A Fantasy for Joan

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Everybody fantasies. It’s just for most people such fantasies remain secret to themselves. For Joan sharing such secret ideas proved to open up an episode of her life that was both exciting and memorable.

It all started when her boyfriend brought up the idea that even though we may have steady partners we may still fancy other people. Especially if we know them already!

One person in particular was mentioned and Joan tried unconvincingly to deny that she actually fancied the guy, Alex, a Scot they knew through the university crowd. The thought had been put into her head and seemed to stick. A couple of days passed until one night she had quite strange dream where she had an encounter with Alex on a train. It was surreal in the sense that in a carriage containing other people Joan sensed that something was going to happen. The fact that Alex was with her was less important than the fact that she didn’t seem to care that other people were also present.

That evening Joan related the story to her boyfriend Phil over drinks at the pub. At the time it seemed naughty even telling someone else. She knew from what he had said previously that Phil would be very interested in the story and once she mentioned the dream he would insist that she tell him the details. Reluctantly this she did.

Speaking very quietly Joan told him the train situation and how there were other people in the carriage. It was only when she started to tell the story that she realized that Phil was actually one of the passengers in the compartment as well!

Alex was sitting opposite facing Joan in the carriage. He seemed to be smiling and Joan was very conscious that he could see her bare legs as she sat. She also aware that her summery blouse had several buttons undone revealing her cleavage. In spite of this she found herself staring at him. A warm sense of well being flowed through her whole body.

She wanted him to respond and this he did by beckoning her to come to him. Even though they were only two metres apart in the carriage, it seemed to take an age for her to walk the steps necessary to reach him. As she did so she noticed that he held a light blanket in his hands. Joan sat next to Alex who covered both their legs with the blanket. He then motioned for her to climb up in front of him and to sit across the front of his legs. This she did steadying herself by placing both hands behind his edirne escort shoulders. Even though she now had her back to many in the carriage, she knew that they had an audience watching them. In a second Alex had swept up the blanket and placed it around them shielding their touching bodies from the collective gaze. At this point Joan felt safe and ready for what was to come. She realized that despite having a short skirt on, she was not wearing any underwear. The hands of the young Scot had quickly discovered this and he was working his fingers around her bushy fanny before she knew it. The cloak of invisibility that surrounded them hid a growing passion. Joan wanted to look over her shoulder to see the crowd but remembered the warnings given at Sodom and Gomorrah. Don’t look back. Somehow Alex had unzipped his jeans and had released his cock from its confines. Joan reached back and guided it toward her warm fanny. She slowly lowered herself on its tip and began to eagerly ride. She had a growing feeling of damp heat and just didn’t care that she was being watched by those around her. She laughed inwardly and enjoyed what was happening to her. It was such a good dream that when awoken by the alarm she felt a sudden regret that it was over. She cursed Phil for putting such wild thoughts into her head. She resolved to tease him with the details if he asked and this he did that night in the pub.

He had listened eagerly when she told him of her erotic dream. This she expected. What she didn’t anticipate was his interest when she told him that there had been an audience, which included him!

‘So what was I doing?’ He questioned.

‘Watching! I suppose.” Was her reply.

A short silence was followed by a question she could not believe had come from her own mouth.

” Don’t you see yourself as a voyeur then, Phil?”

Another short silence was broken by a naughty chuckle from her very interested boyfriend.

“No, actually I see myself as someone more likely to want to join if given the choice.” Without another word being said Phil finished his drink, stood up and led Joan away to some of the most intense sex she had enjoyed for quite a while. Her thoughts were in some way somewhere else. The idea had been planted in her head and would be revisited constantly in the following week as Phil quizzed her with all number of ‘what if’ situations, while she denied elazığ escort interest in most, some made her stomach rise up with a definite pang of anticipation.

One night Phil announced that Alex was coming around for a drink. Normally this would have been no great deal but for some reason Joan felt nervous. Her skin felt tingly. A thousand questions raced through her head but the only one that emerged was “What time was he coming? I need to have a shower.”

