A Daughter’s Wet Mouth

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The whole ride to the beach with her father, Kent, Taylor could barely sit still. She’d just turned eighteen a week ago, but she still got so jittery being alone with her father. It didn’t seem right at her age to feel so nervous about things like wearing her new bikini in front of him for the first time. Her mother would probably flip out if she saw it despite her being an adult now, but Taylor was a shameless Daddy’s girl, so she was counting on his usual loving support and kindness. He always just told her she was beautiful no matter what.

Besides, he was the only one she really wanted to like how she looked. It wasn’t anything she’d admit to her friends when they were wandering around at the mall last weekend, but it was one of the first things she thought about. The one exception was her friend, Kendra. Kendra was a huge daddy’s girl just like Taylor, although Kendra’s dad was divorced and hardly ever said anything when she wore something none of their other friends would get away with. In fact, since her mother had left, Kendra said her father didn’t even bother trying to hide it when he checked out her boobs or butt.

Kendra even bragged to Taylor that her father got hard-ons when she tested the limits of what she could get away with wearing. Taylor didn’t know if she believed it, though. The petite brunette was the same age, and they were best friends, but Kendra said a lot of wild things Taylor wasn’t sure she should believe, even bragging how big her father’s cock looked when he got hard in his pants.

Taylor started thinking she should probably have shown her new bikini to her father before they left the house and made sure he didn’t mind her wearing anything that skimpy. She could have called him into her room and done it without her mother or older brother, Kyle, knowing. But she still would’ve had to put it on. Just showing it to him on a hanger wouldn’t work. At least this way they’d already be there and no one would force her to change. She knew he wouldn’t tell her to change, but she was a little afraid of shocking him. But when she was being honest with herself, she was excited as much as afraid.

On the other hand, Taylor didn’t know how she could wear anything like that in public. When she tried it on in her room and checked herself in the tall mirror on the inside of her closet door, she saw how it left her butt almost entirely bare. There were plenty of girls who wore things like that on public beaches, but she wondered if they all felt as nervous as she did.

It was the first really nice beach day of the season, and it was sure to be crowded. At least a hundred strangers would see her. But she was counting on the fact that there would be a hundred other girls in scant bikinis and she could just blend into the crowd and no one would really notice her. Except her dad.

One problem for Taylor was being taller than a lot of her friends, and then also having a thick, round booty that wouldn’t go away no matter how much she tried to exercise. Plus, her boobs were now filling C cups. She liked having big boobs, though. It felt good to play with them. Her nipples were sensitive enough to give her a wet pussy when she handled them, and she could tell a lot of people liked looking at them. She’d even caught her father sneaking peeks at them and that made her feel incredibly proud.

She looked at them in the mirror and played with them practically every day, imagining the big, strong hands of a man like her father rubbing and feeling them.

“You okay, sweetie?” her father asked suddenly.

“Huh? Oh, yeah sure. Why?”

“Just that you’ve been really quiet, sweetie. You’d let me know if anything was wrong, right?”

“Course I would, Dad.”

“Good girl.”

He glanced at her with that smile of his that always made her skin feel so warm. She smiled back and then looked forward, afraid of him figuring out what she was thinking like he did so often.

“Did you take that from your mother’s closet?” he asked after another minute or two. He was nodding at the short sarong she was wearing as a cover-up, and she had, in fact, helped herself to it from her mother’s wardrobe.

“She doesn’t wear it anymore,” she justified.

Kent smiled again. “She probably doesn’t even remember owning it,” he chuckled. “Don’t worry. I won’t rat you out. I haven’t seen that T shirt before,” he added curiously.

“Oh, um, I got it last week at the mall.”

“Oh, right,” he remembered. “Kendra was with you that day, if I recall.”

“Yup. Why?”

“Oh, no reason,” he replied a little cagily.

The T shirt he was noticing was a cropped T with a wide neck that fit loosely around her middle. Kendra had pointed out she could show her belly and waist without attracting too much attention to her boobs. But why was her dad mentioning her? Before she could think of a way to find out, he was pulling the car into the town beach parking lot.

There weren’t too many cars yet, so they were able to get a spot close to the path onto the beach. As they carried erotik hikayeler their things onto the sand, Kent asked his daughter if she wanted to find a spot close to the snack stand, but she told him she wanted to be farther away from the thickest part of the crowd.

