A Middle-aged Fuck-pig Pt. 02

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VIII: Cleaning miss Kelly’s young pussy

IX: From cute little muffin to cute little blumpkin.

X: Knowing Kelly costs me.

XI: Kelly sends me a contract.

XII: Kelly and I text terms and conditions.

VIII: Cleaning miss Kelly’s young pussy

I had an uncomfortable and restless night’s sleep lying naked on the cold linoleum floor of the bathroom, my arms aching no matter how I tried to position them around the toilet basin.

I must have dozed off at some point though, because I was awoken by the sound of tinkling water, and opening my eyes I saw a beautifully manicured foot right before where my face lay against the linoleum.

“Morning Mona.” Kelly said from where she sat on the loo, her pyjama bottoms pulled down as she had a pee.

I could only see a glimpse of the pale young flesh of Kelly’s thigh, but I admired how smooth and beautiful it looked.

“Morning, miss.” I said, kissing the bare foot in front of me before smiling up at the beautiful young woman. Even with her hair tousled from a night’s sleep, Kelly looked stunning.

Kelly didn’t smile back, instead she leant forward from where she was sat on the loo and dribbled a pendent of saliva from between her pursed lips until it dropped onto my face.

“What do you say, fugly?”

“Thank you, miss.” I said as Kelly used her bare foot to smear her spit around my face.

“Do you know why I decided to study psychology?” Kelly asked.

“No, miss.”

“I wanted to understand myself better; why I ignore responsibilities and have no conscience. See I don’t feel any remorse; take using my taser on your itty-bitty-titties yesterday; I just didn’t have any concern for you at all; I just wanted to see that flump-lump you call a body charley horse. It’s kind of cool being free of remorse; it kind of frees you up to do anything that comes to mind.” Kelly said, pulling the toilet brush from its holder and running the harsh bristles over the tender flesh of one of my outstretched bare arms and then down the other.

“What I’m trying to tell you, Mona Bushpig, is that if you continue this relationship, I’ll just exploit you for my own benefit, with complete disregard for you or your life. In short, Mona Bushpig, I seem to have a lot of characteristics that we studied as sociopathic on my course.” Kelly said, sliding herself forward on the toilet seat so that her trimmed young pussy was displayed between her smooth thighs.

“Clean me.”

It was difficult with my wrists still handcuffed to the back of the toilet basin, but I managed to get my head above the wide basin by stretching my arms as straight as I could and bending my neck back until my chin could rest above the basin on the toilet seat right before Kelly’s beautiful pussy. Her smooth labia had a few drips hanging from them and I dutifully pushed my head forward and my tongue out so that I could remove the drops from Kelly’s perfect pussy.

“What you need to think about, Mona Bushpig, is that if you decide to continue this little relationship, I’m likely to destroy you just for the fun of it. I’m telling you this so you can back out now, because this is your only chance; if you’re still at my heel tonight, I will use you as I see fit, blackmail you and destroy you. Consider this your one and only warning, sow.”

Kelly said as I carefully licked right along the length of her lips, trying my utmost to clean the young miss as best I could, and then feeling with my tongue that she was clean, I gently kissed her pussy lips with complete devotion and subjugation. Her ultimatum had my pussy clenching and unclenching with arousal around the sausage meat. The idea of allowing, no choosing, to be at the mercy of this young sociopath’s whims, of sacrificing everything to please this young woman made me kiss her offered pussy like an altar.

“What the fuck, you desperate old slapper!” Kelly said angrily, her eyes ablaze as she pulled my head back by my hair. “I’m not a lesbian you disgusting frump-lump, and even if I was, I sure wouldn’t go anywhere near a desperate disgusting dump like you!”

“I’m sorry, miss.” I said, scared of the intensity of her anger. “I just wanted to show my gratitude at being allowed to serve you, miss.”

“You want to make it up to me?” Kelly said, her tone teasingly inviting and manipulative.

“Yes, miss.”

Kelly smiled, a cold, contemptuous and self-satisfied smile.

“Well, the sentence should fit the crime shouldn’t it, Mona Bushpig?”

“Yes, miss.”

“Then seeing as you failed in your toilet cleaning duties, you can serve everyone as they use the toilet this morning and then, and only then, we’ll think about unlocking those handcuffs. Deal, fat sow?”

“Yes, miss. But, miss, I have to be at work for nine o’clock” I said, looking up at Kelly as she stood up, pulling her pyjama bottoms up around her svelte waist.

