A Good Son-In-Law

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Agatha Vega

‘How in the hell do I get myself into these things?’ I asked myself. The scarves that held my wrists to the padded arms of the chair were a work of art. I couldn’t move them at all but the circulation was just fine. Jenny, my wife, was a surgeon and an expert at knots. The workout machine I was sitting on had padded legs and my shins and ankles were secured in a similar fashion. The seat itself was split to be moved for different exercises and my ass just hit both cushions leaving my balls swinging free. The “night mask” on my face didn’t let in the least bit of light. ‘Where the fuck was Jenny?’ I thought for the millionth time.

I went to a “meet and greet” for my mother-in-law’s new business. My wife warned me before hand that I could be there most of the night and that the people attending (mostly business women and their husbands, all 45 and older) could make or break Mom’s company and that I’d better fucking me charming, and willing to do whatever the hell her mother asked. OK but this wasn’t in the goddamn cards!

As promised I showed up early to help setting things up. There was a full bar and catering service already there. Jenny, my wife was there already. “If you just play along with whatever Mom tells them you can have whatever you want from me,” she whispered. “Be a good sport, OK?”

“One solid month of cumming in your ass,” I said. She looked at me with those soft hazel eyes considering. She shifted her feet and said, “If you lick me until I cum three times before each time you fuck my ass, then done.”

HOLY SHIT! I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d only had the pleasure of my wife’s ass twice in the four years we’d been married. She stood 5’7″ at around 150. She’d put on a few pounds since our son was born but still had a nice ass and an amazing rack.

“It won’t be too boring. Besides, there’s a blowjob in store for you in a couple of hours. Mind your drinking; no more than two an hour,” she said then wandered off.

The next few hours were a succession of middle aged women and pussy whipped husbands. Some of these broads were pretty fine looking but most were simply average for their age. All of them were loaded.

“Thanks for being such a good guy, Dan,” my mother in law, Marcy, told me. “Jenny said something about looking at my new workout machine. It’s got everything. It’s in the back of the warehouse in the little room I had built. Padded floor and air conditioning too. Hell there’s even a water cooler and a place to take a shower! Go see it,” she said shooing me away.

‘What the fuck?’ I thought heading into the warehouse. When I opened the door to the exercise room I was impressed. The mirrored walls had professional padding like in any gym and the floor gave just slightly when you walked. The lighting was muted but still bright enough to make the place seem lit up from everywhere. The shower was off to the side with two shower heads and complete amenities too. Jenny sat on the exercise machine and crooked her finger at me.

I smiled at her and admired the device. Jenny grabbed me by the belt and pulled me close. “As promised,” she said unbuckling my belt and taking my cock out. It had been nearly a week since we last fucked so I was ready. She had me deep in her throat in no time alternating between that and sucking my balls. I could tell that she was in the mood for cum from the way she was sucking me off. One hand was on my balls caressing them and the other in sync with her mouth as she sucked me. I threw my head back and moaned as I came. Hot jets of sweet cum shot into her mouth and she swallowed each one. She kept sucking and swallowing until I stopped cumming.

Pulling my cock from her mouth she swabbed the last bit of cum from her lips with a dainty finger. “I’ve been thinking about playing on this since I saw it last week. Wanna get kinky?” She asked.

When you’re wife has a full load of your cum in her stomach it’s difficult to deny her anything. “Sure! How do you want to play?” I asked.

“I want to tie you up and fuck you until your dick is raw,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

Next thing I know I’m butt naked, blind folded and secured to the machine. “I gotta pee. Be right back,” Jenny said. “Don’t go anywhere” she giggled as she left.

After a few minutes I began to wonder if she was alright. I guess she got stuck talking to someone since the party was still going strong. I’m not sure how long I sat there when the door opened again.

“Dan,” my mother in law said opening the door. “Are you in here?”


“Oh my!” I heard from the door. “The hospital called and Jenny had to leave. How in the hell did you get like this?”

To say I was embarrassed would have been an incredible understatement. I’m sure I was beet red from toes to forehead. What the hell do you way?

