A Couple of Similar Likes Ch. 05

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Please note that this and my other works are mainly fantasy and should not be read by those not into heavy BDSM. This is the first of the new “slave william and slave michelle” adventures. Some scenes are close to reality that I have experienced and all are others are ones that I would like to experience first hand. If you dislike my writings, please be mature and find something else to read. If you feel this story is in the wrong category, in the whole scheme of things, does it really matter? Let me repeat this to those few who dislike my writings — If you don’t like it, don’t read it. How simple is that?


“You’re late again sluts! Get the fuck in here and close that door. Kneel before me…NOW!” barked Victoria in a voice leaving no room for doubt that she was more than pissed off.

I pulled the door shut and heard it lock into place and then following Michelle’s lead ran to Victoria and fell on my knees at her feet. I had noticed that she was dressed completely in black leather. Boots, thong and a bra that was more of a harness and it barely covered her nipples.

“What the fuck was it this time?”

“Sorry Ma’am,” Michelle whispered out, “but it is not our fault. The elevator…”

‘Slap, slap, slap.’ Victoria used her palm and backhand while holding my wife’s hair and hit her with hard blows. I watched as Michelle held back from uttering any sound but saw her eyes get watery as she glared at Victoria.

(Michelle and I had discussed our attitudes and thought that it was time to take it up a notch to feel the benefits of being true painsluts. We agreed to behave as slaves with attitude problems beginning with this Saturday’s training. From this point on, we would struggle, curse and disobey our superiors at the appropriate moments.)

“I don’t care about your stupid excuses slut. Strip naked. Now! Then assume slave position while I discuss this matter with your stupid idiot of a husband here,” she barked and turned to me grabbing me by my hair at the same time. “Ten fucking minutes boy! That’s how long you kept all of us waiting including your Mistress. You will be punished for this william and you will end up regretting being late. Now strip and assume slave position.”

As I jumped to my feet I noticed that Michelle was naked and in slave position already. ‘God, how beautiful she looks,’ I thought as I started to remove my shoes and clothing. Then in a sarcastic tone, I tuned to Victoria and said, ” Does this mean my cock harness comes off as well, Bitch?”

Victoria just glared at me knowing that I was trying to be a smart-ass and then pushed a button on the desk. “Get on you knees boy! NOW!”

Almost immediately, the door behind Victoria’s desk opened and Betty stepped through. She was dressed exactly like Victoria with the exception, I noticed, that the heels on her boots seemed to be twice as high as Victoria’s and it caused her some difficulty in walking. Also, her thong was even smaller than Victoria’s and just covered her crack.

As I was taking in Betty’s entrance, I had forgotten to keep my head down and also failed to notice Victoria move quietly to me, and then, ‘WHAP,’ she kicked me hard on the cock cage. The pain from the spikes and the blow to my cock and balls caused me to scream out in agony and then, ‘WHAP.’ That bitch just kicked me as hard as she could on the left side of my rib cage with the toe of her boot. This caused me to gasp for air as I worried about cracked ribs. “That was for your wise ass comments boy. Now strip and assume Slut position. Quickly.” Victoria yelled as she moved behind me.

I jumped to my feet and removed my shoes and coveralls. Just as I was stepping out of the last leg of the only piece of clothing that I wore, I looked up and saw that both Michelle and Betty were starring at me with my cock straining to be released from its confinement. Betty had a wicked smile on her face and Michelle was running her tongue around her lips. ‘Whap,’ I received a blow at the back of my head from the hand of Victoria.

“No one told you to look around asshole,” she hissed into my left ear, “and get into position. Betty, take the bitch out and prepare her for training. I’ll take care of this piece of shit. When you are ready, take her to the training room. Mistress Alexis is there waiting for her guest as well as her painsluts. We are running late so be quick about it.”

I heard Michelle let out a grunt as I went to my knees and I caught a glimpse of them leaving. Betty had hold of Michelle’s hair and had her bent at the waist as she was taken out of the room. Just as they left, I heard Betty say, “This is another position that you will learn today cunt.” As I got on my back, I raised myself up by my legs and palms of my hands that were reversed above my head. Then I spread my legs as far apart as possible with my steel bound cock high in the air.

