A Clandestine Affair

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She steps into the room, taking your breath away. She is wearing a simple, nice pair of jeans and a snug white sweater. From your table in the corner the cold sends a chill up your spine. Or at least, that’s what you tell yourself. She gives you a shy smile and sits down across from you.

“Hey you…” she says, with far more confidence than she actually has. She crosses her legs and starts to rub the back of your leg with her foot. Her touch sends a jolt of heat straight up your leg to your pussy, getting you rather wet in the process. She notices the discomfiture on your face and blushes slightly. You lean around the small table and take hold of her hand, and start sliding it up your thigh, not caring if anyone sees you. She lets out a soft gasp as her hand roves over the strapon she feels underneath your jeans. She starts to rub it back and forth of her own accord, sending tiny jolts of pleasure through your body each time the small protrusion rubs over your clit. You slide her chair closer, putting both your backs to the wall, and slide your hand underneath the tablecloth to rub her thigh.

She gives you a mischievous grin and reaches down to quietly unbutton and unzip her pants, hoping the low ambient lighting and the tablecloth will keep the other patrons from noticing. You reach in to slide her panties out of the way, only to find that she isn’t wearing any. Her blush is an incredible turn on. You let a finger rub lightly over her clit and find her soaking wet. She keeps one hand rubbing on your plastic cock, making it hard to concentrate on her clit, something you didn’t think was even possible. Her breathing starts to pick up and you focus on her wet pussy again, pushing the thought her trying to give you and hand job underneath the table out of your mind somehow. She leans back a bit in her seat, her breasts heaving and falling while she struggles not to draw attention to you both. She clamps down on the inside of your thigh as her orgasm shudders through her body. The feeling as her nails dig into your leg is an incredible turn on, even as you grit your teeth against the pain.

After a few minutes her breathing settles and she gets up, walking out of the dark bar and into the lobby of the hotel, heading for the elevators. She looks over her shoulder at you expectantly, and you nearly knock over the table in your rush to follow her. After you both step into the elevator, she hits the button for the roof, sending the elevator crawling skyward. About 20 floors of nervous silence later, you reach over and hit the emergency stop button, locking the elevator between floors. She looks at you in shock, and then finds her back against the wall, your tongue mingling with hers.

She reaches down and unbuttons your pants, freeing the strapon from its constraints. She sinks to her knees and takes the head into her mouth, bobbing rapidly back and forth as she looks up into your eyes. She slides first one finger, then two into your still wet pussy, reaching for your g-spot. The look of uncertainty and hopefulness on her face as she looks up at you with a hard strapon sliding back and forth over her tongue nearly takes your legs out from under you. She slowly, reluctantly takes the strapon out of her mouth and uses her other hand to lift it up out of her way. Her lips latch onto your clit, and her sucking almost makes you cum right then. Looking down, you find her head turned to the side so that she reach your clit underneath the strapon.

You are surprised that you find the sight of your plastic cock lying across the side of her face as your pussy juices start to cover her face incredibly intoxicating. She starts to flick her tongue back and forth over your clit, and you cry out in passion as your orgasm rocks your body from head to toe. She stands up, stroking the strapon with her hand again, and kisses you full on the lips. The sensation as the small protrusion slides over your clit and your tongues meet simultaneously takes your breath away, sending another small orgasm chasing after the first one. You sink to your knees in the elevator, the taste of your own cum still fresh on your lips.


The elevator doors opened slowly, leading onto the roof. As you step out behind her, the cold wind stings at your face, a rather sudden shock in the aftermath of your previous orgasm. She grins at the look on your face and takes your hand, leading you around a corner to a small area, fenced and hidden from the wind by bushes on all sides. She opens the gate and motions you inside, forcing you to squeeze past her to get in. You catch your breath sharply as your breasts brush past hers, both your nipples and hers already standing out against the cold.

