A Mother’s Scorn

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Big Tits

How many times when you were younger did you say to your mates “my mom and dad have sex… no way there to OLD.” I did many a time that was until I was 19.

There was as normal sweet FA on the TV, nothing new there, so there was me, early evening, still light and just lying there on my bed board out of my head just staring at the ceiling. Most other nights I’d be out with the lads trying to chat-up one piece of skirt or another. Not tonight the rain had been hammering it down all day and one by one my friends had phoned to say there was no way they were going out in this weather. So there was I just lying there. I must have nodded off the sleep at some stage because I awoke to muffled talking outside my bedroom down. The room was dark now, my eyes trying to adjust to the lack of light I looked over towards the door. “He must be asleep his lights off… I check” it was mom. Slowly the door started to open, I quickly closed my eyes again and pretended to be asleep. I heard the door close and moms voice again “told you… come on.” I then dad’s voice “god you a randy cow sometimes.” Randy… my mother… No way.

My parents room backs onto my room and the headboard of their bed rest against the wall. In all my 19 years I had never heard any of the sound that you would expect from two people fucking, no moans, no heavy breathing, no headboard back up the wall… in fact all I have ever heard was snoring.

Mom and Dad about to have sex… I fluffed up my pillows and got my self-comfy. My only thoughts being, god I’ve got to hear this and where is my tape recorder. A quick dig around the bottom draw of my bedside chest located the tape recorder and a mike, which was quickly pressed into operation against the wall. Lying there I could hear everything, my mother moans and cries, my father heavy breathing not to mention the sex talk… mother calling to be fucked harder… dad shout ‘take this in your mouth you bitch.’ I lay as still as I could not wanting to add any other sounds to the tape other than my parents fucking. This I found to be very hard as all I wanted to do was relief the throbbing in my cock which had grown harder and harder the more they went on. After about half-an-hour or so all went quite and within 10 minutes of that I could hear the usual sound of my dad snoring. I turned off my tape and placed it under the bed. The smile on my face told its own story; I know what I would be dreaming about tonight.

It was a couple of days later before I had chance to play the tape. Mother was in the back garden chatting away to or neighbour over the fence. Grabbing my chance I pulled out the tape recorder and re-wound the tape. Lying down on the bed I hit the play button. Re-playing the sounds of the other night had me hard in seconds; I closed my eyes imagining my mother and father fucking away on their bed.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Mommm” I chocked out, shit I was in it now. She grabbed the tape recorder off the bed and throw it against the far wall. I throw my hand over my head to protect myself from flying plastic. “Turns you on does it?…”

“Hearing your mother getting fucked,” with the exception of her sex talk the other night I had never hear my mother use bad language like that before. “Turns you on does it? Imaging me naked.” Her voice breaking with anger. “Fancy me do you, like to get your dick up would you?” Looking at my mother standing by the side of my bed, hands on her hips, wearing a old faded t-shirt and jeans, the sort of thing she was always wearing when clearing the house, no not looking like that I definitely didn’t fancy her. I should kırklareli seks hikayeleri have said something, lying there with my mouth open, anything, but all I could think off was if she tells dad I’m dead… “I’ll teach you, you little bastard,” she screamed into my face. “Come on then what you got!” the pitch of her voice had changed “what?” was the only thing I could say. Mom’s hands went straight to my flies, unzipping my jeans, pushing her hand into my boxer shorts and popping out my cock.

“Mom…no” I said.

“You shut your mouth…” she snapped back at me. “Lets see how big it get,” a small smile started to appear on mothers face as her hand started to move up and down my length. I closed my eye, the feeling as amazing I could feel my cock hardening and growing under mom’s hand. I’d never had a woman’s hand on my dick before. Sure I’d wanked off loads of time, but when it came down to it the best I’d ever achieved as a quick fuck up the wall of the local night club with some girl I meet inside, that was my first and only sexual encounter. “Nice… as big as your father” I open my eye and looked down. Mother’s eye fixed on my hard cock, rubbing slowly up and down. The smile had changed to one of those wicked grids you get when you know what you are about to do, and you know it’s wrong.

