A Celebration

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It was nine days after the neighborhood house party I recently described. My wife, Barb, got a telephone call from Margie, our Scottish neighbor down the street. Margie called to invite us to join them in celebrating a Norwegian holiday. Ivan, Margie’s husband, was Norwegian and approached all of life with gusto.

Our other neighbors had been rather quiet since the wild house party. I was surprised that we heard from Margie and Ivan so soon. On the other hand, they were European and much more casual about intimate relationships than the rest of us.

Barb told me about Margie’s call and said that she had accepted her Friday evening invitation when Margie told her that it would be just the four of us.

“Are you sure you want to get that cozy with them?” I asked, wondering why Barb had accepted without checking with me first.

“They’re really very nice,” she replied a little sheepishly.

“It wouldn’t have anything to do with seeing them relaxing on that king size bed with Walt last week, would it?” I quizzed with a sly grin.

Barb flushed a bit. “I only saw them for a moment, you know,” she responded.

“What were they doing when you just glanced at them on your way to the bathroom?” I pressed.

“Well, Margie was kissing and playing with Ivan at the time. Walt was just watching them.”

“Playing with Ivan?” I repeated. “Playing how?”

My wife glanced away uncomfortably. “She was kind of sucking on Ivan,” she finally admitted.

“So, you got a good look at Ivan’s long dick, eh?” I teased good-naturedly.

“How do you know he has a long one?” Barb shot back.

“When they left the master bedroom, Margie and Ivan went to the guestroom. I saw them when I went looking for you. It was easy to see that Ivan is pretty well hung,” I replied gently.

“Then, Lynn saw them too, didn’t she?”

I smiled, recalling how Margie looked from the back as she rode her husband’s long dong. “Yeah, we peeked in, but we didn’t bother them.”

Barb thought for a moment. “Well, this is only a dinner celebration. Margie said that we would feast on boiled shrimp, a special Norwegian recipe, and toast each other with something she called glugg. I thought it would be fun.”

I had a feeling there might be more to it than just shrimp and glugg, but decided that it would, indeed, be fun to see what Friday evening would bring.

*** It was about seven o’clock when Barb and I walked the short distance to Margie and Ivan’s home. They met us warmly and offered us a drink to start the evening. We had a couple of drinks along with small talk, skirting any discussion of the prior week’s party.

Margie wore her long, dark hair down, framing her pretty face. She wore a short, black dress and medium heels. A strand of pearls around her neck finished her look. Ivan wore cords and a bright yellow sweater or Nordic design.

I wore navy slacks and a golf shirt. Barb chose to wear a multi-colored print dress and black heels. Her light brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail. At the time, I thought to myself, “Here are two very well decked-out couples.

Margie showed us to their dining room. Crepe paper decorations hung over the table, and each place was set with party favors and a variety of glassware.

“Very festive,” I complimented as we took our seats.

Margie brought in a huge tray of whole shrimp, heads, tails, and all, while Ivan filled our glasses with his famous glugg.

“Here is the rule,” Ivan told us. “If I toast you, Barb, you must look directly into my eyes as we complete our toast. If you look away during the toast, you must drink the entire glass down. Got it?”

Before my wife could answer, Ivan announced “Skoal”, and raised to Barb. My wife did her best to look into his eyes, but looked down at the last moment. She had to empty her glass.

Margie toasted me and, wouldn’t you know it, I looked away and had to down my drink also.

“This isn’t easy,” Barb complained. “You guys have an advantage because you have done it before.”

“You need more practice”, Margie countered as she toasted Barb and smiled.

Again, Barb failed the toast and drank another full glass of Ivan’s strong potion.

We dove into the shrimp, following Ivan as he pulled off heads and feelers, peeling off shell and enjoying the sweet meat. As the platter of shrimp grew smaller, the toasts continued and we all ended up feeling very festive. I never did learn what we were celebrating, but by then, it didn’t really matter!

“Paul, capa escort you are a very naughty boy,” Margie said as she toasted me yet again.

