A Fantasy Reality

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Big Tits

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my first submitted story, it means so much to me.

Feel free to comment like or ask any questions if you have them. I really hope you feel as if you were right with me in my first lesbian encounter.



(***Based on a true story***)


She was the only woman I ever loved, the only woman I’ve ever wanted to fuck, her name is Courtney, she was my best friend. Although I’ve never confessed my love or lust for her somehow I always knew she wanted me just as bad as I wanted her.

I always fantasized about what I would do to her if I had the chance, how I would kiss her lips, caress her body, suck on her nipples, and finally taste her sweet pussy. I also fantasized about how her body would react to me, how her body would spasm as I taste her pussy, pulling me in deeper as her body begins to fill with overwhelming electro sensations as she cums, shaking uncontrollably.

One night Courtney, I and a couple of other friends went out to the movies, Courtney looking as sexy as ever, wearing a turquoise crop top with the word WILD in bold lettering with tight shorts showing off her ass, taunting me.

As we were being seated in the theater Courtney accidentally fell on my lap, she struggled to make her way off my lap and began to grind her ass on my pussy then looked back bursa escort at me and grinned.

She then asked me to come to the bathroom with her, as we walk in the bathroom Courtney shuts the door behind me and locks it, she stands there watching me as I’m waiting for her to use the bathroom.

“Don’t you have to use it?” I ask.

“Nope” she replies.

“Okay, then why are we in here?”

“You know I’m so tired of fucking around with these girls I want a woman I WANT YOU.”


She started walking towards me and pinned me against the door.

“It has always been you.”

Those faithful words that I have been waiting 4 years to be said came as a complete shock, was this really happening? Or was this just some daydream or zone out? As her body pressing against mine she reassured me this was the real thing, that my dreams were about to come true.

She kissed my lips and I began to bite her lower lip then suck on her ear lobe and neck as she let out a slight moan in my ear.

I picked her up and sat her on the sink against the mirror I lifted up her shirt and took off her bra, she had very succulent breasts and little nipples,I started to suck on her tits and suck on her nipples, she started moaning and took off my shirt, I slid off her shorts and started to kiss in between her thighs I kissed her pussy through her panties she smelled so sweet.

I bursa escort bayan took off her panties and rubbed my nose in her pussy she laughed as my nose was tickling her, I then spread her cherry red pussy petals open while she gasped for air.

I whispered in her pussy, “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

I teased her as she tried to lift her pussy to my face ,but she just couldn’t get it there, it turned me on watching her struggle. I placed my hand around her neck chocking her slightly and spread her pussy open once more and took a little lick.

She gasped for more air as I started to kiss down her moist slit then sucked on her swollen clit. I started swirling and flicking my tongue at her clit.

I slid my tongue down inside her, tongue fucking her, I looked her in her eyes as she pulled my head in deeper ,her mouth is wide open gasping for air as she attempts to talk ,but can’t get any words out ,then manages to stutter


She stuffed my face in her pussy and started grinding, she face fucked me and began screaming her whole body began to shake and spasm, locking her legs around my head.

I watch her pant trying to recover from the orgasm.

I forced her head to mine and brought her in for a kiss so she could taste herself, she began to suck on my neck and kiss my breasts bursa sınırsız escort ,my nipples were rock hard and very sensitive ,as she began sucking on them this amazing sensation rushes over me. She picks me up and places me where she once was, her tongue starts to travel down my body and she stops just before my pussy, my panties were damp from my soaked pussy she didn’t hesitate, she removed my panties and spread my pussy lips as she began eating me out my legs already started to shake ,already breathless I was moaning so loud that she had to stuff my mouth with her hand making me gag.

“You little dirty bitch you like gagging don’t you?”

I nodded continuously ,she then took her hand out my mouth and slid two fingers in my pussy the sensations were so amazing I could hardly breathe it was like this electric jolt of sensations kept shocking me until they all came at once, rushing over my entire body and I began cumming.

I couldn’t control my body I was shaking uncontrollably screaming from my pleasure she tried to shut me up by kissing me, but I soon broke away to catch my breath she got on top of me while I was panting ,she started to kiss and caress my body ,we dosed off into each other until our peace was interrupted when somebody began banging on the door to use the rest room, we frantically put on our clothes and rushed out the door.

We had lost track of time, the movie was practically over by time we got back, our friends were still waiting when we sat behind them.

Courtney leaned forward and pulled me in, kissed me and smiled. Our friends asked

“What took y’all so long?”

She glanced at me then said,

“Oh nothing we just lost track of time.”

As nothing ever happened.

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