“No Bushpig; you have toilet duties. If you do what I want, then you might be allowed to get on with your irrelevant life.” Kelly said matter-of-factly, escort izmit washing her hands and then padding out of the bathroom. “See it as a taster of what being my middle-aged fuck-pig slave will be like to help you make your informed decision!” Kelly shouted back down the hall with a mocking laugh.

IX: From cute little muffin to cute little blumpkin.

I lay on the cold bathroom floor for about fifteen minutes before Mr C wandered into the bathroom, standing over my bare body as he took out his cock and pissed into the toilet. I felt embarrassed seeing Mr C again, after all he and I had known each other for decades in a surrogate son-mom relationship and then in one night that had been reversed and Mr C now had the pleasure of knowing he had fucked my ass and cum in my face whenever we met.

“Morning Mr C!” I said as bright and chirpily as I could, smiling up at him through his hairy legs from where I lay on the floor. “If I wasn’t hand-cuffed I could have held that for you, big man!” I cooed.

“I don’t know why I ever had any respect for you, Ally.” Mr C said, looking down at my beaming face with utter contempt. “I always thought you were alright, but fucking hell, Ally, you’re a total pig of a whore!” He added, and then with a bemused look, Mr C directed his jet of piss from the toilet basin to my face, splattering my eyes, soaking my hair and even getting some of his warm, gushing piss in my mouth.

“That’s what you deserve, Ally. All those years I treated you with respect when I should have just treated you like the desperate fuck-bag you really are.” Mr C told me, shaking the last drops of his piss off his cock and splashing my bare body sprawled on the floor amidst his pool of piss.

“Please can I be your desperate fuck-bag!” I begged, looking up at him pleadingly, his piss still dripping from my face.

“Oh my!” I heard Kelly’s voice say, making me jump by its close proximity. “What a priceless old sow, I’m going to enjoy pushing you to limits of depravity I’ve never even thought of before!” Kelly said, leaning against the bathroom doorframe, a steaming cup of hot cocoa in her hand.

“Surely, Mr C…” Kelly began, her voice thick with innuendo. “… after having a curry last night you need to relieve your bowels. I was just thinking what a unique opportunity this is for you to experience having your cock sucked while you take a shit. That’s got to be quite a sensation, huh?” Kelly suggested, eyeing me with sadistic glee.

When Mr C just stood there looking uncomfortable, Kelly shook her head and came striding into the bathroom.

“You really must stop seeing Mona Bushpig here as Ally, or even as a person really. There’s none of the usual social conventions involved with this desperate fuck-pig, Mr C. Sure, I can see that societal norms might make you hesitant to do something as disgusting as taking a shit in front of a woman, but honestly, Mr C, Ally here isn’t deserving of societal norms; she’s just something to use and discard. Isn’t that right, Mona Bushpig?”

“Yes, miss.”

“Beg Mr C to let you suck his cock while he takes his morning shit, then.”

I looked up at Mr C, he was still looking uncertain, and seeing his familiar face from all those years, I equally found the dynamic Kelly wanted our relationship to take difficult. At the same time, I realized this was a whim of the young miss, and if I was going to serve her, I should try and coerce Mr C into doing as she wanted. The familiarity of Mr C’s face was too disconcerting and so I focused on his thick, flacid cock as I spoke.

“Mr C, please let me suck your cock as you use the toilet. Please let me show you how I deserve to be treated. I want you to feel free to use me anyway you feel like and never have to be constrained by societal norms like Kelly says. You should feel free to use me as you never would dream of using another woman.” I said, glancing at Kelly for approval and getting a warm thrill as Kelly gave me a contented nod as she took a sip of her hot cocoa.

“Okay, but you’re not watching, Kell. It’s too disgusting.”

“Fine, I don’t want to smell your shit anyway, thankyou very much, Mr C!” Kelly said, giving a blasé wave of her hand and closing the bathroom door as she turned on her heel and padded off to the living area.

“You asked for it.” Mr C said, the mod in the bathroom feeling a little intimate, uncomfortable and seedy now that there was just me and my daughter’s ex-boyfriend, in this new dynamic.

“I certainly did, stud muffin! Now sit yourself down so I can get wrap my lips around that delicious cock!” I said, doing my best to put the young man at ease by playing the subjugated slut.

Mr C dropped his pants, stepped out of them and then sat on the loo. I had to do the same manoeuvre, stretching my arms and bending my neck back to get my chin over the toilet seat, and then I pushed my head forward so that my neck was pushed against the rim of the loo and began trying to scoop Mr C’s flaccid cock into my mouth with my tongue. In the izmit escort end, Mr C grabbed his cock and fed it to my open mouth.

