A Day with You

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One day I come home and walk in the door, Christina is standing in the dining room laced in only a tiny thong. She walks up to me and wraps her arms around me and tells me she want to swallow my load. So she proceeds to rub her pussy up and down my leg while kissing me on the mouth shoving her tongue down my throat. She then takes me by the hand and brings me over to the bed, She pulls my shirt off. I kick off my shoes and socks, she pull my pants down and I step out of them. She licks my cock through my thong, long enough to get me hard. Christina then lies down on her back and raises her legs, I pin her knees to the bed and slide my cock deep into her pussy and fuck her pussy long and hard, then I slide my cock deep into her ass and fuck her tight little rectum till I cum deep in her bowels. I continue fucking her ass watching my cock plunge in and out as the cum oozes out dripping down her skin. Then pulling my cock out her ass I proceed to lick my cum from her ass savoring it in my mouth.

I then bring my mouth to hers and kiss hers transferring my cum from my mouth to hers. She tells me how much she loves the taste of my cum and her ass so much. I then position us into a 69 position and push my cock deep down her throat and let her suck the rest of my cum from my cock and clean her ass off my cock; while fucking her mouth and licking her pussy and ass hole cleaning the little remaining cum from her. after I grab a strap on dildo and put it on just above my cock, position my self so that I could fuck her with her legs sticking straight up. I then proceed to slide my cock up her little tight ass again but this time I slide the strap in dildo in her pussy and fuck her ass and pussy simultaneously. As I fuck her slow and long she rubs her clit. I lean forward just enough and massage her medium sized firm tits, tweaking and pinching her nipples between my thumb and fore finger. she moans and writhes as we fuck begging me to fuck her harder, telling me how good it feels and how she loves my cock in her ass, she also says to me “Fuck my pussy, yes fuck my pussy Bobby, I want you to cum in my ass again and lick it up for me I love the taste of your cum from my asshole”

I tell her how tight and good her asshole feels and how much I love the taste. As I stroke my cock and dildo in and out of her pussy and ass I feel her ass pulsating from the simultaneous fucking. She moans and writhes rubbing her clit harder, I squeeze her nipples harder. She tells me how good it feels and how big my cock is stretching her anus open so wide. She tells me she wants to 69 with her on top. I pull my cock and the dildo out of her ass and pussy. We reposition and she gets on top and starts to suck my cock, I push her knees forward and pull her ass down to my face and start licking and tonguing her pussy. I feel her take my entire 8 inches all the way down her throat. Up and down she sucks my cock, tip to base the excitement is so intense, I feel my cock swell to what feels like and inch in both directions. Christina pulls my cock out of her mouth and says, Wow your cock seems to have grown, its stretching my throat more then it has ever felt like before and proceeds to deep throat me again, occasionally restating how big my cock is. Never once gagging because she has no gag reflex.

I feel the head of my cock bang into the back of her throat. She pushes even harder down on my cock, amazingly I feel it go even farther, she proceeds to push my balls into her mouth as well; down it all goes, holding back with all my might not to dump my load down the back of her throat. I in turn during all this process run the flat of my tongue, across her clit pushing real hard, occasionally pushing my tongue in and out of her pussy and ass. I reach up and grab two dildos and push them simultaneously in her pussy and ass. She moans with ecstasy and fulfillment, while simultaneously fingering my ass. She pulls my cock and balls out of her mouth and exclaims to me, “OH YES LICK MY PUSSY, FUCK MY HOLES; MAKE ME CUM ALL OVER YOUR FACE!” I proceed to ram the dildos in and out of her pussy and ass continuously rubbing my tongue back and forth across her clit. She spreads her legs as far apart as she possibly can.

I continue to pummel her pussy and ass with the dildos and my tongue, as she continues to pound my cock with her mouth and throat. While muğla escort trying her best to make me cum down her throat. She reaches up and grabs a big fat dildo vibrator and slides it up my ass and turns the vibrator all the way up and fucks my ass hard and fast. Both of us doing all we can not to cum and as much effort trying to make the other explode, we simultaneously combust. She cumming all over my face totally drenching my face down, and I dumping load after load down her throat. I can vaguely make out her screaming, “OH YES I’M CUMMMMMMMMING, YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME YES IT FEELS SO GOOD.”. And I compulsively thrusting my hips up, slam fucking her mouth and throat. After what seems like hours of orgasm, we both start to come down from our orgasm. Slowing down on our thrust and writhes, we shove the dildos into one another all the way and gently lick and suck each other more slowly subsiding from the most intense orgasm we both ever had. We gently slide the dildos out of each other and she gets up and turns around and cuddles up with me. We kiss passionately and she rubs her slit up and down on my cock.

She says she want to call her girlfriend Denise up to come over and fuck and suck with us. So she reaches over and picks up the phone and calls her up. After she hangs up we cuddle for about 45 minutes and we hear a knock on the door. It opens and in walks Denise. We both smile because Denise walks in naked with a dildo hanging out of her smooth shaved pussy; she has really adorable little tits with obtrusive nipples.

