A fun Football night

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(Part 1)

My name is Jenna and here is my story:

I live in a very beautiful 2 story home, and that where my story begins… It was Sunday and my husband was home watching the football game with 4 of his friends in our den. Our den is located under a walkway on the second floor that connects the master bedroom to the other 3 rooms upstairs.

My girlfriend, Annie was there with her husband, so while the guys were glued to the TV, we were drinking wine in the kitchen. At one point we were getting low on wine, so Annie said she had more at her house, and she also wanted to put on some sweats to be more comfortable, she only lived about 3 miles away, so off she went. As soon as she left I decided to take a quick shower and get comfortable too since we were going to be hanging out for at least the next 3 hours.

So I jumped in, took a quick shower, and put on my robe. For some reason I was feeling horny all day, so I grabbed my vibrator for a quickie. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I stood in the middle of my room and enjoyed my alone time. All of a sudden I heard a loud roar from the guys, something must have happened in the game. I opened the door with my robe open and listened, they were still glued to the TV. I thought I would be a little crazy, so I snuck out in the hallway and stood there playing.

I slowly crept down the hallway to the walkway and looked around the wall. There was the 5 guys watching the game with their backs to me. I quietly walked onto the walkway, Esenyurt escort turned on my vibrator and went to work in full view of everyone, robe open, tits showing, and playing. If any of the guys had turned around, I was done. I stood there for about 30 seconds until I had a quick, half assed orgasm.

It was half assed because I couldn’t make a sound or I would have gotten caught. I went to the bedroom, laid on the bed and came again instantly! The rush of doing it in front of 5 guys and the fact I could have gotten caught at any second, gave me one of the best orgasm’s I ever had. Wow!

I heard Annie come in, so I went downstairs and poured some more wine. We sat and talked for a while when Annie asked me if i thought that they even knew we were here.

I laughed and told her that they probably forgot all about us. Annie and I are both in our 50’s, we both have great bodies and have seen each other naked on a million occasions like, the gym, dressing rooms, trying on each other cloths, etc. we talk about sex a lot, because we were both brought up in very open households, and we’ve known each other since we were 10.

I thought I would throw out a teaser to see what would happen, so when I said they probable forgot all about us, I also said, that we could probably sit there and masturbate right in from of them and they wouldn’t even notice.

Annie laughed and said, “You’re right, in fact I’m going to do it now,” and with that, Etiler escort bayan pretended to get up, then sat back down and we both laughed. I was going all in now and told her we should do it, but inconspicuously. She laughed because she thought i was kidding, but I told her if she had the balls to do it, so would I. I told her about the walkway idea, but didn’t let her know I had already done it. After I told her she said, “this is a side of you I’ve never seen”, and just looked at me with a straight face. I thought it was over, she was pissed, but to my surprise she looked at me and said “I’ve definitely got the balls, let’s go.”

So we both went up to my room. I gave her one of my robes and she quickly stripped down and put on the robe. I did the same. I asked he if she wanted one of my small travel vibrators, she looked at me, wiggles her fingers and said, “That’s what these are for.” We quietly walked down the hall, I let her peek around the wall so she could see the guys backs, and before I had the chance to say anything, she dropped the robe to the floor and walked right out onto the walkway, wow! No hesitation whatsoever! She licked two of her fingers and went to work, this was too much for me, I dropped my robe and stood right next to her, we were either gonna have 2 amazing orgasm’s or we were both gonna be dead if our husbands caught us.

We were so brazen that we stood there for about 2 minutes. I could see Annie was about to cum, so Escort Eyüp I motioned for her to go behind the wall. We both went on opposite sides of the walkway, stared at each other and came together. Now all we had to do was get Annie back on my side without getting caught and we were home free. After she came, she smiled at me, and came back across without being seen.

We quickly cleaned ourselves up and headed back downstairs. As I passed my husband he said, “where were you guys,” so I just looked at him and said, “I was showing her some new cloths I just bought, ” he said, “oh,” and went right back to the game! We went to the kitchen and poured 2 very big glasses of wine for ourselves, we earned it.

Annie was so pumped up, I never saw her like that, all she kept saying was, “Why didn’t we think of this before, that was so hot.” Now if you think I was horny before, now I was crazy horny. Doing that twice without getting caught, and, watching my best friend masturbate in front of me was just too much. I told Annie I needed more, and told her why, she agreed with me and said she was off the charts horny too.

What I saw next blew my mind. Annie put her hand down the front of her sweats and started to play with herself right in my kitchen. She didn’t say a word, just smiled at me and then got serious. She had that “I’m gonna cum” look on her face. I couldn’t just watch her anymore, I had to take care of myself as well, so I went to work too. She said to me,” I just can’t stop, that was just so unbelievable, it was the craziest sex thing I’ve ever done! ” We finally calmed down, and eventually the night ended, but not before we promised to do this again next week at her house, since it was their turn for Sunday night football. There is a part 2, and it was crazy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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