“Thankyou Mithter thee!” I said, my words distorted around his cock as I looked up at him.

Mr C just sneered and taking out his phone, took a picture of me cuffed to the toilet with my mouth around his young cock.

“Just shut the fuck up, Ally, and let me shit, okay?” Mr C said, browsing his phone and totally ignoring me as I dutifully began using my mouth and tongue to arouse the young man as best I could.

It was difficult trying to suck my daughter’s ex-boyfriend with my arms still cuffed around the toilet basin, and the rim pushing against my neck, but I did the best I could, working really hard to take his hardening cock deep into my mouth and sucking it as enthusiastically as I could. I concentrated on the job at hand, worshipping Mr Cs now hard cock with my mouth, wandering if my daughter enjoyed sucking Mr C’s cock when they dated, and how I compared. I presumed my daughter’s blowjobs would be loving and in the intimacy of a loving relationship, whilst mine was done in a toilet, with my body covered in piss, sausage meat filling my pussy and with the taste of my ass still on his cock from last night.

I had taken Mr C’s hard cock right down my throat and was trying not to choke as my gullet contracted against his hardness, when my comparisons between me and my daughter were interrupted by a loud plop and a hideous stench hit my nostrils making me gag. With Mr C’s cock down my throat I gagged and tried to pull my head back, but Mr C leant forward, and putting his elbows on his knees, pushed my head back down on his cock, while he held his phone above my head, sort of using it as a casual rest while he forced my head down.

With Mr C’s cock filling my spasming gullet, I vomited down my nostrils before Mr C finally let me up and I vomited properly between his legs, into the loo, desperately gasping for breath.

The combination of the acidic stench of the contents of my tummy and Mr C’s rancid shit made me continually gag between sucks of his hard, young cock and I spent the next while gagging, vomiting and desperately trying to end the ordeal by making the young man cum.

When he did cum it was with his cock jammed as far down my throat as he could and I felt his hot cum shoot right down my gullet. I’d never been used like this, and the primal power of Mr C’s thrusts down my throat made my pussy dripping wet around the crammed sausage meat.

I lay with my head against the toilet seat, gasping and snorting as Mr C stood up and wiped his ass inches from my face, and then dropping the toilet tissue into the bowl, he pulled up his pants and walked off as if I wasn’t even there.

I was still recovering my breath when Kelly appeared in the doorway again.

“God it stinks in here!” Kelly said, holding her nose. “Poooee! I just wanted to see what you looked like after sucking Mr Cs cock as he took a shit. You look hilarious by the way!” Kelly said, taking photographs with her phone.

“Yes, miss.” I said as Kelly stood over me and peered into the toilet bowl. Then she took the rubber gloves from beside the toilet brush and pulling them on, reached into the bowl and pulled out some of the used, soggy toilet tissue.

“Nose plugs!” She told me, squeezing the tissue into a plug shape and then hunkering down to be level with my face, unceremoniously pushed the make-shift plug up my left nostril, before repeating the process with my other nostril.

“Don’t mistake me for someone who gives a shit, Mona. I’m not doing this to help you out with the smell; in fact, I hope you’ll be smelling the shit up your nose all day long! No, I just thought it’ be harder work for you to suck Popeye off with your nostrils blocked. And you do want to work harder to please me, don’t you, fuck-pig Ally?” Kelly said, looking me straight in the eyes.

“Yes, miss.” I said, my voice sounding nasally.

Kelly laughed and walked to the door. “Oh, Popeye! I’ve got a surprise for you!” She called down the hall in a sing-song voice.

A couple of minutes later Popeye appeared in just a pair of briefs, his ripped torso looking magnificent as he stretched and rubbed his bleary eyes.


“An early morning blow-job courtesy of Mrs middle-aged fuck-pig!” Kelly told him, holding her arm out to invite Popeye to look at my piss and cum covered body lying cuffed to the toilet. “And you get one thousand pounds if you take a shit while she sucks you!”

Popeye looked at Kelly a little disturbed and Kelly immediately rejoined with; “Ten thousand pounds, then!”

“Are you kidding me, Kelly. That’s disgusting and you haven’t got that kind of money anyhow.”

“Nope but the fuck-pig does, and she’s so desperate she’ll pay ten thousand pounds to have you shit while she sucks you off, and then you can get that car you’re always going on about!” Kelly said joyfully.

Popeye looked at me confusedly, whilst behind him izmit kendi evi olan escort Kelly looked at me affirmatively. I glanced from one to the other and new what I had to say: “Please Popeye, please let me suck your cock as you use the toilet, please, please, pretty please with cherries on top; I’ll pay you ten thousand pounds if you do!” In my forced nasally whine.

