A Coworker’s Thong

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Stacy and Steve had a friendship that was uncommon among coworkers. They were friends first and coworkers second. They each shared every aspect of their personal lives. Even the parts that didn’t normally get shared between friends. They often shared stories of their sex lives, masturbation habits and even fantasies.

Steve had shared with her that he had a slight fetish for thongs. He would always look at girls’ butts to see if he could see the outline of a thong. Seeing a thong peeking over the back of a pair of pants was his favorite. Even though they were just friends, Steve was sexually attracted to Stacy. He didn’t miss a chance to check her out when she bent over. He would often see the outline of the bikinis that she normally wore. Occasionally, he would see the thin outline of a thong rising out of the center of her butt and out over her hips. it always made his day.

Stacy was intrigued by this Fetish. She had him explain the details of his fantasy to her. He told her that he loved the way the thong accentuated a really nice ass more than full coverage underwear. Steve also told her about his fantasy to get ahold of a used pair of someone’s panties. Stacy asked him why. He explained how he loved the lingering smell of a woman and that he wanted to feel the smooth fabric sliding across his dick.

Whenever they had lunch together, Steve would ask Stacy what color panties she had on. Today was no different. As they got back in the car after lunch, Steve asked the question.

“They have a blue and white gingham pattern. on them”, replied. Steve immediately began to try and picture them in his head. “I’m wearing a thong.” she added with a grin.

Steve’s heart skipped a beat. Just the thought of Stacy wearing a thong drove him crazy.

“Show them to me.” he asked. she had given him brief glimpses of the waistband before, but often she would just let him use his imagination.

Stacy just smirked and then started her car and pulled out of the restaurant parking lot. She didn’t mind showing him her panties, but she enjoyed teasing him more.

Stacy changed the subject and talked about work on the drive back. Steve struggled to get his mind off of Stacy’s thong.

He was starting to think clearly again by the time they pulled into the office parking lot. Stacy found a place to park and turned off her car. They sat there for a moment continuing their conversation.

Stacy decided she would tease Steve a little more before heading back inside. She loved the feeling that she had the control.

She reached down to her right hip and lifted her shirt up. Steve’s eyes immediately were fixed on her smooth skin that was now exposed.

Stacy slid her fingers into the waistband of her pants. She Kartal escort pulled up on the satiny material of her thong. The waistband of her thing was rising out of the front of her pants and through her fingers before disappearing again in the back of her pants.

Steve stared in awe as he gazed at her thong. Stacy could see the hunger in his eyes.

“I want to see more.” he pleaded.

“That is enough.” Stacy said teasingly.

She opened her door and slid out of her car. As she did, Steve saw a little more of her thong peeking about the back of her pants. Steve had to adjust his slightly stiff dick before getting out of the car

Stacy readjusted her clothing to make sure her thong was once again hidden as they began to walk in.

Stacy was surprised that teasing Steve was slightly turning her on. It made her feel alive knowing that someone lusted after her.

Throughout the afternoon, Stacy felt almost a sense of anxiety. For some reason, the thought of Steve wanting her thong was getting her more excited than usual.

Stacy went to the restroom and noticed how wet her panties were. She placed her hand between her legs to feel the wetness. She took her middle finger and slid it up and down her slippery pussy lips. She eased her finger half way into her pussy and drew it back out. Her finger was slick from her juices. Goosebumps spread across her body as her finger slowly circled her clit.

It took all of her willpower to resist the urge to furiously masturbate right then. Her body needed relief but she knew it would be more enjoyable if she waited until she got home.

Stacy decided this was the perfect time to give Steve what he wanted. She kicked off her shoes and pants and slid her thong down her legs and over her feet. She quickly got dressed and placed the thong in her pocket.

Stacy walked over to Steve’s cubicle and walked up behind him. Steve turned and smiled when he saw his friend.

She reached out and dropped the thong into his lap. Steve was caught off guard. Once he realized what it was, he scooped it into his hand. He didn’t want someone to walk by and see it.

He looked up at Stacy in complete shock. A mischievous grin had swept across Stacy’s face.

“I thought I would give you a little present. I want those back before the end of the day. They are my favorite pair.” Stacy said as she left his cubicle.

Steve was still so shocked that he couldn’t respond. He had asked to have one of her thongs on several occasions. She had joked about it with him but never had done it.

Steve looked down to the thong hidden in his hands. He couldn’t believe that he was holding the same pair that he had seen her wear just a few hours ago.

