A Hotwife’s First Glory Hole

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I like group sex. There is no doubt in my mind that because my first sexual experience was with four guys, it set the tone for all of my future sex life.

It began when I just started college, lonely and insecure, and I met these four nice guys my age. We hung out, got friendly, and one day after some kissing and teasing I touched my first erection. He told me how to stroke it and he ejaculated on my hand and my bare breasts. I was mesmerized!

Then I stroked the next guy and he offered his hard cock for me to suck. I didn’t know how, but I learned quickly and soon I received my first mouthful of cum. I made a mess but got to swallow some of it.

They patiently let me experiment and within an hour or so I had sucked off all four of them over and over until they couldn’t ejaculate anymore.

Feeling that first erection thrilled me, but I’d certainly never really considered oral sex. That was the day I learned how to suck cock. I was amazed at how soft it feels even though it is so hard… how its skin feels smooth, luxurious and velvety.

The most amazing aspect to me is how powerfully sexual it made me feel. I had the power to make a guy go crazy with pleasure, to make him think about only my mouth on his cock, to take him right to the edge where his only thought was his orgasm. Then to feel how he would get so extra hard, his dick would pulse and I got to receive jets of his semen as it spurted into my mouth!

It empowered me when I used my mouth to take a guy all the way to his time-stopping orgasm, to feel the pulsations of his surging cock, and to swallow the warm, creamy juice.

I fucking loved it and I have no idea how many times I orgasmed, but it was fantastic. That day set the tone for the entire remainder of my life.

Those four guys and I got together a couple of times a week. I learned to deepthroat, and soon I gave them my virginity and they started fucking me. I could count on my four boyfriends for a nice recurring week day suck and fuck gang-bang. Some weekends I found other similar fun things to do with other guys.

That became my idea of a relationship, and it was so hot! I was simply in love with cocks, and lots of cum. I loved to make them ejaculate and swallow every last drop.

Shortly after college I learned to switch suck two guys at once, then tried a four-cock switch suck. It was so amazing and the first time two guys shot their glorious hot cum loads in my mouth at the same time was fucking spectacular. I orgasmed so intensely that I nearly passed out.

Somewhere in the middle of those early adventures I met my husband. We got into group sex and we’ve had an incredible journey of hedonistic fun ever since. I guess the thought of me having so much fun inspired him and he’s been very supportive of my needs.

Then from watching movies and having chats with friends I learned a little about Glory Holes. I’ve always thought it might be fun, but considered it too impersonal, and certainly a potentially unsafe environment.

I was intrigued, and discussed the concept with my husband.

“Yeah, I’ve heard of Glory Holes.” Jack responded to my query. “I’ve seen videos and stuff, but never experienced one in person. I’m not aware of anything like that around here.”

“Could we do one?” I asked. “I’ve been chatting on-line and some people have done them in their own homes.”

“I guess so. It kind of sounds like you’re coming up with a plan.”

I giggled. He knows me too well. I guess that’s another reason I love him.

“Well, just the thought of it is getting me totally fucking excited. I mean, we’ve had lots of group sex together before and even very recently some extra guys joining us so you could all give me what I need, but I haven’t had a big session for quite a while.”

“Okay… so what do you have in mind?” he inquired, rather cautiously.

“Number one, I suppose, is could you build a Glory Hole wall?”

I knew that was a no-brainer. Jack is very skilled with his hands.

“Really! A fucking Glory Hole?” He paused and laughed, “Yeah, no problem. It’s for in-home use, so I suppose a reinforced high cardboard wall should work. I can make that easily. I assume you’d want it so just the various cocks would poke out, but the faces would make it anonymous?”

“Yes. Perfect.”

“How many holes?” he asked with a silly grin.

“Well, if there’s two, I can use a hand on one cock and my mouth on the other and keep switching. But… I want more guys than that.”

“Oh, I could have guessed that. I can tell you’re having a pretty intense craving because of this idea. How many guys are you thinking?

“Twenty!” I blurted, “Twenty minimum with more if we can arrange it.”

“Fuck, Katie.” He shook his head but was still grinning. “You’re going to need help with twenty guys. You can’t suck and stroke fast enough.”

Ironic comment coming from a husband to his wife, I thought.

“Sure, we could add a couple of girls too. I’d hope after the first round of BJ’s the guys might want mardin escort to fuck, so with maybe three girls it could be lots of fun!”

