm. the woods are a dangerous place at night and there are to be no boys in my home,” William said hoping this would instill some discipline into his niece.

“Wait, you’re going to make me work in a bakery, isn’t that tantamount to child labor or something?” Alice said, aghast at the thought of manual labor.

“As you have said before, you’re eighteen and not a child. I think it’s high time you started acting like an adult and not some spoiled child with mommy issues,” William said darkly, noting the late hour and his rumbling stomach. Leaving his niece behind to make her decision, while he went and showered and then make himself some lunch.

“So I’m guessing this bedroom is mine?” Alice asked knocking on the bathroom door. Her breath was caught in her throat as her uncle opened the door, none of the boys she had sex with looked like her uncle as he stood before her bare chested. While his chest wasn’t overly developed yet she had no trouble seeing where each muscle started and stopped. Even without flexing his biceps she knew the strength that was stored with those arms of his. Her eyes lowered lingering on the towel that was wrapped around his waist.

“Decided to stay have you?” William asked with an amused smirk. “Yes, that room is all yours while you’re here,” he said pointing to the room that sat across the hall from his. “There’s food in the fridge if you’re hungry, however, if you need a shower you’re just going to have to wait till I’m done,” William said closing the door. Alice cheeks heated as she caught the reflection of his toned naked body in the mirror above the sink. Rushing to her room with his image still fresh in her mind, to her, she didn’t know her uncle; no one ever talked about him while she was growing up, so at least to her, it didn’t seem weird to see her uncle in a sexual light.

Stripping out of her pants, plopping down onto the bed coughing as dust flew through the air from the lack of use. Spreading her legs, her fingers running over her wet lips as she heard the pitter-patter of the shower. Alice knew she had to be quiet as she daydreamed about her uncle. Wondering how he would view her as she stood naked before him? Would he scoop her up in his arms as she asked to feel his tongue on her hot box? Would he hold her in those strong arms of his as she asked to be taken like the woman she longed to feel like? Alice’s left hand reached up cradling her breast as her other plunged in and out of her dripping canal.

“Yes, fuck me uncle, you know you want this pussy,” Alice cooed softly as her pace quickened. Knowing she had to be quick she didn’t know how thick the walls were, she had no wish for William to hear her in the throes of her orgasm. Reaching up behind her grabbing the pillow smothering her scream of ecstasy as her hips bucked upwards her hot cream flooded out around her hand. Alice heard the shower shut off wishing she had a means to peering inside that hot steamy room. So she could lounge on her bed pleasuring herself to the wet muscled man as he showered.

“The shower is yours if you need it,” William said knocking on the door causing Alice to jump as she looked down at her half naked body.

“Okay,” Alice said weakly.

“Hey Uncle… who’s this?” Alice asked as she pointed to the picture above the mantle of the fire place which William had converted so he could use his wood stove. The winters were harsh and William had learned after the first winter the fireplace didn’t put out enough heat to kept the cabin warm enough when the temperature dropped below zero.

“That’s Sally,” William said looking up as he made himself a sandwich.

“Who’s Sally?” Alice asked her finger twirling around her damp hair.

“She was my wife,” William said trying to keep the sadness and grief from his voice as he reached into his fridge for a cold bottle of mead. It was another item he made it, was mostly for himself, however, there was far too much for him alone to drink by himself, so he sold what he didn’t keep. Once word got around town about his homemade mead, William started to offer it in apple and cheery just to meet the demand. However, it was a seasonal thing so not to overtax his hives, which he was presently surprised by how much demand there was for it.

“What happened to her?” Alice asked as she watched as he carried his plate over to the small table that sat over the invisible divide between the kitchen and living room.

“She died,” William said popping the cork.

“Oh,” Alice said softly wondering if she should continue. “If it doesn’t bring up too much heartache how did she die?”

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