“Very good slut,” Victoria commented, “Did you attempt to remove the lock.”

“No Ma’am.”

“Now let’s get something straight boy. If you disappoint trabzon escort your Mistress today, you will be required to wear this for the entire week. You will be given another device or perhaps if you do real well today, you will not be required to wear anything. Do you understand this william?”

“Yes Ma’am, I understand.” I grunted out the reply as the slut position was starting to wear me down.

“Yes, the lock has not been tampered with,” she said as leaned over and inspected it. “Not too bad, just a few minor scratches. I will now remove it. But william, you misbehave at any time and it goes back on …even if it’s during a punishment session and if that happens, your cock will be torn to rat shit.”

Victoria then took her time to go to the desk, get the key and come back. She was doing this on purpose, the bitch, knowing that I was straining to hold position. After what seemed like an eternity, she bent down and with her left hand, grabbed the base of my scrotum and pulled it up has hard as she could.

“Oh fuck, fuck…oh god that hurts …let it go bitch…oh please let it go.”

“What did you call me william? You called me a bitch again didn’t you boy?” she chuckled as she kept pulling on my sack. “I’m going to beat the crap out of you all afternoon until you learn to shut the fuck up and enjoy the pain.”

“Sorry Ma’am…sorry, I didn’t expect that…oh god that hurts,” I whined through clenched teeth.

“You are a painslut. You will learn to expect and love the unexpected.”

With that, she released her hold on my scrotum and proceeded to unlock the device and then she pulled it off me. Actually, it felt as if she ripped it off which caused me to moan through clenched teeth.

“Oh dear, did that hurt boy? Now get to you fucking feet. Arms straight out in front of you.” She then went to the desk and from behind it pulled out a leather sack from which she sought out 2 leather wrist cuffs. These she proceeded to buckle on my wrists making them as tight as possible. “Arms to your sides.” She barked and I obeyed as I looked straight ahead. She then secured two more cuffs, which she secured to each arm just above the elbows in the same tight manner.

“Sit on the floor william.”

I obeyed. Four leather cuffs were then flung at me; two of which were larger than the others.

” Put the small ones on your ankles and the other about 3 inches above your knees. Put then on tight and then lie on your back in a spread-eagled position.”

I obeyed and very shortly was on my back spread for this woman as ordered and looking up at the ceiling. Nothing happened for a few moments and I dared not to look around for fear of having that spiked harness put back on me. Then I felt her booted foot begin to press on my balls. She kept increasing the pressure on them until I started to moan but I did not cry out. She took her foot off and then placed a hard kick with the same boot that landed hard at the base of my cock and balls. My reaction was to defend myself by going into a fetal position as I moaned out in pain.

“Get up you poor excuse for a slut. Slave position tongue! NOW!”

Immediately, I was off the floor and fell on my knees in front of her. Legs apart, hands and arms behind my back, head up, and tongue out. She walked up in front of me, removing that wisp of black leather as she did so and I could smell the sweetness of her sex. My cock shot up like a rocket and felt as if it was ready to burst out of my body. She spread her legs slightly and at the same time grabbed a fistful of my hair and shoved me into her.

“Lick it boy and don’t waste any time!” she commanded.

Immediately, I had my tongue into her wet pussy and quickly sought out her swollen clit, licking it as fast and hard as I could. My hands were on her thighs, stroking their softness. “Now suck it! Suck it william!” I pressed my lips into her and quickly had them around her clit sucking it as tenderly as I could. Then in the heat of it all, I became a bit more aggressive and nibbled lightly on it.

As suddenly as we had begun to play, she whipped my head back and slapped me hard across my left cheek with her right hand. “You fucking little bastard,” she yelled, “no one told you to do that. That just cost me $20. I had a bet with Betty and she said you would try that. I will get that back out of your fucking hide boy!” Then she backhanded me across my right cheek.

“Stand there with your hands behind your head! Get those legs apart! Wider! This is the Inspect position, which you will learn today. Now do not move! Head up and straight ahead and eyes on the floor.”

Just then, a buzzer went off and Karen went to the main desk and viewed her tablet. She then pressed a button to open the main entrance, which was now to my back. I heard the door snap open, a rustle of clothes and then I felt someone directly beside me and knew that there were others in the room as well.

