A Mage’s Fantasy

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There are characters in this piece that some of you would recognize from my other works but this piece is very much magic collage AU. It is not canonical though the characters are somewhat the same. I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think!


Trudy really wished that she could stay in her dreams forever. There she could be a great hero who saves the world from a dark god. Where she can stand side by side with friends against deadly challenges. Then after their victory take one of them by the hand and bring him home. Show him to her family and settle down, talk about having a family.

Making that family…

Taking him by the hand and leading him into her room. Feeling his hands against her hips and his lips trailing up her neck. Slowly pulling her clothes off one piece at a time until she was bare under him. She turned around on her heel to see his handsome face.


Kissing him full on the lips while feeling his chest and arms as they slowly fall onto the bed. She wants him more than anything, every piece and inch she can get her hands on. After a short but incredibly passionate scramble she got Roland naked and began to kiss every exposed part of his skin she could. Feeling every twitch and hearing him moan out her name as she felt his hardness press against her. “Trudy… Trudy…”


The light blaring from the window and being shaken broke her from the dream and brought Trudy crashing back into reality. After a moment of regaining focus and looking up at the person standing over her, she realized with a groan it must really morning. She heard a scoff from the woman and saw her sympathetic smile, “I still have no clue how you are able to turn that mess of a hair into something decent.”

Trudy smiled and with a wave of her hand a light green shimmer swirled about her hair. In a moment the swirl faded and in its place her hair now looked well brushed and flowing down her shoulders. Feeling a bit more refreshed she held her arms out in a presentation of a magician’s trick.

With a roll of her eyes the woman gave a mocking smile, “You cheating bitch, you have no right to have it that easy.” Trudy shrugged and began to roll out of bed and dress for the day. Looking back over at the woman as she began to tend to her own blond hair and finish dressing in her athletic uniform. The woman, Trudy’s roommate Jamie, had a tomboy build with pale skin and the groups of freckles splattered about her shoulders and face. Though both of them were training as hunters and explorers, Jamie was much rougher and hands on than Trudy’s magical approach.

After finally shaking out the morning crud and pulling her uniform and gear together she finished her morning routine beside Jamie. Taking a moment to watch her roommate put in the tie on her ponytail doing one last check. She turned to Trudy and waved at the tight fitting red and white uniform, “How do I look?”

Trudy let out a confused laugh as the question was so out of place for Jamie. This was a woman who would not hesitate to flip someone off. She has told other people who judged her looks to ‘fuck off’ several times. To see her ask Trudy for any form of advice on her appearance was absolutely strange. After taking a moment to consider her words seriously she looked from the basic athletic uniform to the open leather vest that Jamie usually wore to add a coolness factor to her wardrobe.

“Jamie, I honestly think you always look good. If you want me to show you some makeup tips, I can do my best but I’m not an expert.” She paused and gave Jamie a very shrewd look and after a moment took on a keen smile. “Are you trying to look good for someone?”

For the briefest moment Jamie’s calm was broken by an embarrassed glace away before she regained control and gave Trudy a dark glare. “Say that again and I will throw you out of this room by your pretty hair.”

Trudy quickly backed off and raised her hands defensively, “I’m sorry, I got the wrong idea.” The tension lasted for only a moment before Jamie gave Trudy a playful punch in the shoulder and sighed as she grabbed her gear bag. Trudy laughed and grabbed her own before giving her friend a warm smile, “I really do think you look good. Any guy would be lucky to have even a minute of your time.”

Jamie simply shrugged but as they left their room had a bit of a spring in her step. They waved a quick goodbye and left down different halls. It wouldn’t be until the afternoon they would have a class together. Until then the day blurred by, one class bleeding into another. As the day went on her boredom began to turn to excitement as her favorite class came closer. Though she loved training and hanging out with Jamie that wasn’t the real reason the class was the highlight of her day.

It was their teacher, the young, smart, tall, dark, and gorgeous Roland. The man of her fantasy’s day and night, it was hard to find a moment that she wasn’t thinking about being in his arms or having him all over her. She had thought about brazzers telling Jamie but for the moment she just wanted to enjoy the dreams without having someone possibly judge her for it. Trudy trusts her but she really didn’t know how Jamie would react to the idea of her wanting to jump their teacher.