Once inside you find yourself staring at a huge hot tub, the heat from the water leaving the place in a constant, thick fog. She steps up behind you and slips her hands underneath your shirt and begins to lift it over your head. Obediently you lift your arms, hoping that her hands will grace your breasts, your throbbing nipples with a simple touch on the way past. She lets her hands glide Şerifali Escort up your sides, her fingernails just barely touching the sides of your breasts, but still causing a sharp intake of breath from you. You start to whimper slightly, hoping she will get the hint. As the bottom of your shirt reaches your nipples she pulls back sharply, forcing the soft fabric to catch and tug on your hard nipples before finally lifting the shirt over your head. She turns you around and leans into you, kissing you fiercely, and all the cold is forgotten. She reaches down and rubs the strapon you are still wearing, making your pussy even wetter than it already was. She unbuttons your pants for the second time today, freeing the object of her desires. You see a look of passion flares in her eyes before she raises her gaze to meet yours. She locks her stare with yours as she lifts her shirt over her head, freeing her breasts to the air. She reaches over, seemingly to caress your face, and you step forward slightly to accommodate her. Instead her hand slips past your face as she locks her grip into your hair, clenching and pulling back sharply. A jolt of shock and fear and something else…all shoot through your body at the same time.

She pulls you to her roughly, forcing her nipple into your mouth. She leans down to whisper into your ear, “Do exactly as I tell you, and you may get to cum again tonight. Do you understand?” You look up at her, still sucking on her nipple and give a slight nod, mumbling an affirmative. She jerks your head back, staring into your eyes intently.

“Whenever I ask you a question, the answer is Yes, Mistress! Are we clear?”

You look back at her, unsure of this new attitude, but you nod anyway, and whisper, just loud enough for her to hear, “Yes, Mistress.”

She smiles sweetly at you and says, “Good girl. Now, take your pants off, and the strapon too. I won’t need it yet.” As you start to do what she said, her grip tightens in your hair and she looks at you reproachfully. You answer meekly with a “Yes, Mistress”, and she lets go of your hair and nods for you to continue. She slip out of your pants and take off the strapon, wondering to yourself why her treating you this way is making you so wet. Just as you really start to question yourself, she speaks again, “Now, get into the water, go to the far side, and kneel in the seat, facing away from me, and bend over the side.” You mumble another “Yes, Mistress” and do as she says.

The water is very hot, almost to the point of scalding. After you get to the other side and lift yourself out of the water, the air is just that much colder. You bend over the side, exposing your ass and your soaking pussy to the cold, cold air. Behind you can hear her pants drop to the floor and a tiny splash as she enters the water, but you don’t feel her moving towards you. After a few moments you turn your head to look over your shoulder and see her standing at the other side of the hot tub with her hand between her legs, working slowly at her pussy as she stares at your exposed flesh. When she notices you turn around, another look flashes across her face. This look has passion in it, but something else as well; something that sends your heart racing uncontrollably. Instinctively you turn back around, but you know that it’s too late. She kneels, with one leg beside yours and the other straddling your legs, forcing her mound into your hip as she leans over. “I don’t recall giving you permission to move. You will have to be punished for disobeying me. Do you think that’s fair?” You nod your head vehemently with another, “Yes, Mistress.”

“You seem eager. Do you want me to punish you?” Unsure of your own feelings on the matter you say nothing; all the while your body is telling you exactly what it wants. Suddenly, she strikes the right cheek of your ass as hard as she can, forcing a grunt of pain from deep in your throat.

“What did I tell you your answer was?” she screams.

In your shock you hardly know what to say at all, and she strikes again, a little lower this time, and you find yourself grunting with more pleasure than pain. As the shock fades, you remember to whimper “Yes, Mistress” again, and the blows stop. She leans in to whisper in your ear again, “If you want it so bad, ask me…no, beg me for it. Make me believe you truly want me to punish you, and I will reward you with the punishment you so desire.”

“Please…please Mistress. Please punish me Mistress, I deserve it. Please, please, please, Mistress. Punish me, please…” Your voice started a whisper and slowly rose into a throaty growl by the end.

“Very well.” she says. You can almost hear the wind whipping past her hand, giving you a split second of anticipation before her hand falls again, turning the cheek of your ass bright red. She keeps spanking you over and over; until you are moaning each time her hand touches your skin. Harder and harder she strikes, until you think that surely someone will hear from the street far below. Your pussy is throbbing with the need to be touched, Şerifali Escort Bayan but she ignores it, focusing solely on your ass, spanking again and again. You are so lost in your own ecstasy that you hardly notice that she has stopped. Your ass is pulsing in pain, but you dare not turn around, lest she find a new way to punish you that you might not enjoy so much as this one.

