A Loving Mother

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Brian Wark was in a little bit of bother, he knew he had a way out and his only option was to take it, so he was. He had been trying his luck with his best mate’s mother, he had been under the impression that she liked his surreptitious spots of innuendo, flirty touches, kisses on the cheek. His lewd eye contacts, letting her know that he was up for a bit of fun if she was.

What Brian never cottoned on to, was that she wasn’t up for it. And indeed was getting to the point of telling him outright. And today was that day, he had called round to his pal’s house knowing full well he wasn’t there, but his mother Shelagh was, and alone. So he hadn’t been there more than a couple of minutes, when, on the pretext of speaking, he sidled up to her, put his arm around her waist and whispered into her ear. That, they were alone and what did she think about that hey?

Brian squeezed her waist, pressed himself up against her, and hoped, even assumed, that today was the day when Shelagh fell into his arms and they would mad passionate love all day. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Shelagh flew at him, she told him in no uncertain terms that was he was after was stupid and childish, that she didn’t think of him that way and never would. And, she had added, that if he ever tried this again, she would shop him to her husband, who would drill him into the ground, tell her son, and following that, tell his mother.

This all served to stop Brian in his tracks, and when she told him to go, and never ever to call round again unannounced, or when her son wasn’t here. He went away a very young and chastised 18 year old boy. He was also deeply embarrassed, he thought he loved his pals beautiful mother, and thought she had it for him too, to be proved so wrong like that, had hit him where he didn’t want to be hit.

So an hour later, after pulling himself together, he went home, he was worried about entering his house in case Shelagh had phoned his mother and told her. “Hi darling,” his mom called as he went in. Brian knew he was safe now, he resigned himself to doing what he had been told by Shelagh and behave himself, he had got away with it, no more would be said.

Brian’s problem was older women, he had something for them, he didn’t know why. All he knew was that silly girls, no matter how cute, sexy or lovely were, just didn’t cut the mustard for him, like mature sexy beautiful women did, so what was he to do? “What’s the matter Brian, you look down in the dumps?” his mother said. “Oh I don’t know mom, I just feel that there is something missing from my life, and I’m not sure what,” he told her.

“Oh dear sweetie, come, sit here, tell mommy all about it, you are still my little boy you know,” she replied lightly, smiling at him. “Mom, I can’t, I’m sorry, but it’s a delicate problem I have.” “Huh, girls hey?” she prompted. “No mom, it’s not girls, well,” he said lamely, “not as such.” “Brian!” she asked concerned, “it’s not boys is it?” Brian laughed, “No mom, it’s not boys, bloody hell,” he said, “I am not one of them,” he said clicking his fingers over his head.

“So what is it then, come on, out with it,” she demanded. He looked at her, took a deep breath and said, “Mom, its women, not girls mom, get it? Women, its women.” It took his mother a few seconds to understand what he was referring to. His mother knew immediately she was on delicate grounds, the wrong advice here could spoil it forever for him. She knew she could be walking on egg shells, so to speak. “Darling,” she said, moving closer to him. “I can understand that, women are more alluring than girls aren’t they?” “Yes mom, they are,” he said, “I’ve had ‘girl’ friends, but it doesn’t work, I want an older woman to show me, teach me the way. Prepare me for life at a later date, an older age, do you understand what I’m saying mom.”

His mother knew exactly what he was on about,, she had always had a thing for older men when she herself was a girl. Now though, it was young men’s butts that caught her eye, older men were not what vibrant women like her wanted. Oh no, it was the fun, the excitement, the thrill, and the outright stamina that young men had in abundance.

Not that Mary Beth had ever stepped over that way, she did have a good friend who had done, and she had regaled Mary Beth of her exploits at the hands of this younger man. It had left her panting and sexually aroused, although she had kept it from her friend. That night in her own bed, she had teased her husband who had promptly turned over and gone to sleep.

Mary Beth had never done the deed, though she would often warn her husband in her head that one day, she would find a young man to ‘take care of the business.’ And Mary Beth was not thinking that right now, no, she was thinking of how he could find, meet, and even get to know, an older woman worthy of her own son. She knew she was herself still sexy, still attractive, and a vibrant woman. Her husband though seemed to be heading for middle age at a rapid rate of knots.

