A Hot Summer With… Ch. 13

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I remained sitting as my aunt continued the wonderful stroking of my hard cock while I watched my mom sit herself down at the table next to me. She very provocatively spread her legs wide revealing her hot looking pussy while she sipped her coffee. I stuck my tongue out at her and wiggled it to indicate that I wanted to lick her pussy, she in turn reached down between her legs sticking a finger in her pussy, worked it around a bit then reached over to me offering her cum coated finger for me to lick. I did and moaned at the same time. My aunt remained on her knees next to me busy stroking both my cock and Davey’s cock while simultaneously sucking on Junior’s cock; Junior had his hands on the back of her head and was thrusting his cock in her mouth giving her a nice gentle but deep face fuck.

I knew that within a very short time, there would definitely be more cream available for my mom’s coffee. Davey was the first to begin moaning, my mom alertly got down on the floor and moved over to where he was kneeling, took his cock away from June and began to jack him off directly into her coffee cup. It did not take her long to get him to release his load for yet another shot of cream into her coffee. Once he finished she leaned down and sucked his semi-limp cock into her mouth enjoying a direct taste of his cream.

June used her free hand to fondle Junior’s balls as she patiently let Junior face fuck her; she just held her head still as Junior continued to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. At one point Junior drove his cock totally down June’s throat, she gagged a little but deep throated his entire cock, in fact she reached around his butt and tried to push more of his cock down her throat for a couple seconds. She released his ass and suddenly, Junior began to squirt his load into June’s mouth, she did not swallow as she retained every drop. Once he finished she motioned to Jackie who quickly held her coffee cup under June’s chin, June then drooled a long string of cum in Jackie’s coffee cup.

June then turned her face toward me and while holding my cock straight up, leaned over and drooled more of Junior’s cum onto the head of my cock. A long string of cum oozed down my dick and onto her hand holding my dick. She said, “I love a gooey cock, a slimy cum coated cock. I love your cock sweetie, I love to suck it, lick it and fuck it. Right now I just want to suck all your baby making sperm out of your balls so that you will have fresh sperm next week to knock me up. I want to make sure your little tadpoles will be eager to fertilize one of my eggs.” She then leaned further down taking my entire cock into her mouth and began sucking me off. She pushed one of her hands under my butt squeezing my balls a little but was trying to get her fingers in my ass. Once I realized what she wanted, I raised my butt up giving her access to my asshole. The next thing I felt was a digit up my ass, massaging my prostate as she sucked on my cock.

As the familiar feeling began to occur deep in my balls I started to moan, I heard my mother say she wanted some of my cream for her coffee. June with her mouth full of my cock shook her head “no” and continued to suck on my dick while simultaneously massaging my prostate, shit she was driving me crazy with her mouth and finger. Within minutes I was unloading what sperm I had left directly into my aunt’s mouth, there wasn’t much but what I had I shot it directly down her throat.

June released my cock and said, “Oh sweetie I really wanted to taste your cum, but that is alright. I love having you cum in my mouth even if I didn’t get a chance to taste your jism. I want you to think of my mouth as just another fuck hole for you. I can’t wait until next week when you take me over and over again filling my womb with your sperm, knocking me up higher than a kite. Would you consider not fucking anyone for a couple days before you fuck me next Thursday?”

“For you Aunt June, I’ll do most anything. I’ll make sure my balls are plumb full of sperm so that the first load of cum I pump into your cunt will be awesome, flooding your womb with millions of little tadpoles searching for your fertile eggs.”

June looked over at Junior saying, “I want you around too, to photograph my impregnation, I want lots of close up pictures showing Glenn’s cock in my pussy pumping me full of his baby making cum. That may take some time cause I want Glenn to fuck me all night long, maybe five or six times to make sure he gets me pregnant.”

Junior responded, “Of course I’ll do that for you June. Will there be any chance of me getting a little ass on Thursday too?”

“Well of course Junior baby, I will have time for you once Glenn finishes his job. You can load me up before Jackie and I get serviced by all the black dudes at the gangbang. If Glenn’s sperm doesn’t knock me up, then maybe it will be your sperm that impregnates me and if you don’t do it, by Saturday morning I’ll be having a little black baby growing inside me. Just karaman seks hikayeleri think Jackie, from Thursday through sometime late Friday night, we’ll be getting fucked almost constantly receiving dozens of loads of cum in our fuck holes, it will be cream pie heaven. Doesn’t that excite you?”

