A Full Nest Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Thank you for all the kind comments on the first chapter! I know there are people among you that would love for some ‘action’ to start and I promise that it will be soon. Enjoy!


I walked downstairs feeling more refreshed than I had in ages. I had also woken up with a painfully hard erection, but I had made that go away by thinking of my 8th grade teacher. No one could kill a boner faster than Mrs. Kesian. Even with that I still grew a semi whenever I remembered the night before with Bethany. How loving she had been and how amazing her breasts had felt.

“Good morning, Ryan!” April waved me over to the table and set down a plate of pancakes. “Chocolate chip! Your favorite right?”

“Yes ma’am.” I grinned and looked up at her. She looked a lot like Mom. Same long brown hair. Same dark brown eyes and wide smile. But the similarities stopped at the face. Aunt April was more… busty than Mom. Much bigger breasts and a curvier ass. And while Mom had kept herself toned, her older sister hadn’t. Not that she was fat. She could still be considered conventionally sexy. But she was by no means fit. It just worked for her really well. “You can call me Rye you know?”

“Oh. I can?” April looked surprised. “I thought that was just your sisters and Laurel.”

“Nah.” I shook my head. “Anyone I like can call me that.” It made sense now why she had never called me ‘Rye’ during the many times our families got dinner or hung out.

“I see…” She smiled, looking very happy to know that I liked her enough to let her call me Rye. “How do you like your pancakes, Rye? They good?”

“Excellent.” I smiled.

“You better have saved me some!” Belle said as she walked into the kitchen, Bethany close behind her. As Belle walked behind him, I braced myself for her usual head smack. But it didn’t come. Instead she just ruffled my hair. “Aww man chocolate chip? I was hoping for blueberry.”

“Belle! Don’t be a brat.” Bethany rolled her eyes.

“No no it’s okay.” April laughed. “I made blueberry pancakes as well. And Beth your banana pancakes are almost done.”

“You don’t have to spoil us like this.” I protested, feeling the guilt come back.

“Did you think this was for free?” April snorted. “Hell no. Ryan I need kahramanmaraş seks hikayeleri you to clean the pool. The filter will get jammed if more leaves and other crap falls in.”

“Sure!” The guilt went away. Good. I was at least working for it. “What about those two?” I asked pointing at my sisters.

Belle glared at me and Bethany just rolled her eyes.

“Belle I’d like you to do the grocery shopping. There’s a list on the counter. And Bethany I’d like you to mow the lawn. I usually hire the neighbor’s kid to do it but he’s sick.”

Belle and Bethany nodded and went back to their pancakes. As usual, I finished quickly and left after asking where I could get the pool net.


“Richard would say that keeping yourself busy helps with grief.” April explained after Ryan had left. “Something about letting your subconscious process it while you focus on something. Maybe it’ll help Rye.”

“Well you can give him all the work you want.” Belle said around a mouthful of pancake. “Use him all ya need, Aunt April. He’s not doing anything this summer.”

“He has friends doesn’t he?” April frowned. “Wouldn’t he want to hang out with them?”

“Well Toon works during the week. And his college buddies don’t live in town. They all went home.” Belle explained.

“All he really has is us.” Bethany said.

“Still. I’m not going to turn him into a servant.” April said.

“You’re missing out.” Belle said in a sing song voice. “He actually does like helping out a lot.”

After the three had finished, Bethany left to mow the lawn as she had been asked to do. She pushed the lawnmower out of the shed then got started. As she moved back and forth along the yard she found herself taking peeks at Ryan who had taken his shirt off in the heat. He wasn’t especially muscular but he had the toned body of a runner. Bethany also noted, much to her shame, that he had an amazing butt. When she realized she was doing more staring than paying attention to what she was mowing, Bethany forced herself to look away and didn’t look at Ryan until she was done.

Right as she finished and right as Ryan was about to go inside, Aunt April came out in a bikini. Bethany noticed Ryan’s jaw drop slightly but it didn’t look like Aunt April did.

“Rye could you please put some suntan lotion on me?”