“Slave, remove your clothing and stand at Inspect as well,” uşak escort a voice that I recognized as Dr. White’s, barked.

“Yes, Master,” a female voice, replied.

“Mistress is expecting you Sir. Please go right in,” Victoria said as she came out from around the desk to stand beside me.

“Thanks Victoria,” he replied, “and will you please take care of my slut here. Just have her copy whatever you are doing to the boy. She could use a little training and discipline. Oh, and if you could, why not have both of them be presented to us. You know…in one of your classic methods.” And with that he left through the door in front of us.

Victoria stepped aside to stand in front of slave colleen and immediately…Slap…brought her hand across the slave’s left cheek. “You fucking cunt. How dare you disappoint your Master? Now get your legs apart … wide… and stand at the proper Inspect position! Eyes down bitch!”

“Yes Ma’am. Sorry Ma’am.” I heard colleen say.

I glimpsed Victoria then going back to the desk and then she must have accessed an Intercom. “Bring up a standard locking package immediately. Female. And be quick about It.” she barked out her command. She tapped her fingernails on the desk as she waited and I knew she was watching us to see if we would look up. I kept looking down until the door opened several minutes later.

“It’s about time that got here. I don’t have all day.”

“Sorry Ma’am. I deserve your punishment,” a male voice replied to which I slowly raised my head and recognised a male slave from Mistress’s party. It was the muscular slave and he wore what he did at the party; cuffs, sandals and the steel chastity device that forced his genitals up tight against his body and back between his legs. I knew that he probably also wore a butt plug and this time had a heavy leather posture collar around his neck. Risking punishment, I glanced into the eyes of colleen who smiled and then slowly ran her tongue over her lips.

Victoria took the black sports bag that the slave had brought and as she did so I watched as she squeezed his right nipple until he let our a moan. “Do not disappoint me again boy or you will not be in my bed tonight. Understood?” He nodded and let out a soft and humble, ” Yes Ma’am.” With a nod of her head she indicated that he should leave and then quickly turned and caught both colleen and I staring at her. You could see the fire building up in her eyes and she said not a word. I knew that she would repay us double for this error.

“You know the routine, prepare yourself bitch,” she commanded to colleen as she threw the bag at her feet.

“Yes Ma’am,” colleen replied and immediately got busy putting on the supplied cuffs.

“Now for your costume william. All painsluts now wear gladiator skirts. Male slaves have three slats and the females, one. Here is yours! Get it on now!” she said as she threw it at my feet.

I bent down and retrieved what looked like a heavy red leather thong with attachments. It had an expandable waistband made of 1″ leather that Victoria told me was to ride at the top of my hips. Three red leather slats were at the front of the skirt and each was 1″ wide with a pointed silver metal tip at the end. There were also two smaller straps beneath the slats that were went between my crotch and legs and ended together attached to a wide and heavy leather strap that was 2″ wide that meant to go up between my legs and attach to the rear of the belt.

“Put it on now slut but do not attach that large strap. I will take care of it. That goes for you as well colleen,” Victoria commanded.

I got into it and slipped it over my hips and even though it had some expansion to it, it was extremely tight. Looking at myself in the wall mirror, I noticed that the three slats were not long enough to cover my private area and only covered half if that. ‘A little bit of body oil would turn the women on,’ I thought to myself.

“Pleased with yourself slut? Come here and bend over the table so I can make a few adjustments.”

I obeyed.

“Spread your legs wide…move back a bit and get that ass in the air,” Victoria barked. “And you colleen, when you’re finished, get up here beside the boy and do the same.”

I obeyed.

I felt Victoria kneel down behind me and before I could get excited and start on an erection, she grabbed my penis and slipped a noose over it, which she tightened behind the head of my cock. “Aghh…fuck that hurts…take it off.” I yelled. But I knew from her chuckle that nothing would happen. What she had done was tie a leash to my cock tip with a rope about the size of a shoelace, which must have been about 20 feet in length.