“I must admit Brian, I can’t think kastamonu seks hikayeleri of how to get you past your problem,” she said, “I don’t know any older women who might be tempted by such a good looking stud as you are darling.” Brian laughed, “Me a stud! that’ll be the day mom.” Mary Beth protested, “Don’t knock yourself Brian, there are dozens of women who would love to get to know you, get to feel those muscles on your arms,” she told him, “You are a big strong boy, and you are my big strong boy too. And, if I might add. If I was twenty years younger, we wouldn’t be talking like this sweetheart, we would be doing it!” and Mary Beth laughed long and hard over her words.

“Why would such a beautiful woman, and one like you mom, be even remotely interested in someone like me,” he said rather remorsefully. Suddenly Mary Beth felt the earth tremble beneath her feet. Her son had no idea that she wasn’t getting what she wanted nowadays from her husband, Brian’s father.

Mary Beth, without considering what she was actually saying, said. “Your dad isn’t Sir Galahad these days you know, he can’t always get out of the blocks, if you know what I mean?” Mary Beth clamped her hand over her mouth. “Oh I’m sorry darling, I shouldn’t have said that,” she whispered. “I shouldn’t speak of your father that way, please Brian, forget that I said it.”

Brian was a bit shocked to hear her speak like that of his dad, but his interest was piqued, he wanted to know, learn more. “So are you telling me he can’t get it up like he used to mom?” He was fishing, but wanted to know. “Well,” she said, I suppose I started this conversation, so it’s only fair really that I move on with it. The truth is, you are right, it isn’t often we, er, do it now, comprende?”

Brian stared at her, his first thought was that his dad must be a dolt, here was his mother. As beautiful as any he had ever seen, and he isn’t taking care of her in between the sheets. And that was when he had another mind numbing thought, ‘she is beautiful, and she is sexy, and we live under the same roof. And this is the first time in my life I have ever seen her.’

His glare at her opened Mary Beth’s eyes,, “Why is he looking at me like that,” she pondered, “hasn’t he seen me before?” If she had known how prophetic her words were, she would have had to go to bed for lie down. “What’s wrong with him mom,” he asked, “are you saying he doesn’t look after you, er, in, er, you know, er, in bed, why, I don’t understand it.” Then he said without thought, “If I was him I would have you in bed all day long mom, you would get taken care of then I promise you.”

Mary Beth stood up, she was so shocked she couldn’t speak, her own son had just told her forthrightly that he would see to her needs in bed. And Mary Beth knew exactly what he meant, there was no grey area, and that she was looking at him as the young man he was, not her young son. She looked down at him, she saw the strong lines of his face, the earnest look in his eyes. The power of him, his broad young shoulders, the oak tree legs, but then her gaze fell on the obvious bulge in his pants.

He had a hard on, and she knew it was because of her, then, because her mind was a little scrambled, she wondered if he knew he had a hard on. Mary Beth never said any more, she left the room and went in to the kitchen where she got a glass of water. She was turned on, the stunning shock of that nearly tipped her over. Her body parts were conversing, and she was the subject of that conversation. Her eyes had seen her son’s erection, and they had told the rest of her.

Mary Beth was, as her son had described her, she was 5ft 4″, she was a gorgeous sexy woman, her hair was honey blond, it fell into her neck, she was forty years old, she was neglected by her husband, and now her son had turned her on, and now up to full heat.

What she wouldn’t do for a good stuffing, Brian’s best pal had let her know he was interested, that if she wanted some fun, he would definitely be available. But she had reluctantly, after a chat with herself decided, that, she could not do that with her good friend Shelagh’s son.

The second she had walked out of the room, Brian was making decisions, or trying to. He was a young man in fuck mode, desperate for a shag, and his focus was on an older woman, maturity, that’s what he needed. His attempt on his friends mother and failure, had done nothing to damped his desire for his ultimate goal, and his mother was the only one there.

“Shall I go and try my hand with my own mother? She seemed distracted. His recent girlfriend Laura, was like that sometimes, and it had always ended, luckily for him, in a mammoth shagging festival between them. He was also thinking of his mother in a new way. “She is beautiful isn’t she Bri?” he told himself. “The old man isn’t giving it to her, maybe she needs a good seeing to, and?” he said in his head, while his hand was on his hard young cock, “maybe I can give her what she wants, or needs, if she’ll let me.”