“How so?” I replied innocently.

Margie grinned. “Did you enjoy watching me ride Ivan last week?”

I blushed in spite of myself. “You had your back to us,” I countered, “so how did you know that we saw?”

“I saw you two in the mirror, silly,” she laughed. “I thought Lynn’s eyes were going to pop out of her head,” she continued with a giggle.

I was glad that I had already told Barb about seeing Margie and Ivan playing ride’em cowgirl that night.

“Yeah, and Barb said you were naughty earlier, when you were on the master bed with Ivan and Walt,” I accused with a sly grin.

Margie was unabashed. “Well, our game of strip poker got us both pretty hot, I must admit. I just couldn’t wait until we were home. What the hell, that’s what people do isn’t it?”

“We all got pretty wild the other night,” I agreed. “It was fun and nobody got too upset.”

“Well, I know one thing, playing strip poker and messing around like we did sure made me wet between my legs,” my wife blurted out to my amazement.

We all laughed as she continued. “And now, talking about it has made my panties wet again!”

“You’re not alone, honey,” Margie confessed. “I’m tingling too and I really need to pee.”

Margie excused herself and headed for the bathroom. We laughed heartily. I reached over and kissed my wife deeply. “I love you, sweetie. Remember, I’m okay with anything you want to experience, okay?”

Barb returned my kiss and squeezed my arm. “Yeah, I know what you said the other night. I hope you meant it.”

The good-natured banter continued as we enjoyed our meal. Each toast seemed to get more intimate as we finally learned to stare properly while sipping our drink. Barb and Ivan frequently traded toasts, gazing lustfully into each other’s eyes.

It must have been the combination of Ivan’s strong alcoholic elixir, together with my wife’s innate curiosity, that caused her to loosen up and become so much more adventurous. I suspected that the memory of her brief view of Ivan’s long, thick shaft might have something to do with Barb’s carefree and sexy manner. It was refreshing to hear her express and show her feelings so openly.


Once the dishes were cleared to the kitchen, we moved to their den. Ivan put on some music and poured everyone an after-dinner drink.

“Come and dance with me,” Margie told Ivan when a slow song began. We watched for a few moments, then got up and held each other as we tried to dance without stumbling from all of the alcohol.

A new song started and I felt a hand pat my shoulder. “May I cut in?” Ivan asked.

I moved away and watched. Ivan took my wife into his arms and deftly moved to the beat. I turned to Margie and smiled. She silently moved to me and we swayed to the music. I could feel her firm cones pressing into my chest. Her arms wound around my neck and her fingers toyed with the hair on the back of my neck.

“You feel good,” Margie whispered. “I like holding you close like this.”

Margie moved even closer and I knew that she could feel the bulge in my slacks grow firmer. Her leg slid in between mine and teased me through the fabrics that still separated us.

I glanced over to see if my wife was watching us. Imagine my surprise when I saw that she and Ivan were no longer dancing. Barb was stretched out on the couch and Ivan was kneeling beside her. They appeared to be kissing and Ivan’s big hand was under Barb’s print dress, resting on her nylon-covered thigh! I almost stopped dancing to say something, but Margie put her hand to my face and turned my head back, pressing her lips to mine in a long, soft kiss.

“Don’t worry, Paul, she’ll be fine,” Margie cooed as she puckered her lips for another kiss.

Margie was obviously aroused, as was I. My mind could envision Margie and Barb sitting in our circle in their underwear a week earlier. Now, Margie was eagerly kissing and holding me while her husband was in a heavy petting mode with my wife, no more than ten feet away.

Margie’s hand slid between us and cupped my stiffening cock through my slacks. My focus quickly turned to how nice it felt to have her rub and squeeze me. I got another glance at Barb and Ivan as Margie turned me and guided me into an easy chair. She moved between my legs and I her fingers felt for my zipper.