“And you’d get to lick some pussy and suck out some cream-pies.” He reminded me needlessly. I was already salivating.

So it was agreed and Saturday while I was out shopping and running errands, hubby was busily building us a sturdy, multi-holed Glory Hole wall in our living room. He also texted and e-mailed potential attendees and soon had at least twenty men and two ladies committed to attending.

He showed me his handy work when I got home. The wall looked good. It was sturdily reinforced so it couldn’t fall over and included six sizable crotch height holes. All sharp edges had been thoughtfully protected from abrasion by meticulously installed duct tape. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the fanciest sex toy in the world, but the thought of what this evening could bring was making my pulse race and my panties wet.

He positioned it so the guys could enter our home and hang out behind the wall, but us girls on the opposite side wouldn’t be able to see who had arrived. I loved the idea of anonymity.

We had a light early dinner and then I relaxed in a foamy bubble bath with a big glass of wine. Around seven in the evening there was a light knock on the bathroom door.

“Do come in.” I said expectantly. It was our good friend Heather.

“Hi gorgeous. You look comfy.” She stated with lovely grin.

“Just relaxing. Glad to see you could make it.” I said in full honesty. She’s so hot. “I guess that means Mark is here too?”

Jack and I had previously enjoyed several orgasmic sessions with Mark and Heather. Some weekends if Heather had to work, Mark was often nice enough to drop in and help Jack attend to my needs. Mark has a very nice cock and I love when he provides me with mouthfuls of his creamy and plentiful cum.

“We wouldn’t miss this. I’ve never done a Glory Hole either!” Heather gushed.

“Did you want to join me in the tub?” I asked, hopefully.

“Katie, I would, but you know very well if we get started in there… well, it could take a while.”

I smiled. She was right. Her and I were very compatible and had spent long hours licking, kissing and enjoying each other. She is a very sexy and open-minded lady.

“Jump out and let me dry you off.”

I stood and she very kindly helped push all the foamy bubbles gently off my skin, starting at the neck and working down. There must have been extra bubbles on my big boobs where her hands lingered. She had my nipples hard and tingling in no time.

“Stop it, or there’s no cock for you!” I teased, in my best Soup Nazi accent.

She just smiled and leaned in to give each stiff, sensitive nipple a deep, attentive suck. Then she handed me a big, thick bath towel off the warming rack.

“Thank you.” I whispered, but I was almost melting from her touch as she helped pat me dry.

“You feel so smooth and soft and smell so pretty.” She purred as she helped me.

“Focus.” I reminded her, then said, “Don’t even bother trying to dry anything between my legs.” My pussy was ready to orgasm at the next touch.

There was no point in getting dressed, and Heather stripped naked and hung her clothes in the adjacent closet. We were kissing just as Jack swung around the corner and looked in on us.

“As I expected.” He said with a laugh, “I thought I might have to bring a bucket of cold water in here to pry you two apart.”

He handed Heather a nice chilled glass of chardonnay and complimented her on how awesome her beautifully curved naked body looked as we stepped out and took a seat in the living room.

“A few guys are here.” He advised.

“How many are we expecting?” Heather asked with a sly grin.

“I requested minimum twenty.” replying on Jack’s behalf.

“We might need another mouth!” Heather exclaimed with a giggle.

“For sure. I was thinking first round all oral, then fucking later, if that’s okay with you.” I suggested.

“Oh fuck!” she replied with a quiver, and I think she’d just had a mini-orgasm right there on the sofa.

Jack answered the door again and by the sound of voices ushered several newly arrived men behind the wall, then escorted my sister, Rose to come join Heather and I.

“Hiya.” I said as I stood and gave her a hug. “Ready for a fun night?”

She’s such a petite cutie with her shoulder length blonde hair and big blue eyes. She just smiled and lifted the front of her flowery little dress to show off a lovely lack of panties and her laser smooth pussy.

“Fucking thing’s been wet all day!” she said, and we all shared a mutually understanding chuckle.

“Let me check.” Heather insisted as she leaned in and slowly ran her middle finger between Rose’s pouty pussy lips.

“Yep. Wet.” She concurred following her brief inspection. Then she raised her hand and licked Rose’s juice from her finger. “Mmmm!”

“Rob here with you?” I asked, referring to her husband and marmaris escort one of my long-term fuck-buddies.

