A Nanny’s Tale (Or Is It, “Tail”?)

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Author’s Note: I wrote the first of these three stories years decades ago. I recently updated and expanded the first story as told by the older brother about his Japanese nanny, and then decided to add two other tales. The second story is by the younger brother who comes to share the same nanny in more than one way, and the last is the tale from the nanny herself who continues to care for her young men in a most gratifying way. Enjoy the tale as they share their own take on this highly unusual threesome.


I was six-years-old when I first met Emiko, a Japanese exchange student who was earning a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. She had agreed to help our family by serving as a live-in nanny for my younger brother, Greg, and myself. In exchange for caring for us and helping with our studies, she received a small stipend along with free room and board.

Soon afterward, my parented divorced with my dad moving to East Coast and my mom deciding to return to college on a full-time basis. Emiko who had decided to seek her citizenship before she finished her educational visa, readily agreed to assume much of the household duties in return for an increased stipend and a citizenship sponsorship.

For all intents and purposes, Emiko was a second mother to my brother and me, and practically raised us. Our nanny (as I referred to Emiko) was always there for us and in her calm Japanese manner, managed to please and accommodate our needs throughout childhood and into adolescence. The three of us became a small tight-knit family as my brother and I practically grew up in her room.

The only time that Emiko ushered us out of her bedroom was when one in a long line of her boyfriends stayed over. All were attracted to her subtle Asian beauty, her slender form, and her accommodating nature. I can remember listening from outside of her locked door to the muffled whispers, soft moans, and bed squeaks, but being young, I never grasped what such sounds truly meant. All I knew was that I hated each of her many suitors who sought to take Emiko away from us and especially me.

Soon after middle school, my parents decided that my dad should have a hand in my upbringing, and I was shipped off to live with him. Unfortunately, dad’s concept of parenting was to send me to a private boy’s academy and then upon graduation, had me enroll in an exclusive Ivory League college. I resented this for years, but what really irked me was being yanked away from Emiko’s nurturing care and embracing arms. As it turned out, the only time I saw Emiko was during the various school breaks when I returned briefly to the Islands to briefly visit my mother.

It wasn’t until the Winter Break of my college sophomore year that I suddenly decided to hop on a plane to surprise my mother and younger brother. However, it seemed that my mother had the same idea and had unexpectedly decided to do some serious shopping on the East Coast and took my younger brother along to visit our dad. As a result, we missed each other in transit and for the Holidays.

My sole consolation was that Emiko and I found ourselves alone with each other at a very special time of year. Neither of us realized when she picked me up at the airport just how special that Christmas would turn out to be.

I had gone out to do some shopping shortly after my homecoming but decided to call it an early night. As I made my way from the bus stop, I saw that the house was dark except for Emiko’s dimly lit room that was next to the front stairs. When I walked up the stairs, I heard soft feminine moans and curiously peeked through Emiko’s window. Was I surprised at what I saw?

There before my startled eyes was sweaty Emiko laying in her rumpled bed. With one hand thrust between the folds of her loose sleeping kimono, she leisurely palmed and squeezed one of her hidden small breasts. Her other hand was shoved between her trembling thighs that were amply exposed by her parted kimono that was tied loosely at her slim waist. Totally oblivious to my presence, Emiko openly masturbated before my amazed eyes.

Her fingers which had been slowly rubbing her concealed pussy began to pump faster and faster as her entire body began to shake. A strangled cry escaped her drawn lips as Emiko’s lithe body arched sharply off the mattress before bucking wildly. My breath caught in my throat as I was riveted by the violent convulsions of her climax. It was only after Emiko had collapsed with her hand still thrust between her slender legs, whimpering pitifully, that I became aware that I had cum, drenching my underwear.

In the days that followed, I made every effort to peek down her blouses, look up her skirts, or catch her disrobing. I even took to spying on her through the bathroom keyhole or from the porch outside of her window. Yet for all my efforts, I only caught fleeting and frustrating glimpses of Emiko’s feminine delights. I had pretty well given up when my chance of a lifetime came unexpectedly on qiqitv.info Christmas Eve.

I was watching a late-night movie on the television in Emiko’s room when she returned from her shower. Clad in her familiar sleeping kimono, she was sipping on some wine which was unusual since alcohol of any kind didn’t agree with her at all. I dismissed this odd observance since Emiko had shared earlier that she had broken up with Clifford, her most recent boyfriend, and was very depressed.