I heard the door slam and the lock click. “Jesus Christ! Look at those knots! Where does it start?” Marcy fumbled with the knots. I felt her standing in front of me almost between my legs. She was pulling at the scarf on my wrist frantically. She gave up on that one and tried the other. My mother in law is a typical late 50’s women. Kinda big ass, some wrinkles on her face and never, at no time did she ever look or talk to me like anything other than her son in law. Being naked and tied up in front of her was just fucking inconceivable!

I struggled more to try to help her and felt something against my foot. Thinking it was a support for the machine I pushed. Marcy stumbled then fell against me. Her tits went right into my face and the hand she put out to catch herself landed right on my balls. I yelped then coughed.

“OMIGOD I’m sorry!” she hollered then knelt down to rub them. Realizing what she was doing she stopped moving her hands and just held my balls while I groaned in pain. I guess she was wondering what to do.

There was a knock at the door. “Marcy are you in here?” came a female voice. One of the guests was looking for her.

I hear the lock being undone and the door opening. “Oh, Joan, thank God it’s you. I need you to guard the door. Don’t let anyone in here.” I hear my mother in law say to someone outside.

“Why what’s wrong? Is everything OK?” said the voice. FUCK! This is getting worse by the second.

“Oh MY!” I hear from my left.

“Would somebody shut the fucking DOOR?” I roared out. The door slams. “Marcy can you please untie me?” I plead.

I hear whispering from the two ladies and I’m about to shout again when I hear, “Joan stay with him. I’m going to look for a knife or something to cut him out of those scarves.”

The door opens then closes.

After a moment of silence Joan says, “This must be awfully embarrassing for you. I know how you feel. A similar thing happened to me many, many years ago.”

This was too weird for words. “Is there anything around that you could cover me with, please?”

“Let’s try this.” I feel a silky kind of thing falls over my shoulders. My whole lower body is still uncovered. “Well that doesn’t quite hide everything. Can you move your legs apart at all?” she asked.

I pull up with my thighs and manage to pull my legs apart a little more.

“OK that’s just great.” Joan says. A hand wraps around my balls pulling them up from their hanging position. Thinking she’s trying to pull the wrap over me I push my torso out and up. “Oh that’s just perfect,” Joan breathes and she sucks my cock between her lips!

Here I am completely at the mercy of some old lady who I can’t see relying on my mother in law to free me. This is a nightmare!

Joan continues to suck my limp cock and lick my balls. Under other circumstances I’d be hard as a rock but not in this case. Joan has my whole cock in her mouth and is tonguing my balls at the same time. This old broad must have been hell in her day.

The door suddenly opens. ‘Please be Marcy’ I pray.

“Joan have you had any luck?” I hear my mother in law ask. Then I hear her gasp. “What the hell are you doing!” she exclaims.

“None luck yet. He won’t get hard. Is there something wrong with him?” Joan asks taking my cock out of her mouth.

“I can’t believe this! I can’t believe you’d…..molest my son in law! Are you out of your mind?” Marcy nearly screams.

“Stick around, Marcy. I haven’t even started yet. Now unless you want to close your little company before it opens go tell my husband to get the tool box. We’ll have him fixed in no time.” I don’t hear the door open. “Do it, Marcy. Go get Ernest.”

Earnest. Click. I didn’t remember the name Joan but you can’t forget a man named Ernest. He was slight, pale man of about 50. Joan was the epitome of a grandmother. Stout, not exactly fat. Glasses and even had her hair in a bun. She looked like the grandmother in a children’s book. I felt her lips on my cock again.

“Dan,” my mother in law pleads. “Please do this for me. I won’t tell ANYONE. Please, Dan?” Then I hear the door open. “Please, Dan. For me.”

I am beyond any rational thought now. I’m just too embarrassed, too indignant and just plain wierded out! “I’m going to get you hard and I’m going to ride your cock until I’m done with it. Stop resisting. You’ll love it.” Joan said in between mouthing me.

Joan continued working me over but I kept this mental image of my mother in law in the room.

The door opens and I hear a man’s voice with Marcy. Thank God they’re gonna cut me loose. “Joan what are you doing?” I hear from Ernest.

Joan lets go of my cock. “Did you bring the toolbox?”