She walks over and Christina rolls off me on to her back. Denise climbs on to the bed and squats over Christina’s face and Christina grasps the dildo with her mouth and Denise starts to ride it, as she fucks the dildo, she leans over and starts to suck my cock gently moving it an increasingly faster pace. She moves over and starts licking Christina’s pussy. Back and forth she goes licking, sucking, licking, sucking. I grab her leg closer to me and spread her wide open. I lick her pussy as best I can taking in to consideration a dildo is clamped in Christina’s mouth sliding in and out of Denise’s pussy. I slide myself out from under the situation, and position myself so that I can fuck Denise in the ass.

Christina moans at the site of my cock sliding deep into her ass. Denise leans forward and proceeds to lick Christina, while I shove my cock in and out deeply into Denise’s hot, tight asshole, Christina bobs her head up and down fucking Denise’s pussy with the dildo using her mouth. Denise grabs one of the many dildos and starts sliding it up Christina’s pussy fucking her slow and long. the only thing she didn’t realize is that it was the biggest dildo in the pile. So Christina gasps as it goes in. Denise is fucking her using her mouth. So while they are both fucking each other with dildos using only their mouths I proceed to bury my cock deep into Denise’s ass. We’re all moaning and squirming while we fuck, all of a sudden I groan and exclaim “I’m cumming oh yes I’m cumming”, the cum is oozing out of my cock and out of the edges of Denise’s ass, at the same time Denise’s feels the cum gushing into her ass and starts to cum her self all over Christina’s face, which in turn drive Christina over the edge and she starts cumming, both girls simultaneously grab the dildos with their hands and continue to fuck each other licking up all the cum the other is releasing. Christina being on the bottom has got her face drenched with my cum as well.

When I finish cumming I pull my cock out of Denise’s ass and shove it in Christina’s mouth. She sucks all the remaining cum from my cock. I back off and Christina shoves the dildo all the way up Denise’s pussy so that it is completely buried and pulls her down and continues to lick all my cum from Denise’s ass. Christina pulls the dildo from Denise’s pussy and licks her pussy clean, Denise gets up and suggest I lay down so that the both of them can lick and suck my cock hard again. Denise leads the way and grasps my cock and starts licking and sucking it, Christina shortly joins in licking my balls, all the while she still has the dildo in her pussy. As they both continue to lick and suck my cock, they also proceed to finger and lick my anus. They both stick one finger in my ass and finger me. As my cock grows harder and harder, rhodope-mugla.org the girls take my cock deep down their throats savoring every bit of pre-cum they can get. As they suck Denise suggests that when I’m hard enough that Christina; being she still has a dildo in her pussy; she sit on my cock and take it up the ass, while Denise sits on my face and I lick and suck her pussy.

As I approach full erection again Denise grabs a dildo and pushes it up my ass all the way in. Christina gets up squeazing real tight on the dildo in her pussy trying not to let it fall out and sits on my cock forcing it up her ass. She moans as she slides my cock all the way up her ass. I feel the dildo push up against my pelvis, as Christina slowly releases it from her pussy so that she can get double fucked. In the mean time Denise climbs on top my face spreading her legs and pussy lips wide. I extend my tongue as far as I possibly could as to let Denise fuck my tongue with her pussy and ass. She lowers her self as I start to flick her pussy with my tongue. The two girls start to moan, up and down christina goes sliding my cock and dildo in and out of her pussy and ass, she exclaims, “Oh yes fuck me Bobby, fuck both my holes. It feels so good, yes fuck my holes.” Denise reaches over and starts rubbing and squeazing her tits. As I continue to flick and lick Denises pussy she moans and tells me, “Mmm that’s it Bobby, lick my pussy it feels so good. My tongue licks around her clit and pussy hole, I tilt my head back and start to tongue her ass. She stops rubbing christina tits and reaches down and spreads her self as wide as she can. I reach up with my thumb and stick it up her ass as I go back to licking her pussy.

Denise moans “OH Yes Bobby finger my ass while you eat my pussy. do you love the taste of my pussy and ass.” this drives me crazy and I start licking harder and faster, and I also thrust my hips up harder fucking Christina’s ass making her moan and thrust her hips harder and faster. Fucking my cock more intensely. Denise starts to cum all over my face, thrusting her hips forward and back over my tongue, moaning over and over, “YES, YES I’M CUMMING, YES I’M CUMMING HARD, YES REAL HARD, OH CHRISTINA CUM WITH ME, YES BABY CUM ALL OVER BOBBY’S COCK AND I AM CUMMING ALL OVER HIS FACE.” This bring Christina over the edge and she starts to cum too, moaning loudly. I feel her cum running down my pelvis. I can no longer hold back myself and in and instant start to dump my load deep into the depth of her bowels pulsing load after load. So much cum it drips down my cock all over my balls and shaft. As the girls come down from their orgasms Christina lies forward and starts to make out with me, Denise crawls around back and licks all the cum from my balls and shaft; well as much of my shaft as sher could, for the rest of my cock is still in Christina’s ass. She also licks around the rim of Christina’s rectum. She pulls my still very hard cock out of her ass and licks up the remaining cum as it drips out of her ass. Then slides my entire shaft down her throat, pushing so deep she could lick my balls while the head of my cock is banging the back of her throat. Christina picks her self up and looks down between her legs and sees Denise completely swallowing my cock and that totally turns her on so she turns around and starts to help her, while sticking her pussy in my face. Denise while still pushing down on my cock amazingly opens her throat and my cock slides down her throat and she gently, using both her hands proceeds to push my balls in her mouth as well. As she gets all of my balls in her mouth, she starts to suck, like on a lollipop.

