A Knight in Shining Armour

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I was in Zagreb for a holiday with my girlfriends and we’d decided to go club hopping and had ended up at The Blue Parlour. It was a Friday evening and we had had to literally squeeze our way into the place.

I’m looking over my shoulder to see if my friends are behind when I lose my footing and trip.

“Oh Crap!! What a start..!”

And then instead of colliding with a hard unforgiving floor, I find myself against a muscle bound chest, a pair of hands closing around my upper arms. My own automatically reach out to brace myself and my saviour’s hand leaves my arm and instinctively (or atleast that what I think!) closes around my fingers, holding mine against his chest.

“Oh I’m so sorr…”

I look up beyond the black shirted chest into one of the most gorgeous faces I’ve ever seen and I’m tongue tied!

“Hey, no harm done at all! Are you okay?”

The stranger’s hands are still wrapped around my bare upper arms and my skin is tingling uncharacteristically!

“Oh..oh.yeah.I’m fine, I’m fine.. thank you..sorry..I don’t know what happened”

His hands have dropped and he’s smiling down at me. I know I’m grinning idiotically but I can’t seem to help myself!

“No apology required..I’m happy that I was able to stop you falling. That would’ve been bad!”

Just then I notice a guy (probably his friend) coming up behind my Knight in Shining Armour. He taps Mr. Knight on the back, making him blink and look back at the intruder.

“Yeah I’ll be there in a minute”

And just like that, my brain starts functioning again! I really am deprived or depraved, I think..How can one feel an instant attraction to a complete stranger??

“Okay, if you’re sure you’re alright, I gotta go..” I nod silently and smile up at him.

He looks as though he’s not going to move but then he says “That’s great! Well, have fun..I’ll see you around, be safe..” and he smiles and with a half wave, turns, disappearing into the crowd.

“What was that about and who, on God’s Green Earth, was that hottie???”

My girlfriends have finally reached me and I laugh.. “it was nothing..I tripped and he was my Knight in Shining Armour!”

“Ooooh..looks like this getaway is starting to become happening!! Did you Atleast ask his name? Or ask him to join us? Or ask him to come back to your hotel room???? Not necessarily in that order!” As you can see my friends are pretty crazy!

“You are nuts, Z!! He was being nice! And look at the women here! I’m not going make a fool of myself!!”

“Oh and what exactly is it about the women? They all look the same to me: tall, blond and skinny! You are different!”

Every girl should have a wing woman like my friend Z who thinks that I can compete with these drop dead gorgeous model-like women who have legs a mile long!

“Okay, okay..I get it..I’m hot too. Now can we get a drink??!”

The three of us, Nish, Z and I manage to squeeze ourselves into a corner at the bar, order our cocktails and look around. It’s exactly like a scene out of The Weekend Away. That movie was inspiring enough ( of course, not the part about the bestie getting murdered by the cheating husband!) to make us finally plan a long overdue holiday and I had fallen in love with the little taste of Croatia that had been the backdrop for the thriller. So here we were, three single women, painting the town red ( well, that WAS the plan, anyway!) in a land far, far away from our realities!!

I absolutely love music and dancing even more. It’s as though I have no free will where music is concerned! And the vibe in the club was amazing! Great music, good looking people and of course, the bartender was doing a pretty good job of not letting our glasses stay empty for long! A night like this begged for non-stop cocktails!

Champagne hits me hard and fast. I’m on my third Bellini, my favourite cocktail and am already feeling the buzz of the bubbly as I sway to the beat of the music and looking around the club when my heart stops for an entire minute, or so it seems!

My handsome Knight in Shining Armour is just a few feet away, leaning over the counter and talking to the bartender. I can’t help but stare (hopefully not open mouthed!!) He literally ticks all the boxes I have in my list for men that I find attractive. Tall, well dressed, obviously good looking and sooo HOT! And with a voice that had practically oozed sex!

Before I lose courage, I down the glass in my hand and tell my friends that I’m going for a refill. Z looks at me knowingly..

“Someone’s having fun, isn’t she?! Go on and don’t forget to bring back a hottie on the return trip! We need some excitement!! “

Nish collapses laughing.

“Hello! One for me as well, V!”

“Coming right up, girls!! Your wish is my command!”