She released her grip on my dick and got up off her knees. Grabbing her t-shirt by the bottom she pulled it over her head, tossing it to one side. The black bra she had on left nothing to the imagination, thin and lacy, I could see her hard nipples through the thin lace. Mother’s hand went round her back and unhooked the catches. Her bra fell away to relive her breasts. God, they were beautiful, large, full, soft pink nipples. I didn’t know what to do, pull mother onto the bed and get my mouth round then or turn away… I shouldn’t be looking at my half naked mother, or what! Mom didn’t give me chance to do anything.

Undoing the button on the top of her jeans, she pulled them down and step out of them. I had no time to notice what pants she had on before she removed them as well. For 43 she looked good, her hips a little wide but what a body. My eyes moved down to the spot between her legs, shaven clear. “Fancy me now?” mother asked. This was too much for my young cock, spunk shoot from my purple head in waves, splashing down onto my jeans, the bed, and my shirt and as far as the floor. “Uh fuck,” I stammered. “I can take that as a big yes” smiled back mother. Bent over my now deflating dick, her tongue licked across its dome taking up every drop of cum that remained. “Look at the stat of you,”

“you’ve got it every were… that lots going to have to come off.”

Piece by piece mother striped me, shirt, socks, jeans and boxers, not as if I tried to stop her. “Come on then, mommies little pervert,”

“let get some life it that cock of yours.” Taking my soft dick into her mouth she started to suck, running her tongue around it head. Blood started pumping into my penis swelling inside my mother’s mouth until it was totally hard again. Releasing my cock from her mouth, mom stepped back and looked hard at my dick, “God that’s going to feel so good inside me.”

“You do what to fuck you mother don’t you” she asked, “You bet.” She lay down beside me on the bed, a bit of a tight fit on a single bed. I was like a kid with a new toy I couldn’t wait… I rolled on top of mother and (like a bull at a gate) tried to get my cock straight into her pussy. “Woo, slow down…” mother put her hand down between her legs, stopping me from rushing head long into her cunt. Pulling herself up onto her elbows she looked at me… “You have got to learn you don’t just push a lady onto her back shove your cock in… fuck away for 30 seconds and the roll off.”

Thinking back to the only time I had fucked a girl it was very much along those lines.

“We like to be played with.” I was a bit red in the face by now I felt I’d just blow a once in a live time chance to fuck my own mother. “Sorry mom,” I started to get off the bed. “No silly… come here,” mom grabbed my arm and pulled me back. “Look… try kissing my neck and then slowly work you way down my body.” I did as I was told. I started kissing mothers neck and working my way down, onto her shoulder, down the front of her chest and onto her right breast, working down to her erect nipple. “Take it in your mouth and suck it” she instructed me. I took her nipple, slowly sucking then running my tongue over it before gently placing it between my teeth and softly biting it. “God… yes, that’s it,” mother breathing became quicker as she started to moan. With her nipple still in my mouth, I moved my eyes upward to look at mom; her head was tilted back, her mouth open and her eyes closed. I continued to work away on her nipple, and then I felt mom’s hands on the top of my head pushing me down her body towards her shaven cunt. “Eat me son… eat my pussy make me cum.” I could smell my mother’s sweet cunt juices, her pussy looking so wet and inviting. My tongue now probing around mother’s cunt, “oh! God, yes… lick my clit.” Her back now arching up as I ran my tongue back and forth over her hood and her hard erect clit. Mother’s body started to twist and turn her back arching high… “Ooooh god… oooh god …yes..yes.”

Her orgasm long and violent, her body twisting as each wave ran through her. I lifted my head from her cunt, my face wet with her cunt juice. Mother grabbed each side of my head and pulled me up, her tongue licking around my mouth and lips taking up every drop of her own cum, before pushing her tongue into my mouth and kiss me deep. Our mouths separated, she placed her mouth close to my ear and whispered “Fuck me son… fuck your mother.” This is what I wanted, getting between her legs I place the head of my cock onto the swollen lips of her dripping hole. Mother lifted her knees “push it in son… fuck your mother.” I rammed my cock in hard into her, the cunt walls wet and hot gripped against my dick as I started to pump in and out of her. “That’s it… fuck me… fuck me hard” between the moans mother let forth with her sex talk. “Come on you bastard fuck harder make me cum…”