I hear nothing so I guess Ernest is shaking his head.

“Then get over here and help me.” I hear a case being opened. “Do you see how this chair is split in the middle? Get your face down there and lick his asshole you fucking WORM!” Joan shouts at Ernest.

“Joan! I can’t let you do this. Stop touching my son in law and do not let Ernest touch him either.” Marcy tells her.

‘Way to go Mom!’ I think to myself.

“Shut up Marcy. You’ll get your turn. Ernest!” Joan commands. I feel a scrape of beard against my ass cheeks and a tongue bury itself in my asshole. Joan goes back to sucking me and I start to feel a tingle.

“That’s disgusting. How could you do such a thing?” Marcy exclaims.

They work on me but I’m not getting hard. Ernest has an incredible long strong tongue and penetrated my sphincter. He has at least an inch of it thrusting into me. Joan hasn’t given up sucking me yet and I keep feeling more skin against my legs so she must have been taking off some clothes.

“Get the stick Ernest.” Joan tells him.

“The stick?’ I think to myself. Are they going to fucking hit me now?

Ernest takes a few more licks at my ass then pulls out from under me. Joan strokes my cock but says nothing. After a minute of expecting to be hit I feel Ernest slide under me again. He buries his tongue up my ass again.

“Enough of that, Worm. You’ll get your jollies later. If at all. Use the stick.” Joan sounds pissed.

I feel a finger on my asshole. I slides in just a little then withdraws. Then back in again and I realize he’s applying lube.

“What the fuck are you doin, Ernie?” I ask trying to sound menacing. The ludicrousness of that blazingly apparent.

I feel a cold round thing press against my asshole. More pressure and it slides into me. It keeps going and hits my prostate. It probes around a little then rests. Suddenly it buzzes to life. My cock starts to harden.

“Nothing works better than ‘the stick’. A man just can’t resist. Isn’t that right Ernest?” Joan says.

Lips engulf my slowly hardening cock. Hands caress my balls. I’m rock hard in less than 30 seconds. “I love to see a man with a strong hard cock don’t you Marcy?” Joan asks. I wish she hadn’t said anything. Because that meant Ernest was sucking my cock.

The sound of clothes rustling could only mean one thing. In a second I could feel soft warm breast being pushed into my face.

“Help me get on him. Ernest hold my leg. Marcy help me.” Joan told them. Ernest rubbed my cock against Joan’s hairy pussy. He added a little lube to the tip then slid me over to her opening. She slowly sunk down on me using the back of my head as leverage. She pulled her tits into my face as she rode me. Up and down in her grasping cunt my cock pulsed its way to her dried up womb and out. Soon she was panting in my ear and she grunted then smothered my in her tits. She ground down hard taking me deep inside of her.

“Oooohhh. That’s nice,” Joan’s entire body vibrated as the orgasm took her. She stopped moving letting it take over. Soon she stopped her quivering and just sat on my. My cock was still iron hard mostly due to the buzzing at my prostate.

“Ernest. Turn the vibrator down but don’t turn it off. You didn’t cum did you, Dan. That’s nice.” Joan cooed at me while getting up. “Whew! That’s tough! I don’t think I can do that again. These old bones just don’t carry you too well when you hit 62. Ernest. You’re up.”

62? My dick was just servicing a 62 year old pussy? Jesus Christ! If that goddamn thing wasn’t buzzing in my asshole I’d be limp as a noodle!

I feel Ernest’s mouth on me again. He’s got me in his throat and he’s making this gagging noise. I feel the thing in my ass move just a little and the buzzing settles down another notch.

Ernest begins applying the lube to my balls as he sucks me. They are slick and beginning to warm under his soft hands. Then he stroked the stuff all over my cock and I knew what was coming next. OMIGOD Marcy don’t let it happen.

Ernest held the base of my cock firmly as he straddled me. It slid alongside of his thumb-sized weenie and I cringed in my seat. He got himself positioned but didn’t move once he was on me.

“Marcy. Take your son in gaziantep escort law’s cock and hold it steady. Ernest has been a good boy. I want to see him riding that cock like a jockey.” Joan said. She said it like she was discussing flower arranging.