Rose nodded as Jack handed her a beverage. So at least I knew the identities of three of the participating guys tonight including my husband, Rob and Mark.

Jack commented, “I asked our young neighbor to join us tonight, too.”

“You mean Justin, from next door? The one who has been nice enough to visit a couple of times recently?” I asked, excitedly.

“You bet. And we know he’s a nice, respectful kid, so I told him it would be okay to bring some friends, as long as they were polite like him.”

Rose was busily removing her clothing while I pondered Jack’s statement. I began squirming in my seat and I could feel a hot glow, like my pussy was blushing.

“So you’re saying there could be several eighteen-year-old guys… new cocks for us girls?”

“We’ll see.” He replied with a little grin, then turned to answer the door again.

The three of us ladies looked awestruck at each other. “Holy fuck!” Rose exclaimed. “Do you know how much those young guys can cum?”

It was rhetorical. We were all remembering the day. It wasn’t that long ago, but still… fresh young cocks, seemingly permanent erections and capable of multiple ejaculations! The heavens were smiling on us naughty ladies!

Jack was over by the wall laying out the guidelines for the Glory Hole event.

“Okay, guys. I see some of you are ready, but we’ll need everybody fully naked. There’s a rack set up there for your clothes. Each lady will service two holes. Move around and make sure you get your cock sucked by all three. There are Sharpie felt pens hanging on a cord for each lady. When you pop your load, try to remember to put a check mark by the corresponding hole on your side of the cardboard. Then we’ll see which girl swallowed the most cum loads. Any questions?”

I could hear murmurs but no words.

“Alright. If you’re good boys, there could be a whole lot of fucking later on.” Jack added.

The room was temporarily quiet until a young sounding voice piped up and asked, “When do we start?”

I think everyone chuckled and it helped ease the tension in a very sexually charged and exhilarating moment.

Jack and I occasionally watch a little car racing on TV, so I shouted toward the wall, “Gentlemen, start your cocks!”

This was going to be fun. Clearly, some of the guys were ready as we could see six proudly erect and beautiful penises poke out through the available holes.

“Wow!” I stated, probably drooling. “Look ladies, six guys in pole position!”

Jack came over and handed us each a small gift wrapped package. We tore them open like kids on Christmas morning to find very sexy and cute, pussy-cat style plush blindfolds.

“Ladies, you each get two holes. I know you’ve all had the pleasure before of being with some of the guys that are here. Others are new. So, with no visual clues, you can just settle in and have fun. You can tell us later if you could put a name to a cock based on feel or taste. We’ll also take each of your best guesses about how many total guys are here, so use all your senses. It’ll be a fun oral exploratory. Sound good?”

We glanced at one another in utter electrified agreement.

“Will there be prizes?” Heather asked.

“Good idea.” Jack responded. “How about a prize for the girl that does the best combined total of guessing the number of guys, naming them by way of cock familiarity, and most cum swallows?”

“I’m in!” we all answered in unison.

“Perfect. I’ll sum up the totals later, so don’t tip your hand and start yelling out guys’ names. Try and keep it to yourself. For now, I’ve put down cushions along with little stools at each of the three positions in case your knees need a break. The rest is up to you. Any questions?”

“As the man said, when do we start?” I questioned impatiently.

Jack had us put on our blindfolds and led us to our positions. It was so fucking erotic to use my bare hands to slide down the smooth cardboard wall. As my knees were settling onto the comfortable cushion I happily discovered two throbbing hard cocks available to use as my guide.

I stroked them, felt them in my hands. They were long and hard and so warm. I didn’t recognize either of them from that initial contact.

I leaned in and kissed one, then the other, tasting the pre-cum. Yummy, but still not familiar. I gave each one a nice, deep introductory suck. I heard a gasp from behind the wall each time. I heard other men gasping similarly, and I knew six cocks were in the process of getting sucked and stroked simultaneously.

These two cocks definitely felt new to me, and I really liked that. I love it any time I get to suck someone new, and I orgasmed. I couldn’t help it.

Jack had made the holes quite large. Maybe he was expecting Bigfoot. I was glad he did. I couldn’t reach in to grab a hold of each guy’s hips, but I could get a nice grip on their balls.

I nevşehir escort love feeling balls, and this way I could pull the guy toward me. That allowed me to take each cock fully into my mouth and down my throat. I could hold his balls tight and throat fuck him, then switch to the other guy I’d been continuously stroking.