Taking her desk near the front just a seat away from Jamie, Trudy impatiently waited for class to start. About a minute before the class was scheduled to start, he walked in. Wearing a casual yet well-fitting shirt and pants under a much more official robe. Under one arm was a stack of books with varying thickness and coloration of covers. With a nod to quiet the room Roland pulled off the robe and placed it across the back of his desk chair. He placed the stack on the desk and picked up one from the pile. With a throat clearing cough he got the attention of the class, and the somewhat open admiration of Trudy.

“I hope you are all ready to start on the new subject today and for the rest of the week. I know that this is a School of Magic that many of you don’t have access to but I felt it best to teach you what to look out for anyway. The School of Illusion sounds like such a simple concept but it holds many complex magical theories. Also, being able to spot the difference between reality and an Illusion is much more difficult than you may think. To start…”

As Roland began into his lecture Trudy heard his words bleed away and her vision tunnel until all she saw was him standing there talking. She watched his lips move wanting them to be pressed against hers or running down her neck. His own neck and shoulders were so tempting to bite and kiss as his strong hands ran down her back and hips. Feeling her desire for him grow her eyes drifted down to his crotch and she remembered some of the stories that Jamie told her.

These stories being ones told after Jamie got drunk and Trudy had to take her home. She talked about how some girls would suck on guys’ cocks and watch how they twisted in their grasp. Jamie even admitted to enjoying it with her now partners. With those thoughts in mind Trudy couldn’t help but imagine herself taking Roland’s cock in her hands and feeling it pulse and throb. As she watched him a much more scandalous idea was introduced into the fantasy as she wanted him to put her under his desk. Have him continue to teach the class on whatever subject he wanted but while sitting there have her reach up and pull out his cock.

Slowly play with it, feeling his warmth in her hands and his pulse starting to quicken. Giving it a gentle rub and stroke its entire length looking up into his face. Watch his face begin to turn a slight shade of red and watch him stumble over a word as she leaned forward and licked it from base to tip. Smiling to herself she would continue to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock tasting his excitement and watching the red brighten. After hearing him move from one subject to the next she couldn’t help but, in that pause, take the length of his cock into her mouth. The stumbling start on the next passage made her smile but not even coming close to slowing down on sucking his cock.

She heard him trying to remain calm but the occasional repeated words just made her double her efforts. Tasting more and more of his excitement and knowing that just out of view was the rest of the class turned her on to the point where she could feel her own excitement dampen her panties. Wanting the class to be over and to feel this cock inside her she took more of his cock in her mouth and sucked harder. With it being just enough to push him over the edge she felt his cock pulse widely and tasted a thick spray of sweet cum.

Once his cock had finally calmed, she let it out of her mouth and began to enjoy the taste of him cum and swallowing as much of it as she could. While trying to clean up as much as possible she heard the class be let out and when the final student left the class felt him pull her out from under the desk. She was picked up with a forceful gentleness and put down on the top of his desk. Looking up into his eyes she saw his overwhelming desire and lust for her and felt an exciting shiver run down her spine.

He began to kiss down her neck and all the while tearing off her pants and panties, making sure there was nothing between his cock and her needy pussy. She knew he wanted it, to see him so wild for her made it all the more exciting. To finally have this calm and collected gentleman wanting nothing more than to please her with wild abandon became more than she could handle. He groped her breasts and began to rub his more than excited cock up and down her sopping wet pussy. She felt the head press down and…

“Gertrude Logan!”

Trudy’s head shot up from the desk and the small pool of drool that she left there. Glancing around the classroom she saw almost every head turned to her and more than one snicker. Bringing her focus back up to Roland she saw his slightly annoyed expression that made her shrivel in the chair. Once confident that cuckold porno he got her attention he continued, “I hope my class is not boring to you. I would rather you pay attention and complain about it being boring outside of the classroom than to sleep during my lecture.”