My mother smiled saying, “It surely does, and it will be mostly black man cum from big black juicy cocks squirting their hot cummy loads into our cunts, asses and mouths. Just think, we’ll be having dozens and dozens of climaxes from big black cocks, the ones that I love to fondle, suck, lick and fuck. The idea of having a big black cock in my face to play with, to suck on, to lick while at the same time my cunt or ass is being pounded by another big cock, shit I’m getting wet just thinking about it.”

I looked over at my mom saying, “I need a break, my balls hurt.” We were all a bit tired after our intense sexual play and needed to clean up. I headed for my bathroom, my mom and aunt used the master bath while Junior used the guest bathroom. Davey headed home.

The next few days just seemed to wiz by. On Tuesday, my aunt called to remind me to keep my cock out of my mother’s cunt, ass or mouth and that of any other female saying, “Baby, I want you ready and fully loaded for my big impregnation, I want your balls to be full of hot cum ready to fertilize my eggs, I want to be the mother of your second child.” Just hearing her voice and telling me all these things had me hard. My mom was careful and did not do her normally sexy stuff to help me stay celebrant. It was a struggle but Thursday finally came. At about 6 pm, my aunt showed up wearing the sexiest short skirt and low cut blouse with spike heels. Shit she looked hot, the moment she stepped in our house, my cock was rock hard.

She walked up to me and gave me the hottest kiss ever, one long passionate open mouth kiss with lots of tongue. She pressed her enlarged chest into me while she ground her hips into mine as our lips remained locked for what seemed like hours. She released me saying, “Is Junior here? I’m so excited, I just can’t wait to feel your cock inside me shooting your sperm deep inside me. Oh god I’m horny, I need to be fucked really bad.”

My mom came in the room saying, “Junior is on his way, in fact he should be here any minute.”

My aunt said, “Oh that is wonderful. I want to start by doing a strip tease letting Junior get lots of shots of my tits, cunt and ass and then have him take a close up of Glenn’s cock penetrating my cunt and especially when Glenn climaxes pumping his sperm in me. I went to the doctor yesterday for a check on my fertility, he said that I was definitely ripe for getting pregnant, he offered to be the father. He is a dirty old man and has fucked me many times. Yesterday I let him fondle my tits and finger fuck my cunt and ass while I sucked him off but told him my fertile pussy was reserved for a very special cock.”

Just then we heard a car drive up and sure enough, Junior was here. I went out and helped him bring in some new equipment. Another guy was with Junior, a black kid named Jamal. Junior introduced him saying, “I asked Jamal to help me, he will be using the still camera while I man the camcorder. I want to make sure we get some sharp close ups, and Jamal is the man that can do that.” The three of us walked in and Junior explained Jamal’s presence to my mom and Aunt June.

When Jamal saw my aunt he stopped in his tracks saying, “Oh my god, what a hot looking woman. You mean I’ll be taking pictures of this lady getting fucked?”

My aunt walked over to him responding, “Yes and when I’m done fucking Glenn and Junior, you can have a turn with me if you want.” As she spoke she reached down and fondled his hard cock through his pants.

Jamal reached over and fondled June’s tits saying, “Just let me know when my turn is, jesus you look so hot.”

My aunt winked at Jamal and headed into the living room beckoning the rest of us to follow her. She said, “Lets start in here where there is room for me to dance around a bit while I strip for you, then we can all go into Jackie’s bedroom where the Glenn will knock me up.” Jamal and Junior set up some lighting while my aunt danced around a bit teasing the guys with views up her skirt and down her blouse in addition to rubbing her big tits against their bodies. At one point June rubbed Jamal’s crotch asking to see his dick. He obliged and pulled his cock out which was a good 7 inches long, her response was, “Oh baby, I’m really looking forward to having that beautiful piece of meat of yours crammed up my snatch. Oh Jackie, look here, we have another big black cock for us to fuck. And Jamal, while Glenn and Junior are fucking my brains out, my sister here will be more than willing to let you fuck her. But be sure and leave some juice in this thing, I want you to be able to pump some of your baby making sperm into me too.”

Jamal looked over at my mother who was smiling at him as she rubbed her pussy saying, “Oh yea big guy, my pussy is itching for another fuck, especially from a black cock like yours.”