She leans down and plants a few soft, wet kissing over the areas she focused on the most, and then moves lower, to the area where the back of your leg meets your ass. She bites down, sending a spark of pleasure through your body. She reaches down between your knees and forces them further apart, lowering your pussy so that the water is lapping against your lips whenever she moves, sending tiny little jolts of pseudo-feeling twitching through you. She keeps kissing just at the edge of the water, at the bottom of your ass, moving closer and closer to your pussy, but never touching it, never letting you feel what you truly want. She takes pains to move forcefully in the water, teasing your aching pussy as the hot water splashing over it and then retreats from the cold again and again. Your entire body is shaking with the terrible desire to feel her fingers inside you; to feel her tongue flicking over your clit; her mouth sucking on the lips of your pussy; the incredible release as you orgasm, gushing cum all over her face, into her waiting mouth; the afterglow as she kisses you; tasting yourself on her tongue.

But still she doesn’t let herself touch your pussy. So close, but never close enough. You whimper, begging under your breath in inarticulate gibberish, unable to form the words because of purity and strength of the unfulfilled need within you. You can barely remember where you are, who you are. The only things you know are her lips kissing your legs, your ass; her breath on your pussy as she passes over it, and the feeling of the water lapping at your pussy teasingly. You can feel your pussy pulsing and throbbing, so incredibly wet.

The only words you can form in your mind are, “Please, Mistress, please let me cum, please…” Finally, your Mistress grants your wish. She pushes a finger inside your opening and starts to slowly pump it in and out. After a few moments you feel another finger join the first. At the same time you feel her breath on the lips of your pussy, so close you can almost feel her lips against yours. She starts breathing harder, teasing you even more, but never letting her fingers inside you slow down. You start to lose yourself in the wonderful bliss of having her inside you, finally starting to relieve a tiny bit of that incredible pressure built up inside you. “Please, Mistress…please…Mistress…please…I can’t…please…” Whether or not she heard you, you still don’t know, but her lips closed with the lips of your pussy, sucking and licking each of them in turn. You cry out in ecstasy, feeling as though you might explode in more ways than one. She keeps sucking and massaging your lips with hers as she reaches up with her other hand and puts one finger lightly on your clit. You freeze, your breath caught in your throat, praying to every god you’ve ever known that she doesn’t stop. Slowly, barely moving at first, she rocks her finger back and forth over your clit, eventually building up to the same fast paced rhythm that her other hand is keeping inside you.

Your stomach starts to clinch; your toes start to curl; all the muscles in your body start tightening. Her tongue is on your clit now, using her finger as a backing so she can isolate your clit even more. Finally, your orgasm rips through your body, your pussy exploding with pleasure, covering June’s face in your cum. You collapse onto the side of the hot tub, her fingers still inside you, letting you relax before slipping them gently out. She pulls you slowly into the tub, letting the hot water relax your newly sore muscles. She leans down and kisses you just before you fall unconscious, letting you taste yourself the way she tasted you.


“Wake up, sweetheart.” You wonder if you were dreaming, if perhaps the events of this night are merely pieces of your overactive imagination at work. As you think this new theory over, her voice shatters through the haze of your sleep-ridden musings, much more stern this time.

“Wake up, sweetheart. I’m not finished with you yet.” As you come to, you realize that you’re no longer outside, but staring up at the canopy of a huge bed. You start to sit up, a shy smile on your face, but after a few inches you find your progress impeded by the ropes tying your arms to the bedposts. In your half-wakened state you almost start to panic, your pulse shooting through the roof. Again, her voice cuts through the fog clouding your mind; her soft and lilting laugh finally overcoming the last of your drowsiness. You look in the direction of her voice and see her smiling at you, her nude form taking your breath away. She smiles even wider as she sees your eyes roving over her body, full of lust and passion. Escort Şerifali She crawls slowly forward from the foot of the bed, and places a simple kiss on the inside of your knee. Involuntarily you try and shift your leg and realize that she has gone to the trouble of tying your legs to bedposts opposite your hands, forcing your legs apart.