I laugh and turn away to head in Mr. Knight’s direction.For a moment I think he’s left but the crowd shifts and I see him standing with a glass of …is that whiskey(?) In his hand, facing the crowd, leaning back against the bar. He is talking to someone on the other side and for a moment, I’m gripped bursa eskort bayan with nerves. Was I really going to accost a complete stranger? Suppose he was there with a girlfriend? God! That would be humiliating!! I’m in half a mind to turn away but the voice in my head won’t shut up!

“Big deal..if he has a girl with him, I’ll just get him a drink to thank him for rescuing me…Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? And life is way too short anyway!!”

I square my shoulders and step towards him and I realise that he is actually with a group of people, not just one. I should’ve expected that..only losers prowl night clubs alone! But it’s to late to turn away and the alcohol has made me pretty brave!

When I’m literally one person away from him at the counter, I step up to the bar. Hopping up on the footrest, I lean over and wave my glass at the bartender trying to get his attention.

“Hi! Excuse me!! Could I get another Bellini, please?”

Perhaps it’s my foreign accent or the fact that the drink isn’t a common bar favourite, whatever the reason, it makes him turn in my direction. I’m still leaning over the bar top. One stilettoed foot on the footrest, the other dangling precariously in the air as I try to maintain my balance.


And then he’s standing next to me, his hand reaching out to wrap around my upper arm, once again, his fingers gentle yet firm, helping me to keep my balance. He gestures to the bartender to come over. He has the height and voice advantage that I obviously don’t!

“What did you say you were drinking? Bellini?” I nod and you hand the glass over to the waiting bartender.

“You need to be careful in those heels.They look pretty dangerous..! I thought you were going to fall again!”

He smiles down at me and my heart rate has tripled instantly! I can’t see his eyes clearly. Can’t really make out the colour but they look lightish and I notice that he isn’t as clean shaven as the men I normally go for, but strangely enough, it doesn’t seem to matter at all. That face and voice, more than make up for everything!

“Hahah! Yeah, they are a little high but I’m used to it. If I wore flats I’d be coming up to the waist of some of the people here! Thank you again for your help back then and of course now! That was very sweet of you..”

How my voice doesn’t wobble I have no idea and I’m making jokes as well! Good god! Would wonders never cease?! I’m telling myself to stop jabbering but my voice has got a life of its own!

“Really? Well..that’s not too bad..infact I think it’s a pretty good height to be!!”

The second the innuendo filled comment leaves his lips, he looks aghast! I take pity on him and start laughing.

“Oh god! That’s funny! What an image that conjured up!!”

“I’m so sorry! I don’t know why I said that. That was incredibly rude of me..! It just sort of slipped out. I honestly didn’t mean to say that!”

Mr. K looks seriously uncomfortable but I’m thrilled! We are atleast conversing!

“Heyy..it’s all cool..don’t worry! I’m not offended at all! It was very funny, though!!”

I laugh again.

He looks at me as though wondering if I’m serious or pretending to be lighthearted. I guess what he sees in my eyes, is enough to convince him that I’m truly not offended at all.

“Can I buy you a drink to make up for that totally inappropriate remark?”

“Hahaha! Actually, I wanted to get you one as a thank you for coming to my rescue. That fall would’ve been ugly!! Thank god you were there to stop me from looking like a total idiot!”

“I didn’t do anything! What would I have done? Stepped aside and allowed you to fall?? Chivalry isn’t dead yet!”

I like him more by the minute and alarm bells are going off so loudly inside my head that I think he’ll be hearing them too, any second now!!

My drink appears and we clink glasses. We stand there looking at each other over our drinks, suddenly at a loss for conversation! I’m beginning to feel a bit awkward.

“Would you..”

“Do you want to..”

We stop and start laughing. He gestures for me to go ahead..

“I was asking if you wanted to dance..this music is fab!”

“Aah, I’m not so into music but yes ofcourse I’d love to dance. I was about to ask you the same!”

And we both laugh. Talk about being in sync!

He gulps down the last of his whiskey and I toss back the Bellini, the bubbles tickling my nose and making me cough. And he reaches out to pat my back, in reflex.

The touch of his hand against the bare skin of my back is electrifying!! I feel as though there’s a live wire pulsing through me. Instantly I feel my nipples tightening. The low back of the shimmering black and silver dress had forced me to go bra-less, and I can feel my nipples peak against the soft fabric. Did he feel something too? His hand has dropped away and he looks a little shaken but recovers very quickly!

“Are you okay? Can I get you some water??”

