A Good Son Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Mother turned my head towards her face and kissed me firmly on the lips, but there was nothing sensual about it. Her eyes were shining delightedly and I had never seen her look so pretty. She said with a giggle, “I’m getting really naughty aren’t I.”

I wondered how naughty she intended to get.

She clambered from my lap and took a couple of paces before spinning around. “This has been the best Mother’s Day ever.” Then she put her hand to her mouth in horror, “Oh Anthony; your trousers.”

I looked down and groaned in despair, “For God’s sake Mother, this is the second pair you’ve ruined.”

She reached forward and squeezed my face, “Never mind, Mummy will clean them for you.” She stretched luxuriously. “I’m going for a shower. Put my panties in the basket when you’ve finished playing with them.” She caught them deftly when I threw them at her.

As I heard her footsteps on the stairs, I mulled over the events of the past four weeks. What an extraordinary change there had been in her personality since I had accidentally seen her masturbating. From a quiet and respectable forty-two year old widow looking after her only son, she had become a vivacious sexual dynamo with a keen interest in pornography. What was most important was that she looked happy and seemed to be enjoying life.

I had given her access to my porn and she now discussed the most intimate sexual practices without embarrassment. From protesting violently when I tied her to a chair and forced her to watch a bondage video, she had progressed to shamelessly masturbating on my lap while I excited her imagination with an erotic story. I just hoped that the direction in which I was taking her was the correct one.

However she had to get out more and find herself a suitable partner, permanent or otherwise. She had already been two years without proper sex, although my dear late father had not performed well enough for her to miss his efforts.

One evening I was upstairs when she came out of the bathroom wearing just a bathrobe. She opened the robe and said, “Look at this.” She was drawing my attention to a barely noticeable roll of flesh around her waist that she was squeezing with her fingers. “If I’m going to be a porn star, this has got to go.”

The fact that she was exposing the lower half of her naked body was of no concern to her and I reflected again on the remarkable transformation that she had undergone.

She was quite small, about five feet four, with short dark hair and average breasts but she had really nice legs. She had recently joined the health club where Sue and I were members and had certainly lost some weight. I had always considered her to be attractive in a pretty way.”

“Looks okay to me,” I said, “what’s your problem?”

“What’s my problem?” she echoed. “I’m fat, that’s what the problem is. I must start going to the gym every day.”

I had three spare evenings each week when I either went pubbing with my pals or stayed home with Mother. She would read while I surfed the internet.

I was getting used to her suddenly asking a question, often completely out of context, so it was no surprise when she suddenly looked up and said, “How often do you think it is acceptable for me to masturbate?”

I replied calmly, “I don’t think there are any official guidelines. As often as you want to, or until your pussy gets too tender.”

Then she asked, “How often do you do it?”

I thought for a moment as if calculating. “I don’t keep official records but on average, three hundred and sixty-five times a year.”

“Do you have an extra one during leap years?”

I answered in a hurt tone, “I’m not a sex maniac Mother.”

Then she said quietly, “What I need is proper sex and you won’t oblige because of your silly rules.”

I looked at her reproachfully, “You wouldn’t really want me to would you?”

She replied quietly, “No I suppose it wouldn’t be right but I can’t say I haven’t thought about it when I’ve been feeling really horny.”

That sounded ominous and I had to find some real sex for her if only to prevent the possibility of our relationship becoming incestuous.

A couple of nights later there was another happening with implications that concerned me. I had just changed into my tracksuit ready for soccer practice and was about to descend the stairs when Mother came out of the bathroom in her robe. She looked at me with a serious expression and said, “I think I’m becoming an exhibitionist.”

“What’s brought this on Mother?”

“Well,” she replied, “I had just got out of the bath when I had an impulse to throw the window open and stand there naked. I wanted to masturbate while being watched. I thought it would be exciting to get someone sexually aroused in a voyeuristic way.”

I said, “I’ve watched you masturbate.”

She dismissed that with, “Oh you don’t count. I want a man to hide somewhere outside and masturbate while he thinks that he is secretly watching me.”

“Have you tried watching yourself?”

She mersin escort looked puzzled. “How can I possibly do that?”

