A Mom In Need Ch. 03

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Connie went upstairs and changed into her skimpy bikini, one she has only worn for her husband, her son has never seen her in it nor has Jason. She put on a long tee shirt to cover herself and walked over to Jason’s with a towel in hand. She opened the unlocked gate to the backyard and saw both boys were already splashing around in the pool.

“Hi Boys!” She yelled in what could only be described as a sultry voice.

“Hey Mom, hop in the water is great.” Scott hollered back.

“Nice you could come over Mrs. Taylor.” Said Jason in anticipation of seeing her beautiful body in a swimsuit again.

She pulled the tee shirt up over her head and both boys gasped when they looked at her in the very tight red bikini. Her breasts were barely held in the cups of the top and the bottom did little to contain her round firm ass. Before she put it on, she had to shave her pussy so that none of the hairs would show through.

“What do you think fellas?” She asked.

“You look awesome Mrs. Taylor.” Jason whispered in awe.

“Mom, I don’t know what to say.” Scott said never seeing his mother in anything this revealing.

“You don’t like it do you baby?” She said faking to pout.

“I guess it’s okay in front of Jason and me, but I hope you will not wear it in front of anyone else.” He said swimming away.

Connie jumped in, she was relieved that the top did not fall off or the bottoms for that matter, Jason and she swam together making small talk. Scott swam to the shallow end and waded, his mother and his best friend were having a good time at least.

“Hey guys, I have run back over to the house, I almost forgot I have to call Sarah Murphy and see if she wants to go out later.” Said Scott getting out and drying off.

“Okay see you later sweeties.” His mother yelled after him.

“Bye Scott.” Yelled Jason.

They waited ten minutes and then they embraced into a deep passionate kiss in the pool, Jason had untied the top and was now openly sucking on her large ripe tits. Connie threw her head back in passion as the young man once again teased and sucked her nipples. She then stopped him and pulled him to the ladder, she climbed out and then he followed.

Connie pulled him down into a lounge chair and she helped him pull down his wet swim trunks. She used a nearby towel to dry his already erect cock, then she licked it up and down with her hot mouth.

“Oh geezus Connie that feels so good, suck me again.” He said in a voice that was full of lust.

She took the cock deeper into her mouth, one inch, two inches, three inches, four inches, five inches and then finally six inches. She made loud slurping sounds as she feverishly worked the young man’s hot hard cock. Connie was so fucking horny that she had one hand stroking his cock as she vigorously sucked it and the other down her swimsuit bottom.

Anyone who entered the yard would be able to hear the loud sucking and slurping sounds Connie was making while sucking the huge cock in her mouth. She was now moaning onto it sending vibrations that sent shivers throughout Jason’s body. He began humping his big cock up toward her mouth causing her to choke from his large cock being pushed into her throat.

Not once did she stop sucking him escort bayan mecidiyeköy though, then he shot load after a thick creamy load of his cum down her throat. She had cum rolling down her chin, she wiped it off with her forearm and then licked off.

“Wow, Connie that was so hot, you are so hot.” He said to her as his cock deflated.

“Oh gods, you don’t know how hot I’m right noooowww.” She moaned as she continued to frig herself.

“Can I do you now?” He eagerly asked.

“Yes.” She said without any hesitation in her voice.

Jason got up off of the lounge, he helped her lay down on it, he helped her pull off her bottoms and stared in awe at her beautifully shaved pussy. He leaned in closer to get a better look, and her puffy lips were slightly spread, glistening with juice. He loved the musky oder her pussy emitted and inhaled deeply at her woman scent.

Then tentatively he ran his tongue up her slit, Connie’s whole body tensed at the sensation of this virgin tongue exploring her pussy. Jason dove in and began to lick her pussy all over, she humped her pussy against his face wanting him to hit her love button.

“Jason works your tongue right here baby.” She said to use her finger to show him her clit.

Jason’s tongue worked itself over her sensitive clit and she let out a loud moan of pleasure when she first felt it. He used one hand to fondle her big large firm tits and the other to explore the inside of her pussy. First he slid one finger in and then another into her tight cunt, but he began to finger her pussy faster and faster.

Connie hot with lust and desire humped her pussy harder against his face, and she began thrusting herself against the digits intruding her cunt.

“Oh yes Jason, finger fuck me while you eat my pussy. Oh fuck sweeties I’m going to cum, oh yes I’m going to fucking cum all over your face and fingers.” She said panting.

“Fuck me, fuck me, oh yes fucking eats me, oh gods I’m cumming.” She said to arch her back upwards in a really intense orgasm.

Jason’s cock was now fully erect now, he licked all over her pussy and took his finger out, he continued to lick the rest of the juice up from her pussy her orgasm had just emitted. Then as he stopped and began to climb up between her legs the phone rang and it was her husband.

“Hey, Scott said you were over at nerd central having a swim, get your fat ass over here, Mark and Hank are here and they are hungry.” Her husband said.

“Oh so you promised them I would feed them without asking me.” She said annoyed.

“C’mon honey, would you get over here and whip us up some food, we are going to watch the game in the living room.” He explained to her.

“All right I will be home in a couple of minutes.” She said. “I’m sorry Jason, and I really have to go.”

“It’s okay, but we still have some time left to summer.” He sighed watching she gets redressed to go home.

“Yeah who knows maybe in the next couple of weeks you will get more than your moneys worth.” She said to give him a kiss on the forehead after she got her tee shirt back on.