I shake my head and grab hold of his hand before he decides that I’m a calamity Jane that he bursa merkez escort doesn’t need!

I turn to see whether my friends have noticed my long absence and sure enough, I can see Z looking across the room, her eyes looking for me. I wave to catch her attention and point in the direction of the floor when waves back. Even at this distance I can see the speculation in her eyes as she notices the linked hands, the significance registering. I catch her grinning as she gives me a thumbs up. Nish turns to look in my direction when Z nudges her and I can see her eyes widening to saucers!! I can’t help but groan inwardly as I think about the Spanish Inquisition that I’m going to be subjected to, later!! And then I dismiss all thoughts of my friends as I turn back to Mr. Knight!

“Let’s dance!!”

I pull his hand and he laughs, allowing me to lead him to the centre of the floor. The music is fast and I’m enjoying it thoroughly. Lost in the beat, my eyes shut, my hair swinging around my face, my hips swaying. Till I feel his hands settle on my waist and pull me closer. My heart goes into overdrive as my eyes open to find his face so close to mine that if I were to move my lips would brush his jaw. He is looking down at me, his expression unreadable under the strobe lights.

“You love dancing, don’t you?”

And I laugh and nod, smiling up at him.

He looks at me, his finger coming up to touch the corner of my lips, as though he can’t stop himself. And my smile falters.

“You have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. It’s playing havoc with my common sense, I think. Can I be totally honest here? I’m going to say something and I don’t want you to slap me thinking I’m some sort of pervert. I know this is completely wrong but I can’t seem to stop myself!!”

His voice is rough as though he can’t believe what he’s about to say.

I’m incapable of forming a sentence, because my senses are awash with activity. His nearness flusters me, His unbelievably sexy voice makes the tiny hairs at my nape, stand on end, his hands on my waist are sending shock waves straight to my pussy and I know my panty is wet through! I can feel my heart thumping with excitement. I think I know what he’s going to say and a part of me is thrilled but apprehensive. because I don’t know him at all and yet I know instinctively where this is heading…! How insane is that?

I’m completely tongue tied and just stare at him and he bends down to whisper against my ear, his voice sending shock waves down my spine.

“I don’t know if you can feel it but there’s something going on here. I find you so, so sexy, that I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I want to take you to the restroom and just fuck you. Right now!”

I can feel my mouth falling open in shock and excitement and I can see that he’s just realised that he’s actually spoken aloud the words that were running through his mind.

He stares at me with shock and worry writ large in his eyes and I know that if I actually did slap him, he’d take it unflinchingly. But I have no intention of doing anything of the sort because he’s only voiced the exact words that were playing in my head in a loop! I’ve never found myself attracted to a stranger. Well other than a passing glance at a good looking man, I’ve never felt in the least tempted to jump into bed with anyone..let alone a complete stranger!

I loop my arms around his neck and whisper softly.. “I want to fuck you too..so, so badly!! Is that completely shocking??” I know this is utter insanity and incredibly dangerous and a million other things but my common sense has flown out of the door and all my other senses have taken over!

We’ve crossed that invisible line in a second as I feel his fingers tightening on my waist and moving down my hips, pulling me close. I can feel the bulge in his denims against my lower abdomen and I want to touch it so badly that I think I’ll die if I don’t. My hand slides between our bodies and I cup my fingers around the hardness of his cock and I feel it harden even more as a shiver goes through him.

“Let’s get out of here. My hotel is around the corner.”

Now I’m desperate to just get out of there before either of us gets cold feet and changes our minds! I’ve plain forgotten about my friends and all I can think of is getting him naked and fucking him till I see stars.

Everything is a blur after that! Hailing a cab, reaching the hotel, the walk up to the apartment which takes forever as we can’t stop kissing each other, our lips and tongue and limbs entangling as he pushes me against the wall to plunder my mouth. I can’t seem to get enough of the taste of his lips, my arms going around his neck to pull him closer, as his fingers close over my aching breasts, teasing the overly sensitive buds through the layers of clothing.

We finally reach the apartment and I unlock the door with shaking fingers and then we’re in my bedroom. The balcony curtains are open and the moonlit view of the harbour is perhaps one of the most beautiful I have bursa sınırsız escort bayan seen but I have eyes only for the stranger in front of me.