Shrinking more into her seat and feeling her face brighten from the embarrassment and berating she stayed quiet. Watching her slowly implode Roland sighed and walked up to her desk. “If you are having trouble paying attention because of something outside of class I would appreciate you coming by my office some time. I have a slot open at the end of the week if that would be acceptable?”

Trudy brightened slightly and nodded her head, not trusting her voice yet. Roland nodded and continued with the lesson as if there had been no interruption. The rest of his words were drowned out as she began to clean up the drool before it stained the desk and to distract herself from dying of embarrassment. All she wanted to do was go to bed and forget about the rest of the day. Of course, undenounced to her Jamie, who had been watching her for most of the time, was not about to let it go. Nowhere close to it.

Leaving the classroom Trudy was content to get back to bed and sleep until the end of days, not that it would come quick enough but it was better than seeing Roland again. The embarrassment clouded her head to the point where she didn’t notice Jamie come up from behind. Without much ceremony Jamie bumped Trudy in the ribs and whispered, “Hot for teacher huh?”

Trudy jumped near to the ceiling and looked around the hallway to see if anyone else heard. Luckily for her most of the students had already headed off to their other classes or other duties. Fighting between being outraged that she scared her and the embarrassment of the very true accusation Trudy could only whisper, “Wha- How- di- no…”

Jamie gave out an evil chuckle but wrapped her arms around Trudy in a comforting gesture, “You only drooled, no muttering or anything like that. I don’t think anyone else really noticed until he pointed it out.” Trudy tried to feel more relaxed but then Roland’s scolding face came back to her mind and forced her to let out a groan. Jamie sighed and took her by the shoulders, “Do you have any classes left today?”

Trudy meekly shook her head, unsure of her friend’s intentions. Jamie gave her a reassuring smile, “Let’s go get a drink and you can tell me everything. Trust me when I say that keeping this thing internal is just going to get worse. I promise I will hear you out and give no uncalled-for judgements. Also, I will be paying for drinks.” Trudy sighed but ultimately nodded in agreement. She wasn’t as much of a drinker as Jamie but the idea of venting her feelings to someone she trusted sounded like a good idea.

Leading her to the World Forge tavern Jamie found a table near the bar but with enough room from the other patrons to be somewhat private. Trudy watched her friend walk to the bar and start ordering drinks. Content with waiting and enjoying the atmospheric music being played she decided to people watch for the moment. Most of the people in the tavern were either laborers who were relaxing after a day of work or townspeople wanting to gossip and drink with friends. Two couples did catch her eye though.

One couple at the bar sitting a few seats away from Jamie merrily drinking. One was a tall athletic and beautiful woman, every part of her from legs to hair made Trudy somewhat jealous. Of course, it wasn’t hard to see that even in casual company she was armed with at least one short knife in her boot. Drinking with her was a tall and very broad man easily keeping up with her. Trudy would have guessed that he was some thug if it wasn’t for his bright smile that even made her feel warm. Looking at them she guessed they were Legend Seekers of one kind or another. In the corner of the tavern was a couple much more intimate with each other.

One of them was a man of raven black hair and strong features that anyone would consider handsome one way or another. His eyes were a sharp green that was fully focused on the woman next to him. She was absolutely stunning, bright red hair that flowed effortlessly around her and a well-toned body that could give seasoned fighters a run for their money. Currently though she looked small, embarrassed, and flustered as the man next to her was whispering in her ear what Trudy could only guess to be sweet and probably pretty dirty nothings. For a moment Trudy thought that the woman would punch the man but noticed how close she was putting herself next to him. For all of the embarrassment she was enjoying it.

Trudy was startled by the sound of pints slamming into the table and Jamie sitting across from her. Quietly thanking her they both raised their drinks and saluted as they took their first sip. Well, Trudy sipped, Jamie gulped down nearly a quarter of it. They lapsed into a bit of silent enjoyment as they haven’t gone out drinking for a while. With classes czech porno picking up again and Jamie staying out late with who knows who they were always busy. After a few moments Jamie began the conversation in the best way, “Why Professor Roth? I mean, sure he is tall and you’re into that, but isn’t he a bit lanky?”