He watched sadly as her luscious ass swayed back and forth as she walked out of the yard, it would be a dream come true for Jason if escort güngören he could get so lucky with her. As she left him slowly stroked his large cock dreaming of Connie and what could become of summer with her.

Connie back to her house and found her husband, his two buddies already sitting in the living room drinking beer. Mark and Hank both were like her husband, big, rough construction workers, whom she loathed, yet she never let on she did to them or her husband.

“Hey guys, hungry?” She asked.

“We sure are beautiful.” Mark yelled back to her.

“Well I’ll be back out in fifteen minutes with plenty of snacks and sandwiches.” She said going out to the kitchen.

“Damn, you sure do have one fine piece of ass there.” Said Hank.

“Glad you think so, but you guys are the lucky ones, your old ladies are good looking and they like to fuck.” Bill said in disgust that his wife would not do the things sexually he was looking for.

“Maybe we can get her to join us later for a little post game entertainment.” Mark said to pull a porn movie from his bag that he brought in with him.

“Well I’ll do my part, I’ll fix her up some cocktails and we can see if she takes to it.” Bill said to take the DVD from him seeing it was a milf collection.

Connie brought the first trip of food in, then she went back out for a tray of various snacks, then she went out and brought them two beers each. She excused herself to go over to the computer to play games, chat with friends and send out some e-mails. She tried not to let herself get distracted by all of the vulgar language and the mess they were making of her living room.

Near the end of the game her husband had offered to make her a whiskey sour, which was strong and knew what he was up too right away. She drank the drink while the game continued, then without asking her he made her another. When the game was over, he made her another and invited her into the living room to sit on the couch with his buddies.

Connie knew they were going to try and hit on her, she knew she would resist, her husband would get pissed and they would end up fighting. Bill put the DVD in the player and he led his wife over to the couch, the guys made room for her to sit down. Bill plopped down in his chair and picked up the remote, he hit play and the porn started.

“Milf’s in Heat.” She said aloud. “How original.”

The first seen was a young delivery boy who came to deliver the groceries, he then gets fucked and sucked by a busty blonde woman who was probably in her early forties. Connie was more shocked that she could now hear the familiar snores of her husband from the chair.

“Well it looks like the party is over boys.” Connie said hoping they would leave.

“C’mon Connie you agreed to watch the movie with us, so let’s finish watching.” Mark pleaded.

“Okay, but when it’s over you guys have to go and no funny business.” She said to them in a motherly tone.

“Hey you know us Connie, nothing funny about us two.” Laughed Hank.

They continued to watch the movie, and it had one scene after another of a busty older lady having sex with well hung young men. Connie kept crossing and uncrossing her shapely legs throughout the movie, escort çapa it reminded her of the young stud whom she too has been servicing lately.

Mark knew when the last scene was coming up and he began to make his move he put his large rough hand on Connie’s smooth thigh. He gently rubbed the soft skin in slow gentle circles and he was surprised when she did not stop what he was doing like usually had done in the past.

Hank took this as a good sign and he too got into the act when he slid his large hand up the back of the tee shirt. Then he felt the bikini string and pulled on it, causing it to become untied, and allowing her breasts to sag free against her shirt. He shifted position and leaned over to her so he could whisper into her ear.

“Relax and enjoy.” He whispered.

Connie said nothing she just slouched back to the back of the couch, Hank followed her down and began to kiss her on the mouth roughly. He slid his hand up her shirt and roughly fondled her tits as well. Mark spread her legs apart, pulled the bikini bottom aside and began to rub her pussy, making moan and become wet.

Connie let this continue for a few more moments and then she tried to stop it, she tried to sit up, but Hank would not let her.

“Guys we have to stop, I’m married and Bill would be so pissed to find you guys doing this to his wife.” She pleaded.

“He wouldn’t mind, trust us, we let him fuck our old ladies plenty of times, they aren’t as hot as you though.” Said Hank squeezing her right tit.

“Look guy’s stop, if I show you what I have under this tee shirt, will you guys leave? She asked them and then she added. “No way am I having sex with you guys, I’ll scream if you continue.”

“All-right let her up Hank, I’ve had to rape any bitches before and I’m not going to start now.” Said Mark dejectedly.

“Well she still has to get naked, right there in the center of the living room and take that tee shirt off real slow.” Hank said letting her up.

“Yeah and everything else too.” Mark added.

Connie got up and went to the center of the living room, she slowly reached down and pulled the oversized tee shirt over her head. The guys made quiet cat calls as they got a good view of her large firm tits standing erect with Hank’s big paw marks on them.

Then removed the rest of the top and then she slowly pulled the bikini bottoms down, she turned around and bent over exposing her round ass to them. Then she turned around, she posed for a moment so they could see her newly shaved pussy and then with that she was off like a shot upstairs.

The two guys were quiet and shocked they got to see the very hot Connie Taylor naked at least, they got the DVD and then they left without waking Bill. Little did anyone know they had an unexpected visitor looking in through the kitchen, hiding in the dark shadows so no one could see him. Scott too watched in awe at his mothers sexy naked body on display for his father’s two asshole buddies. Scott felt ashamed that he was rubbing his cock through his pants watching his mother.

After he heard them leave he quietly crept through the living room and upstairs to his room, when he got inside his sanctuary, he quickly got his six inch throbbing cock out. He stroked it fast and roughly thinking of his mother while he did so. Soon he was shooting jets of um out of the end of it, but his mother was in her bedroom fingering herself to orgasm.

After tonight Scott knew, he wanted to see more and more of his mother and her fabulous body again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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