A Dream One Night

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I was tired. It was late and the last gasps of what had been a very long week. Driving home seemed like a dream that night after work and when I arrived at my place I found the lights out. Good I thought to myself. Sasha is out for the evening and I can relax and get into bed early after a long hot shower to wash off some of the hardness of the week.

Closing the front door behind me and flipping the latch. Sasha had his own key and could come and go as he pleased. I let him stay while he was looking for a place and a new job after his last year of school. We had been friends there and only recently had been re-aquainted. I stumbled in the darkness but knowing my way around the room like a cat I found my way to the kitchen and opened the fridge to stare blankly into the light for inspiration. None came. So shutting that door and losing myself again in the dark I wandered back along my path to the livingroom and reached around the corner to flip on the lights and preparing myself for the initial blindness and shock to my tired senses.

“Hey!” came a startled voice from down below the sofa.

“Sasha? That you?” I asked.

“Um, ya…could you give me a minute.” He said softly.

I suddenly realized what I had done and turned the light out and stood in the darkness at the edge of the kitchen doorway. I felt my heart stop and my feet were firmly planted in place on the tile. Their coolness rising up through my legs and freezing me solid. Sasha was in the middle of a quiet stroking of his cock when I rudely interrupted his pleasures.

“Sorry…I’ll go in my room.” He said and stood, nude in the half-light that cast in from the street through the curtains. He was in perfect silhouette.

“No, I’ll go. You stay and, um. You know.” I muttered and backed a step.

He moved around the chair and now I could make out the clear shadow of his full erect cock as it fell from side to side as he walked closer.

“Since you came in, would you like to join me?” He smiled.

“What! Sasha, come off it.” I said in my sudden breathless panic.

“Look, I’m not saying I want to fuck you man. Just, well it would be a turn on to do this together. Masturbate I mean. We can keep the lights off if you want.” He said and was now standing inches in front of me. His shaft pointing up at me and in his palm as his thumb caressed the tip. He reached forward and put his other hand on my shoulder. I stood silently as he moved his hand down my arm past the elbow and to the wrist. It was sexy and sensual and my own cock jumped to life. He placed my hand against his cock and moved to caress himself on the back of my hand. I was somewhere else, watching this happen.

The incredible hardness and warmth of it flowed into me.

“Sash…” konyaaltı escort I whispered.

His body closer now to mine. He no longer held his cock but let it play against my wrist and hand. Shifting his hips from side to side and massaging himself on my nervously limp arm.

“It’s okay. God that feels good. Touch me, stroke me.” He hushed in my ear.

Now I was so aware of his closeness and the warm breath on my neck as he spoke.

“I can’t, I’m not that way….” I spoke in reply to his insistent motions.

“Neither am I, you know that. But pleasures are just that. Come on into my room and we can just stroke each other a little.” He said so softly in my ear that I felt mesmerized for a short moment. My eyes closed and felt the wetness of his mouth on my skin. Never before had I felt this and somehow something deep inside of me opened up. Maybe it was due to the length of my week? My weariness taking hold of my senses. Whatever it was my fingers were now open and holding the tip of his cock. Feeling the soft roundness of it and his gentle moans.

“Okay then….” He whispered and guided me to the spare room that had been turned into his bedroom.

He moved to the bed and sat on the edge. I could feel his stare at my body and I knew what he wanted next. But that would come hard for me.

“Sasha, look, I don’t know if I….” He stood and put his arms around me and spoke in my ear once again and in that same hushed soothing way.

“You say that but your cock is like a rock down there. It will be just touching, that’s all. Just lay with me and let things happen on their own, ok?”

He released me and let me go to the bed on my own and I lay down. The sensation of which felt amazingly good. I watched as his nude form joined beside me and he lay with his head propped on his bent arm. I could tell he was smiling at my nervousness. His hand rested on my chest and he caressed my torso slowly.

“ I just want you to know that I haven’t done anything like this before, so I am nervous too. But we are old friends and you trust me right?”

“Um uh huh.” I said in a choked whisper as his hand slipped up under the lose hem of my shirt.

His fingers were softer than I had expected and his touch was easy and very warm. He made slow circles around my belly and moved steadily upwards and found a nipple and toyed with it.

I moaned almost on instinct to the pleasurable strokes of his fingertips raking on after the other on my erect nipples.

“Feels pretty good huh David. See what I meant about simple pleasure of pleasuring.” He said softly and I was aware again of the closeness of his face to mine as he hovered over me.

My body felt hard and tense as his hand caressed over travesti escort my skin. How could this man’s touch affect me in such a way as to give me the greatest hard-on in months? Then it came to me that my tenseness was only due to the pressure and constraint my poor cock was enduring.

