A Father’s Love

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The cockerel crows telling me it’s that time for work again. The shining of the sun through the window warms the naked flesh of my body as I slipped into my tight-hugging dress and made my way out doors to feed and milk the cows before daddy woke up – he always woke up in a foul mood.

After I’d finished my chores I entered the kitchen to get myself a hard earned cup of tea. Mother was in the kitchen cooking breakfast, I told her I was going to the beach on the front to take part in the volleyball competition.

Daddy entered at that point in his usual foul mood and instantly told me I wasn’t going anywhere. I had just turned eighteen a few days ago and so retaliated using my age as an excuse.

All he could say was, “Not while you’re under my roof.” I stormed back out-side and began humping the hay onto the tractor. As the sun began to shine at it’s fullest, sweat began to pour down me, making my dress see-through.

Anticipation swam between my thighs, as I thought of all those hunks, in their trunks. It’s always packed out this time of year, so I knew meeting some one wouldn’t be too much of a problem. As I began to daydream, Andrea turned up to relieve me. Sitting on the hay, my dress rode up to my thighs. Andrea asked what I would be doing today? I told her of the game that was to take place and she then said she’d meet me at six 0’ clock at The Tavern.

I went up to my bedroom and standing in front of the mirror, I slipped off my dress and stared at my reflection, and admired my firm breasts.

I ran my hand over my rounded belly and the downy ginger pubic hair. I felt a warm glow in my abdomen when I caressed my nether lips, allowing my fingertip to gently explore the entrance of my virgin cunt.

Soon my finger was damp with my love juices and I felt the insistent throb of my swollen clitoris – how I needed the touch of a man. I was gagging to know how it felt to have a big prick deep inside me for the first time.

As I wandered down the road towards the beach I caught the end of the Punch and Judy show. Glancing over towards the Mowlem theatre at the end of the beach, I noticed lifeguards putting up the net for the beach volleyball match, which was to take place later. I decided to go for a swim to make time pass quicker, the blokes started arriving, mostly in pairs. I knew that they were watching me as they began to sunbathe.

It got to the point where the game had commenced. I played my first game and got through to round two.

An older, good-looking man stood out from all the young guys who had been looking at me. I could see that he could not take his eyes off me. When he peeled of his top, I saw the grey hairs of his chest and then he slipped off his trousers, he truly had some-thing in those trunks and all I could think of was having what he had to offer. My cunt was hot and wet – my hard nipples thrusting through the thin material of my bikini bra.

I can’t explain the feeling’s that rode through me as I watched his every move. The referee cried the names of the next match; it was to be Patricia James and I in the first game of the quarterfinals. His eyes now watching my every move, the way my breasts wobbled as I ran across the court. Slowly a damp patch in my briefs began to appear. Every time, I bent down, I could feel his eye’s pacing my body.

The final wasn’t to start until two 0’ clock so I didn’t waste any time in getting to know my admirer. Gyrating my hips as I walked I passed close to where he was lying, Noticing the ice-cooler, full of Cokes I took one out.

‘’Hi my name’s Melissa.’’ I said stepping over his recumbent body. I saw his bulging lunch-box twitch letting me know just how much he wanted me.

‘’I’m Derek but you can call me Del.’’ He said, looking up at me as I pushed the neck of the bottle in and out of my mouth slowly. I sat down next to him, my legs apart so he had a birds-eye view of my damp crotch. Del turned on to his side, I moved closer towards him so my body was pressing against his. My nipples felt like rocks in my bikini as they began to harden, knowing full well we both wanted each other.

The match commenced, my mind drifted away from the game, to the thought of his cock pumping my cunt. It became agony just escort seks hikayeleri waiting for the moment to arrive – my insides had awoken for the first time. The referee blew the final whistle and without a second thought I ran into the sea and untied the bra of my bikini revealing my pert tits so he got a glimpse of what he would have missed, had he not joined me.

He rushed in throwing his arms around me, kissing my full lips, his hand wandered down between my thighs. Rubbing the pubic hair of my aching cunt, I began to rub his huge cock rubbing the helmet as it just seemed to grow bigger and bigger. The mixture of my juices and warm water together was becoming too much to handle.

Diving under the water, I swam away from him. Swimming towards Old Harry Rocks, although it was too far out from the sea to get to. I teased him towards me taking him to a secluded part of the beach so that we could enjoy each other’s bodies.

He pulled the leg of my bikini bottom to one side and slipped his finger up my leg into my hot slit. I was so wet that he was able to slip a finger into my tight cunt. His thumb massaged my hard clit as he finger-fucked my cunt.

