A Day at the Races

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I was with my (ex) Master at a very famous racecourse in the UK. The day was fabulous, dressed to impress (white skintight dress, bare legs, heels, my “day collar (slim, leather, one ring)).

Getting towards the end of the day Master pulled me to him and whispered in my ear “Sir needs you”. I giggled and ran my hand over his crotch; I could feel all 10 inches of his hard on throbbing beneath the trousers of his suit.

Sir walked me outside, when we got to a relatively private part of the grounds he reached into my handbag and pulled out my leash. Attaching it to my collar he roughly pushed my to my knees and unzipped his trousers. Taking his cock in my mouth I very quickly went to work, licking down the shaft, kissing the tip, engulfing it with my warm wet mouth. Sir started thrusting his hips, pulling the leash tighter so I could not escape; what followed was a full on face fucking. Eyes streaming, gagging, drool escaping from my slut mouth.

I felt Sirs cock twitch and readied myself for the inevitable onslaught of cum that usually Beşiktaş escort erupts from him. I wasn’t disappointed, jet after jet of his precious delicious semen shot into my throat; coating my tongue. I looked him directly in the eyes, opened my mouth to show him the precious gift he had just given me, and swallowed.

Looking around there were 6 men, all in suits, all stood there with their cocks out, masturbating whilst watching the impromptu floor show that had just transpired. Sir stood me up and lifted my dress, showing off my now very wet cunt, my labia and clit engorged with lust.

Moving behind me Sir placed his still hard cock at the entrance to my arsehole, and as he pushed against my sphincter the first onlooker entered my mouth. My arsehole eventually gave way to sir with a little spit, and as he started to fuck me the first man ejaculated; the second took his place as Sir started to fuck my arse with more urgency. This continued 5 of the onlookers using my mouth as fuckmeat whilst Sir rearranged Beşiktaş escort bayan my bowels with his magnificent cock. The last man took his turn into my mouth; he was of average size and plunged his cock into my mouth. At the same precise second Sir erupted into my arsehole, I felt his cum shooting and hitting my walls as the 6th man unleashed a torrent of sperm that I had not experienced before. In my pleasure I gagged and spat out his precious semen, over the ground, on his shoes and more importantly over his suit trousers.

Sir was furious with me for wasting such a precious gift and immediately apologised to the gentleman, pushing my head down to his shoes and the ground to lick up the cum. Then to eat if from his trousers.

When all was clean Sir pushed my head back into the dirt, pulling my legs backwards and exposing my VERY wet cunt and my freshly fucked arsehole, cum seeping out of it as my legs were kicked apart. “I think she should pay for that gents” said Sir as fingers found my cunt and clit, also Escort beşiktaş forcing themselves into my ruined cum filled rectum. Spanks rained down on my, how many I don’t know, I was lost of a sea of pleasure as orgasm after orgasm tore through me with six strangers plunging their fingers into my fuckholes and spanking me. He lined them up, three on each side while they took their belts off and as I crawled on the ground through the line they lashed their belts down on my flesh.

Sir then pulled my dress down exposing my tits; sat me on the ground with my legs open and uttered the words “this fuckmeat could do with a wash lads”. Sir started to urinate, over my face, my hair, my entire body as the rest of them all followed his lead, soaking me in their golden pleasure. Stream after stream of beer induced urine covering every inch of my body, my nice new white dress stained with dirt from the ground and the yellow of their urine.

Sir then instructed them that they could have one last cum, they all stood over me, around me wanking their cocks until I was covered with their semen. In my eyes, my hair, dangling from my chin. Number six was last and his load was as impressive as his first, what felt like a bucketful of cum hitting my face, down onto my exposed tits, into my hair, and one final spurt into my eye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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