“Yes, yes, harder you mother fucking cunt.” There was no way I was going to last, feeling the spunk rising up my cock I started to pull out, mother felt my movement, “No… shoot it up me”

“fill your mother with your dirty cum.” God I was cuming, my spunk ejecting from the end of my penis, wave after wave deep into her hole coating the inner walls of her cunt. Mother body convulse as a huge orgasm exploded through her. We lay together my softening cock still inside her cum filled hole, the only sound that of our breathing. I was first to speak, the realisation of what had just happened now totally clear in my mind “God what have we done… oh god I’m sorry mom.”

Not a word passed mothers lips she just looked at me and smiled. I rolled off her onto my back closing my eyes as I tried to come to terms with the situation. I felt mom’s hair bush against my stomach. Opening my eyes and looking down I was shocked to see her taking my cock back into her mouth. Feeling her tongue licking away the remains of my cum and her pussy cream started the blood flowing back into my member. I reached down and started to rub her cunt lips with my fingers, then pushing first one the two then four fingers into my mother’s very wet cunt. Slowly I finger fucked her as she sucked away on my dick. Having sucked life back into my penis mom straddle me, using her hand to guide my cock she slowly impaled herself on it.

She moaned softly and started to ride me, dropping down onto my dick with speed then slowly lifting until just the head was still inside her hot pussy. Every time mom lifted I could see her cunt lips rapped around my shaft leaving thin lines of spunk and cunt juice along it’s length. Mom continued to ride me for several minutes her breath getting quicker with each downward thrust. I had my hand on her hips steadying her as she fucked away, I could feel her body shifting and as her orgasm built until she let go with a loud cry her head flying back, her eyes closed…

Her body came to a rest as she got her breath back, my hard prick still buried deep inside her. After a minute or so she lifted releasing my cock from it warm wet home. A rye smile came across mothers face as she shuffled forward a few inch’s, collecting my wet cock with her hand she position it between the checks of her ass. Shit No! She was going to impale it in her brown hole. Slowly at first to ease the head in, then dropping with great force. Mom screamed in pain as she took the full length of my cock into her ass.

Take a second or two to get accustomed to the bulk now buried in her anal passage, she started to ride my cock again slowly moving up and down on it’s length. Her ass was so different from her pussy, hotter, gripping my cock with great force. Mom didn’t ride for long; she lifted herself up off my cock and got onto all fours beside me. “Get up behind me” I positioned myself, mom’s hand came between her legs and took hold on my prick placing it between her check. “Go on push it in hard… Fuck my shit.” I shifted my weight slightly and drove home my cock. Again mom cried out as I filled her shit hole with my dick. “Come on son fuck the shit out of my ass… Fuck it hard I what you to spilt me” I rammed in hard time after time almost pushing mom over, each deep push meet with cry’s of pain. Mother sex talk was now working overtime. “Fuck me you fuck bastard,”

“Harder you little cunt… come on split your mothers shit cute… harder you shit fucker.” The adrenalin was pumping my body, with every cry of ‘fuck me… bastard… mother-fucker’ I rammed in harder and harder my bollocks slapping against the wet lips of her cunt. I started to feel the cum rising up my cock. “God I’m cuming” I cried. “Yes… Yes fuck my hole… fill mothers shit hole with cum.” I could hold back no longer, my cum shooting into my mother anal passage in waves. I knelt there between her legs ridged as my twitching cock slowly reduced in size still in place up my mother ass. Mom dropped forward onto her face releasing me from her back opening; very slowly she climbed off the bed evidently still in some pain from the hard fuck her ass had just received.

She bent over to pick her clothes from the floor as she did so I could see my spunk oozing out of her back passage, now looking red and swollen, and a few drips down the inside of her leg. Mom walked to the bedroom door, stopped, and turned, “I’m going in the shower, you can go in after me… and take those sheets off your bed they’ll need washing now.” I had to ask “Mom I love you but why?” she looked at me for a second “It’s just nice when you fantasise come true.” She turned and walked out the door… “But Mom” I called after her, her head popped round the door, “I’ve never had any fantasise about anal sex!”

“No sweet… but I have.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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