Trudy nearly choked on her next sip at the bold and brazen question, a very Jamie like question. After regaining some form of composure, she collected her thoughts, “I mean, yeah, he is tall, and dark, and lean, and handsome, and…” Her voice trailed off thinking about Roland. It took her a moment to pull out of the repeating image of Roland taking his shirt off slow in front of her. Shaking her head and taking another drink to give herself some time to recover, she heard Jamie chuckle and gave her as fierce a glare as possible. Of course, already blushing a bright red didn’t make the glare intimidating.

Jamie sighed and gave Trudy her full attention, “Alright, I get it. The question I have then is when did this start? I haven’t noticed you get that drooly around him before.” Trudy’s blush became crimson at the word ‘drooly’ and tried to look everywhere but at Jamie. Taking another moment to compose herself, wanting to run back to bed and scream into her pillow until she passed out, she finally was able to look back at Jamie.

“Well, it’s kind of started when I… first saw him…” Jamie gave her a surprised look as she took another sip of her drink. Trudy sighed, “But, it had never gotten that bad before! I mean, sure I would daydream or kind of watch him sometimes but I never thought I would completely space out like that.” Jamie nodded but couldn’t keep her smile hidden. Trudy gave her a glare that did nothing to stop the smile.

Jamie got this curious look on her face, “I get that you are definitely ‘attracted’ to him but how far does that go? Admiring from a distance, or do you want to climb that mountain?” Jamie got her answer as Trudy’s face became bright red before, she nearly slammed it into the table and groaned. Jamie couldn’t help but laugh before seeing her friend’s discomfort and pulling her chair closer to give her a comforting pat on the back. Giving her a moment to let out her embarrassment and frustration Jamie took another drink and waited. It took a solid minute before Trudy was able to compose herself and sit back up at the table. Jamie finally spoke up, “Well, have you tried to get his attention, flirt, or anything?”

Trudy sighed and took a solid gulp of her drink, “I mean, kind of, I guess? I tried talking to him and gauging his interest but I think he is just so focused on the class that he can’t focus on anything beyond his books.” Her smile brightens and her eyes get a little dreamy, “I mean, I don’t mind him being into his books.”

Jamie laughed and leaned back in her chair as she considered the ceiling. After a few moments she turned her head side to side mulling over an idea before pulling her attention back to the table and Trudy. “How about this. You are going to see him in his office at the end of the week, right? That’s the day after tomorrow, so why don’t we go into the market district tomorrow after class and get something that will definitely get his attention. Then when you see him wear it and go all out to see if he feels the same. If he does then have some fun with him in his office and maybe make it a regular thing. If he doesn’t then… Well transfer out of his class. There wouldn’t be a reason to keep fawning over a guy who doesn’t feel the same about you.”

Trudy considered her friend’s words, and the thought of having sex with Roland in his office did make her blush, the possibility of him not feeling the same made her enthusiasm fall somewhat. In that moment she shook out the dark fear and took hold of the hope of a happy ending. “Let’s do it!” She held up the last of her drink for Jamie to join in her salute and with that they both downed the last of the ale.

After a moment Trudy realized that all of this excitement and talking had made her somewhat tired. Getting up from her seat Trudy nodded to Jamie, “I am a bit tired and I think I want to be fully rested before we do anything. Are you coming back to the room or should I just see you after class?”

Jamie nodded and seemed to consider something for a moment, “Nah, I got something to do. I should see you in class tomorrow but I don’t know if I will be coming back to the room tonight.” Trudy gave Jamie an eye of interest that she seemed unwilling to satisfy. Without expanding on what Trudy could only guess to be another one-night stand. Not one to judge her friend she left the bar and headed for their home on the campus.

Entering their room Trudy was greeted by her large wolf hound Pepper. Pepper missed Trudy and wasn’t used to her being out late without coming to see them first. After the required number of pets and scratches Pepper was satisfied and ready for their nightly stroll. Trudy was too tired to take them out for a walk herself but she trusted Pepper. With a quick conversation that Pepper understood to a degree they left out the door. Trudy watched them go and got undressed thinking about the day, remembering the fantasy about Roland and thinking about the possibility of turning that dream into a reality.

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