A Dance

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The room is filled with quiet warmth, dim light casting shadows on the walls. The music is soft, Frank Sinatra unless I’m mistaken. But I barely pay attention to the tune as we dance. Hand in hand we slowly circle. I fight to keep my hand from shaking as it rests lightly against your hip, held away from your skin only by the thin fabric of your pants. The skin of your hand is so soft against mine and I long to pull you to me, hold you close.

I’m conscious of the awkwardness of the moment. But dinner had been delicious, our conversation wonderful and inspiring. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that you saw me only as a child, that our age difference was something that concerned you. But I see you only as a beautiful woman, sexy and intelligent, and I can’t help but want you. And you took pity on me and agreed to dance.

I can’t take my eyes off of you as we slowly take a turn around our improvised dance floor. You catch my eyes and blush, as though you can see what I’m thinking. On a whim I spin you, watch as you complete your circle under my arm, taking in every curve of your body. As you complete your turn you smile and step closer to me, surprising me. Body to body now, our slow dance continues as my arm reaches around you, my fingers lightly tracing the small of your back. You rest your head on my shoulder and I can smell your hair. You fill my senses and you are intoxicating. Your arm goes around my neck, holding me close and I put the slightest pressure on your back, pulling you to me as well.

For the first time I notice my hard on, raging against my khakis and I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks as embarrassment fills me. Pressed against me as you are I know that you can feel my hard penis against your hip. But you’re gracious enough not to say anything as we hold each other close.

Unable to resist any longer, I hesitantly turn and let my lips brush ever so lightly over your forehead. I’m filled with silent dread as your face rises up escort şişli and our eyes lock, but you don’t pull away. I lean in again, our lips meeting for the first time. A spark races through me with even so small a kiss. I look deeply into your eyes and see the hesitation there. Yet your face tilts up to meet mine and we kiss again, first softly and then harder.

This time when our kiss breaks you return your head to my shoulder, resting it there. And still we dance. My head is swimming, surprise and pure happiness filling me. I feel you shift ever so slightly, feel your lips against my neck. You kiss me there again, and then a third time a little higher. Your face rises to meet mine again and this time our kiss is sure and passionate. I open my mouth, let my tongue dart out to tap your upper lip teasingly. In a moment your tongue joins mine, sliding and playing, dancing together with a passion neither of us expected. You slide your other arm over my shoulder, pulling me into our embrace as I take you fully in my arms.

Our kiss seems to last a pleasant eternity before it breaks. I realize that you’ve guided me to the couch and I sit. You surprise me yet again, straddling me, your hands reaching for my shirt, pulling it over my head. You kiss me again as I find your top, and our kiss breaks as I remove it. Your hands run over my bare chest as we kiss again, my cock now pressing painfully against my pants. I feel you working the fastenings of your bra before it slides from you and your amazing breasts hang free. Our bodies press together, chest to chest, feeling the heat of each other as I undo your pants. You quickly unzip my khakis and stand up, your fingers working under the waistband of my shorts and pulling the whole assembly off. I sit before you naked and our lust filled eyes meet.

Before I can move you drop to your knees, taking my hard cock in your hand. You stoke it gently before you lean in and lick it from base to tip, istanbul eskort your tongue sending shivers of pleasure through me. Your tongue slides a long, slow circle around the head before you part your lips and take me into your mouth. I moan in sudden ecstasy as you slide up and down teasingly, your tongue slipping along my shaft. I revel in your passionate ministrations for a moment before stopping you, urging you to stand. Then I slip your pants and panties to the floor slowly, letting me fingers run along your exposed flesh, feeling the soft skin of your sexy thighs. I lean forward and kiss your belly, letting my hands trail up to cup your ass before motioning for you to sit in my place.

I kneel before you and spread your legs. Leaning in my nostrils are filled with the pungent scent of your womanhood and cock twitches at the thought of tasting you. As one hand lightly kneads your breast, teasing your nipple with a gentle flick, I softly kiss your wet mound. My tongue slides from the top of your slit to the bottom and you moan in pleasure. Another long, slow lick retraces the path before my tongue darts into your wet pussy. You shiver with pleasure as I lick your pussy, my tongue finding your clit and sliding slow circles around it. As I continue to lick, my fingers tease your clit, gentle flicks and slow circles making you moan with every action. In a moment I change the focus of my attentions, lightly sucking at your clit. My finger slides along the length of your slit, feeling your wetness before pushing hesitantly inside you.

My tongue and finger work in concert, one teasing your clit, the other sliding in and out of you slowly. I feel your hands on the back of my head, pulling my face to your pussy as you cry out, “Matt! Oh yes baby!” Under my continued ministrations I feel your whole body shake, your muscles contracting, your orgasm approaching. “Oh God! Oh yes!” I increase my pace, driving you towards release, feeling you get ever nearer. escort mecidiyeköy Finally I let a second finger join the first inside your hot pussy. You buck almost violently, pleasure overwhelming you as your orgasm descends upon you. “Matt… oh Matt baby… oh yeessss!”

I slow as you come back to earth, my fingers ceasing, letting my tongue bring you back down from those heights. But only for a moment, as my hand finds my hard cock and strokes it lightly, readying it. I pull you to the edge of the couch, your ass almost hanging over, giving me access to your wet slit. Rising into a crouch, I slide the head of my shaft along your wetness, teasing you. Then I slowly push inside you, just the head at first. Our mutual moans of ecstasy fill the room as I penetrate you, pushing in to the base of my cock before slowly drawing myself out again. After a few of these slow strokes you grow impatient, pulling me deeply inside of you. I take your legs and raise them to my shoulders as I push deeply into you, filling you. You close your eyes, enjoying the sensation of my cock inside you as your hands trace circles over my chest.

Our lovemaking is slow at first, long strokes that tease of things to come. But soon my pace quickens, my thrusts coming faster and faster and with increasing force. In moments I’m pounding in and out of you, our cries of lust and pleasure competing with the sound of my balls slapping against your ass. Each stroke carries me deep inside you then nearly all the way out again, our rhythm quickening with each pounding thrust.

Your second orgasm rips through you suddenly, forcefully. You grab my hips, pulling me deeply into you as you cum, your pussy squeezing my cock, begging me to cum with you. And I feel release at hand, my cock spasming, hot juices filling your pussy.

As our orgasms fade, you push me down onto the floor, sliding down to join me. Our embrace is passionate, our tongues dancing together once more. As my member grows soft we touch each other, explore each other. You guide a nipple to my mouth and I take it hungrily, my tongue sliding over your soft skin. You purr at my touch, you hand sliding down my stomach to my penis. You take me in hand, softly stroking me. And I feel my cock beginning to harden once more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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