A Journey to Remember Ch. 01

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As she applied her make up all Katie could think about was how hard tonight was going to be. She and James had been friends for years , but she wanted more. Every time they went out she would tell herself that this would be the night she confessed her feelings for him, but it never happened.

She went to her closet and pulled out a patterned summer dress, Katie was slim and the dress skimmed over her hips. She was just debating what shoes to wear when she heard the doorbell, she leaned her head out of the window and shouted for him to come upstairs thinking how stupid it was that he rang the bell when he had a key.

He walked in and immediately Katie felt aroused it was as if every cell on her body stood to attention. James wasn’t extraordinary looking but to Katie he was perfect, he was six foot three and had broad shoulders his blond hair was messy as always and his blue eyes seemed to draw her into him.

“Hi Katie, how long are you planning to stare into space?”

Ugh he was clueless as ever how could he not see how she felt.

” Hi James, help yourself to a beer I have just got to find some shoes.”

“Don’t be ages the table is booked for eight!”

They were at a restaurant and Katie was uncomfortably horny, just the way he looked at her sent shivers down her spine. The food was good but Katie was hungry for something else and the only thing that stopped her from pouncing on him then and there was the fact that she did not want to ruin their friendship. She was getting tipsy by dessert and by the time they got into James’ car she was well and truly drunk.

The alcohol made her bold ” James can I tell you something?”

” Sure you know you can tell me anything.”

” I think I am in love with you, all I think about is you and when I am with you I don’t think straight.”

“How antalya escort long have you felt like this?”

“Since I met you five years ago. Are you cross?”

“No, ….. Just why didn’t you tell me before …. I mean I feel the same way and if I’d known you felt like this …. Oh god Katie your beautiful.”

He pulled the car over and leant towards her taking her face in his hands he gently drew her towards him pushing his lips against hers. She felt his tongue invade her mouth and it felt like an electric shock her senses cleared and it dawned on her that this was real. He pulled away and looked into her eyes. ” We should go back to yours, cus I don’t know how much longer I can wait before I take you.” Just then she looked down and noticed the bulge in his pants.

“I’m not sure it is safe for you to drive with such an irritating boner, would you like me to take care of it for you”

She reached down and squeezed his bulge he gasped “ummmmmm.” just then she had an idea.

” we could always drive while I take care of our little problem.”

She opened the door and went round to the drivers side she pushed his seat back and climbed in the foot well making sure she lingered with her hand over his crotch.

“DRIVE NOW!” she ordered. He started the car as she undid his trousers and pulled down his tight boxers allowing his member to spring to life. She stroked up and down amazed at how soft the skin felt she felt his breath catch in his throat. She brought his massive dick up to her mouth and licked up and down it’s length.

She felt the car lurch left and slapped him sharply on his leg, ” Concentrate James we don’t want you to have an accident do we?” Between each word she blew hard on the head of his penis making him struggle and squirm! She loved the power she had over him akseki escort and revelled in the fact that she could affect him this way. She started to suck his dick into her mouth taking it right into her throat , so far in that she started to gag but it was a good feeling knowing that she was causing his pleasure.

Suddenly he exploded in her mouth and she swallowed his seed eagerly milking him until he was dry. She rolled back his foreskin with her tongue as she gently squeezed his balls, she could already feel him getting hard again and she started to pump her hand up and down at varying speeds while sucking eagerly on his still sensitive dick.

Suddenly the car stopped but she knew they could not be at her house yet, ” Katie I love this but if you don’t stop playing with my dick we are going to crash and that would mean that I didn’t get to return the favour, go and get in your seat we are like five minutes from your house and I want a show.”

She got out and walked slowly round to the passenger side wondering what he meant by a show. As she sat down she felt him put his hand over her crotch and his fingers started pulling at the silky fabric of her summer dress as he whispered in her ear ” let me see you play with yourself”

He started the car as she slowly turned in her seat, she pulled of her pants and was about to put them in her bag when he took them from her and brought them up to his nose breathing deeply. She brought her knees up to her chest exposing her sopping wet cunt. She was so ready for this as she ran her fingers up and down her slit, she found her clit and began to slowly rub it in circles making herself shudder she put her finger inside herself and pumped fast her love juice squelching she then withdrew her finger slowly bumping her g spot and then put aksu escort it inside James’ mouth he sucked it and she gasped she continued rubbing her clit getting faster and faster her breathing became shallow and she felt her stomach tightening as she exploded she put her finger back into herself and put them inside James’ mouth as he pulled up outside her house.

” Is your mum home Katie?”

” No, she and Danielle are at the theatre” she said breathlessly still coming down from her climax.

They both got out of the car and as Katie tried to find her keys James turned her around to face him and put her on the bonnet kissing her roughly and letting his tongue explore every part of her mouth while squeezing her tits roughly she was moaning into his mouth and the vibrations were sending them both crazy . She reached for his cock and began to brush her finger over the head as she felt James rubbing her nipples and pinching them roughly.

As she moaned into his mouth her next door neighbour was coming down the street and he was staring so much that she wanted to give him a show, she slowly eased away from the kiss and ran her hands down James’ chest as she eased herself onto her knees and pulled James’ cock out of his pants and she sucked it in, right to the back of her throat and his hips started gyrating as she lightly ran her teeth up the side of his cock. She felt is balls tightening as he exploded in her mouth she swallowed eagerly and quickly walked over to her neighbour and said ” Would you like a taste?” as she forced her tongue into his mouth and then as the neighbour stood staring as she walked back to James she wiggled her ass sexily.

She saw James was pouting and she wondered if she had taken it too far ” Are you jealous?”.As she said this she pulled him towards her and kissed him passionately while doing this she pushed forward steering them to the front door without breaking their kiss and she blindly unlocked the door while his hands wondered down and pulled up her dress exposing her ass, she lightly slapped his hand and broke the kiss opening the door and pulling him in after her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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