A Happy Meeting Ch. 01

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She caught me staring twice, and I suppose that’s how it all began.

The club was pretty busy, but we kept grinding and kissing all night, and when she suggested we go outside to get some air, I hadn’t expected the touching that she initiated, just out of the reach of the bouncers and other clubbers. It was her eyes that stood out most: huge and brown with exaggerated lashes, and lip-gloss that enticed you to touch her lips. Her brown hair curved around her shoulders, curled at the end to flick out glamorously. As she pulled me closer and kissed me outside, my dick stood to attention beyond any possible control I may have had over it. She could tell instinctively that I had no control, and her hands drifted into the waistband of my underwear and exposed my horniness.

She kept my dick covered in my underwear and between us, away from prying eyes, but shuffled her hand up and down the head and looked me straight in the eyes as she teased my throbbing erection. Part of me wanted to turn away, but she was too beautiful not to focus upon when my only desire was to cum and her stare transfixed me. She stopped abruptly, smiled and winked, and led me inside again with her hand caressing my fingertips.

Later, when we arrived at her place, I could still vividly picture that incredible gesture of playful arrogance. She didn’t let me fumble over her beautiful figure when we first got in the door, instead whispering “wait” as her hand steadied my chest away from hers and led me into the kitchen, where she fixed us a couple of drinks. After she had handed me mine, she climbed on the counter and beckoned me over.

I reached up and kissed her, her hair falling over me and engulfing me in her sweet perfume. My hands caressed her back, brushed across her waist and around her breasts as she reached down and again found the source of my desperate desire.

She jerked quickly with a light touch, paralysing ısparta escort my advances with the intense ignition of my previous desires. My breathing deepened, then quickened, and I was grateful for the pause that footsteps coming downstairs instigated.

“Hi Jules” she spoke plainly to her housemate as she entered the room, with us slightly and suspiciously parted with our drinks in our hands.

“Hey Amy… and Amy’s friend.” She looked me up and down, and I was sure she gave a sly smile as she spotted the erection that was uncomfortably tucked up into my waistband. “Having a good night?” she teased.

“His name’s Ben, and yes we are. Do you want to join us? You don’t mind, do you?” Amy directed this at me, and my initial suspicion that this would block my advances turned to an excited hope that this could end incredibly well for me.

We talked and flirted for around ten minutes, then came the real heavy petting.

“What’s your biggest turn-on?” Jules asked me.

“Confidence, I guess” was my somewhat cliché response. “What’s yours?”

“A big cock that can fuck me for at least twenty minutes” she said brazenly whilst gulping down her drink and looking me up and down again. “How about you Aimz?”

“Being in control” retorted Amy. “I like a guy to know who’s boss. And I like the sheepish look they give when they know that.” At this point, Amy walked over and straddled me on the chair where I was seated. She took the drink from my hand and put it on the table, then pulled my hair lightly as she pulled me towards her and kissed me hard. My dick sprang up as far as it could, but Amy’s legs prevented it from standing fully. She took off her top, then mine, then climbed off of me to take Jules’ top and jeans off. She slid her skirt to the floor, then looked at me. “Your turn.”

Amy took three slow, calculated steps towards me, then got to her knees. kastamonu escort She unbuttoned and slid my trousers down to my ankles, then walked over to Jules and kissed her, lightly touching her breasts and tracing a line down the front of her panties. At this point, my dick was as hard as it had ever been, partly due to the earlier teasing, which had got me on edge and desperate for more, and partly for the hope of experiencing something incredible with two incredibly sexy women. My cock stood boldly from my body as I sat there tent-poling feeling slightly ridiculous in my boxers.

Amy approached, straddled me again, beckoned Jules over, and started grinding on my cock. Jules started kissing my neck and stroking my shoulders, and it became a living fantasy in that moment. After a few seconds, Amy slid my underwear off, and I realised how close I was to cumming. The first few strokes made Amy aware too, because I made a panicked sound that betrayed my confidence.

“Oh no… You’re not one of those guys, are you?” she admonished.

“What do you mean?” I tried to stall, thinking of a way out.

“A premature ejaculator. I haven’t taken home a little boy instead of a man, have I?”

Her words were cutting, but I found this even more arousing – they were in full control and I loved the thought of two women utterly dominating my sexual experience.

“We could still have our fun, Amy” said Jules as she paced over. “Let’s play a game. It’ll be like pass the parcel: we share his cock, 30 seconds each blowing him and jerking him, and whoever makes him cum, wins. He can even have a little break in the middle.”

I almost came then and there at the prospect.

“Okay, but what do we win?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Well…” she considered, “… whichever one of us wins, Ben has to lick their pussy for ten minutes, then make them cum however they choose. If kayseri escort he lasts two minutes, you give him your phone number and we’ll do this again some time.” She turned to me.


“Deal” I replied immediately to their teasing chuckles.

“One more rule” Amy interjected – “I want to tie his hands.”

I agreed, although I wasn’t confident of lasting. My cock was still exposed and twitched at the thought of Amy and Jules sucking me voraciously to completion, and I would have agreed to anything for this to go ahead. They tied my hands behind the chair on which I was sat, and we were ready to begin.

“What do you like then, Benny? Having your balls sucked? Deep-throating?” Amy taunted as she readied herself for the first thirty seconds.

“No talking!” smiled Jules as she readied her phone to time Amy’s attempt. “Ready?”

“Yeah, you ready Ben?” Amy grinned as she looked down at my rock-hard cock.


From the first moment Amy’s mouth enveloped my cock, the breath left my body in a deep, long sigh. She coated it in thick saliva and worked it skilfully with both hands, toying with the head and maintaining eye-contact. She massaged my balls and gave me a wicked, knowing smile, and the humiliating truth dawned on me – I was going to fall at the first hurdle.

Amy realised this and gave a knowing grin, then worked one hand up and down the shaft as fast as she could. The pressure built up quickly, I started to shake and my breathing accelerated. My legs tensed in preparation, and Amy whispered “look at me” as she mocked my pleasure with soft, exaggerated moans.

As I got to the brink of orgasm, Amy stood up and let go of of my cock, sat on my knee, and faced me with her pussy pressed against my thigh. She towered over me as she softly pushed up and down my thigh, biting her lip and softly laughing as the cum sputtered from my still-throbbing cock. Amy laughed at my humiliation, and as the last trickles left my now drooping dick, she put her chin in one hand, looked intently at my cock, then at me, and said with a tilt of her head “is that it?”

“Twenty seconds” chuckled Jules with a tinge of disappointment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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