He quickly Kurtköy Escort shoved it into his pocket so it was out of sight. He felt the wetness from her panties on his fingers. He brought his fingers to his lips and subtly licked them. There was a faint taste of her pussy. He felt his dick stirring in his pants.

Steve quickly got up and left his desk. He knew just where he needed to go. The back of their office building was rarely used. He sometimes hid out back there when he needed to get work done without distractions. He would have the privacy he wanted in the bathroom there.

He casually walked through the space to make sure he was alone before heading into the bathroom. Steve locked the door behind him and pulled out Stacy’s thong.

Steve had seen small glimpses of Stacy’s panties several times. Occasionally, he would see them peeking over her waistband as she bent over. A couple times Stacy would give him a small glimpse if she was feeling flirtatious.

Now he was seeing her entire panties and was holding them in his hand. He admired the smooth fabric with its small blue and white print.

He could still feel her wetness on them. Steve held them up to his nose. He took a deep breath. Her scent was intoxicating.

He unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down below his hips. He hooked his thumbs into the sides of his boxer briefs and slid them down to where his pants rested.

His hard dick quickly sprang free from the fabric. Steve brought the thong back to his nose with his left hand. He took in her aroma as the fingers of his right hand wrapped around his shaft.

Steve leaned back against the wall as he began stroking his dick. He started out slowly as his full hand pumped up and down his entire length.

As his speed built up, he began gripping his dick with just two fingers and his thumb. The thong was still held tight against his face.

Steve then took the thong and wrapped the small fabric around the shaft of his dick.

He returned to pumping his dick with his whole hand. Electricity flowed through his body as he thought about how this fabric that had been up against Stacy’s pussy just a few minutes ago was now touching his dick.

Steve continued stroking as his pleasure built. His knees began to bend as the orgasm started. He tightened up every muscle in his body as he tried to hold back. Within a few seconds he could not control it. The muscles in his groin contracted as he began to cum.

Burst after burst erupted from his dick. The cum cascaded over his fingers. Some ran down on to the patterned fabric of Stacy’s thong.

Steve caught his breath and straightened up his body. He used her thong to wipe the cum from his hands. He pulled up his Pendik Escort pants and checked to make sure that there was not any more cum on him before leaving the bathroom.

He walked back to the front of the office and straight to Stacy’s cubicle. He pulled the thong out of his pocket and dropped it on her keyboard before Stacy scooped it up with her hands.

“Thanks for making my fantasy come true. The real thing was better than anything my mind had imagined” Steve said as he walked away.

Stacy quickly shoved the panties in her book bag. Once again, a sense of excitement swept over her body. Her pussy tingled. She quickly started to think about work to distract her. She knew that if her pussy started to get wet again, it would be visible on her pants since she wasn’t wearing any panties.

When Stacy got home that day, she immediately pulled her thong out of her bag and inspected it. The crotch was still damp from earlier but with the extra wetness of his cum as well.

She imagined what the delicate fabric looked like as it was wrapped around his hard dick. A fire was starting to burn between her legs. She needed immediate relief.

Stacy stepped out of her heels and quickly pushed her pants down and kicked them off. She placed her feet through the openings of her thong and pulled the wet thong up onto her hips. Just like Steve, she felt a sense of excitement knowing that the fabric had recently been touching Steve’s dick.

Her fingers began to rub circles over her whole pussy through the fabric. She leaned back against the arm of her couch. Her fingers began to work more quickly now. The tension was quickly building within her body. The fingers on her left hand pushed the fabric to the side as she began to penetrate herself. Her middle fingers pushed deep inside her and began to rub her inner walls.

She used the fingers of her right hand to focus on her clit. The smooth fabric separating the two. She pictured Steve stroking his dick with her panties wrapped tightly around his shaft. Surges of pleasure were now flowing through her body. The pent up excitement from the day was about to explode.

Her back arched and her knees became weak. She vigorously fucked her pussy with her fingers.

The first wave of her orgasm hit her body like a lightning bolt. Stacy pulled her fingers away from her clit as she continued to finger fuck herself as the orgasm pulsed through her body. As the orgasm began to subside, she placed her fingers back on her clit and began rubbing it side to side. It wasn’t long before a second, more powerful orgasm hit her. She felt a rush of wetness running down her thigh as she peaked.

Stacy relaxed her body and pulled her fingers out of her dripping pussy. She slid back and laid on the couch while she tried to recover. She had just had one of the best masturbation sessions she had had in years. If she knew that she would have got so much pleasure from it, she would have shared her panties with Steve a long time ago.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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