I felt a cooler, smaller hand on me now. I knew it was Marcy holding my cock to the asshole of her friend’s husband. She was HELPING these people take advantage of me. I felt Ernest’s asshole against the head of my cock. He lowered himself until the head popped inside of him. His asshole gripped me like a vise. I heard his breath hiss and felt it against my neck.

“I didn’t tell you to make love to him, Ernest. I told you to take it up your ass!” Joan bellowed and Ernest was suddenly pushed down on top of me. My cock impaled him down to the balls and I heard him cry out. That couldn’t feel good.

“He’s a lot thicker than he looks, isn’t he? You like having your asshole full of a real man’s cock don’t you, you cocksucker? It hurts like hell doesn’t it you Fairy?” Joan kept up the stream of insults while Ernest whimpered and rode me. I was beginning to feel sorry for him but his asshole was milking me hard and the buzzing in my ass was starting me towards orgasm. After a few minutes of Ernest fucking his ass with my cock Joan made him get up off of me.

“You were going to cum weren’t you, dickless? You were going to cum from having his cock stuffed up your ass weren’t you? You’re such a fucking worthless little fuck! Get down there and suck his dick! Suck all the shit off of his dick!” Joan shouted at him. Ernest quickly got between my legs and started sucking. Soon he had me clean as a whistle.

“Marcy do you want any of this?” Joan said. I was completely floored! It was bad enough she gets herself off and just destroys her husband in front of us. Now she’s expecting my mother in law to join in.

“Omigod I thought you’d never ask!” I heard Marcy sequel in delight! PLEASE TELL ME THIS ISN’T HAPPENING!

I hear clothes rustling and Ernest stops sucking me. Marcy fairly jumps onto my lap. Ernest helps her put my cock in her cunt and she wastes no time with finesse. She just bounces up and down on my throbbing dick. My mother in law is plunging down on me taking her deep inside of her then riding up almost all the way off. I hear her squeal like a little girl. She whispers,” You are so good. I haven’t had a good screw in years. That is so good.”

The buzzer is pulled from my ass to be replaced by Ernest (at least I think it’s Ernest’s tongue). He licks the underside of my balls as Marcy begins to slow down on top of me. Her legs are shaking and suddenly her pussy contracts and she comes hard.

“YYyyaaaaaaaa!” she yells as she grinds her clit against me. She rides me right into another orgasm. Ernest is mouthing my balls taking them one at a time into his mouth and expertly suckling on them. Marcy is slow riding me and I know I’m going to cum soon.

Suddenly my left arm is free. The blood flows back and the “pins and needles” hit my hands and fingers. Then my right arm is free too with the same results. I pull my mask up to see Joan cutting me loose. Marcy’s great saggy tits are mashing against my chest. Her hard nipples scraping me. Suddenly my legs too are free. I needed to cum. My dick was getting numb and I couldn’t let that happened or we’d be here all night. I stood up with Marcy still straddling me. I pushed her down off of me then made her get down on her knees. I pushed my cock at her face but she seemed reluctant.

“Suck his cock Marcy. I want to see you suck it!” Joan told her in a matter of fact voice. My mother in law was as inexperienced at cock sucking as her daughter was expert. That was OK though. Ernest was still licking my ass. Joan hadn’t told him to stop. She took the head in her mouth and bobbed a bit. This wasn’t going to work.

“Where’s that lube?” I demanded. Ernest handed to me from behind. I handed it to Marcy. “OK, Mom. Stroke this all over me.” I told her. She looked a little startled but complied. I leaned back enjoying the feeling of her fist stroking me up with lube. I guess she thought I wanted a hand job but even with Ernest rimming me that wasn’t going to be enough. She owed me.

I pushed Marcy onto her back. I pulled her legs up and crammed my cock into her cunt. I lay completely on top of her and reached down to hold her ass. I pulled her cheeks apart and said to Ernest, “Lube it up!”

Marcy began to protest but soon was moaning and cooing under Ernest’s ministrations. I have to admit that guy has great hands. I looked at Ernest and he nodded. I look at Joan and saw that knowing smile on her face. Marcy was about to lose her ass cherry AND have a rectum full of cum and she didn’t know it. But Joan and Ernest both did.