I took her hand and led her towards her bedroom. “Come with me and I’ll show what to do but I’m really pushed for time. The coach has already warned me twice about being late for practice.”

Facing the end of her bed was a wardrobe with mirrors on both doors but they were not full length. We sat on the bed together and I said, “Open your robe and your legs and put your hand on your pussy.”

She craned her head upwards and complained, “I can’t see my pussy.” Before I could stop her she clambered astride my lap and faced the mirror. “That’s better; now that I’m higher up I can see it.”

I looked at my watch and said urgently, “Mother I’m really late. Can’t you sit on pillows or get some cushions from downstairs or something?”

“Oh be quiet,” she said irritably, “you’re just the right height and nice and firm. Do I now just caress myself?”

I was getting impatient, “Yes and hurry up.”

“Hurry up?” she repeated, “Well I must say that sounds really sexy.”

Her thighs were wide open and with the heel of her hand pressed against her stomach she stretched down with her middle finger to stroke her pussy. Almost immediately it opened and tiny wet beads of excitement appeared on the dark red folds.

At this point I interrupted with, “Mother I must stop you for two reasons. One, I’m really in the shit as far as time is concerned and two, these are the only pair of tracksuit bottoms that I own. If you leak all over them, I’m going to look a complete twat.”

She gave an exasperated sigh. “It’s very difficult to concentrate when you keep babbling in my ear.” She slipped the bathrobe from her shoulders. “Here, sit on this. I’m quite excited so it shouldn’t take long.”

I suddenly realised that despite our recent intimate sessions this was actually the first time that I had seen my mother’s naked breasts; or at least not since reaching adulthood. I looked at them in the mirror and saw that they were medium sized but they supported themselves firmly. The nipples were decidedly prominent with flat ends that resembled small pink marsh mellows. Very suckable I thought, although I had no intention of doing so.

I stole another glance at my watch as she began to move her fingers more purposely. Her pussy was now very wet and I could hear a slippery sound as she caressed it in circles. She was breathing through her mouth and her eyes were wide and interested as she stared intently at herself in the mirror. As the pleasurable sensations began to build, she closed her eyes and her nostrils flared.

She said breathlessly, “This is quite exciting. I would never have thought that watching myself masturbate could be so erotic. Incidentally some nipple stimulation would be helpful.”

“No Mother that would be breaking the rules,” I protested.

“Oh sod the rules,” she snapped, “It depends how late you want to be for your soccer practice.”

I looked at my watch again and calculated that there was still a possibility that I could make it in time. She was blackmailing me but I had no choice. So I lifted my hands and cupped them around her breasts. As I gently rubbed my palms in circles, I felt both nipples harden. At the same time Mother sucked in her breath and whispered, “That’s feels nice.”

I was very aware of the warmth of her naked body close to me and the scent of bath oil was intoxicating. My mouth was close to the nape of her neck but I resisted the urge to kiss it. Suddenly I thought, “Oh shit,” because I could feel my penis begin to rise.

Mother was instantly aware of it and pressed her bottom against my stiffening member. With an indignant voice she said, “Anthony what on earth is that? I do hope you’re not getting any lascivious pleasure from my personal activity because that would be really naughty of you.”

She wriggled her bottom against my stiff cock and it didn’t help at all. “My word, I think you are and I’m really shocked.” She was loving it.

I tried to sound convincing with, “It’s merely caused by friction and nothing to do with you. I haven’t a lewd thought in my head.”

I continued to rub my palms against her nipples and she whispered breathlessly, “You and your erection have made me very excited. I’m going to come in a minute and when I do I want you to pinch them hard.”

I became really concerned. “I don’t want to hurt you Mother.”

She was insistent. “I’ll decide which one of us gets hurt and if you don’t want it to be you, I suggest you do as you’re told. When I say squeeze, give them the works.”

The tempo of her fingers was increasing but now flicking upwards as she caressed her clitoris. Her eyes were still intently focused on her pussy as she gasped, “Here I come.”

Her legs straightened and her feet curved rigidly downwards with her toes tightly curled. As the sensations began, her fingers pressed into her gaping slit and began to revolve in aggressive circles. escort mersin She groaned, “I’m coming now so squeeze.”