My eyes scanned back to the topkapi escort couch. My wife was sprawled there and Ivan had her dress and heels off. When Barb wears pantyhose, she doesn’t bother with panties. As I watched, Ivan skillfully peeled my wife’s pantyhose over her hips and down her slender legs. As he turned to toss her hose away, I saw my wife’s brown bush. My wife was exposed to his gaze. When he leaned toward her again, his fingers unsnapped my wife’s bra and she actually leaned up to help him slide it off. I was not at all surprised when Ivan bent and sucked on her small, pink nipple.

It was then that I felt something warm. Margie’s lips surrounded the head of my throbbing cock. My neighbor’s fingers caressed my balls as she put several more inches of my stiffness into her mouth.

“Mmm,” Margie hummed as she skillfully sucked and licked my thick dick.

“You taste good,” she whispered smiling as she looked up from my lap. “Hep me get your pants off so I can do it better,” she added.

I let Margie do the work and tried to help by pulling my shirt over my head. She finally managed to remove my slacks, briefs, and socks, leaving me totally nude.

“Now you, Margie,” I insisted.

Margie simply stood and let the straps of her black dress slide off of her shoulders. Her dress fell to the floor, revealing that she wore nothing under it. Her breasts were small and firm, topped with brown, half-dollar size nipples. Her nipples were erect and seemed to crave my touch. I didn’t disappoint.

Margie returned to her earlier position and proceeded to suck me in earnest while I watched Ivan shed his clothes and stroke his long, thick cock so that my wife could appreciate it. Barb made no attempt to move from the couch, so I knew that Ivan had mesmerized her already.

“I want to feel you inside now,” Margie announced and my focus returned to her ministrations.

I looked into my neighbor’s eyes as she rose and straddled my legs. I could now see the dim light shining from drops of the womanly nectar now oozing from her inner labia. Margie’s dark bush partially hid wet, bright pink cunt lips that were tucked up between her milky thighs.

Margie reached behind her and gripped my hard shaft and slowly, ever so slowly, lowered herself until the head was nestled between her warm, wet lips. I watched in awe as my shaft began to disappear inside of my pretty neighbor. She was warm and surprisingly tight…almost as tight as my Barb.

My hands busied themselves by massaging Margie’s firm tits as she slid up and down, and back and forth on my cock. I was able to look over Margie’s shoulder and watch as Ivan moved onto the couch and carefully began to press his long shaft into my wife’s very tight orifice.

“Oh God, oh, oh,” I heard my wife exclaim as Ivan finally managed to sink his dick into her until their bodies melted together.

Margie fucked me and Ivan fucked my wife. Barb had her eyes closed most of the time, but I know that she was able to see Margie’s bare ass as she rode up and down on my own thick dick. It must have been as arousing for her to watch me as it was for me to see her being pleasured.

I felt Margie’s vaginal muscles tighten around me and then I felt her tummy begin to spasm as she flooded my cock with the juices of her orgasm. The warm liquid ran over my balls and between my legs. My balls tightened and my warm sperm shot up inside my neighbor’s wife. Our juicy mixture felt so good as Margie collapsed against my chest, breathing hard.

“That was terrific,” she purred. “I really came hard on you.”

Our lips met and we kissed tenderly for a while, basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

My eyes opened and I looked back over to the couch when I heard some indistinct grunts.

“I’m going to cum, baby,” Ivan gasped as he rapidly pounded his cock into my sweet wife’s pussy. Her legs gripped his butt as he flexed and moved inside her. Barb’s hands gripped her neighbor’s arms and encouraged him.

“Yes, yes, oh yes, so deep, so good,” Barb moaned as her own climax began. Both moved in a strangely animal-like rhythm until Ivan finally pressed against my wife, hard and deep. He raised his head and groaned as he emptied his balls deep inside my wife.

I sat with my arms around Margie as she lay quietly against my chest. Slowly, Ivan slid his body down and I saw his half-limp cock fall out of my wife’s wet cunt. I was taken aback when he continued to slide down my wife’s body until his face sariyer escort was mere inches from her just-fucked mound. My Barb lay with her legs still spread, breathing hard.