Junior then said, “OK, we are ready anytime you are June. Jamal will take still pictures and I will run the video.”

June looked over at my mom who was ogling Jamal’s cock as he slowly stroked it while he pointed it in my mom’s direction. June said, “Jackie, sweetie, play some hot stripping music so we can get this party started. I want to get fucked really hard really soon and get knocked up by Glenn so I can then fuck everyone else non stop.”

My mom went over to the stereo and inserted a couple CD’s and suddenly the room was full of some great tunes. June immediately began her strip. She did not waste any time in getting herself nude and began rubbing her tits and pussy are over me. As I sat on the couch, she took a hold of each tit and basically wiped my face with her tits while she squatted on my knee rocking her cunt back and forth along my leg. She then had me lean back on the couch while she stood on the couch placing a foot on each side of my legs putting her pussy right in front of my face. She leaned forward forcing her cunt against my mouth, I willing began to lick and eat her juicy cunt as she moaned and groaned with pleasure. I bit her pussy lips and tongued her clit while I ran my fingers along her crack paying special attention to her rosebud. She finally stepped down saying, “I’m ready big guy for you to plant your baby making seeds inside me and give me a baby. I want your cock in me right now. Let’s go upstairs to Jackie’s room and get it on, I want to be knocked up, I want to have a baby growing inside me, your baby.”

She took my hand leading me to mom’s room with Junior and Jamal following right behind us. Junior had the video camera right on June’s butt as she walked down the hall. Once in mom’s bedroom, June walked over to the bed, laid on her back doing a spread eagle saying, “Get your ass up here and fuck me good Glenn, fill my pussy with your hot baby making sperm and get my eggs fertilized, I want my belly to swell up with your child. I want you to get me pregnant, I want to be fucked deep and hard.”

I removed my clothes and crawled up between my aunt’s out stretched legs. I lingered long enough to admire her pussy giving it a loving kiss and licked my way up to her magnificent tits, sucking and licking every inch of both boobs. I then gave her a deep kiss as I lowered my ass letting my cock head enter her cunt. Once she felt my cock entering her cunt, she broke the kiss saying, “Junior, I want good pictures of Glenn entering me and especially when he unloads his balls and squirts his baby making sperm in me. I want lot of shots of him fucking me, some really close ups.” She then resumed kissing me as my cock sunk deep into her cunt.

Once my hard cock was totally inside her, I began sliding my dick in and out of her cunt in the typical fucking action, I was really ramming her hard on the down stroke. She just grunted and moaned with pleasure each time I hit bottom saying, “Oh yes baby, fuck me good, fuck me deep, make a baby in me. Give me all your sperm, your hot juicy baby making sperm.” I continued humping her cunt while fondling her big tits and passionately kissing her. It was a hot scene that makes me cum every time I review the video. I had never seen my aunt so passionate, she was really hot and horny, bucking against my hips, rubbing her tits into me, giving me very open mouth kisses.

It did not take too long before my balls began to react as I felt the urge building deep in my gut. I began to really slam my cock into her and when she sensed that I was about to blow, my aunt screamed, “Oh fuck yes, get me pregnant, fill my womb with your sperm, fertilize my eggs, give me a baby, oh shit I want this, fuck me sweetie, give me all you got.” As soon as I heard her scream, I blew and shot a huge wad of fresh baby making sperm deep into her cunt, I really loaded her up. When I was done I could hear the squishing of my cum when I rammed my cock into her cunt.

She held on to me real tight telling me not to get up, that I needed to keep my cock in her as long as possible so that no cum would not leak out. I did not object as I love lying on top of her feeling those nice tits against my chest. We continued kissing for some time. I love kissing my aunt, her lips are so hot and her tongue is so active, it gets me hot which was exactly what she was trying to do. Sure enough after a few minutes, my cock began to respond and when my aunt noticed she said, “Are you ready for round two baby. I want you to fuck me at least three or four times before I accept another cock in me, I want to make sure it’s your sperm that finds one of my fertile eggs.”

I just nodded yes as I raised my ass up a little and began fucking her again. This time we fucked for a least 20 minutes before I shot my load in her. We used a number of different positions without letting my cock escape from her cunt and keeping her ass below me to make sure my sperm remained deep inside her.