“Uh. Uh sure.” Ryan stammered and then followed April to a pool chair.

Bethany just waved at the both of them and went inside even though she was curious to stay and watch Ryan’s reaction to April’s body. It had been very cute.


I stared down at Aunt April’s body. She was hot. No doubt about it. A MILF. A cougar. If I knew a girl named Stacy, Aunt April would be her Mom. And she would have it going on. All those thoughts gave me a boner and I hated it. First, Bethany had given me one. Now I was getting one from my Aunt. Is this what happens if you go a long time without jerking off? You start getting turned on by anything and everything remotely attractive?

While reminding myself that this was my Aunt I did what she asked. This was the wonderful woman who had taken me and my sisters in. Rent free. People would kill to live in a house like this without having to pay rent. Thinking about how much Bethany and Belle must be saving from their jobs was making my head swim.

I shouldn’t be thinking what it would be like to motorboat her. Or grind on her ass. I should be planning how to pay her back. I need to pay her back. Somehow.


“I’ll check on him tonight.” Belle got up, stretching.

“You sure? You said you were heading back to work tomorrow.” Bethany looked up from her book. She was planning on checking on him after finishing the chapter she was on.

“Yea it’ll be fine.” Belle smiled. “I’ll still get plenty of sleep if Rye falls asleep as quickly as you say he did with you.” She left the room and quietly opened the door to Ryan’s. “Rye?”


Belle stepped into the room and shut the door behind her. “Hey. Still not asleep?”

“Nope.” She heard him sigh.

“That sucks.” Belle walked over to his bed and sat on the edge. “Wanna cuddle with me like you did with Beth?”

Ryan stared up at her. “What?”

“You heard me.” Belle promptly laid down. “You need to get more sleep. Beth said you feel asleep while cuddling her so… I’m here.”


“I just said. So you can sleep properly.”

“No. Why are you here?”

Belle’s cheeks burned. She was right. He did love Bethany more. “Fine. I’ll go get Bethany.” She began to get up before Ryan reached out and grabbed her wrist.

“Wait! Sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.” Ryan felt relieved as Belle laid back down. “It’s just… I’m not used to you doing stuff like this.”

“There’s a first time for everything I guess.” Belle dragged Ryan closer and shoved his face to her chest in the way she imagined Bethany had done. She hadn’t seen it. Just knew. “Rock-a-bye baby.” She smirked. “Bitch.”

“There’s the Belle I know.” Ryan frowned. Belle didn’t smell like Bethany. She smelled like lavender. Other than that, everything else physical was the same. Her boobs were the same size as Bethany’s and were just as soft and welcoming. He felt the same comfort he had gotten the night before with her.

“What’d you do today?” She began stroking his hair. Bethany had definitely done that, she thought.

“Watched Parks and Rec. Almost done with it.”

“Excellent choice. Godbless Netflix.”


Belle could feel how awkward the conversation was. She and Ryan simply didn’t talk that much beyond exchanging snide comments. They had similar interests and everything. There was just a block that didn’t let them talk like normal. But. As awkward as the conversation was, this cuddle wasn’t. Bethany was right. It wasn’t that weird. It felt incredibly right. And the thought that she was helping Ryan made her feel warm on the inside. As much as she enjoyed antagonizing him, she never wanted him to actually suffer. To see him like this – a shell of his former self pretending to be normal – just wasn’t right. She snuggled up to him even more and kissed the top of his head. “Rye?”


“You know you can talk to us right? Me and Beth?”


“Good.” She kissed the top of his head again. “Keep that in mind okay?”

“I will.”

“Promise me.”

“Belle come on…”

“Promise me, Rye!” She poked him in the belly.

“Okay okay. I promise.” Ryan grumbled.

“Good.” She smiled. She also noticed Ryan’s boner pushed up against her. If the current moment hadn’t been so sweet, she would have given him hell for it. But it wasn’t the time right now. She made herself realize that his reaction was completely normal. If anything, it was a compliment. It didn’t mean anything else. “I love you, shitbreath.”

“I love you too, cumguzzler.”

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