“Okay, sweetie,” he said, putting his free hand on her shoulder. “But in a couple of hours it’ll be crowded everywhere.”

“Yeah, but maybe we’ll be leaving by then.”

“You don’t want to stay all day?”

Taylor shrugged. “I dunno. I guess we can see.”

“It’s up to you, sweetie. We’ve got the whole day together if that’s what you want.”

Taylor smiled. It was the best she’d felt all day. She almost forgot about having to take off her cover-up in just a few more minutes when they decided on a spot. Her dad always had a way of making her feel loved, even those rare times he was scolding her. Her mother and brother she wasn’t so sure about. She got along with them okay, but sometimes they could be so aggravating.

“I love that, Daddy,” she replied, grinning. “Maybe we could go have burgers or ice cream later. Or we could go to a movie.”

“Your choice today,” he smiled. “You’ll be going away to college soon and you won’t be my little princess anymore, so I want us to spend us much time together as we can this summer.”

“Daddy, I’ll always be your princess,” she insisted.

He put his hand on her shoulder again but kept it there this time as they walked far enough down the beach to be well away from other people. “I hope it’s okay we stop by my office just for a bit later, okay? I only need about a half hour to finish up something from Friday afternoon.”

“I don’t mind.”

She actually liked going into her father’s office. Especially on the weekend when there was almost never anyone else there. She liked seeing that side of him, and sometimes when he was working on something Taylor imagined she was his secretary or assistant, and that she was incredibly important to him.

“Thanks, princess, you’re the best.”

On that, he pulled her closer so their sides were touching as they walked down the beach. It was the closest Taylor ever felt to having a boyfriend. A real one. Plenty of the guys at school wanted to be her boyfriend, but she didn’t want some jerk who’d paw her body and then tell all his friends about it. Taylor might’ve just turned eighteen, but she knew what she wanted, and she wanted someone who loved and respected her like her father did. If she could have her way, he would be the only boyfriend she’d ever need.

They finally got to a spot they both liked, and Kent laid out their large beach blanket and set their bag down on top of it. He was already wearing his trunks and just pulled off his shirt and sat down. Taylor tried not to stare. Her dad kept in really good shape, and he had muscles just like in the pictures she’d seen of him when he was younger. Personally, she thought he was way better looking now.

She just sat down on the blanket and hesitated over taking off her T shirt and sarong. It was a relief her dad didn’t seem to notice. Finally, she took off her T shirt just to see how he reacted to the top before revealing the rest.

She tried to act as casually as she could, but she could tell her father was noticing that her new bikini top was skimpier than anything she’d worn before. His eyes were going all over her boobs, but he didn’t say anything. If he was surprised, he wasn’t letting it show, but it made her heart beat faster when he looked at her boobs. It was impossible not to wonder if he’d like feeling them as much as her mom’s huge ones.

Since no one was close enough to really see her, Taylor started to relax about wearing her new suit in front of her father. Maybe this wouldn’t be as scary as she’d thought. Either way, it was worth it. She had to know if he would look at her the Kendra said her dad did.

Finally, Taylor pulled off her sarong and revealed the bottom. It was extremely skimpy, but at least it covered her whole pussy mound. Even so, she’d shaved extra carefully that morning just in case. The back part wasn’t supposed to fit like a thong, but her cheeks were so big and round it kept riding up and exposing them. She didn’t know how she could ever stand up in front of her father now, even though she was dying to let him see her. What she didn’t count on was having the scant bikini make her feel like her ass was enormous.

Kent didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes. Taylor noticed him looking at her plenty of times, but he was acting like everything was perfectly normal.

“That’s a lot smaller than your last bikini,” he finally pointed out. “You better cover up those tan lines with sun block. I don’t want you to burn.”

“Oh, um, yeah, okay.”

She took a couple of minutes to put the cream on the white parts in front, but then when it came to the back she hesitated. Usually, either her mother or father would help, but this was a very different situation with most of her big, round ass hanging out.

“Ready for me to help with the back?” her father asked.