I took each nipple between finger and thumb and rolled them with reasonable pressure. She gasped immediately, “Squeeze them you ninny.”

I thought okay if that’s what you want and I applied sufficient force to crack a walnut.

She groaned immediately, “Yes,” and shoved four fingers deep into her pussy. As her body stiffened with the exquisite pleasure she began to fuck herself with her fingers.

In the mirror I saw her face contort as if in pain and she stopped breathing. Pulses of delicious agony shocked her body and her stomach muscles tensed with each one. Suddenly she released the air from her lungs with an explosive gasp and as her ecstasy peaked, it forced guttural groans from deep within her throat.

As the sensations began to fade, she removed her deeply imbedded fingers and revolved them slowly in her engorged crevice as she desperately tried to prolong the pleasure.

Finally she relaxed with long gasping sigh and I waited about three seconds before dumping her unceremoniously on the bed. A quick glance at my tracksuit confirmed the absence of stains and I put one hand over the bulge of my erect penis. I rushed out of the bedroom and down the stairs but before I had reached the front door, I heard her shout, “If that’s not slam bam thank you Mam, then I don’t know what is.”

Later when I arrived home, she asked if I had got there in time and I answered, “Only just thank you.” She mentioned nothing about my physical lapse in her bedroom but a couple of times as I sat watching television I felt her looking at me. When I glanced in her direction she quickly looked down at her book. She was feeling so smug.

Then a more interesting situation arose. Without any preamble, she made the statement, “I’m sure that I’m not a lesbian.”

That threw me a bit and I hesitated before I replied, “I’ve never thought for one moment that you might be.”

She looked at me with a steady gaze. “Then why do I sometimes enjoy masturbating while thinking about another female licking my pussy?”

I was relieved. “Mother it’s a common fantasy even among straight women so put your mind at rest. Sue thinks about it often and she’s admitted to having those thoughts even when it was I that was going down on her. And I didn’t find that very flattering.”

Then she added, “So if you hear of any willing females, please let me know.” She finished the sentence with a laugh but I sensed that she was serious.

My mind must have been confused as I wondered if she was really thinking about a lesbian relationship because I heard myself say, “I’ll have a word with Sue, she has often said that she would like to try it.”

Immediately I thought, why the fuck did I say that? What on earth was I thinking? I could not believe that I had just uttered those fateful words. But it was too late because Mother smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll leave the arrangements to you.”

In a moment of utter insanity I had dropped myself right in the shit.

Sue, my nineteen-year-old girlfriend, has a sex drive that would exhaust the most virile stud. She is an exhibitionist with a stunning body and loves to show it to the world. At the first opportunity she will remove as much clothing as the law permits, and often more. She has been warned on more than one seaside beach.

When she is masturbating she loves me to watch and the sight of her in the grip of sexual frenzy will bring me to an orgasm without fail. Most of our time together is spent fucking, masturbating or just talking about sex. She is insatiable and I am pleased to say that we are well suited.

The next day all I thought about was how I was going to extricate myself from the difficult situation caused by my carelessness. How could I tell my girlfriend that my mother wished to have another female lick her pussy and would be pleased if it was Sue? Furthermore, did I really want my girlfriend to go down on my own mother? Then I thought about it some more and decided that it would be kind of interesting.

That evening I was due to go to Sue’s place. Over the eighteen months that we had been together we had experimented with just about every position physically possible. We are both athletic and we have contorted our bodies to the physical limit.

On this occasion she had thought up a new one. She did a handstand but facing towards me with her legs in the splits and horizontal. This put her legs and pussy on a level plane. The position stretched her cunt wide open and the game was to see if she could maintain the handstand while being licked, or if I could make her collapse.

I put my hands under her outstretched thighs but leaving her weight on her hands and went to work on her pussy. With her cleft gaping wide, I could push my tongue in further than usual so I gave it everything. She was laughing and screaming and calling me all the bastards under the sun but finally her pussy surrendered mersin escort bayan and her arms collapsed.

I supported her weight and even though she was hanging upside down, she enjoyed a full orgasm. We were both helpless with laughter afterwards.