Next, she lubed my ass-hole and I knew what would be next but it turned out to be not exactly what I thought. It was a small 4″ black dildo with a base plate. That base plate turned out to be a battery and wireless unit that would be used for control and pain. About this time, colleen joined me on the table and as she spread van escort out, her foot touched mine. I looked to my right and saw that she was breathing hard and had a smile on her face. Our eyes met and she gave me a smile that caused my cock to throb as it tried unsuccessfully to enlarge itself. Victoria then brought the middle strap up between my legs and just before buckling it to the back of the waistband, tested the dildo. It worked which was evident from my scream and struggling as my body tried to rid itself of this thing. Victoria pushed it back in and colleen put her hand on mine to comfort me and then gave out a moan of pleasure as she waited her turn. It felt that Victoria used all her strength to buckle that strap in place at the final hole.

Then it was colleen’s turn but she seemed to treat it as pleasure. Then Victoria did something similar to colleen…she screwed a clamp onto one of colleen’s cunt lips and to this attached a rope similar to the one on my cock. Her dildo was also tested and her belt secured but all these things brought out moans of pleasure and not pain.

To complete our ensemble, Victoria added a head harness to each and it was complete with a large rubber coated ring gag that took a bit of physical persuasion to get mine into place. She had them brought to her by that male slave again after giving him orders on the intercom. She had also told him to bring rope and the medium punishment strap, set up the curtain on the other side of the main door and wait for us. That ring gag was bigger than anything I had been used to in the past which caused my jaw to ache…that was also due to the fact that Victoria had again used all her force when buckling up the head harness.

Her hands were in my hair as well as colleen’s and we were pulled back up to a standing position. I glanced at the Doctor’s wife beside me and realized how beautiful a slave she truly was. Her little red gladiator’s skirt with just one small slat was enough to get anyone excited. As I looked at her, I saw that she was doing the same…looking me over as well. A thought crossed my mind; actually it was a wish, that perhaps they would have us perform some kind of sex act together.

Slap …Victoria brought me back to reality with that slap across the top of my head.

“Now, we are going to go through that door and prepare your entrance for your owners. Ready?” We both nodded that we were and she led us through the door: myself by the cock leash and colleen with the leash attached to the clamp. Once through, she made us stop in front of a curtain…the male slave stood to our side …smiling.

“Slaves! Get on the floor quickly! On your stomachs and as close together as possible. Here, Take these and put them between your legs,” she barked.

I took the fine rope that was attached to my cock, as did colleen with hers and we both got on the floor putting the leash between my legs. I shuffled to my right until I was up tight against colleen just as she let out a moan of pleasure from her gagged mouth. Victoria then knelt down and roughly reached between my legs for my leashed cock and pulled it back and up and left the coil of rope on my ass. She then moved over to colleen and did the same.

Almost at once, the male slave knelt at my left side. “Arms behind your back, william. Put one hand on each cheek, quickly!” he hissed. Smack! A punch landed on my rib cage and I let out a loud moan. “You must obey me william as you are a mere painslut! Now let’s be quick about this. This is going to hurt at first so be a man and take the pain.” I could then feel the slave attaching rope to the cuffs that were above my elbows and the suddenly with all his might pulled the two cuffs together…tight…so tight that I thought my arms were going to pop out of their sockets. Next came the wrists followed by the ankle cuffs. I was bound tight together but only the ones above my elbows had caused any pain. I felt another rope being tied to my ankles and then he lift my ankles bending them back towards my head. ‘Here we go boy,” he whispered and then the rope at my ankles was wound around the rope binding my elbows together and pulled tight as well. Again I let out a long moan. One of his hands then grabbed my cock and he squeezed it as tight as possible. As I hissed out a quiet moan he said, “This is for all your noise which I will be punished for. Remember this william…I will pay you back for every lash.” He let go of my manhood and I knew that he would definitely pay me back somehow, somewhere.

Victoria then knelt in front of me and lifted my head up and back, as far as it would go. “Try to keep your heads up slaves as your leashes will be attached to each others head harness.” She then tied the leash from colleen’s cunt to my gag harness. It was so tight that when she was finished, I dropped my head slightly and instantly a moan of pain came from colleen. “Your turn next william,” she chuckled as she took my leash and attached it to colleen’s head harness. My moans of pain did nothing but have her tie it to my slave partner’s harness that much tighter. I glanced over at colleen and caught her eyes glaring at me as if I was responsible for her position. Not moving, I lay there looking straight ahead and waited for what was to come.

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