With his free hand he grabbed the flesh of my right breast, as he licked and sucked my swollen nipple. I started crying out in ecstasy of his touch. He then stuck his tongue down my throat, still fingering my virgin cunt. I pulled down his trunks and then swam away from him, diving underneath the water; I spotted an alcove area and hid in there. Del came looking for me and saw the nakedness of my voluptuous body for the first time.

Sitting on a rock with my back almost against the wall, Del caught up with me and didn’t hesitate darting his tongue into my gash as he began tweaking my nipples again. I began gagging him to fuck me with his hard cock; it didn’t take long for him to do as I commanded. Our screams of ecstasy echoed in the alcove as he pumped harder and faster into my gapping hole.

The warmth of his spunk entered me. For the first time, I knew how any woman felt when injected with such a sensation. Swimming to land, I ran to a part of the beach where no one could see us, I saw him coming up behind me so I bent over as to offer him my ass.

“Not yet, young lady. That’s to come later!” He said with a wicked grin on his face.

As we walked through the town, back to the hotel where he was staying, he spoke of how he had been visiting Swanage for the past twenty years. How he always had a partner, the lovesick teenager that I was, I told him I would love him for the rest of my life. When he smiled I told him why I wanted to leave home, it was because of the rows Father and I always had. Del spoke of how I would be missed at home and that I was needed by my family.

Telling him about the arguments that always happened and how I was at twenty-one years of age, old enough to do as I pleased. He put his arm around me and we continued to walk to the hotel where he was staying. When we got there, we both headed for his room; I asked if I could take a shower. Purposely I left the door ajar so he could watch me take off my jeans and bikini.

The idea of that first fuck with Del, had my legs turning to jelly. I placed the shower head in it’s holder and pressed my body against the cool tiles while masturbating myself. Tweaking my nipple with my free hand, I turned around and noticed Del rubbing his cock frantically. He got up from his position on the bed, walked into the bathroom, still wanking his hard cock.

I began running my hand over my Mons Veneris as he continued pumping his massive cock. His cum shot onto my belly, dripping down to my pubic hair. The water washing away his spunk made me want even more of him, he took off his clothes and got into the shower with me. Immediately he got onto his knees and began darting his tongue in and out of my sticky cunt.

“Oh yeah, fuck me! I need you to fuck me.” I said as he gripped my thighs to support himself as he slowly rose up my body, and then he pressed his lips against mine. He broke the kiss and turned me facing the wall, I supported myself with my hands pressing against the tiles. I then felt his massive cock rubbing my love hole.

“Oh yeah, go on ram it into me, faster, faster get faster please.” He began to bang my ass, getting faster as I had willed him to. My screams were now becoming louder as I for the first time, discovered what it was like to have a cock up the ass. Just like all my friends had spoke about so many times.

He pounded his cock into my ass-hole. I thrust my ass into the air so he could go deeper into me. The warmth of his cock pumping my ass was amazing as he shot his load up my back passage.

The thought of no longer being a virgin, entered my mind as I slowly turned round and slid down his body to payback the compliment. I began to circulate his helmet with the tip of my tongue, and then took his full length into my mouth. His cock began to grow as I sucked continuously going faster then slower, I could tell I was doing it right as Del grabbed the back of my head and shoved his full length down my throat.

I began to circulate my tongue around the thick length of his cock. The warmth of his cock as I bobbed my head back and forth rhythmically had me taking the whole of his cock down my throat and swallowing the delights of a man for the first time.

We both stepped out of the shower together, then grabbing the long white towel off the hook I began to dry myself. He stood there watching me as he pressed himself against the shower unit. My smile grew longer as he told me how he wanted to take care of me.

His eyes glancing lovingly up and down my body. I searched for my white-lacy panties in my bag. I put them on and then pulled them into my crouch teasingly. I then covered my firm 38DD tits inside the lacy white matching bra. Then standing against the frame of the door, I watched him pick up the towel I had used to dry myself. I began to gaze at his massive cock as he gently rubbed it dry. Then as he stepped into a pair of boxer shorts, I beckoned him towards me and enticed him onto the bed.

“Why did you put them back on, I haven’t finished with you yet!” I said sliding my hands either side of his boxer shorts and pulling them back down again. His cock was semi-hard so I began rubbing his foreskin back and forth until it was the required length for my wet love-hole.

I then pushed Del onto the bed and sliding my panties aside. I sat on top of his magnificent length. My screaming became louder as every inch of his hard cock was inside me. As I rubbed the grey hair on his chest, he grabbed my tits making me bounce even harder on top of him with his every movement.

Throwing back my long black hair and then slowly leaning forward I traced it over his chest. I began to feel like a woman for the first time. Finally I had discovered the pleasures of what most of my friends kept on about. It was amazing! Now I was no more a virgin-but in the same league as all my friends. My head began to swim and my buttocks, trickled with his cum. The feeling of his warmth had entered me and not for the first time.