His seduction was complete, as I was more than ready to be touched by him. But he continued in the same careful fashion. Now his attentions moved down to my thigh and his hand moving over my leg and his fingertips exploring up my open leg of my shorts. He found the hard bulge and tenderly fingered it. Sasha sat up; his hands leaving me for a moment as he positioned himself better over me. I lay still as he opened the front of my shirt and then un-clipped the plastic buckle on my belt. The button was next and soon I lay nearly naked, My cock standing firmly and awaiting touch. He lay back down beside me after exposing my body and returned his fingertips to my nipple. Then to my surprise, his mouth followed as he encircled the nub and rubbed me senseless with his tongue.

Moaning softly I reached for him and held his head to my chest as his hand stroking so gently on my shaft that it was a moment or two before I was conscious of his caress. It was gently; smooth and light as air in a lovely up and down motion and around the tip, which made me, shake slightly with arousal. That combined with the moistness of the sounds coming from my left nipple drew me farther into this abyss of pleasure. My hand traveled on its own to his lower back and finding his firm ass cheek it lay there and moved carefully over his flesh. Hearing him make pleasant sounds only pushed me farther into the boldness of my touching. After what seemed and eternity my hand slipped back up and away from his round backside to his neck where I held him in my grip to let him know I was enjoying the deep sucking kisses he gave to my chest. He moved onto his side and I followed so we lay facing each other. My cock against his and we moved our hips to pleasure each other at the same time. My eyes closed and feeling everything at once. The heat of his cock and the weight of it on top of my own shaft excited me. My hand returned to the small of his back and he hand did the same. We shuffled into each other and felt the intensity of our cocks loving against the other. I was now stroking his chest and his fingers playfully tortured my wet nipples in repeated pinching.

We lay there squirming against each other for some time. I let my hand moved down between us and held my cock firmly against his and rubbed onto him. Our pre-cum mixing together and making the efforts slippery. I felt his fingers curling around my shaft and I did as he did. Together we antalya escort caressed each other and his mouth was on my neck once and his kiss was warm and pleasant.

“Do you mind that, David?”

“No, no it is nice. Anyway, we have shared that much already.” I said. The words escaping my lips. My aroused senselessness driving me onwards.

He kissed my neck and nuzzle there and my hand rose up and fell into the mess of dark waves of hair.

He pressed my shaft to his and inched it up and down slowly. Then pressing it down between my thighs and caressed against my balls.

“Sasha, no….” I whispered to him.

“Hmmmm, okay, it was just that it felt so good.” He said softly.

“You did say that you didn’t want to fuck me Sasha.” I said.

He lay down beside me and rolled onto his back.

“I know, sorry. I just got carried away there.”

I rolled into him and touched his chest.

“If you want to rub my ass with that…,” I said touching the tip of his cock. “You can, but nothing more.”

He gave me a warm smile and I rolled over onto my stomach and rested my head in my folded arms. He moved in between my open legs and I felt the rich pleasure of the hardness pressing onto my crack. He dug deeper and caressed lovingly onto that soft area between my balls and my hole.

“Oh David, this is amazingly good. Mmmmmmnnnn I could cum right now!”

“No, don’t, not yet.” Said into the pillows and felt the thrusts increase slightly and then he pulled away.

“Your turn. You have to try that on me.” He said as he sat back on his calves. Sasha lay down in the opposite direction to me and opened his thighs to allow me access to his ass. I pressed the tip down and thrust softly down and up again. My cock dangerously deep in his crack and I could feel him rise up to greet my motions. This did feel good and my need to climax grew. I pulled away after only a few short thrusts into that warmth. He rolled to meet me and I touched the tip of my cock to his and lay with him.

“Can we cum together?” he asked.

I nodded in the dark and he touched my cock and moved down to kiss my chest and then belly before taking it in his lips and licking the tip.

“Sasha….mmmmm” I moaned and couldn’t find the means to protest to this act at all. In fact I desired it.

Moving with my cock still at his lips I rolled over and faced his member as well. I held it gently and took tentative swipes at him with the tip of my tongue. He seemed more comfortable in pleasuring me that I was prepared to do the same. But if my attentions were not what he wanted there was no sign of complaint. Sasha shuffled to give me more of him and as he sucked onto my cock fully I repeated my light licking of the firm shaft in my hand.

We came nearly at once and the taste of him was new and different to my mouth. I sucked on him much more fully as he became softer and my cock throbbed in and out of his lips. We held each other like that for some time and then lay together and kissed. Afterall we had shared everything else that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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