The moment I open the bedroom door, he picks me up and slams the door shut with his foot, moving to the bed to drop me on it unceremoniously. In a second his belt is unbuckled and he’s pulling those unbelievably tight jeans down, wincing as his swollen cock gets in the way. I’m leaning back on the bed, my heart pounding, my thoughts and mind in a whirl; is this actually happening? Is this unbelievably sexy man actually in my bedroom, unbuttoning his clothes? Am I really going to have sex with a total stranger? And the next instant the stranger’s reaching for me, pulling me to the edge of the bed.

“Are you sure this is what you want? I can stop if you ask me to but in another minute, I won’t be able to. So tell me now.”

His voice is hoarse and his eyes look a little wild as I’m sure mine are!

In answer, I reach up and pull on the elasticated band of his CKs, slipping my hand inside and wrapping my fingers around his hardness, as my other hand pulls the black underwear down. His penis springs out and I’m amazed at how huge it looks and my apprehensions come back in full force. It looks too big for me to accommodate! But I can’t stop my fist from moving up and down the shaft and he groans.

“Enough! Please stop or I’ll cum and I’m not ready to cum for a long, long time!”

He gently loosens my fingers from around his penis and lays my hand down on the bed and then pushes me gently down on the bed. His hands pull the hem of my short dress up till it’s bunched around my waist. A smile plays on his lips as he takes in the maroon satin and lace panties, which appear black where my juices have soaked through.

“You weren’t kidding about wanting to fuck me, were you?”

The words make me shiver with desire! I definitely wasn’t kidding. This was like some crazy fantasy that I never even knew I had, coming true! And then he bends down and kisses the wet patch making my body literally arch off the bed as though he’s pulled some hidden strings.


I can’t stop the involuntary scream that tears out of my throat. His hands are holding my mine down on either side of my body..so I can’t move it to cover my mouth..or tangle it in his hair.

His tongue pushes against the satin, firm and deep and the friction against my clit is unbelievable! I have never done this. A part of me cringes because this is “dirty” or atleast that’s what I’ve grown up thinking. And yet, this man is making it the most intense sexual experience I’ve ever had in my life.

“Please stop..please don’t..let me take it off..”

I’m almost pleading and he glances up at me from between my legs, the heat in his gaze making me tremble and he he bends down and sucks on my clit, through the fine silk, with even more intensity. The friction of the fabric against my femininity is almost too much to bear and I can feel my legs shaking as I’m reaching the peak of my orgasm.

“Oh god..I’m going to come..oh god..”

The words have barely left my lips and he’s pulled the fabric aside, his fingers sliding in easily as his tongue curls around the nub of flesh and I can’t stop myself from falling headlong into a sea of sensation. My hands are now free to push into his hair and hold him to me and he plunders my pussy, as my hips stay suspended off the bed, as though by magic!

“Fuckkkk..I’m coming..Oh god..oh my god..”

I’m almost incoherent with pleasure and I can’t stop myself from pushing my pussy against his lips and tongue as he continues his assault. And then he slides back and sits up, pulls the offending piece of satin and lace off. He places my legs on his shoulders and with one thrust, his penis is imbedded deep in my pussy..

“I have been wanting to do this all evening..from the moment you fell into my arms..”

The words come out from between his teeth, as he withdraws and thrusts into me over and over again. Each thrust taking him even deeper and he pulls out almost completely before pushing back in. My throbbing flesh seems to suck him in and clings to his rock hard penis as though it’s never going to let go of it.

“Come for me…Come for ME!”

Each time he says that, a wave of pleasure washes over me and I can’t hold it back any longer. I almost pass out with the force of my orgasm, my legs like jelly.

But he’s just started. I’m still shaking in the aftermath of my orgasm when he says, “Turn over..I’ve just started..”

He flips me over, and pulls me back against himself, his hands gripping my hips and he pushes himself into me in one long stroke. I’m so wet, that I can barely feel his penis. And then he moves.

This time he fucks me quick and hard, and then pulls me up so that my back is flush against his chest. His hand comes up to cup my breast, his fingers caressing my nipple, tweaking it and I’m so turned on that all I can do is moan incoherently. I think I’m going to explode any second and I plead with him to stop and he laughs.

Well, it’s more a groan than a laugh, and he bends his head to bite the side of my neck. His teeth are sharp against the delicate skin and I can feel goosebumps on my arms and legs as I shiver in response! He brushes his lips back and forth and I can barely hold myself up, the sensations are so overwhelming!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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