“Now is the right time!” He laughed.

I instantly knew what he meant and got on all fours. His cock entered my back passage and my screaming became louder with each thrust. Although it seemed he had just entered me, he came without any warning. We both collapsed on the floor before getting dressed again.

Del picked up the phone and ordered champagne and strawberries to the room. When the waiter arrived with a glass bowl of strawberries and an un-opened bottle of Champagne. “Thank you Sir!” The waiter responded blushing seeing me in only my under-wear, as Del handed him a tip.

I was sitting in the corner of the room ogling the way his backside wiggled with his every move. He put two glasses on the table and poured out the champagne. I got up from where I was sitting, with a strawberry placed between my ruby red lip not in and not out of my mouth, for him to take from me. It was what he did next that I didn’t expect. Slowly eating the strawberry that my big-luscious lips had offered him. He began to rub my lacy panties, which were still drenched from my soaking wet cunt through the excitement of being with my first partner. He placed his arms around my waist and began tracing his finger up and down my spine; the slowness of his movement had me tingling.

I laid back on the bed, spreading my legs wide apart. He then pulled the gusset of my panties to one side and placed a strawberry between my cunt lips. As he attempted to lash away at my entrance, curling his tongue inside my wet hole. I felt it riding deeper inside me. Had it gone all the way in? I really couldn’t tell but as it popped into his mouth, I realised that it had!

The excitement of it had taken me to another planet. The way he sucked and pinched my hard erect nipples as I writhed on the bed. It was as though the feeling of an electric current was filling my entire body as he began to stick one then two fingers into my gushing love-hole.

Orgasm after orgasm rode through me like a tidal wave as his every movement became faster and faster. He went down between my legs and began darting his tongue in and out of me so sensually, all I knew at that time is he was to be the only lover for me. My pubic hair was soaking and my clit was throbbing with every flicker of his tongue.

When he finally came up for air, I reached into his boxer shorts taking hold of his cock and slowly began to wank him off. He screamed, how he was about to cum. In quickness I pulled his stiff cock out of his boxer shorts and sat on top of him, riding him as though he was one of daddy’s horses.

My long black hair was swaying from side to side as I licked my lips and looked into his gorgeous blue eyes. I then began to rub my clit as his whole length went right up me. The feeling was incredible. He reached for another strawberry and splattered it on my breast allowing the juice to run freely down to my belly and onto my pussy. He did the same to my other breast, the remainder of juice that wasn’t on me tripled onto the bed-sheets. Del sat up while I was still on top of him, he pulled my hair as his warm spunk filled my eager cunt.

Picking up one of the glasses still full with champagne I got off his now limp cock and sat back in the chair crossing and uncrossing my legs so he could catch glimpses of my dripping spunk-filled cunt.

My tits wobbled in whatever position I sat in. Del came and stood in front of me saying how he should take me home, we had better get dressed first, I remarked laughing. He slipped into his boxers, they fitted him somewhat like a dream. The tightness of them showed his muscular legs off a treat. He then did up his jeans and stepped into the bathroom to freshen up. I tried to strike up a conversation about his past lovers.

How he spoke of them was as though he still loved them. The amount, he said over the years of coming to Dorset, I wouldn’t be able to count on both hands. A tingle of jealousy swam through me as I thought about how I never wanted him to be with anyone else but me.

As I sipped the last of the champagne, I pulled my lacy white knickers up and then put my jeans on. Slipping into my blouse that showed of my bust to perfection. The nipples stuck out like pins, as we both left the room. Del slammed the door behind me and took hold of my hand as we made our way to the foyer. He paid the receptionist what he owed for the room, and then we went for chips along the front.

He placed his arm around my waist and I paid back the compliment. As we both made it back to the farm. I slipped my hand in my pocket pulling out the key No one heard us slip in, so I took him into my bedroom. I heard the floorboards creaking as I threw my clothes and some belongings into a suitcase and shushed him to keep quiet. He whispered when are you going to tell your parents. I, this time sighed him to remain quiet.

Opening the bedroom door silently, we both went down stairs into the living room where mother was watching telly. I entered the lounge along with my suitcase and told her that I was leaving home to go live with Del. As he walked into the room, her face went as white as a ghosts.

“Not on your life! Are you leaving with him.” She quipped.’

“Why? Don’t you want me to be happy.” I answered back.

‘No! It’s because he’s your legitimate father.’ She shouted almost in tears.

I turned round looking into his blue eyes, which had appealed to me the first moment, he look up at me. For the first time in my life I was speechless.

There was nothing I could think of doing but to throw my arms around him. All of a sudden I had become his little girl all right, but the love he was now showing me felt more like a fathers love.

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