After our second fuck, Junior asked, “Do you still want me to photograph all your fuckings, or is this enough for now?”

My aunt responded, “That’s enough for now. I’m sure that Glenn has impregnated me and we have the photos and tapes to remember it by.” I looked over to see what my mom was doing, she was kneeling down in front of Jamal sucking his black cock while he had the camera pointed down at here catching shots of his cock disappearing into her mouth. She was attempting to deep throat him, it was awesome to see so much of his big cock slide into her mouth, she nearly had all 7 inches down her throat.

My aunt was lying on her back with me still on top with my cock still implanted in her cunt. She looked so blissful lying there, her tits look huge and her cunt felt really good and was well lubricated with me dumping two loads in her plus her own juices from at least two orgasms.

My mom crawled up on the bed next to us with Jamal right behind her positioning himself between her outstretched legs. They began to passionately kiss as Jamal sank his cock into my mom’s cunt. Junior had set down all the photo equipment and was standing next to the bed stroking his hard cock. My mom was the first to notice him and said, “Oh Junior baby, we are not going to leave you out, once Jamal has fucked me for a few minutes, we will turn over so my ass is available for you.”

Junior just nodded OK as he continued stoking his cock with one hand while reaching over and fondling my mom’s tits with the other. June began kissing me again to get me hard again which it did. Mom and Jamal were fucking right next to us, they were also kissing and I could tell my mom was really enjoying the passion she was getting from Jamal, their lips were locked together for quite some time with lot of action by their tongues. After a few minutes, my mom had Jamal stop their embracing and fucking so that they could turn over. Once my mom was on top, Junior got up on the bed and mounted my mom’s ass. He placed his hard cock at the entrance of her asshole while simultaneously applying some lubricant to his cock and her tight rosebud, he was quite successful and within seconds my mom was receiving the pleasure of having two cocks implanted in her body.

As the two guys were fucking her, she leaned in my direction giving me a kiss. When our lips parted she said, “Oh baby I love you so much. I know that you have given June just what she wants, a growing baby in her belly. When you get done fucking her, I want you to fuck me again. I love having your cock inside me, OK baby?”

I just nodded as my cock began to respond again. My aunt smiled at me saying, “Oh Glenn, you are such a stud, I think three loads of cum in my pussy should do it, don’t you?”

“Yea June, I think that should be enough to ensure that I’ve knocked you up, but I’m willing to fuck you all night if you want me to.”

“I know sweetie, but your mom wants to fuck you and I would like to try out Junior and Jamal’s cocks too.” I nodded OK as I continued fucking my aunt. Even though it was my third fucking in a very short time, I got off quite soon, filling my aunt’s cunt with a reasonable amount of spunk.

There was a lot of moaning and groaning going on next to us as Jamal and Junior were double fucking my mom to her total delight. My mom raised her head enough to ask Junior if he would like to try in get his cock in her cunt along side Jamal’s. Junior responded, “I’d prefer just to keep fucking tight ass Jackie!”

“I know you would sweetie, but please, just this once give me a double cunt fuck. Please! Please! Just a couple of thrusts and then you can go back to fucking my ass and dumping your hot load deep in my ass and I will suck your cock right after you take it out of my ass.”

“OK, I will do this if you’ll do as ass to mouth trick.” She nodded yes as Junior slowly withdrew his cock from my mom’s ass. When his cock popped out, he took a hold of it and pressed the head against her cunt along side of Jamal’s cock. He pushed hard and surprisingly, his cock slide quite easily into her pussy. My mom groaned in total ecstasy as Junior’s cock became totally implanted in her cunt and as he began to slowly fuck her.

Junior said, “This feels weird but good. You’re nice and tight, fuck this feels good.” Junior began to pick up the rhythm a bit and slammed his cock deep inside her cunt a couple times.

“Oh baby, I love this, oh June you need this. Two cocks in your cunt is fantastic, it feels so good. Oh yes baby, fuck me, oh fuck me, oh FUCK ME!!!” Junior continued fucking mom’s cunt while Jamal laid on the bottom working his cock in and out of my mom’s cunt as best he could.

Finally Junior withdrew his cock from her cunt, aimed at back at her asshole and rammed it home. My mom just let our a loud groan as Junior totally impaled her ass.

I think my aunt was wanting to get in on some of this double cock action so she said to me, “Lets turn over, OK?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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