She was mopping her pussy with tissues when my mind turned to the topic that I had been dreading. I started lamely by saying, “Sue I’ve got something to tell you.”

She looked up sharply and asked, “What?”

I continued, “Well it’s difficult to know where to start but I’ll try. You’re not going to like it.”

Before I could go on, Sue climbed out of her chair and turned to face me. She said, “I knew there was something wrong. You’ve been acting really weird the last few weeks.” Her eyes became worried when she asked, “Is it another girl?”

I replied emphatically, “No of course it isn’t.”

“Another man?”

I closed my eyes in distaste and snapped, “Don’t even joke about it.”

She sat down again and looked at me earnestly. “Well what is it then?”

I started by saying, “Just over a month ago I accidentally saw my mother masturbating.”

I paused to gather my thoughts but before I could go on, Sue’s serious expression changed and she pressed her lips tightly together. She raised one hand to her mouth but failed to suppress a strangled snort. I waited patiently while her body shook with silent laughter.

Finally when she had composed herself and wiped her eyes she said, “I’m sorry and I know it was wrong to laugh because I know how much you love her and you must have been shocked. But so fucking what? She was just having a wank and that’s not exactly headline news is it? She’s in the prime of life and probably gets horny without a man to service her. Put it right out of your mind.” She leaned back triumphantly in the chair.

I said, “If you’ve quite finished I’d like to go on. When I saw her, she was watching soft porn from late night television so I gave her some of my hard stuff.”

Sue’s eyes widened. “Really? What did she think of it?”

I answered, “It certainly turned her on.” I coughed nervously and continued, “Especially during a bondage scene when I tied her to a chair.”

Her eyes became even wider and her mouth dropped open. “You tied her to a chair? Are you kidding me?”

I swallowed and went on, “She got very excited watching the film and when I released her hands, she masturbated frantically and had a big orgasm.”

Sue stared at me in silence for a few seconds and then laughed. “This is a wind-up isn’t it?” I shook my head slowly.

She was looking serious when she asked, “Is there any more?”

My armpits were sweating as I replied, “Well actually there is. After we got home on Mother’s Day, I told her a sexy story and she masturbated on my lap.”

Sue was now staring at me in disbelief. There was a long pause while she digested all that I had told her and then she asked quietly, “Is that it?”

I was struggling to keep my voice even. “I’m afraid not; she also sat on my lap and masturbated while watching herself in a mirror and I got an erection.” I waited nervously during the silence that followed and then added, “That’s the up-to-date situation, more or less.”

Sue got slowly to her feet and walked two steps away from me. She turned her head and looked back but said nothing. She took another two steps and looked back again but still she didn’t speak. Then she spun around and walked purposefully back to my chair.

With her feet apart, she put her hands on her hips and bent at the waist so that her face was close to mine. Emphasising each word loudly she said, “Are you completely fucking insane?”

I replied, “I don’t think so, why?”

She thrust her face even closer. “Because it’s incest you moron, that’s why.”

I responded indignantly, “No it isn’t. Apart from squeezing her nipples and I did that only because I was late for soccer practice, I haven’t even touched her.”

She sat down and put her head in her hands. She chuckled but without humour and asked, “How do you ever manage to hold down your job? They must have been desperate when they hired you.” I said nothing.

She stood erect and said, “Well thank you for pouring out your heart to me; that was most interesting.” Then she frowned. “Wait a minute, you said more or less. Surely there are no more skeletons in the cupboard?”

I replied quietly, “Just the one.”

She froze and said, “I have a feeling that I’m not going to like this but go on, give it to me straight.”

My voice was a bit croaky and I heard myself quickly gabbling, “Mother would like another female to go down on her and wondered if you would be interested?”

Sue had been standing but her knees buckled and she sat down in the chair with a thump. She said calmly, “I hate these sort of dreams, they always seem so real. I expect I’ll wake up in a moment.”

I waited while she digested my last bombshell.

She stood up again and in pantomime knocked on an imaginary door. She said conversationally, “Good afternoon Mrs Patterson. Tony tells me you would like me to suck your clitoris and I wondered if now would be a convenient time. If it isn’t, I can always call back later when you’re not so busy.”

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