A Naughty Housewife Ch. 06

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After writing this and doing the final polish I found something that seemed similar but I didn’t want to waste the work so I am publishing…everything here has a basis in reality but embellished for more drama…


My friend, Christine dropped by and asked me to attend a fundraiser for their church’s charity association. Allan said “At £300 a ticket I don’t want to attend”.

Christine was insistent.

She said “it will be extremely elegant, almost like attending an Awards ceremony. All the women would be in beautiful dresses with their hair done”.

I loved the idea, so I asked Allan, “Would you mind if I went? I know it’s a lot but would like the chance.”

Allan said, “If you really want to then of course you can, and have fun.”

Christine said “Let’s see your wardrobe and see if you need to buy a new gown.” Off we went and I got out my red dress and Christine said, “That is it, shows a lot but conceals sexily.” So on the day, we went to the salon and I got my hair done.

Allan dropped me off saying, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”.

It was a beautiful banquet hall. A friend had had her wedding there three years ago. The men who were outside smoking, happily showed me to the hall. Once inside, I saw a giant screen TV and a huge sofa set. The men said those were for the night’s contest winner. Contest, I wondered. I hoped I would win.

I found Christine and asked her about the contest. She said, “The men will vote Escort Bayan for the best looking woman.” She told me, “You have a good chance because you look really sexy in your red dress.”

After the meal it was time for the women to show off, I paraded around the dance floor with the other women thinking that I stood no chance of winning with all the young blondes around. All those up for the contest were letting the men get a good look at us. We walked and danced. I smiled and flirted. I wanted to win. I’m just so competitive.

The votes were counted and the DJ announced that I had won. Christine led me to the front of the hall. The DJ said, “The TV and sofa are for your use.” My joy turned to shock as Christine began to undress me in front of everyone. As I protested my red dress dropped to the floor. Christine cut my bra and panties off and threw them into the crowd. I stood there before everyone, nude with only my stockings, red high heels and diamond earrings. Christine whispered “Relax. This is why everyone is here. Remember this is a fundraiser and don’t embarrass us.”

Everyone had their cell phones out taking pictures of my naked body. I was led to the sofa and made to lie down. I tried to get up but was held down by the women. The men began to crowd around me. With smiles on their faces and they began to undress.

With my heart racing, I sank down into the sofa as the first group of men spread my legs open. They were licking and sucking at Escort my pussy and clit and my boobs and I got very worked up and ready for a good fucking. I couldn’t believe my clit could take this much sucking and nibbling. I felt my pussy getting soaked with their saliva. And I could see the men eating me on the big TV I could also see the men’s fingers playing in my pussy and arse.

There was one man at the event that had resisted moving up ’til this point and it was now that he decided to participate. He walked up and told the other men, “Move out of my way and I will show you what a decent cock can do.” I thought they were somehow cowed by him but He stripped down to reveal his huge thick cock. I tried to look away, but instead looked at the huge TV screen. I watched as the first hard cock of the night ripped into my body.

My cunt had never been stretched that wide nor had it ever felt so full. The guy rammed me hard for at least fifteen minutes. He tried different positions, he turned me for doggy, he picked me up and then he fucked my arse too. He finally came and walked off. I had come leaking from my arse. The other men began to take turns fucking me. I was their toy. Everyone took pictures (and videos).

There were pictures of men pounding my pussy, of the men picking me up and turning me around for anal, of the women also taking turns with me, sucking my pussy and nipples.

There were also pictures of the wine bottles being placed into my pussy Bayan Escort and of the catering staff cleaning the come off my tired body. One or two of the staff played with my nipples and hairy pussy as they cleaned me.

My pussy and arse were so tender. My body ached. I didn’t get to keep the TV and sofa. They were there only so that everyone could see the action I would only take home the warm cum in my cunt.

Everyone else got a DVD copy of my night as the winning contestant.

They let me rest a little before calling Allan to pick me up. On the drive home Allan asked me, “Did you have a good time?” I smiled and said, “It was the best night for long time. I want to go again next month.”

The next day After I had told Allan everything and we had had a lot of fun Christine dropped in.

“I do hope we are still friends Jean, it was a bit of a mean trick to play on you.”

“We’re fine Christine, I enjoyed myself a lot but I can’t believe that your church condoned the happening. How do they and the congregation reconcile this with their beliefs?”

“It was decided at the Parochial Church Council that we needed much more money this year and we would stretch the boundaries a little but in actuality it went further than we had expected and may of the men were confessing their sins right now.”

I asked, “Please get me a copy of the dvd of the night for Allan to watch as he wishes now he had been there.”

Christine asked Allan “what did you think when Jean told you? By the looks of your cock it didn’t upset you too much.”

“I loved the whole idea and was glad Jean was able to enjoy it.” Maybe the church ladies would like a CFNM evening to balance things out.” Christine agreed to ask the council.

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