He followed his mother into the kitchen, Mary Beth was deep in thought stood at the island table there. Her son had surprised her with what he had told her, and she had surprised herself by telling him his dad was now, more or less a duffer in bed at the sex stakes. She was thinking about going elsewhere, and she was thinking of a younger man, one who would take her to the end, and then some.

At that very moment Brian walked up behind her, and she flinched slightly when he slid his hands around her waist. “Mom, I love you,” he told her while sliding his body up to hers. “Yes darling, I love you too,” she answered. Brian leaned down from his 6ft 1″ height and kissed the back of her neck, Mary Beth shivered, “Brian,” she breathed. “Yes mom?” he whispered innocently, as if! He kissed her neck again, Mary Beth groaned ever so gently, but never stopped him, she was still where her mind was, finding a stalwart young man, not knowing one was about to find her in this mood. This gave him some encouragement. “Mom,” he breathed into his mother’s ear.

“Yes darling?” she hardly sounded, he kissed the back of her neck again, a little harder this time, and his mother’s head moved from one side to the other, as if offering a better place for him, she was, but Mary Beth didn’t realise it.. “Oh mom,” was all he grunted softly, then not knowing he did it, his hands slid up from her waist to take support of her ample still firm tits. “Darling,” what are you…” he squeezed, “Ugh, Ooooh, darling, Brian, you mustn’t.” He did, and he did it again, then he felt for, and found her now rock hard nipples and squeezed them. “Oh God Brian, nooooo….. Ooooh, Oh n….” In the arousal stakes, Mary Beth was already there ahead of him now, but she never knew it, he was trying his best to seduce his own mother, she was already.

Brian kissed her neck making sure he sucked up her flesh too, he bit it slightly, he resqueezed her nipples and Mary Beth was about to give into her thoughts of that young man. “Oh darling please,” she whispered gutturally. Brian thought she was begging him to leave her alone, his mother wasn’t, but his experience wouldn’t let him know that.

“So close,” he was thinking, “don’t give up now Bri, don’t give up!” He pulled his mother right back to him, and increased his attention to her nipples. Mary Beth’s response was to unknowingly slip her hand behind her, and feel for his cock. She never had to look very far, she found it first go, and pressed her hand over it.

Now both, still working individually but collectively, increased their seduction of the other. Both were seducing each other completely, but the war had not quite been won, the battle had. Now there was just the cleaning up to do of the battlefield. Mary Beth dropped her head gently back on to her son’s shoulder, and moved her hand up and down him. Her experienced hand knew exactly what it was doing, and the feel of her son’s hard cock was all it needed to know to send the messages to his mothers brain, that she had what she had been thinking of for a couple of months now, a young hard cock right there in her knowing hand.

“Oh mom,” he said, “don’t stop, keep going mom, I love it, please mom.” Mary Beth did, her seduction of her son, such as it was brought untold delight to her. Mary Beth shouted with glee in her mind, “I’ve still got it, I have it still, I am so happy.” She was referring to her own seductive charm, her ability to still attract the opposite sex, she had wondered if those days had gone now. Her hand clamped him, it really was game over for them both.

Brian was going to get his wish, to have a beautiful sexy woman to show him how, why and wherefore, with an older woman. And Mary Beth was going to get all the young cock she had threatened her husband with, even though it was going to be from the most unexpected source, and she would be getting all she would ever need.

Mary Beth knew what she was doing was wrong, but it was a little too late for recriminations, even though was still a little embarrassed by it, she didn’t want to turn to face her son, to look in his eyes, not yet. She had a young cock in her hand, which was more than good enough for now. Brian sensing something, gently, but firmly put his hand on her back, and pressed her down to the granite topped island. Mary Beth went willingly. She put her glass of water down, and leaned forward, she wasn’t sure how this was going to develop, if it even was. Brian, in his haste, frightened that she would change her mind hurried on. As his mother was lying down on the cool top, and her hands sliding forward it presented the classic submissive pose, one that should have told him. “Yes darling do what you want, I am ready for you,” he was pulling her skirt high up.

He stared in wonder at the sight of her long legs slightly parted, the dark inviting slit where he was dying to be. Her gorgeous round topped buttocks. The way her panties were secreted in the crack between her ass cheeks. He pulled them hard and they came away, he undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. Then he got his John Thomas out, and whammed it straight up and into his beautiful sexy mother’s hot leaking pussy.

