A Dom Loves Their Subs Ch. 09

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Beth had walked past her gift bag in the corner every day for the past month. She had spent more than a few nights sitting on her bed and staring at it as if it would start talking to her. But she was finally going to try it out. She trusted Val to keep her safe and she trusted their judgment in toys.

She locked the door and silenced her phone. She wanted to be completely alone. She doubted she’d be able to focus in the first place, especially not with extra distractions.

She dumped the bag’s contents on her bed, creating a decent-sized pile. An envelope fell on top of everything. She hadn’t noticed it at Christmas. She opened it to find a letter.

[I know you’re nervous and probably intimidated. Take your time and make yourself comfortable. I’m always here if you have questions.

Enjoy yourself.

Love, Val]

Along with the note, Val had given her a list of all the toys, including descriptions and pictures. They had included a lot of stuff.

First, there was a pair of black, lace panties with a sheer camisole. She stripped out of her clothes and changed into the set. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror and blushed. She looked hot. The fabric comfortably hugged her curves, covering her while still being sensual. The Ankara travesti black lace contrasted with her pale skin and perfectly fit her fat body.

There was a collection of small toy boxes. She sat on the bed and opened each one to see what was inside. There was a thin dildo, a purple bullet vibrator, a small metal butt plug, and a ball gag.

Val had also included a large, black box for her to use as a toy chest. In the box, they included even more toys. There was a long, black vibrator, a satin eye mask, leather handcuffs, a feather tickler, and a large bottle of lube.

“Jeez, Val,” she laughed to herself. She picked up the bullet vibrator and switched it on. It hummed softly, vibrating at its lowest setting. She laid back and tentatively rubbed the vibrator against her thighs. It felt especially good on her inner thighs.

She slid her panties down and slightly spread her pussy lips. She pressed a finger against her clit, her nerves lighting up with pleasure. She timidly touched the vibrator to her clit and gasped at the pleasurable feeling. She pressed harder and a whimper slipped from her lips.

She pulled the vibrator away and immediately regretted the loss of sensation. She completely removed her panties and spread Antalya travesti her legs. She clicked the vibrator up a notch, returning it to her clit. She closed her eyes, quietly moaning.

She looked at the pile of toys and grabbed the black vibrator, setting the bullet vibe to the side. She switched on the vibrator and slid it into her pussy. She let out a loud moan, thrusting it a few times. Her orgasm started to build and her legs began to shake.

She arched her back just as her orgasm slipped out of reach. She turned up the vibrator and kept fucking herself, building her orgasm back up only for it to fade as she was on the edge. The more frustrated she got, the more her orgasm evaded her.

“Damn it!” she cried, failing to cum for the fourth time. “Where’s Val when you need them?”

Just like that, Val was laying in bed with her, gently caressing her face. She smiled, eyes closed as she imagined their presence. She switched off the vibrator, ignoring it as she caressed her breasts. She pinched her nipples, imagining that it was them doing it.

They’d say, “You look so gorgeous like this… spread out on the bed for me, playing with your perfect body.”

“Oh, Val…” she breathed, sliding her hands down her İstanbul travesti body.

“That’s it.” She grabbed the vibrator again and switched it on, gently rubbing it over her clit. “Let me worship you, my wonderful goddess.”

“Val~” She shuddered as a wave of pleasure washed over her, not quite orgasming yet. She let out a frustrated groan, trying to get herself to orgasm.

“Fuck, sweetheart. That’s it.” She could almost feel their breath on her neck. “You’re so close. Can’t you feel it?”

“I do,” she whimpered. She tossed the vibrator to the side, still humming, and used her fingers instead. She lifted her legs for a better angle. She shoved two fingers into her dripping pussy. “Val~! Oh, right there!”

“Good girl.” She circled her clit with her other hand. She couldn’t even make noise, it felt so good. “Let me see you cum. I want to hear those gorgeous moans.”

“Val~!” she nearly screamed, her orgasm ripping through her. She kept fingering herself, moaning and gasping. It was an incredibly long orgasm, and it was definitely the best she’d ever had. “Oh, Val… God…”

“Good girl.” When she opened her eyes, she was still alone in the room. Her sheets were damp with cum and sweat.

“Holy… Wow.” She giggled and got up, instinctively putting her fingers in her mouth. She recoiled at the salty taste of her cum. She couldn’t stand the taste of cum, not even her own.

“I need to try that more often.” She picked up her toys and went to clean up in the bathroom. “Thank you, Val.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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