Joan left the room quickly and went to the bathroom to get ready.

As the water flowed through her hair she wondered what Phil had told Alex. Did he know about her dream? What would he think? Could she even look him in the eye? Soon all would be answered.

Phil made sure the lighting in the bedroom was right and poured Joan what was a very quick second drink….Bacardi and coke. Joan felt quite relaxed propped up on the bed in her silky blue dressing gown. Relaxed until a tap on the door made her heat jump a beat.

As he went to answer it Phil looked back at her and smiled.

“It’s Alex, I told him to bring his guitar.”

In those seconds before their guest arrived Joan took count of what she knew about Alex.

‘Slim, good looking , 25, unattached.’

Yes, he definitely would fit the bill any other time but now she had a boyfriend. Confusion reigned in her mind for 10 seconds until suddenly there he was standing next to Phil guitar in hand. She said hello with a feeling that this would be like no other night she had experienced and it all Phil’s fault!

Joan remained exactly where she was. Drinks were poured and quickly poured again. Alex played Elton John and the initial tension of the moment seemed to fade as the threesome laughed and sang choruses that no one could quite finish. All three were now sat on the bed and steadily Phil seemed to be maneuvering closer to the wall placing Joan between the two men. Several times Phil brushed his hand across her hip or satin clad leg.

Eventually he softly kissed her on the lips. Almost awkwardly Alex stood up but Phil told him to sit back down offering an unsaid invitation to come closer. This he did and placed himself closer to Joan. Instantly Phil kissed Joan quite deeply on the lips. As he pulled away he saw Alex eyeing Joan’s cleavage. Without a second thought Phil slid open her dressing gown revealing a magnificent erzincan escort breast and nipple.

Phil spoke saying, “Why don’t you give Alex a kiss Joan? To make him feel welcome?”

This she did pulling him close. An exchange of tongues promising more. Joan’s mind was racing. Phil undid her gown fully and there she lay exposed to four eager eyes and hands. Joan could not believe the sensation when the men started to pay attention to her breasts. Alex took her nipple in his mouth as she lay back and Phil did the same. The heavenly sensation was added to as she felt hands probing her legs and backside. Alex quickly found her fanny and to her surprise it was already wet and tingly. Phil slipped his hand up past her backside and placed two fingers at the lower end of her gash. She had to listen twice before she recognized Phil’s question of, “Why don’t you suck Alex’s cock, Joan?”

In no time she had pulled off his jeans and was easing out his erect cock. She pushed him back of the bed and started to slowly place her lips over his pulsing cock head. For a moment Phil stood up and admired his girlfriend do her work. She looked up at him and winked by now taking the newcomers cock fully into her mouth. Quickly Phil maneuvered up behind Joan and slipped his cock in from behind. Joan by now had decided that she would gladly fuck these two men into submission. After a while the men swapped ends and Joan felt the cock of Alex push in deeply. Jokingly she warned him to slow down his pace for didn’t want anyone to come just yet. Once more Phil made a suggestion which eagerly taken up by his horny mate. Alex was made to lay back on the bed and Joan squatted up above him and proceeded to ride him leaning forward her perfect breasts swaying in front of his eyes, her fanny lowering up and down on his erect cock. She was very aware of the sensuous wet sound of the pumping fanny. Again Phil stood back to watch and admire. By the look in his eyes Joan knew that Alex would not last much longer. As he began to cum she withdrew her wet gash from him and seamlessly took over with her mouth. Phil still standing, was amazed. She was allowing the Scot to cum fully in her mouth. Draining the last spurt with her tongue. This done, she ordered Phil back onto the bed, spread her juicy pussy and said, ” Now it’s my turn.” Phil lapped at her inflamed lips while Alex tweaked and sucked her nipples. Thinking aloud she whispered, “Now this is where a third friend could also help….”

It was an evening never to be forgotten. Some people never even get to do such things even in dreams. For Joan and Phil it was a sign of sharing. Dreams. Ideas. Fantasies . Everything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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