She kisses again, this time a bit further up the inside of your thigh. She moves excruciatingly slowly up your thigh, getting you wetter and wetter as she does. After an eternity, or perhaps two, her lips are finally on your aching pussy, and you cry out with relief. She works her way over every inch of your pussy, sucking your lips, your clit; tonguing the opening. As soon as your body even starts to think about orgasm, she changes her pace and her focus, never letting you cum. Without warning she pulls away and steps out of the range of your vision. You hear the sound of a zipper, a bit of rustling, and then she is back, sitting beside you on the bed. She grins down at you and takes your right nipple into her mouth, sucking and nibbling with abandon. She reaches down with one hand and slides two fingers inside you, making you moan with longing. She bites down on your nipple, and grins up at your expression of mingled shock, pain, and pleasure. She starts pumping her fingers in and out of you faster and harder, and you grind your hips downward, meeting her with every thrust.

Just as you find yourself on the brink of orgasm yet again, she pulls out of fingers and takes her mouth off of your breast. You collapse into the bed, whimpering in agony and frustration. She reaches up, taking your hair roughly in her hand, causing you to yelp in pain.

“Did I give you permission to complain?”

“No, Mistress!! Please, Mistress, I’m sorry. I won’t let it happen again, please!!”

She lets go of your hair and picks something up from beside you that you couldn’t see before. A long, thin chain connects two small clamps that look like tiny vise grips. “Mistress, please, no…”

“I don’t recall ever asking your permission. Ask me to put them on like a good slave, or I’ll find a punishment for you and then put them on anyway.” The look on her face leaves you with little doubt as to her seriousness.

“I…Mistress, please put them on. I want it. I want the pain, if Mistress wants me to want it. Please Mistress, let me have it; put them on.” In your mind you are a bit surprised to find that everything you just said was nothing more than the truth. She smiles at the uninhibited desire in your voice and lets the cold chain hang down onto your skin. She lets it slide across your stomach, between your breasts, around your nipples, and across your thighs. She leans down and blows a cool breath over your nipples, making them stand out even more and drying any of the saliva left on them. She puts the clamp on your right nipple first, making you grit your teeth against the pain. You squeeze your eyes closed and wait for the other clamp, but she doesn’t put it on. She lets you suffer for a few moments knowing the pain of the clamp and fearing the coming of the second one. Just when you peek out to find out why she waits, the other clamp closes sharply on your left nipple and you cry out in shock.

“Tell me how much you like it. Make me believe you love it.”

“Thank you Mistress. It hurts so much, but it makes me so wet. Feel for yourself, please Mistress, please! I may cry out in pain but my body doesn’t lie. Please Mistress, don’t ever take them off, please…”

She smiles down at you and says, “Very well, slave. You are going to get a reward…” She climbs fully onto the bed and puts her knees on either side of your head, facing your feet. She lowers her pussy onto your mouth, giving you little choice in the matter. Not that you need one. You lean up into her eagerly, licking and sucking every inch of her pussy that your tongue can reach. She eventually stops grinding, letting you focus on her clit. She orgasms in a matter of minutes, drenching your mouth in her cum. She looks back at you questioningly, and you say the only thing that comes to mind, “Thank you, Mistress, for my reward.”

She smiles at you, a real smile this time, then visibly collects herself and climbs off the bed, in control once again. You hear her doing something outside of your vision and strain to see, each movement sending a tiny shock of pain to your clamped nipples. After a few moments she reappears at the foot of the bed and starts to untie your legs, then crawls up between your legs again. You notice she is wearing a strapon and close your newly freed legs, a look of uncertainty crossing your face. She touches your knees, pulling them apart, sliding between them and letting the head of the strapon rub against the lips of your pussy. You look up at her in fear and she gives you a small, reassuring smile. She leans down to your stomach and surprises you by taking the chain connecting the clamps on your nipples into her mouth. She locks her gaze with yours and places the head of the strapon at the entrance to your pussy. She leans her head back as her hips slide forward, causing a tremendous amount of sensation: the head of the strapon enters your pussy, filling your more with that small inch than you thought possible, and the chain in her teeth pulls roughly on your nipples, making you cry out in pain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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