Both cried out at the same time, “Argggggh.” His mother continued though, “Oh Ohhh, Oooooh, Oh God, Oh Bri…. Hmmmm.” Brian was in a world of his own, he was fucking his own mother, he was fucking the older woman the way he had dreamed of fucking. She was crying out below him, loving every heart stopping whopping bang he was giving her with his (in his mind) mammoth iron hard cock.

This had been his dream, but he didn’t know that he was actually doing it in reality. Mary Beth, his own mother, was already in love with the bar of flesh now sending her into her own world. The world she had imagined, while lying next to her husband and fingering herself. To where she was being subjected to the will of a determined and very energetic young man, and who was devastating her wonderfully with his masterful young cock.

Mary Beth came, her hips hit the edge of the granite top, and her cum spouted out, it covered her son’s cum filled balls, then dripped to the floor below. She came straight after too, it stunned her, literally. Brian too was on his way, his finger dug into her ass hard, and his last thrust banged into her, and he filled her pussy with his own hot steaming thick cum, this was enough for Mary Beth to climax once more.

Brian, his cock still nearly hard, stepped back and he came out of his mother. He put his hands behind him and rested against the counter. He stared in wonder at the sight before him, his mother was bent over the top, her eyes closed, her hands near her head, her ass pointing at him. Her legs now splayed, her pussy glistening, shiny with their cum, and she was breathing heavily, as was he.

He wondered what to do, sneak away, stay there, go to her, fuck her again, what? It was answered for him by his mother. “Brian,” she said softly, “help me up please, I think you have broken me in two,” and she half sniggered. This brought him back to earth, he quickly did what she said. Soon she was stood facing him “Now what Brian?” she whispered. Brian looked at the floor, “I don’t know mom, are you alright?” he was embarrassed, he was scared, he was more than a little unsure now. It had all happened so quickly, a more knowledgeable man would have whipped her up off her feet, carried her to bed and fucked her again, Brian wasn’t quite that man, yet.

“I think we ought to go and talk about this don’t you baby?” she said in her motherly voice. Brian was now once again her young son. “Yes mom,” he replied. “Come on then,” she said taking his hand, “let’s do it, get it over with hey?” she told him. “Yes mom,” he repeated forlornly this time, he was in trouble he knew it. Mary Beth walked slowly into the hallway, he knew she was going to get him in the sitting room, sit him down, and she was going to give him the biggest rollicking of all time. Mary Beth walked past the sitting room door, Brian nearly stopped and said “Mom, you’ve walked past.”

His mother continued and started up the stairs, Brian wondered what was going on. He went after her, she was still holding his hand, he had no option. Mary Beth wasn’t thinking at all, she had just had the rampant young cock in her, the one she had imagined. It had done untold marvellous damage, already her memory of how it had happened, why it had happened was obliterated from her mind. All she could remember as she waltzed upstairs was that she had been fucked like she couldn’t remember being fucked, if she even had.

Brian trailed after his mother, he was watching her ass sway, he had never noticed it before, he had noticed Shelagh’s, his best mate’s mother’s ass, his best mate had noticed Mary Beth’s ass. And now was walking behind it, his cock was watching it too, and it liked what it was seeing. Brian’s hopes began to lift, was she taking him to his bedroom, was she going to throw herself at him and tell him to fuck her again just the way he had done downstrairs? His disappointment increased tenfold when she walked past it. Then it rose again as she entered her bedroom.

Mary Beth was thinking now, and her rapid decision had been, “In for a penny, in for a pound.” Her mind, her thoughts, in the few steps from the landing to entering her bedroom, had equated all that had happened. And her body had decided that it was going for another dose of hard young cock, son or no son. “Brian, darling,” she said right into his face, as she turned to him, her lips almost touching his. “I guess we are both a bit surprised that what we have just done downstairs, or, should I say, what you have just done downstairs, has made us both take a deep breath.” He could only stare back and say nothing but nod his head, he didn’t know what to say or do, if anything.

“So,” his mom said, and her hand made the connection that was to make his day completely, it stroked his cock. Brian beamed, his cock jumped, it was so sensitive it hurt, but he got a hold of his mother and she was on her way backwards to her bed. Brian was going to fuck his mother’s brains out big time, “You just see if I don’t mom,” he told her in his head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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