“Ernie,” Emiko mumbled wistfully, “Could you please give me a massage? Clifford dumping me has left me so stressed out that my shoulders are super-tight. You would think that after all these years, he would have had the guts to leave his girlfriend for me. But no…the lousy bastard. A massage, please?”

Sidling next to me on her bed, Emiko sat erect, eyes closed, calmly holding her kimono closed and to her chest. But as I carefully kneaded the shoulders of her slim body, she murmured, “Ooh, that’s really…ooh, so unbelievable. Just like that, Ernie.” After about fifteen minutes of neck, shoulder, and back rubbing, a stress-free Emiko sighed softly, “Ooh, that was just what I needed. With this wine and your massage, I feel so sleepy…”

As Emiko relaxed, she pulled my arms under hers and snuggled trustingly in my embrace. Leaning limply against my thumping chest, she mumbled, “Hold me, Ernie. I’m so comfortable right now. I’m so glad you are back home and are mine again.” And with that, Emiko dozed in my embrace as her hands slowly drifted to her lap.

Holding my breath, I slowly parted and inched back her kimono to reveal her slender snow-white form. With her kimono opened, I gazed at her tantalizing body and quickly realized that Emiko was not what I expected. Her breasts were small gentle mounds that barely rose from her otherwise flat chest. Emiko’s nipples were nothing more than little fleshy bumps that weren’t much bigger than mine and rose from puffy dime-sized pink areolas. Even though I knew that numerous lovers had sucked those tiny titties of hers, I could help but think of how tantalizingly her small boobs looked.

Emiko’s sex was surprisingly a hairless meaty triangle wedged between her tender inner thighs and soft stomach. Her swollen smooth pussy lips were pressed so tightly against each other that they formed a closed slit that gave no hint of her clitoris or vagina. When combined with her small breast mounds and smooth bare vulva, Emiko had an immature yet enticing figure for a grown woman in her early thirties.

I struggled to control my ragged breathing as my trembling hand glided slowly downward of its own accord until my fingertips brushed the silkiness of her swollen nether petals. Mumbling drowsily at my feathery touch, Emiko turned sleepily in my arms as I sought to probe the moist warmth of her spongy pussy. Taking advantage of her shift, I slipped my other hand into her kimono fold and tentatively cupped a gentle ivory mound and scissored her petite nipple and areola between my fingers.

Emiko groaned groggy with sleep, “Uhhh…don’t, Ernie…please…” However, when I persisted, she whined, “Oh no…no more,” as it became vividly apparent what I was trying to do.

Stammering how beautiful she was and how much I wanted her, I awkwardly kissed her neck and flicked my tongue into her ear as I had seen done so often in the movies and on television. However, Emiko pushed me away, saying, “Nooo, Ernie! We mustn’t…stop this! Please stop!”

When Emiko turned to faced me, I cowered, expecting her to start yelling rape at any second. Instead, she just held my face and looked knowingly into my eyes like she had when I had been a naughty little boy. In her own subtle way, Emiko delicately inquired as to how much experience I had with women. Blushing a vivid red, I shook my head and mumbled something inane about not having much female interaction and admitted to my social ineptness and sexual virginity.

With a sigh of understanding, Emiko stroked that back of my neck and softly said, “Ernie, you know that I love you and would be willing to do anything for you.” Then after a thoughtful pause, she whispered, “Hopefully, I will not come to regret this, but I can…if you want me to…introduce you to the art of love and a man’s way with women. However – you must agree that we keep it between the two of us. Can you agree to that?”

When I eagerly agreed, Emiko then kissed me as I had never been kissed before. Her delectable lips were soft and gentle as they endured my lustful response. She then parted her mouth and sent her hot swirling tongue darting into my inexperienced mouth, French kissing me senseless until I eagerly responded with my dueling tongue.

Emiko allowed…no encouraged…my bold but inexperienced exploration of her every swell, nook, and cranny of her seemingly immature body. She parted her slender legs to let my fingers slide up and down her incredibly smooth and slippery slit that glistened with her liquid sexual excitement and undulated sensuously at my touch. She then guided my fingertips to her erect love nub that she showed me how to make her tremble uncontrollably.