Ivan looked over and saw that I was watching him. Deliberately, he lowered his face and began to lick my wife’s leaking lips. As I watched in awe, he put his face on her and began to feast on their still-warm juices. Barb’s eyes opened briefly. I had never touched her with my mouth after we finished making love. It was an entirely new experience for her…and for me as an observer.

After Ivan had licked and sucked for a minute or so, Barb cried out and arched her back, lifting her hips from the couch and pressing Ivan even harder into her sex. I watched as my wife had a second orgasm while my neighbor sucked cum from her. I knew then that I wanted to do it too.

I gingerly moved Margie away and helped her slip onto the carpet. Not to be outdone, I positioned myself with my legs over Margie’s head. Then I lowered my face to her dark bush and began to lick her wet, messy slit with my tongue. Margie wasted no time. She began to suck on my sticky cock, cleaning our love juice from my shaft and balls while I dove as deep as I could into her folds. Holding her ass in both hands, I pressed her apart and licked her crack as far as I could reach in both directions.

“Mmm, taste me,” Margie moaned as I continued to lap up the mess that we had made. I was surprised by how much liquid she managed to contain within her womb. She sucked, kissed, and played with me until I finally cleaned up all of the juice I could reach. Toward the end, she, too, enjoyed another climax when I used my tongue tip around her tiny brown button. I now knew about one of Margie’s secret arousal spots.

When I finally came up for air, I looked to the couch to find it empty. I rolled off of Margie and sat up looking down into her eyes.

“That was wonderful, Paul,” she said sincerely. “I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“You know I did,” I admitted. “You are a very loving person.”

Margie looked around. “I guess our lovebirds are in the shower,” she mused. “Shall we go find them?”

I helped Margie up and she held her hand between her legs as we made our way down the hallway to their bedroom. As we got to the door, we heard water running.

“They have the shower, so we will have to use our tub,” Margie told me with a wink.

When Barb and Ivan opened the shower door, they found Margie and I sitting in their oversized tub. I watched them dry each other and laugh together as they watched us soaking in the tub.

“Wash my back for me,” Margie told Ivan. “Then you can wash my pussy.”

Ivan chuckled and knelt to do his wife’s bidding. Meanwhile, Barb did my back and spent a considerable time soaping and cleaning my cock and balls. It was nice to feel her familiar fingers on me, confirming that she was not upset with the way the evening turned out.

Once everyone was clean and dry, we retired to the den. Barb helped Margie clean up the messes that we’d made on the couch and chair. Fortunately, they were leather and easier to clean than fabric.

Ivan poured each of us a nightcap and we all sprawled naked on the carpet to sip our drinks and talk.

Ivan admitted that he and Margie were hoping that we would be willing to share with them. They told us about several other couples they enjoyed back in Europe, and they described some of the holiday trips they took to nudist beaches and resorts in France and in the Caribbean.

We are nude around the house most of the time,” Margie admitted. “Now, you won’t be shocked if you drop by unannounced and find us like this, will you?”

Barb smiled and nodded. “No, that’s not a problem as far as I am concerned. I kind of like being naked like this. In a way, I feel like I’ve been set free tonight. I almost feel like a different person. In fact, Paul and I might like to join you if you decide to take a nude holiday again. How about it, honey?”

“I will certainly second Barb’s last remarks,” I confirmed.

It was still a little hard to believe how much different my wife’s attitude now was, compared to her feelings just two weeks earlier. My conservative wife’s eyes had been opened to a new lifestyle. Now, I wondered, what other surprises were in my future. I knew for sure that our lives had changed. I sensed that we were both much more tuned-in to each other’s needs and desires.

It was early in the morning when Barb and I finally made our way back home. She carried her panty hose and bra in her purse.

“I saw no reason to put everything back on,” she told me. “After we get some sleep, I want you to give me what you so generously gave Margie last night!”

END of a beginning

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