I pumped her pussy hard. It was loose from the lube and the recent pounding. I fucked her good and hard until she started breathing hard that she was cumming. When I felt the first contraction of orgasm I pulled all the way out. As the head cleared her cunt Ernest pulled it down right at her asshole and in I went. Slowly, slowly but without stopping. Marcy struggles but Joan grabs her forearms pulling them up. Ernest moves up to help her. Soon I’m buried deep in her rectum. Her asshole is struggling so much to accept me that I can no longer hold out. I grunt and rear back forcing myself even deeper into my mother in law’s bowels. She screamed along with me as she feels my cock grow even bigger and begin to spurt. I move slightly inside of her savoring the feeling of her convulsing asshole from the tip of my cum spurting cock to the hard pulsing base. I pull halfway out then shove it back in making her yell more. I don’t care anymore. I’ve been used for others pleasure the last hour and now I’m taking what I want.

My cum made her asshole slippery. Too slippery to enjoy it much anymore. I deep stroked in and out of her hard and fast but she was getting looser by each stroke. I pulled out of Marcy’s asshole and she screamed, “No wait. I’m about to cum. Put it back in!”

I leaned back then stood up. My cock was still hard and standing straight out in front of me. I looked around and motioned for Ernest. He quickly knelt in front of me and engulfed my cock with his mouth. I reached out and pulled Marcy’s face over next to Ernest. They both shared my cock for a while. One would suck my balls while the other sucked my cock. One would suck the head while the other liked the shaft. This went on for about five minutes. I reached down to pull one of Marcy’s floppy tits up so I could squeeze the nipple. HARD.
“Joan get over here!” I tell her. She stiffens at my tone. “What did you say? You don’t make demands of me. You FOLLOW what I tell you!” she says.

I walk over to her and take on of her fat saggy tits in my hand. I roll the nipple between my fingers and take the other tit and do the same. I squeeze them roughly and push my cock between them. I fuck in and out putting the head to her lips.

“You started this. You’re gonna end it. Now SUCK MY COCK!” I command. She just smiles. I turn my head and look at the round black plastic cover on the ceiling in the corner. Joan follows my gaze. Her smile disappears when she realizes she’s staring into a security camera.

“You fucking asshole. What do you want?” Joan practically yells.

“I want you to open your mouth.” I growl painfully pulling her nipples firmly. She obeys. I stuff my cock into her mouth and I just start fucking. I’ve never been so horny or filled with a sense of power. But this old lady is either going to suck my balls dry or I was going to widen her asshole and shoot there. I fucked the frown of her mouth loving the sight of my cock disappearing between her lips. She wasn’t enjoying this and was about to like it even less.

“Ernie!” I shouted. Ernie appeared next to me. I pumped my hips shoving my cock into Joan’s throat. She choked as I told Ernie, “Get down on the floor on your back.” He quickly complied, his thumb sized dick wagging the while. I pulled my cock from Joan’s mouth. She gasped for air. “Get down there and suck Ernie. Suck your husband’s cock like the bitch-wife you are.” I commanded.

“Ernie suck her cunt good while I fuck it.” Joan got down on top of him smothering his face with her wrinkled fat thighs. Getting behind her white wrinkly ass I fed Ernie my cock. “Where’s the lube? This bitch is dry as a bone” I asked him.

The tube appeared in my hand. My mother in law smiled down at me. “Do her hard. I’m screwed anyway. Now fuck that pain in my ass until she screams!” Marcy whispered to me.

Ernie had one of my balls in his mouth as I lubed my cock up. “Ernie you fag. You’re supposed to be eating her pussy not sucking my balls. Get to it!” His face appeared closer to her cunt. I sank into Joan’s dry pussy. The lube wasn’t enough and it felt like I was driving my dick into sand. I held still and got an idea. “I can’t see. Marcy is she sucking his cock?” Marcy shook her head yes. “Is he eating her pussy?” Another nod.