“Oooh!” Emiko gasped as she undid my pants and freed my achy erection, “How you’ve grown these past few years!” Pulling me on top of her, she grasped my rigid erection and spread her thick juicy cunt folds with my bulbous dick head. Then after poising my blindly jabbing sword at the heart of her womanhood, Emiko suddenly lifted her hips, sinking me deep into her with one quick thrust. I cannot begin to describe that unforgettable feeling of her seething wet pussy that devoured my virginity, warping me to another time and dimension.

“Easy…” Emiko crooned into my ear when I was unable to stop myself from ramming repeatedly into her. “Take your time. I want you to make love to me all night long.”

With that said, Emiko taught me how to screw her without cumming and how, at the same time, to satisfy her own sexual needs. How do I begin to describe how her liquid sexual excitement made lewd squishing and sloshing sounds? How do I describe the feel of a woman squirming around your rock-hard cock embedded in her twisting twat? How do I describe Emiko passionately clutching me to her while wrapping her slender legs around my pumping hips as her heels desperately urged me to go faster and deeper?

“Oh, Lord!” she wailed as I proved an attentive and able student, “if only I had known sooner!”

Before I knew it, I was erupting in a mind-rendering ejaculation, driving uncontrollably into her as far as I could go. Emiko shuddered violently as I spewed what seemed like gallons of hot white sperm between her splayed legs. She took all I could give before throwing back her head and screaming as she erupted in a heaving orgasm of her own, shaking so badly she threatened to toss me off her twisting lithe body.

Totally spent, Emiko wished me, “Merry Christmas, Ernie! I hope my Christmas present to you was as good to you as it was for me.”

However, before I could express my avid gratitude, Emiko rolled me off of her and caressed the length of my still quivering body. She then took my semi-hard dick into her mouth and proceeded to give me my first blowjob, somehow taking me with practiced ease from the tip of my bulbous head to the base of my hairy groin.

Deep-throating me, Emiko crooned, “You’re so yummy…ummm…yes, well-marinated in your baby-batter and my cunt juices. Ummm, this is my favorite flavor in the whole world.” Her slender fingers wrapped around my now pulsating shaft as Emiko murmured, “I’m going to suck and jerk on you until you’re rock-hard and ready for another lesson.

“I’m also going to talk dirty because it turns me on…and hopefully you too. The nasty things that I call myself are what I secretly am. Do you want to hump your fuck-slut of a nanny, Ernie? Well, do you? Do you want to fuck my sucking mouth…my juicy hot cunt…and my sweet tight asshole? I hope you do because I’ve been laid by so many guys, I always want a good hard dick filling my holes and spurting with hot creamy cum into me. I’m nothing but an easy Jap whore, Ernie, who just wants to be fucked repeatedly…and by you!”

For the rest of the Holidays, Emiko patiently and willingly indulged my insatiable sexual appetite. True to her nurturing and caring nanny persona and in keeping with her hidden fuck-slut nature, Emiko never denied me the pleasure of her sensuous Japanese body. I took her morning, noon, and night as she marveled at my youthful stamina. As promised, Emiko taught me the ways to fill her mouth, cunt, and ass with my constantly stiff cock, and how to make her climax and wantonly beg for more.

When I finally had to leave, I was secure in knowing that I was no longer Emiko’s big boy, but her man. When she visited me later in the following year, our ensuing trysts were so addictive and erotic that Emiko decided to move to the East Coast just before the end of my junior year. Her small house was close enough to me so that I could visit whenever my studies allowed, and as always, my nanny welcomed me with her motherly arms (and legs) wide open.


My Aunt Emi (short for “Emiko”) was a Japanese exchange student when she met my parents. When my parents divorced, my mother asked Emi to stay with us as a full-time nanny but I called her aunty since as a little kid, I couldn’t comprehend what was a nanny. Emi helped around the house and quickly became a second mother to my older brother, Ernie, and me. She loved us as her own and always indulged us as boys and, as we would find out later, as men.

When my parents divorced, Ernie, as the eldest, went to live with my father on the East Coast while I stayed at home. I loved it since I had my aunt all to myself and no longer had to vie with my brother for Emi’s attention and affection as I did while growing up.

However, when Ernie attended college, Emi decided to move to be nearer to him so that he wouldn’t be alone. This hurt and upset me deeply but since I was a high school junior, I wasn’t able to throw an emotional tantrum at the loss of my Aunt Emi. Still, watching the two of them during their visits home, I grew increasingly envious of their apparent closeness and almost intimate relationship.

