A Day at the Beach

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The two found themselves at the beach at just about sunset, noticing but not paying attention to the others on the beach that evening. All he knew was that she wanted him right now, and she did not care that they may be seen or caught, she just wanted to fuck now!

Well who was he to deny his princess and queen? She had already laid the beach blanket out and was beckoning him with her eyes to come to her and make love, nay, ravage her, out here in the open. With his member already growing just at the idea of it all, he gently pushed her down onto the ground and began slowly and meticulously teasing and nibbling her with his hot tongue and lips, leaving no area on her gorgeous face untouched or neglected. He lowered his face to her glorious breasts, those large orbs with nipples that were rock hard and jutting strait out, and kissed and caressed and suckled like he had been denied for so long, when really it had been only earlier that day. He worked past her tits tracing a line down her soft tummy until he finally reached that glorious little shaved pussy that he loved so much. Slowly he teased that little thing with his hot tongue only letting her feel a very light touch running up and down the length of her fast moistening slit, feeling her squirm and begin to moan. Just when she thought she was going to explode in frustration, he jabbed his long slick tongue as deep into her dark wet hole as was possible. She jumped and grabbing the back of his head held him tight to her cunt and worked his mouth around and over her engorged clit. It may have been the air or the latent danger in the act, but it seemed like in no time she was clawing at the ground and thrusting her pussy into his face and trying desperately not to scream. She wondered if this orgasm was ever going to subside and almost, almost, wished he would take his face away for just a moment.

But he had no intention of letting up on her now. He was going to make her cum again taksim escort before the first one had totally ebbed and he was not long in waiting. This time there was no holding back the scream as it left the depths of her soul and filled the air with the most amazing sound he had ever heard. When the wail had finally subside he noticed all of the birds had gone quiet, startled at her scream, and he was sure he saw figures in the growing shadows watching them. But he did not care, in fact it was rather titillating, the notion of being watched.

He let her come down from this one, slowly and gently stroking her dripping cunt with his tongue and leaving her tender and swollen clit to recuperate from his ministrations.

After a moment he crept to her head and began to wave his very hard and very large cock in front of her face. Instinctively she reached out and took the big cock into her mouth swallowing the entire length in one smooth motion. She heard him gasp and began sucking him in earnest. He relished in the myriad of sensations and was grateful that she was not the tease he was. He was quite satisfied to stay there and let her take his cock down her throat and gently stroke his balls, yet he was feeling the unmistakable burning deep in his groin and knew he was about to cum in her fabulous mouth. She sensed this too and sucked even harder and faster wanting to taste and feel his sticky fluid slide down her throat. She did not have to wait long. With one big thrust he dumped what seemed like a gallon of hot cum into her mouth, grabbing her head and pushing deep into her(like she was going anywhere anyway) feeling her swallow all of his spunk.

He recovered enough to take her face in his hands and kiss and lick the little bit of jism that had escaped her lips off her face and swirled it around his tongue. It seemed that he had no sooner caught his breath when she took him by the hair and forcibly pushed his beşiktaş escort face back in between her legs, and still holding by the hair ground his face into her and commanded him to suck her clit and make her cum again.

They were so caught up in their love making that neither one heard the three others approaching them. He did not notice until one very large man took hold of his hair and shoved his face onto his very large cock. It was so fast and rough that he was actually sucking this big cock before any fear set in. Turning his head as best he could to see just what was happening, he was floored with what he saw. A very tall and well-built woman had positioned herself over his lover’s face and was grinding her cunt all over that pretty face. He could see the question in here eyes, but noticed how quickly she submitted to her new playmate.

Off to the side I could see another man watching and stroking his cock, looking like he was not sure what he wanted to do, but I was soon to know what he wanted. He walked around out of my sight leaving me to wonder what he was doing, when I felt a hand on my exposed ass still sticking up in the air. I heard him mutter something and felt him rubbing something wet all over my virgin hole and my heart began to race thinking of what might be next. And then I felt what could only be that huge cock pressed up against my hole and felt him start to push. I had read about this and knew enough not to fight but only to push back and try to relax. Then it felt like I had been stuffed with a hot poker. My poor ass burned like hell as he slowly worked his way in with a steady and forceful pace. To my surprise the pain gave way to the most fabulous feeling I had ever experienced. It felt as though my entire being had been possessed by this man. I wanted him to fuck me like he had never fucked before, but my mouth was so full of cock that I couldn’t speak, only make inaudible noises. etiler escort In front of me my beloved had also seemed to adjust to this new thing as she was eating that cunt like she had been doing all of her life. What a sight; her sucking that pussy and me sucking a big cock and being fucked by another.

I sucked that cock like my life depended on it, encouraged by the moans coming from the man’s lips and the gyration of his hips against my mouth. Suddenly I felt him stiffen and knew what was coming next. I braced for the inevitable and having never swallowed another man’s cum before was a little apprehensive of what was to come. As my new friend pounded my ass I felt the first blast of cum shout into my mouth. It was like a cannon. Spurt after spurt of cum hit the back of my throat making me swallow as fast as I could just to keep up with him. But how I loved the taste and feel of that big load in my mouth, sliding on my tongue and down my throat. I sucked that cock dry and felt a little empty when he popped out of my mouth limp and spent. But obviously not one to be idle he quickly went between my lovers legs and started sucking her very wet pussy, licking her all the way up and down to her tight little bum. She seemed quite lost in what was going on.

I was now able to concentrate on that beautiful cock in my ass, fucking me like I had often secretly dreamed of being fucked. I felt that large bulbous head come almost out of my ass and then slam back in until I could feel his balls slap mine. His pace quickened and I felt that already large head swell even more and then exploded deep in my ass. Just at that time my lover had let another wail only to be joined by the woman who had pushed her cunt into my lover’s face. They screamed out which inspired me so much so that I came harder that I think I ever had, with no one touching me, just the glorious feeling of having my ass fucked, that big cock cumming in me, and the sound of those two woman screaming in unison.

Just as suddenly as the three appeared, they were gone, leaving the two of us to lying there absorbing what had just happened. Some moments later we collected ourselves, gathered our blanket and made a promise that we come to this beach again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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