“But I’ve known Ally for years…”

“Didn’t stop you last night.” Kelly pointed out with glee.

“That was just a bit of fun, but this is… I don’t know, it’s…”

“Ten…” Kelly said going up to Popeye and squeezing his cock through his briefs. “… thousand…” A second squeeze, “… pounds, Popeye!” She added manipulatively. “And besides, she’s begging you too!”

Popeye looked from Kelly to me. “Please, big man!” I said as he looked down at me apprehensively. “I’ll do my best to give you the best blowjob of your life!”

“Ten thousand pounds!” Popeye said looking at Kelly, and then turning to me “And this is what you really want?”

“Sure is, big man!” I told him enthusiastically.

“Okay, okay! But I’m doing it under protest!” Popeye said, grinning and putting his hands up in supplication as he stepped over me to the toilet, yanked his briefs down and sat down on the toilet. I struggled into my position ready to suck Popeye’s cock and Kelly gave a little wave “Toodle-pip peeps. See you, wouldn’t want to be you, you middle-aged sow!”

“You don’t have to do this, Ally.” Popeye said, looking down at me, his cock inches from my face.

“I want to big man, I want to please you. Feed me have that big cock, stud muffin!”

With a sigh, Popeye fed me his cock and I did my best to slurp and slobber on his hardening black cock to give him the best blowjob of his life, like I had promised.

I had to work much harder this time, my jaw was already aching from the throat fucking Mr C had given me, and with the toilet tissue stuffed up my nostrils, I had to work really hard to breathe around Popeye’s shaft whenever I could pull back enough to take air into my windpipes. This meant that because I was so desperate to breathe that when I did get a chance, I was gratefully gulping down the fetid air emanating from the filthy toilet as Popeye emptied his bowels.

And that was the amazing thing about Kelly; the physical act of sucking a cock while someone uses the toilet was revolting, so was being covered in piss and having used toilet tissue rammed up my nostrils. My aching arms, my sore throat and jaw felt awful, but the opportunity to work harder and harder to please Kelly had my pussy tingling. I was sure she knew this second blow-job would be more difficult, and would enjoy knowing I was suffering and working harder to meet her sadistic whims. My struggling to breathe, my aching arms as well as the humiliation and degradation felt like sacrifices to Kelly as some sort of pretty, young Goddess, and knowing I was sacrificing myself for my Goddess just made me wetter and wetter. The fact that she had simply decided to empty my bank account of ten thousand dollars on a whim nearly made me orgasm right there and then as I slobbered desperately on Popeye’s hard cock.

Rather than her warning of her sociopathic tendencies this morning as I had cleaned her pussy putting me off, the idea of being totally at Kelly’s mercy turned me on more and more. The fact that she offered nothing in return just elevated her superior status in my eyes, and as I took Popeye’s cum down my throat, I decided I would ask Kelly if I could call her my Goddess.

X: Knowing Kelly costs me.

A few minutes after Popeye left, Stacey came to use the bathroom, but despite Kelly’s re-appearance at the door to try and manipulate Stacey into having me clean her pussy, Stacey wouldn’t play.

“It’s too far, Kelly; as always. Get her out of here so I can pee in private.”

Kelly put her tongue out at Stacey. “Fine, give me and the fuck-pig a minute, then.”

Stacey left and Kelly walked over to me, dangling a small key before me. It was just a small key with a keyring on it. With a self-satisfied smile, Kelly made a point of dropping the key into the toilet bowl amongst the floating turds and toilet tissue and then picked up a hair pin from the window shelf. She straightened it and then turned the end into a make-shift hook.

“You can either stay like that and beg one of the others to reach into that grotty mess and find that key, and probably be late for work, or you can buy this hair pin off me for five thousand pounds, and then put it in your mouth and try to catch that little key yourself. Up to you, sow!” Kelly said, arranging her manicured finger nails in a row and admiring them as she spoke.

“Please can I buy the hair pin, miss. Oh, and please can I call you Goddess?” I asked desperately.

“Only if you agree to my contract and become my owned fuck-pig.” Kelly said matter-of-factly, popping the hair pin into my mouth and pulling me by my hair until I was kneeling bent over the toilet, my arms stretched to their limit and my head right over the bowl. I tried to get my head as far down the toilet as I could, but even with my face in the disgusting unflushed sewage, I couldn’t get the hair pin anywhere near the bottom of the loo.

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