When I graduated from high school, I applied to and was accepted by a university close to where Aunt Emi lived. Calling her to tell her the news, I told her what I wanted from her as my belated high school graduation present: To spend the entire summer with her to catch up on old times before I started college.

When Aunt Emi greeted me at the airport, I noticed that despite being in her mid-thirties, her delicate Japanese face and body were that of a much younger woman. With high cheeks and ivory skin, her dark brown eyes glowed with a subtle allure that enhanced her appeal. Although willowy slender, Emi has a certain grace about her that made her truly appealing especially when combined with her inscrutable Asian sensuality.

My aunt worked from home as a freelance writer and vlogger on Japanese cooking and social customs. Her cottage was traditionally Japanese in nature that consisted of a small living room and kitchen, a small study/studio, her master bedroom, and one large guest tatami bedroom with sliding shoji doors that opened into the shared hallway. Situated between the bedrooms was a bathroom that opened to another large room containing a traditional Japanese “ofuro” (hot tub) that overlooked an enclosed traditional Asian garden.

For the first few days, our reunion was like old times and we shared some cherished times as we celebrated my eighteenth birthday and graduation, catching up on what had happened during our separation. However, just when I thought that we had returned to the comfortable relationship that I had known, Ernie unexpectedly showed up. It seems he had stopped by to see Emi before flying back home to see our mother. Although he was staying for the night, it didn’t take long for his presence to reignited our unspoken sibling rivalry over Aunt Emi’s attention.

That night, I saw Ernie quietly slip out of his futon bed in the tatami-floored room that we shared well after midnight. Figuring he had gone to the bathroom, I tried to go back to sleep but for some reason, couldn’t. Wondering why my older brother had yet to return, I got up and went looking for him.

There was a soft glow from Emi’s room, and as I silently approached it, I heard my aunt gasp in a hushed tone, “Stop, Ernie! Please don’t! Oooh, please stop!”

Peeking between the bedroom sliding shoji screens, I was startled to see a half-naked Emiko writhing beneath my bare-assed brother. Forcing her hands above her head as he yanked open her sleeping kimono, Ernie ignored her feeble pleas as he wetly kissed her neck and continued down her exposed heaving chest.

“Please stop,” Emi whined pitifully, twisting and turning as he pried apart her squirming legs with his own, “Ernie, we shouldn’t! Greg’s in the house…”

Throwing the covers aside, Ernie tersely grunted that I was soundly asleep and wouldn’t wake up unless Emi continued to protest. In a desperate move, my aunt somehow managed to flip over to deny my brother’s obvious intentions. However, to her surprise as well as mine, Ernie quickly flipped up the back of her thin sleeping kimono to expose the snow-white buns of my aunt’s buttocks. Stunned, I watched as Ernie mounted Aunt Emi, and his visibly hard cock easily slide between her squirming butt cheeks to disappear into her like a hot knife slicing through soft butter.

Emi jerked wildly, and I could hear this muffled wet squishing sound as Ernie repeatedly rammed into her twat. My aunt struggled and whimpered helplessly under my brother’s relentless assault; however, when Ernie pulled my aunt to her knees before continuing to pound between her splayed legs, her moans of protest surprisingly became those of breathless pleasure.

“Ooooh, Ernie, how I’ve missed you,” Emi groaned as she rose to her hands and knees, pushing back urgently against his pumping hips. Her fingernails clawing her futon bedding as her sweat-glistening form shook with the obscene slaps of his groin against her reddening buns.

Their bodies now began to move in well-practiced unison and it was blatantly apparent that they had engaged in such bestial rutting many times before. As they heaved wildly in the throes of a sizzling climax, I felt bitterly betrayed. How could my Aunt Emi, my beloved nanny, do this to me – and, of all people, with Ernie!

After Ernie left the following day, the only way I could forget what I had seen was to go for a long jog until I was tired and achy. The only problem was that try as I may, I couldn’t erase the bitterness of my disillusionment, the overwhelming sense of depravity, and the utter betrayal of my Aunt Emi. Maybe that is why when my concerned aunt suggested a hot soothing ofuro to calm my obvious agitation and moodiness, I harshly snapped, “Sure – but only if you take it with me.”

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