She didn’t expect him to, but it was what they’d been doing for years. Taylor tried not to make a big deal out of it, but her heart was pounding. She was dying for him to see her, but she was also so worried he wouldn’t like her body. It wasn’t as if she were overweight, just that she had much thicker curves than her friends. Sometimes she wished she could disappear, but despite her fears, she rolled onto her stomach to let her father help with the lotion. She could feel the way the ill-fitting bikini was riding into her butt crack and knew almost all of her ass was now exposed to her dad.

He was silent for a long time, but finally she felt his hand going carefully over the newly exposed areas of skin that hadn’t seen the sun before. He usually did a much quicker job, but today his hand was slow and careful. Maybe he thought her ass was fat and gross to touch. Suddenly she broke into tears. Within a second, her father was lying beside her with his hand on her back, lining their faces up so they could see each other closely.

“Princess, what’s wrong?

“I’m gross, aren’t I? I never should’ve let Kendra talk me into getting this bikini.”

“Oh, my sweet little baby,” Kent said in a soothing tone as he rubbed his daughter’s nearly naked back. “That’s not true at all.”

She sniffled, but already started to feel better. “Really?”

“Definitely. You’re the most beautiful girl I ever saw, princess, and I mean that.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” She smiled happily. “But can I ask you something?”

“Of course, baby, anything.”

“Is my butt gross?”

Her father sighed deeply. “Not at all, sweetie. Actually, it’s really…well, nice.”

“It is, Daddy? Is it really nice?”

“It’s amazing, sweetheart. But I probably shouldn’t be telling you things like that.”

“I like it,” she purred. “It makes me feel pretty.”

“You are pretty,” he said.

He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, much closer to the corner of her mouth than he ever kissed her before. Then he sat up again and went back to work creaming the white portions of the girl’s round ass cheeks. He didn’t hurry like usual, but he wasn’t being careful anymore, and he actually took extra time massaging her butt with his creamy fingers. Taylor thought her heart would explode having him touch her like that.

“Baby? Does your mother know you got this bikini?” he asked after a while, his hands still kneading and squeezing her ass even though he’d already spread the cream everywhere she needed it. His hands were driving her crazy, and if he didn’t stop soon her young pussy was going to soak through her bottom.

“No, Daddy, she doesn’t know. Are you gonna tell her?”

“No, baby. We can just keep this between you and me. I know you’re all grown up now, but I don’t think you should wear it out unless I’m here with you, okay?”

“I don’t mind.” She smiled. His hand felt so good she hoped he’d never stop rubbing her. She was past the point of caring if he saw her bikini get soaked with her juices. “Daddy? Can you make sure the backs of my legs are covered, too? I’m not sure if I really got it everywhere.”

“Of course, baby.”

He massaged her ass a little while longer, but then put more lotion on his hands and started rubbing up and down the back of one leg. It felt almost as good as when he was rubbing her ass, but then he started rubbing the inside of her legs and going up so high he almost touched her pussy. She kept hoping he would, even just by accident, but she was also relieved he didn’t.

The way she was starting to feel, one surprise brush of his hand over her pussy and she might not be able to keep from moaning out loud. And no matter how hard she was trying, she couldn’t help letting a couple of yummy whimpers escape. She just hoped her father didn’t hear them.

Kent finally finished, and Taylor was disappointed to feel him stop rubbing her legs. She lay on her stomach a while, but before long she sat up. Her father was lying on his back. She took a minute to see if she could make out the shape of his cock through his trunks, but they were too baggy.

“I’m thirsty,” she finally said.

“There’s water in the cooler, princess.”

“Water sounds boring,” she pouted.

Kent sat up and chuckled. “How about we go to the snack bar and get something else?”

“Yes! Just let me put on my sarong.”

She stood up and started to wrap her cover-up around her hips, but then her father suddenly grabbed her wrist and quickly pulled it off her. The sudden move made the girl gasp softly. Then she looked in surprise at him to find him looking at her with an expression that seemed so devious it made her nipples go hard.

“Sweetheart? Do you really want to know if you have a pretty butt?”

What he was suggesting took a minute to sink in, but then she realized her dad was actually encouraging her to walk all the way to the snack bar, past dozens and dozens of people, with her ass cheeks hanging out of her skimpy bottom. She felt her face flush hot. His idea was scary but exciting at the same time. Finally, a huge, devilish grin broke across her face.