Smiling, I poured the lube directly on Joan’s puckered asshole. I sunk one finger into it. She gasped and her asshole sucked my finger deeper. I added another with the same result. I pulled my cock from her cunt and pushed it into her ass without resistance. Instead of the expected yell I got nothing.

“I hope you like this better than those dildoes you’ve been taking in your asshole Joan,” I told her. I pushed her body down squarely on Ernie’s face. I held her down hard with an arm across the small of her back. This was going to be fun! I withdrew my cock completely. Her asshole dilated then shrunk back to normal. Back in I thrust deeply to the balls then all the way out. After a few minutes of this her asshole was so loose I couldn’t feel anything. I pulled out and shoved into her pussy. The extra lube from her asshole helped. Then ten strokes in her cunt and then ten stroked in her ass. Back and forth. Back and forth. Ernie would lick my balls occasionally and I would bark at him to keep at her clit. We fucked like this until I thought that I just couldn’t get off at all. The I felt a prodding at my ass.

Turning around I saw Marcy with the stick. She was prodding my asshole and soon drove it right up into my prostate. She switched it on and cranked it up. The buzzing was incredible. Marcy smashed her mouth against mine kissing me frantically. Ernie pulled my cock from Joan’s cunt and pulled it into her asshole. Thrusting fingers into her pussy he massaged my cock as I pumped her. It was too much. Stimulation overload and I yelled into Marcy’s mouth as I shot load after load into Joan’s now wide open ass. My hips jerked spasmodically as I came. I pumped until the last tiny drop of cum was shot into that old lady’s bowels. Marcy finally came up for air.

I panted and moved down to relieve the pressure on my legs. The stick, of course went farther up my ass. I pulled it out and threw it into the case. Joan and Ernie were still in a 96. Joan’s legs were buckling and I realized she had cum again.

“Ernie get out from under there.” He complied. Pushing his face into her ass I ordered, “Now suck all of my cum out of it!”

I moved around to Joan’s face. “Clean my cock. Lick all of your ass off of me!” Without a word she opened her mouth and sucked me inside. She licked and sucked me like I was a candy cane. Amazing change in so short a time. When I was satisfied I pulled out and sat down. Ernie though was still going strong licking and sucking Joan’s asshole. She moaned at his tongue licking the semen from her well fucked ass.

“Well Marcy this certainly changes things a bit. I’ve never cheated on your daughter. Ever. I just wanted you to know that. I also want you to know that she’s pretty stingy with the blowjobs. Guess who’s going to take up that duty at least twice a week?”

Marcy just grinned and kissed me. I dressed quickly and left.

Getting home I took a long hot shower after sending the sitter home. I checked on the kiddo and climbed into bed. I was asleep just after my head hit the pillow.

It seemed like only a moment later when Jenny was shaking me awake. “Hey get up. You’ve slept right through the alarm!”

I sat up groggy and bleary eyed. “What the hell happened to you last night?”

Jenny turned beet red. “I’m so sorry for that. I got called to assist on an emergency quadruple bypass. I know you were embarrassed. So is Mom apparently. Are you mad at me?” she asked.

I rubbed my face, sniffed then said, “Yes I am pretty pissed at you. How the hell could you do that to me? Do you have any idea what it was like? Tied up and you had to get your mother to untie me? Your mother saw me completely naked!” Pissed? I wasn’t pissed at all. I was trying to see what I could get away with.

“OK. I’m sorry. Really I’m sorry. What can I do to make it up to you? Seriously. I never should have run out like that.” She was sincerely apologetic.

“I think you are going to be performing things to me and for me that are illegal in this state. But right now I have to pee.” I said getting up.

“What did you mean when you said your mother was embarrassed too?” I called over the noise of piss hitting the water.

“She said she hoped you weren’t too embarrassed. She also said you performed well and everyone seemed to like you. The party was a hit. Even that lady that Mom was worried about thought you were great. Mom says she’ll return the favor whenever you want”

I smiled. You gotta love old ladies.

“She also said that you spent extra time making sure some of the guests were well taken care of. You are such a good guy. You better hurry or you’ll be late for work. Tonight you’ll get your reward from me. You look like you could use a long slow sloppy blowjob.”

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