In all the process I am licking Christina’s pussy. Christina is getting so turned on by this she is creaming all over my face. And the more she gets closer to orgasm the more cream her pussy creates. Not being able to hold back much more I start to dump multiple loads down the back of Denise’s throat. All along she continues to suck and suck for ten to fifteen minutes longer, bringing me once more to orgasm. this time so intense, I start to shake, Christina starts to cum drasticly all over my face and down my throat. I cum so much my cum starts to come out of her nose. This is causing her to have breathing problems, since her whole throat is closed with my cock and balls and now my cum is coming out of her nose. she gently pulls me out of her throat and as she does, she gasps for air and a whole load of cum comes out of her mouth and pours all over my cock. At this point Christina is so turned on by all of this, and she IS cumming all over my face and down my throat, that she immediately takes my cock down her throat and suck and licks up all the cum.

As Christina and I finish cleaning up all our cum from each other, Denise is still lying there with cum all over her face, Christina leans over and starts to make out with her licking up any cum from her face that was left over from her gaging. When the girls finish up eating all the cum, Denise has an idea, and tells Christina to get on all fours. She straps on the biggest dildo she could find and proceeds to mount Christina from behind and shoves the dildo up Christina’s pussy. She tells me to mouth fuck her. So I do as ordered. Christina is getting slammed from both ends moaning like hell. Denise is loving fucking Christina’s pussy so much, she tells us she want to see a change of position, and tells us what to do.

She says, “Christina you lye on your back and spread those legs wide and open for Bobby to eat your pussy good and long. Bobby you get into a 69 position and eat the hell out of Christina’s pussy but; I want you to shove your cock deep down her throat. Christina you will have to hold Bobby up so that his balls don’t clog your nose because he is going to push his big cock all the way down your throat and lye flat on your face. You can suck as best as you could. in the mean time, I am going to take this dildo and fuck Bobby in the ass shoving his cock down your throat hoping to make him dump load after load down your throat.” I mount Christina and proceed to slide my cock down her throat slowly trying not to make her gag. I then lye flat on her, she gently lifts me up as to help her breathe through her nose. Denise Gently starts to slide the big dildo up my ass. I start to moan as it goes up and up and up until it is completely imbedded in my ass. Denise starts to hump me slowly, and as she does we could hear Christina ever so slightly gag, because Denise is shoving my cock forward forcing me to fuck Christina’s mouth and she fucks my ass. As this all goes on I bury my tongue in Christina’s pussy, I lift her legs and roll them under me and Denise uses her feet as handles to hold herself up from falling on me. Denise continues to fuck me in the ass harder and faster and she goes. I am trying not to cum because of the intense feeling of fucking and being fucked simultaneously. Especially knowing that my cock is completely embedded deep in Christina’s throat and Denise is forcing me to fuck her throat.

I grab 2 dildos and shove them up Christina’s pussy and ass and fuck her hard and deep as I eat her out. After about 20 minutes and about 5 orgasms later for Christina I could no longer hold back and start to dump so much cum down Christina’s throat. Since the head of my cock is so far down her throat she does not have to swallow it just slides down her throat into her stomach. Christina grasps my ass cheeks and pulls me as far down her throat as possible. Denise is now pounding my ass as hard and fast as she could. As we all start to come down from our orgasms Christina pushes a pillow under my thighs and Denise lye’s down on me pushing the dildo as deep and she could which pushes my cock completely down Christina’s throat. I push the dildos all the way in Christina and we rest there as long as Christina could handle my cock in her throat.

After about 10 minutes my cock shrinks and pops out of Christina’s mouth and we all just lie there and slowly fall asleep. About an hour later. Christina wakes up first and turns her head and slides my cock back into her mouth and proceeds to suck me hard again. I waken from the sucking and moan which in turn wakes Denise up. She starts fucking my ass again for a few minutes. We are all feeling great, I slowly get up and Denise slides the dildo out of my ass, and I move forward and she slides it down Christina’s throat and proceeds to fuck Christina in the mouth. I slide up behind Denise, grasp her hips and insert my cock in her ass and slowly start to fuck her ass. I grab her tits and she moans as I thrust my cock in and out of her. Christina gets up and turns around and slides her tongue into Denise’s mouth. We do this most of the day and into the night, until we all fall asleep wrapped in each others arms, knowing this would happen again…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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