“Yeah, let’s try it,” she said, trying to sound less excited than she really was. “But you better hold my hand the whole way.”

“And why wouldn’t I want to hold hands with the prettiest girl on the beach?” he said, taking her hand into his much larger one.

Taylor never got tired of hearing her father say she was pretty, and she walked with him down the beach with her head held high and her perky boobs pushed proudly forward. She felt like she was with the most handsome man anywhere, and as they got closer to the steadily growing crowd, she spotted a lot of men and boys turning their heads to look at her.

“See?” her father told her with a proud smile. “All those guys think you have a sexy butt.”

Taylor couldn’t contain her giggles at the mention of the word sexy. She couldn’t believe her father even said it, especially in relation to her. With her dad holding her hand, she didn’t mind knowing all those people were looking at her half naked ass. She was even getting excited from it, especially the way her father was growing bolder and bolder about the way he kept looking at her too. He wasn’t even trying to hide the way he was looking down at the tops of her tits, watching them wobble as she walked.

The pretty eighteen-year-old couldn’t remember when she felt this good, and it was all thanks to her awesome dad. She felt so lucky, and he made her feel so special.

“I bet some of these people think I’m your girlfriend,” she told him quietly with a giggle.

“I’d be the luckiest guy in the world to have you for a girlfriend,” he replied, and then he put his arm around her and walked her the rest of the way to the snack bar.

The day was turning out better than Taylor ever hoped. When they finally got back to their blanket, her father actually gave her ass a playful squeeze. She shrieked in surprise, but at the same time she was surprised at how good it made her feel.

“Now do you believe me?” Kent said as they sat back down. “You have a sexy ass, baby girl.”

“Dad, it really means a lot to me that you think so. And I don’t mean having you just say that to make me feel good.”

The girl realized she was blushing, and her father was grinning proudly. She knew he’d never say things like this in front of her mother, but he was being so sweet and sincere that she believed him completely. Plus, there was the way he was looking at her. It made her a little nervous, but she felt excited at the same time.

“You’re a really beautiful girl,” he told her seriously. “And I hate to say it, but you’re just so sexy, too.”

“Why would you hate to say that?”

“Because it means lots of guys are going to be checking you out, and even though I’m your father it makes me feel jealous.”

“Aww, Daddy, that’s the sweetest thing you could ever say. And I don’t care what anyone else thinks. You’re the one who really matters.”

“You’re a sweet girl,” he told her with a sigh.

A minute or two later Kent told his daughter he should probably put more sun block on her since those newly exposed areas were still so pale.

“Oh, sure, yeah,” the girl replied, instantly lying down on her stomach. She had butterflies this time as she waited for her father’s hands to rub lotion on her legs and ass cheeks.

This time, her father’s hands were firmer than before. He wasn’t just rubbing lotion over her legs and the exposed parts of her ass, he was massaging her flesh and making every nerve in her body tingle like she never felt before. She didn’t try stopping the sighs and moans coming from her. All she could think about were her dad’s big, strong hands rubbing inside her legs and over her cheeks. It was making her smooth young pussy feel so hot, and she never wanted him to stop.

He even slid his fingers under the edge of her bikini bottom and kneaded her whole butt cheeks, and when he did she couldn’t help moaning out loud. It was one of the most amazing things she ever felt.

“Do you like having your father massage you like this, sweetheart?”

“Oh, yes, Dad. I love it. I wish you could do it all the time.”

“I wish we could too, baby. But maybe we could find some special time to ourselves for nice things like this before you go away in the fall.”

“Oh please, Dad, yes. I’d love that. Your hands feel so good.”

“You feel really good, too, princess.”

But then he stopped, and Taylor looked up at him with a pout. “Why are you stopping?”

“The beach is getting more crowded, honey. And this is something we should keep just between us.”

Taylor sat up, feeling disappointed until she saw what her father had in his baggy swim trunks. His dick was big and hard and making a huge bulge. She couldn’t help gasping in surprise and staring.

“Is that because of me?” she asked, amazed.

“Yes, baby, I’m afraid it is. Sorry.”

“Oooh, don’t be sorry. I can’t believe you think I’m that pretty. Can I see it, Daddy? Please?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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