This was awesome. I knew I had young guys. Both cocks were getting incredibly hard already. I could tell who would be the first to shoot and I took him down my throat for a few more seconds until his hard shaft began to spasm.

Still stroking the other cock, I pulled back and clamped my lips tightly around the throbbing head of my first volunteer and jerked his shaft like crazy. He grunted and shot a big juicy load of hot cum into my mouth. It was fantastic and I orgasmed again as I swallowed my reward.

I kept stroking the other cock while I enjoyed the slight softening of the first. I popped it from my mouth and got back to the other in the knick of time. One full balls-deep thrust and a few throat strokes and he was ready.

Heather was right beside me and I heard one of her guys grunt and shout, “Holy fuck!”

My second guy was ready and he erupted into my mouth like a cum volcano. It was a huge load, but I caught it all, and yes, I orgasmed with a loud moan.

I suckled that cock, waiting for the hardness to break and savoring the cum. I reached over to my other hole in the wall and found nothing. Then another hard cock pushed its way into my eager hand. I pulled the guy forward and stroked his nice, hard dick while I swallowed my second load so far.

I heard another grunt from the far end of our wall and a voice hollering, “I gotta cum!”

Whoever it was must have unleashed a big load, as I heard my very capable and practiced little cum loving sister cough and gag. “Fuck, you even got some on my tits, ya big prick!”

I giggled at her typically outspoken comment, then went to work on my third guy. I heard a voice behind the wall, probably at Heather’s position, say, “Let’s switch.”

A new, fully hard and wet cock pushed through my second service hole. It felt so nice, wet with saliva and the guy’s pre-cum. It was hard and I could tell he was getting close.

I switch sucked my two guys but the one Heather had been working on was ready. I knew who it was. I had felt this exact cock head in my mouth before, and in my pussy and my ass. This was her husband, Mark. I took him down my throat and he was super hard, right on the verge.

“Aw, fuck, cumming!” he exclaimed.

I was ready for him, merrily stroking one cock while receiving a heaping mouthful of semen. Mark shoots nice big loads and I love his cum. I orgasmed, regrouped, swallowed his hot jizz, then went back to work sucking the other.

Mark vacated and a new erection protruded out from that spot. It was hard and wet as well. He had clearly been in front of Rose or Heather before me. I pulled him into my mouth and recognized the cock even though he was a relative new-comer. It was Justin, our neighbor.

A lovely eighteen-year-old cock it is, and his orgasm felt very close. The other guy was almost ready, too. I wouldn’t think of wasting a single drop of precious cum. Timing was critical. I slowed my stroking on one and reached in to fondle his balls instead.

Justin’s release was imminent, so I wrapped my lips around his luscious cock head, stroked the shaft urgently and was rewarded with another hot mouthful.

He came intensely and shot maybe a dozen squirts of creamy cum. I swallowed quickly and turned my attention to the other guy. His balls had tightened and his hips were pumping. I just got my lips around his bulbous cock head in time as he unloaded a tasty serving of man yogurt for me. Yum. Another mouthful and yes, another orgasm on my part!

Moans and groans continued on both sides of the wall. Guys were getting sucked and blowing hot loads. Us girls were all orgasming as we sucked anonymous cocks and swallowed glorious mouthfuls of cum rewards.

A hard, thick and straight eight-inch cock poked out of my right hand hole. I knew it immediately… my all time favorite. It was Jack, and since he was already wet, he’d certainly been getting some oral action from one or both of my compatriots.

I smiled and said, “Hi.”

He groaned as I sucked him but he didn’t say anything, trying to remain anonymous. But he couldn’t fool me. I wondered if I was doing any better than the other girls at identifying cocks by feel, flavor and memory.

I was truly enjoying this first Glory Hole experience. The guys kept cycling around behind the wall and every minute or so I had a new a new cock in one hand and another there to suck. I was loving the anonymity, and there were several I didn’t recognize. That makes me so hot.

There is something special about the noise a guy makes when he feels his hard cock get deep-throated. There’s a certain sound of pleased satisfaction, and it thrills me to feel my chin against his balls as I fuck him with my velvet throat and stroke his whole shaft with my lips.

One hard cock after another presented itself for me. I sucked them all, and quite a few came in my mouth so I got to swallow lots of man juice. I wasn’t alone. Heather and Rose were getting their share too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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